#BlackChicagoBeLikeTheSeries EP. 7 FT. Brazile, Michael Epps, Blue, Ravishing Raven, Mya Curvz

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Michelle-Michelle Farris
Michelle-Michelle Farris - 2 hours ago
I like how you do that therrre🤗
Antonio Brooks
Antonio Brooks - 4 hours ago
"It be yo own ppl" 😂
Khiree Bland
Khiree Bland - 12 hours ago
It be ya own people
Diva GlamQueen
Diva GlamQueen - Day ago
When he said it be your own people
I'm done lol 🤣🤣🤣
FLICO BENNY ACE - 2 days ago
How you getting all these Gees. Daaaaamnnn. Those loads killing.
Brandon Simmons
Brandon Simmons - 2 days ago
“Fuck u Talm bout” 6:00😂😂
Kev _G
Kev _G - 3 days ago
How tf this guy get a whole tow truck for his video
bringdastorm - 3 days ago
Good videos, commentary B on pizzoint though! Keep em blazing Bidness!
t0x1c_b3n - 3 days ago
Who here after he clapped Lauren😭😭🤣?
James Allen
James Allen - 3 days ago
All 5tar
All 5tar - 3 days ago
LMAO! Maaaaan, this joe here. . .. . .
PpSquared Production
PpSquared Production - 4 days ago
Get you a website fam
Gang Boss
Gang Boss - 4 days ago
korporate look like he got aids
Lijah Smith
Lijah Smith - 4 days ago
He was by my school
Ta rik
Ta rik - 4 days ago
Expeditiously lmaooo
23 Savage
23 Savage - 4 days ago
Him: u had a good nap
Lil mama : when was u was in the house wha that girl or when I was on the tow truck

“That had me dead”
pxnic. z
pxnic. z - 4 days ago
These stories real?😂
William Council
William Council - 4 days ago
Keep it up bruh you got it my dude 💪 💪 💪
C P - 4 days ago
"24 hours ya hear me"
Shakky Dossy
Shakky Dossy - 4 days ago
They got big ass😋😋😋😋🤔
Dawn Chavis
Dawn Chavis - 4 days ago
Kids are something love
BAW Entertainment
BAW Entertainment - 4 days ago
You really separate yourself from everyone that do skits.. keep up the good work
TutSoSlimeee YT
TutSoSlimeee YT - 5 days ago
Premium peppermint patties😹😹😹😹😹
Esteban Flores
Esteban Flores - 6 days ago
😂 shit has me rolling!!! Good stuff my guy!!!
Deonna Jenkins
Deonna Jenkins - 6 days ago
"PrEmIuM PaTiEs"
Gemini Rising
Gemini Rising - 6 days ago
My favorite dude!!! I finally found your YouTube. I’ll never miss another video again. Not to mention lil dude and his brother from “The Chi” is on here too 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽♥️♥️♥️
Michael Scurlock
Michael Scurlock - 7 days ago
Mane...I'm from Memphis-10...and i promise yall sound like us. Nothing but respect for yall...and plus i met Bump J at Harold's in Markum(check the spelling).
9xleoking - 7 days ago
He got that Taurus G2c on deck! Got the same one.
icy playz
icy playz - 7 days ago
Aren't those ppl from the chi
TroyboyQUE - 8 days ago
Okay she is the BOSS!
christopher ayodeji
christopher ayodeji - 8 days ago
Where d fuck he get all this girls with big bun n titties from i need me some
Toni Kash
Toni Kash - 8 days ago
That boy got all big bitchies n his video's. Lhh
Arturinis Cos
Arturinis Cos - 9 days ago
3:28 visuals hahaha
Clout Life
Clout Life - 9 days ago
yea because he could get in big trouble for towing with someone in it thats a whole lawsuit
Aleah Alaze
Aleah Alaze - 10 days ago
This shit cold 🤣🤣🙌🏼
damutae612 - 5 days ago
Aleah Alaze ...u fine af whole time 😓😒
Edward Bodden
Edward Bodden - 10 days ago
Tony Fort
Tony Fort - 10 days ago
Shawty took her redbone status too a whole other level with that body... Damn!!!
Ctay - 11 days ago
This nigga crazy😂😂
Soulheart901 - 11 days ago
Bruh where you finding all this ass 🍑at
Alaha - 11 days ago
What the boy ig with the dreads who asked for a dollar
Ray Collins
Ray Collins - 11 days ago
This got to be the funniest clip.
Supe Smackdown Daddy
Supe Smackdown Daddy - 11 days ago
Walked off with a set of premium peppermint patties..😭😭😂
Supe Smackdown Daddy
Supe Smackdown Daddy - 11 days ago
That's the young dude from the Chi.
Supe Smackdown Daddy
Supe Smackdown Daddy - 11 days ago
Misled Youth...😂
Chris Nabors
Chris Nabors - 12 days ago
Another Movie click the link https://youtu.be/E6eNzMs5e4M
Kk LL - 12 days ago
She turned around and presented me with two Premium peppermint patties 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️☠️☠️
Kk LL - 12 days ago
I want 4 buckets of slim and a Barbie dream house home boy says it be ur own ppl lol 😁😁😁😄😆😆😆😅😅😅😅
MAD SOUND Media - 13 days ago
all i can say there's some fine ass women in this show.
Grizz - 13 days ago
I wanna hear bruh rap his battles was crazy
Brealfrank25 - 13 days ago
Dem titties tho...
jack frost
jack frost - 13 days ago
Watched the whole series,looking for #9,,,where it at tho
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