Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Will the Lakers or Celtics trade for Anthony Davis?
sinjin K
sinjin K - 3 months ago
+YaBoyeeGreg Lmao!. That would be awesome.
Jason N
Jason N - 3 months ago
Michael Jordan why wait till July 1 and get nothing? Isn’t it better to get the whole laker package than be greedy...?
Shawn Riddick
Shawn Riddick - 3 months ago
+IZ RAM he better than dwight tf
JL MARTINEZ - 3 months ago
+IZ RAM He's talking about his toughness not his game . Does he have a killer instinct ? I think he might not be able to handle the pressure of playing for a big market team .
JL MARTINEZ - 3 months ago
+Michael Jordan Great comment ! Something about Davis that makes me think of Dwight Howard . He's supposed to be this great but still can't get the Pelicans to the playoffs ? Going to LA will be added pressure ! Can he handle it ? I think he might be soft .
Eddie Dantes
Eddie Dantes - 3 months ago
Javale McGee on a one year contract?! You better resign Javale.
Dj Einstein
Dj Einstein - 3 months ago
2 PAC - 3 months ago
Jenny 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️🌹💍
Daddywins Again
Daddywins Again - 3 months ago
Mark Jackson
factsalways - 3 months ago
Magic: Stop playing and trade Lebron for AD😂😂
Me and You know that’s what you really want to do!!!
YAYO 1st
YAYO 1st - 3 months ago
Shannon Sharpe is on the wrong sports show. He should be a football commentator. Stick to what you know best sir. 🏈
A B - 3 months ago
First time i hear skip on the positive side of lebron
KevinProNOW - 3 months ago
The LAKERS should get Anthony Davis! However don't trade all your young
talent to do it! Lebron James is 34 and NOT getting any younger!
Solution: Trade Lebron James for AD and Randle, and keep all your core
players Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram, etc. PROBLEM SOLVED!
Moses Sulph
Moses Sulph - 3 months ago
No she dont trump everybody. She dont accept what the players want then she wont be making the play off for the next years
Halcyon - 3 months ago
Just hire mark jackson already
Alex - 3 months ago
Skip Bayless has been overrated all thru his career.
Ibnziyad Tariq
Ibnziyad Tariq - 3 months ago
Lebron is too happy until he realises he is gonna get traded for AD 😂
Headbussa 74
Headbussa 74 - 3 months ago
L3-6ron is uncoachable every coach gets fired an blamed
pskila - 3 months ago
Wait till the off season
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow - 3 months ago
Get the money not the ring
TheSaint622 - 3 months ago
Kobe was traded to the Lakers for Divac in the 1st round. #facts
Neal Ryan Caballes
Neal Ryan Caballes - 3 months ago
LeBron just has his own coaching scheme and play. WTF!
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez - 3 months ago
Championships16 (1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1972, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010)Conference titles31 (1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1959, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010)Division titles23 (1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1977, 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 3 months ago
Shannon you were wrong about Kobe. Kobe was drafted by Charlotte and traded to the Lakers
Feelin Operator
Feelin Operator - 3 months ago
Anyone remember that shady sht fox did when they brought Derek Fisher the Matt Barnes
Mike Kickyoazz
Mike Kickyoazz - 3 months ago
Keep eyebrows in the east we don't want him here in LA
Arturo G
Arturo G - 3 months ago
Correction. Kobe wasnt drafted by the lakers. Do ya research sharpe
mista mista
mista mista - 3 months ago
Arthur Gomez
Arthur Gomez - 3 months ago
Barnes had me dying saying if Pelicans want a couple of cheerleaders y'all gotta go too!
Daily Asperger's Syndrome
Daily Asperger's Syndrome - 3 months ago
You want Star players you need a Star coach not a star's son
begaqincer - 3 months ago
Luke getting fired for no reason . as a coach you never have security.
Jay Salas
Jay Salas - 3 months ago
We just gonna ignore Shannon's fit....🤢
Patrick Macinnis
Patrick Macinnis - 3 months ago
Wish it was just Barnes talking.
CBR RICK - 3 months ago
The "do you agree with Matt Barnes" poll is always 96%+
Dude need his own show straight up!
SGTSayz - 3 months ago
Damn, Luke gettin traded too??
Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell - 3 months ago
Damn, can you get Sharpe with a speech therapist? The guy is so knowledgable, but hard to listen to!
Carl Lazarraga
Carl Lazarraga - 3 months ago
Shannon sharpe looks like superman pretending to be clark kent.
Mike At OnPoint
Mike At OnPoint - 3 months ago
Plot twist! They trade LeBron for LeBrow
Seven Mill
Seven Mill - 3 months ago
The Kamp.....
What about Luke?
Late Bloomer Film
Late Bloomer Film - 3 months ago
Skip always seem to be angry and dismal. That's not healthy skip.
Joshua starks
Joshua starks - 3 months ago
They are selling out for one ring
Burak Doganlar
Burak Doganlar - 3 months ago
Matt is high AFFF
Emanuel Rosario
Emanuel Rosario - 3 months ago
What ever they do they shouldn't give up kuzma im sorry
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia - 3 months ago
Why not the Spurs?
B Virg
B Virg - 3 months ago
Lebron does not have a "No Trade Clause" in his current contract. Trade him; 34 year old Lebron and KCP expiring contract for 25 year old AD and 24 year old Julius Randle . Keep your young core together and pick up Kawhi Leonard and/or Klay Thompson in free agency this summer. Lebron is about done. Once those injuries starting coming at his age, they don't stop. Wait till our current roster develops. Ingram, Ball, Kuzma, and Zubac are going to be fine.
Halo Kosovo
Halo Kosovo - 3 months ago
Lonzo with 10/5/5 average? no he will not be a star in this league. Pel is stupid to take less than Lonzo, Kuz, Ingram, Zubac and 2 picks
Clarence Lee
Clarence Lee - 3 months ago
Uhh an I supposed to hallucinate or have a seizure while looking at Skip's get-up?
Васи́лий - 3 months ago
dude made a Training Day reference 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Mango Pedicure
Mango Pedicure - 3 months ago
Look like ChicoDebarge
W.T.C 1990
W.T.C 1990 - 3 months ago
pelicans should trade AD for Ingram, Ball, Kyrie and a first round pick, that would be for them
Brandon - 3 months ago
All the laker girls are available
TooHigh2Riot562 - 3 months ago
For once, I agree with everything Skip is talking about miraculously.....
Real Madrid Arsenal
Real Madrid Arsenal - 3 months ago
What the heck is Shannon wearing?
Matthew Moscotto
Matthew Moscotto - 3 months ago
Matt... what music were you listening to when you drove 9 hours to Derek fishers house to confront him about your ex 😆
Anthony Ali
Anthony Ali - 3 months ago
Matt Barnes SALUTE to you.
But in your heart you know this league is SOFT, WEAK, and is one bad pedicure away from folding!!!
Elijah Milne
Elijah Milne - 3 months ago
With the last 7 years with AD coming to a close..if I was New Olreans with a small market city I'd pack up and start anew. Move To the Northwest there is a city open for an NBA team to come back. If the Pelicans move and become the Sonics it would be the greatest thing for the city of Seattle💯
michael murphy
michael murphy - 3 months ago
Shannon forgot gasol and Kobe wasn’t drafted by lakers
Tabe8 8
Tabe8 8 - 3 months ago
I can’t understand Shannon when he speaks.
Donthewatcher Thomas
Donthewatcher Thomas - 3 months ago
skip and shannon, the pelicans will wait til summer, then try and seND AD TO THE EAST (boston) and get some of those danny ainge picks, (memphis) and ask for jason tatum, and youth in return. Nobody will help the lakers get better
Lee Wiks
Lee Wiks - 3 months ago
stick to foosball shannon
Troy Lawes
Troy Lawes - 3 months ago
Goat but begging for help from players n media sad very sad for the sport if ad goes to Lakers basketball would deterriate to a forgotten sport it would destroy basketball permanently !!!!
Dre_Azoian - 3 months ago
FIRST TIME EVER, Skip Bayless said something that alot of people can agree on, the fact that AD wont have a problem with Lebron on having the Alpha role like Kyrie and Bron did. That is exactly why, mark my words, AD is coming to LA
Kirk Lee
Kirk Lee - 3 months ago
Go hire kobe would be on equal or higher footing than lebron james~~ just saying
Ken Cheung
Ken Cheung - 3 months ago
Woah!! Matt Barnes' voice the the way he speaks....
Eugene Batiste
Eugene Batiste - 3 months ago
Who drafted Kobe? Charlotte. Kobe was definitely a trade to LA.
MixtapeVibez - 3 months ago
I put yall on
Shawn Carter
Shawn Carter - 3 months ago
LeBron is not only the best player best GM best executive and a Mastermind! He ain't go to LA following Kobe career with losses he went to win! And either now or later he will get three yeah three rings!!!!! Just watch! Boogie will be there next year too with Klay Bron and don't let them get Kyrie!!!!! Man he had a cool team in Miami they aged fast but these stallions that will be center pieces for The city wowwwwwwwww!!!!! Go Rams tooooooo beat them Racist Bostonians
Leslie Turner
Leslie Turner - 3 months ago
Kobe WAS traded to the Lakers. Drafted by Charlotte Hornets in '96 and traded for Vlade Divac.
David Gaudett
David Gaudett - 3 months ago
The Lakers trade is the beat NO will get
Eddie Brown
Eddie Brown - 3 months ago
Franchise Tags are coming to the nba
isaac debeila
isaac debeila - 3 months ago
Luke lets personal matter affect his choices for the team on and off the court... when ever Lonzo was getting in the zone Luke would sub him which affected Lonzos growth and confidence
isaac debeila
isaac debeila - 3 months ago
dude Pelicans would be stupid to not trade AD to get 4 young top pick players and a couple picks... you save 300 million for contract and save 4 years in a rebuild that lakers took to build this team.... if im Pelicans im taking Lonzo, Zubat, Kuzma and BI or Hart and im taking a couple 1 round picks too 2-4 would be a major win!!!
you save time and money and become a possible playoff team in a season or 2 with a matured young squad
Jim McCabe
Jim McCabe - 3 months ago
I think Pop has convinced NOLA that if they trade to LA they will be out of the playoffs for years. It's one less spot. Thats big money. Wait for Boston in July
Toya B
Toya B - 3 months ago
The no names on the lakers need to go 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
Toya B
Toya B - 3 months ago
Who don’t want to play with lebron ?🤷🏽‍♀️ he just an all round dude period... everybody that wants to trade to lakers they don’t want them get a super team
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave - 3 months ago
Please move Zubac to new orleans so that he can finally get 25 and 10 per game... Walton is an idiot...
Dee _
Dee _ - 3 months ago
Skip should have his own show called “Delusional”
EndSpire - 3 months ago
AD has made less than 150 million during his time in New Orleans... The franchise is now valued at over 1 Billion after all the bills are paid and payroll covered... The front office needs to say THANK YOU for building this club... Send the man off with a blessing and be grateful. Last I checked owners don't play games... they don't have to come back from injuries and they have the freedom of doing other things. Now if he were a rookie half way through a 3-year deal, I'd understand there being conflict but at this point Davis has sacrificed a great part of his career building this thing... Let that man go. Peace.
DoubleAAmazin3 - 3 months ago
LeBron needs to be the coach.
Shoegum - 3 months ago
....and i think
cnere1 - 3 months ago
Has Lavar ever approved the trade of Zo? :)
Johnny Foodstamps
Johnny Foodstamps - 3 months ago
Lmao I love shannon
HAMMO206 - 3 months ago
Let's say they traded for AD. They're not winning it all. Even if they got AD and Kyrie........They're not winning a chip. They're just talking because they don't have any talk worthy content. Wait till the off season when they let AD walk and keep the pieces the lakers have. Oh and I will campaign for Mark Jackson as a head coach for the lakers
Kevin Becker
Kevin Becker - 3 months ago
matt barnes is one of my all time favorite players , hes super strong and agressive and i love it , i ran into him one time at a gas station in the valley but i didnt say anything because he was with his kids but hes definitely always a one of my faves
Kevin Becker
Kevin Becker - 3 months ago
you guys have the best show , i think your chemistry is dope , i laugh all day watching your videos
Joe Louis
Joe Louis - 3 months ago
Matt Barnes could sell rat poison to a sewage rat with that voice
Julius Spencer
Julius Spencer - 3 months ago
Mr. HimSirOldGuy Pino
Mr. HimSirOldGuy Pino - 3 months ago
When the whole starting lineup gets traded to the pelicans i will then root for the pelicans.....smh. What is wrong with me
Yung Money
Yung Money - 3 months ago
I hope skip not getting sick man..
TheAyeJays - 3 months ago
NBA WORLD - 3 months ago
Kobe did get traded to the Lakers Shay Sharpe
Shay Lew
Shay Lew - 3 months ago
おきちゅhachi - 3 months ago
11:40 Speaking of Ty Lue he could be in the equation for the HC gig if Luke is canned. Lakers love to keep Coaching hires in house, Lue has a championship pedigree with LBJ, could be a nice fit if KD and or another star comes.
Logan Naslund
Logan Naslund - 3 months ago
Why would anyone let Matt Barnes on air he is soft 😂 dude really got triggered when I was gunning him on Instagram and he replied
Devon Dolphin
Devon Dolphin - 3 months ago
Ad goes to la two months after skip " ad had to save the frozen ones bacon and legacy"
Bodega - 3 months ago
LeBrons camp is Lebron, they all work for him.
Bismarck Perez
Bismarck Perez - 3 months ago
Can you imagine, LBJ, Kyrie Irving , AD and Greg Popovich as coach in LA? The warriors will be done 😂
Anaiz Ferris
Anaiz Ferris - 3 months ago
Barnes to high ....
Bane - 3 months ago
"I would trade me for AD" DAMN ! Matt Barnes is one of the realest out there
Guylain Mugomoka
Guylain Mugomoka - 3 months ago
Matt barnes should've his own show or be full time sport analyst. He always advances great points and mind you not only on basketball prospective
Yonatan Araya
Yonatan Araya - 3 months ago
AD has higher Chance in winning the 🏆with Raptors than any other team in exception to gsw
SavvyAthletics - 3 months ago
Great Show!!!
Crownslay - 3 months ago
When what you wear clearly says what you thinking “NOLA”
19swaggkidd - 3 months ago
lol is matt barnes a hof?
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