#BlackChicagoBeLikeTheSeries EP. 7 FT. Brazile, Michael Epps, Blue, Ravishing Raven, Mya Curvz

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Nahh I'm God
Nahh I'm God - 21 hour ago
Raven sooo baddd😰😰😩😍😍😋
Bryan-Michael Dungee
Bryan-Michael Dungee - 3 days ago
Cuhz gat 2 of the main characters from the Chi in his shit... U doin it big cuhz
keion campbell
keion campbell - 4 days ago
Rap like big sean
liljaiden Gammons
liljaiden Gammons - 6 days ago
Look at the tow guy hat
Meagan Lewis
Meagan Lewis - 6 days ago
He from a the chi
Campbell Angel
Campbell Angel - 7 days ago
If y'all see this in 2019 like this
JNBA rock
JNBA rock - 9 days ago
Korprorate u should do a calab with 2 brother a chicago lifestyle no cap
shade Jackson
shade Jackson - 11 days ago
This crazy they record everywhere I lived and a live at now
imani062882 - 13 days ago
This real life Chicago. Frfr. Korporate should’ve wrote and directed and stared in Chiraq. Fuck that bullshit Spike Lee came and threw together
Maurice Williams
Maurice Williams - 15 days ago
I’m pretty sure that the person at 4:08 was really a woman.
MJ GANG - 15 days ago
I love you 😘💕❤️
Live from 057
Live from 057 - 15 days ago
4 buckets of slime and a Barbie dream house 🤣🤣🤣 my daughter be off the same
Antionette Mitchell
Antionette Mitchell - 16 days ago
Make some new videos
Bigtrip26 - 16 days ago
Schola Gee
Schola Gee - 17 days ago
it be your own people...lmaoo
iKelz i
iKelz i - 18 days ago
That hop!!! 😩😩😩😩
bestcity097 - 18 days ago
This dudes gettn famous!
George Deshield
George Deshield - 18 days ago
GTA in real life be like
vhutch11 - 18 days ago
Brazil Marie? 😂
John Murphy
John Murphy - 18 days ago
This series has me hooked. You need a tv show.
On God
Candice Parker
Candice Parker - 19 days ago
The other guy from the chi
Candice Parker
Candice Parker - 19 days ago
Lil dude from the Chi
Randy Almonte
Randy Almonte - 19 days ago
😂😂 Bro fucking hilarious 😂😂😂
Queen T
Queen T - 22 days ago
My daughter watched this and is hooked. I told her she better not get any ideas. 😂
Nicholas Bess
Nicholas Bess - 22 days ago
Cow in 2018: mooo
Cows in 2019: mo mo mo
Merchmula Nate
Merchmula Nate - 22 days ago
Lmao this the same tow truck that towed my car on 130th st small world shorty 🌎😂
Nicholas Bess
Nicholas Bess - 22 days ago
This nigga actually ran in the middle of the road, he was zooming.😂😂😂😭🤧
Big larry morris
Big larry morris - 23 days ago
Lolol Brazile gave bro 24hrs🤣🤣🤣😂🤦🏿‍♂️
Zhay Moorer
Zhay Moorer - 24 days ago
“I know Martin Luther King didn’t die for this type of activity.” 😭 whaaaaaaat
Lyrix Diego
Lyrix Diego - 25 days ago
It be yo own ppl 😂😭😭😂
Eric Andre
Eric Andre - 27 days ago
i'm a white guy but i love this series, i know i'm a weirdo
riflemania - 28 days ago
You need some more episodes ASAP I/he/she 🔥🔥🔥
50u1m0r741 - 29 days ago
What is that woman name?
Shawn Stukes
Shawn Stukes - Month ago
That .s not even your ral Bose
Ooo[ooo I expose you
Vodka Vohn
Vodka Vohn - Month ago
Brazil is so pretty.
Bobby Thompson
Bobby Thompson - Month ago
He fagat 2 get the slime and barbies
Laquena Craig
Laquena Craig - Month ago
“Opened the car door revealing the sleeping adolescent “ lmao
Morgan Durant
Morgan Durant - Month ago
Is that jake off the chi
Goonsquad119 - Month ago
Whole Time shout out Royal Towing for giving a mf they whip back(even tho it’s fake).
Layla Lame
Layla Lame - Month ago
Isn’t the boy on the thumbnail off the chi
3ig Soulja
3ig Soulja - Month ago
“Huuuuh” 💀
Francis Agaba
Francis Agaba - Month ago
It be yo own people😂😂😂
reborn Queen and more vloges
Sammy Blash
Sammy Blash - Month ago
U know u lit when u bumpin yo own shit
Phil Marks
Phil Marks - Month ago
Brazil never ate tho 🤔
Carlos Patrick
Carlos Patrick - Month ago
B no ppl hi up
Drenchi Toledo
Drenchi Toledo - Month ago
You got 24hours🤣😂
Denise Westbrook
Denise Westbrook - Month ago
he need to chill with these girls
Nisha Jones
Nisha Jones - Month ago
i thought brazile was his daughter😂😂
naia - Month ago
She is
Belmyna Baby
Belmyna Baby - Month ago
Kris Cowan
Kris Cowan - Month ago
You got 24hrs ya hear me
Kris Cowan
Kris Cowan - Month ago
Bruh these chicago youngins be talented asf lol
Lisa Welch
Lisa Welch - Month ago
Everybody got fat asses huh
M & M nation
M & M nation - Month ago
Michael Houston
Michael Houston - Month ago
Light skinned shorty thicc thicc 😍 😍😍 😍
Ni Ni
Ni Ni - Month ago
Anybody know what car that is he drives ? I love it!!!!
Lord Hinton
Lord Hinton - Month ago
Red is SO damn FINE!
Stringer - Month ago
But did u up the pole on dude who blicked ur sister or not ?!?!!
Leslie Mabins
Leslie Mabins - Month ago
Sub4GoodLuck - Month ago
This nigga fast af😂
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