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alondra alcaraz
alondra alcaraz - Hour ago
The ace family thing they making 🤭
Camila Cabrera
Camila Cabrera - Hour ago
love every inch of the house
Ana Moreno
Ana Moreno - Hour ago
Anthony - Hour ago
You fucking cockroaches wouldn’t have shit if it wasn’t for YouTube
alondra alcaraz
alondra alcaraz - Hour ago
Those are nice chairs I like them
Emileey/Nathaly Castro
Sophia Turner
Sophia Turner - Hour ago
Curlyhead Kiki
Curlyhead Kiki - Hour ago
When y’all do the empty house tour it’s finna a be a hour🤣 cause y’all house is gigantic
Christina Rosales
Christina Rosales - Hour ago
sorry one more thing don't listen to the haters out there be yourself and blow the haters off
niffler_ Bella
niffler_ Bella - Hour ago
Omg i love your singing😂😂😂😂 in the intro
Saarah Shan
Saarah Shan - Hour ago
Finally u have moved in to your new house 🏡 and now you can give a tour around the house 🏠
so I was watching something else then it was boring then i got an idea to watch ace family
bella flores
bella flores - Hour ago
Done !!!!!!!!!!
Lily Vadnais
Lily Vadnais - Hour ago
done all i want to say to the ace family stay strong live your life and have fun i love you guys
Rebekah _H
Rebekah _H - Hour ago
#2 On Trendingggg!!!
alondra alcaraz
alondra alcaraz - Hour ago
Thas some dope furniture
Sandrine Francois
Sandrine Francois - Hour ago
I love you “ACE FAMILY”🥰🥰😇😛🙃🙃
Auselys Robles
Auselys Robles - Hour ago
I like the white chairs but i feel like its too much white , prob like a light cute grey chairs or something
Sana Asad
Sana Asad - Hour ago
This house is really amazing shoutout to the ace family😭❤️ much looovvvveeeee!!!!!
HannahBuilds HannahBuilds
Sister Lexi
Sister Lexi - Hour ago
so this is how I got edicted with your channel
Lil Skies
Lil Skies - Hour ago
Damn this is number 2 on trending already!!💜💜 I love you so much Ace family my idols are them
katelyn woods
katelyn woods - Hour ago
He said “and that booty” 😂😂 love it
Daniela Hernandez
Daniela Hernandez - Hour ago
leslie hernandez
leslie hernandez - Hour ago
I love the furniture. It looks so cute and nice. 💁🏻👏🏼😍😍😍
Betsy Boo
Betsy Boo - Hour ago
hi Chris Brown 🙋, cool arcade room. Ace fam I like your furniture it looks modern. Glad you can finally move in. Live the life of your dreams & enjoy it while your young 😉.
alondra alcaraz
alondra alcaraz - Hour ago
Catherine loves decorating it’s lit 🔥
Lenny Zagara
Lenny Zagara - Hour ago
It’s all for the views they are money hungry pieces of shit release this
Apinxya Sri
Apinxya Sri - Hour ago
Doneeee xxx lyy
IRL Angel
IRL Angel - Hour ago
Y'all... Come on are you pregnant or not!? Kissing the belly and shit 😍😍😍
Yarimar Ocasio
Yarimar Ocasio - Hour ago
The house is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see the girls running around lol 💕
hi ace family I would love to have a shout out I have been waiting for this day to come
Maya Falcon
Maya Falcon - Hour ago
#2 on trending!!!!!!!
Alexa Noelle
Alexa Noelle - Hour ago
Is nobody worried about the fact that Chris Brown nearly killed Rihanna and the ACE family is out here supporting him? Unsubscribed
Hunter Nation
Hunter Nation - Hour ago
Chris Brown?!?!?!
Ashley Childers
Ashley Childers - Hour ago
I think the high top chairs would look better with gray or black to pull the colors out of the counters and the floors! My parents are building their house too and it’s stressful and it’s not even half the size of yours! My dad was even stressed choosing where outlets go 😂
DomIsUnique !
DomIsUnique ! - Hour ago
What if they go bankrupt? What they gon do??🤔
Katie Cavanaugh
Katie Cavanaugh - Hour ago
I just cant wait for the mother of all house tours
Mikaela -
Mikaela - - Hour ago
Catherine, the chairs are amazing!!
TheBambam2371 - Hour ago
Praying for y'all my friends. I hope all goes well for y'all with this move in. God bless y'all my friends. God loves y'all.
Khadija Bhatti
Khadija Bhatti - Hour ago
the ace family house is so BEAUTIFUL omg
Ashley life
Ashley life - Hour ago
I'm so happy for you guys
Wendi Flores
Wendi Flores - Hour ago
Done ✅! I’ve been commenting this for the past 2 years 🥺. And I really hope I can get a shoutout in your next video 🤞🏼! I love y’all ! 💗
Novembr - Hour ago
House looks like a BO2 map imma fuck around and hit a nasty 1080
Alli Jara
Alli Jara - Hour ago
At 8:44 got me laughing
Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson - Hour ago
I want to see you guys do a video unpacking and moving in
Ta'tyana Wainwright
Ta'tyana Wainwright - Hour ago
I love all the furniture it is beautiful and I always wanted grey and white tile and counters!!!!!! Love you guys so much and I can’t wait to see if I get a ticket!!!!🥰🥰😘😘😍😍
IRL Angel
IRL Angel - Hour ago
Kai Ahlberg
Kai Ahlberg - Hour ago
Jada Cianne Arriola
Jada Cianne Arriola - Hour ago
Liz Mazzer
Liz Mazzer - Hour ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Not a single soul:
Austin: *public service announcement*
Erica Bakal
Erica Bakal - Hour ago
Ace family supporting a misoginist woman beater (chris brown?)?? Never watching your videos again. Always on the side of woman.
EiBiT Gaming
EiBiT Gaming - Hour ago
Such a awesome place! Well deserved!
Jenna Benvie
Jenna Benvie - Hour ago
Brianna L
Brianna L - Hour ago
You guys should do a video teaching Elle how to swim 🏊‍♀️😁 I was around her age when I learned
BTD Haze
BTD Haze - Hour ago
Hey everyone! I just made an instagram account for my dog!! I would reallllly appreciate it if ya would go and add her!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! @hazelthegoldendoodle
My main is @jordan_andersen218 if ya want but please add Hazel, I'm adding everyone back!!!! Thanks!!
Wilmer Alvarez
Wilmer Alvarez - Hour ago
I love your new home!!!!!!
Alexandra Renae
Alexandra Renae - Hour ago
@chrisbrown when he turned around.. that smile! soo happy for y'all.
alondra alcaraz
alondra alcaraz - Hour ago
“Love new sweater and that booty” freakin Austin 😂
Ebony Adams
Ebony Adams - Hour ago
Chris breezy 🙌🏽🙌🏽🤩💯💯💪🏽
Tanisha Bhatt
Tanisha Bhatt - Hour ago
8:47 is me when I find sale in H&M
Kylee Brierton
Kylee Brierton - Hour ago
Done and been done since the beginning🥰🤩
IRL Angel
IRL Angel - Hour ago
I agree, the white is definitely a ballsy choice with kids 😅
Olivia Howard
Olivia Howard - Hour ago
Ketty Perry
Ketty Perry - Hour ago
Is it going to be a snack closet
Hollie Williams
Hollie Williams - Hour ago
There going to tern the wine seller into a candy shop
Elona Zeka
Elona Zeka - Hour ago
Aracely Elizondo
Aracely Elizondo - Hour ago
DONE 💓💓💓💓
Veronica Diaz
Veronica Diaz - Hour ago
Hey everyone support my YouTube channel !! New youtuber !!
Donte' Odle
Donte' Odle - Hour ago
where's you're chef
Dan E
Dan E - Hour ago
2 on trending from MÉXICO
Denisse Cordero
Denisse Cordero - Hour ago
You guy are Amazing! you guys worked so hard for your house.i love you guys!!!
Maria Campos
Maria Campos - Hour ago
hey guy elle is cute.
sophia stevens
sophia stevens - Hour ago
You guys have always been my absolute favorite youtubers! I found you about a year and a half ago and have loved every one of your videos! I told all of my siblings and friends about you and they all fell in love! I think y'all have the most amazing connection out of any couple I've ever seen. Y'all have a BEAUTIFUL family! And I'm so proud of ALL of you for how hard y'all have worked to get to where y'all are. Every single one of you are so INSANELY beautiful inside and out❤️💕
Jazmin Rendon
Jazmin Rendon - Hour ago
It’s pretty
Koda Time
Koda Time - Hour ago
TyAsia H
TyAsia H - Hour ago
alondra alcaraz
alondra alcaraz - Hour ago
Wtf so many chances we be getting omg ?!
Koda Time
Koda Time - Hour ago
multi.mercvry edits
multi.mercvry edits - Hour ago
Trending 🥵❤️
DassahMariee - Hour ago
Cant wait to see it furnished!😊
Ann Wangaa
Ann Wangaa - Hour ago
*This is the one of the biggest Mansion in the California*
Adriana Perales
Adriana Perales - Hour ago
I need that hoodie and a booty like Catherine lol
Mallory Carbone
Mallory Carbone - Hour ago
Hey ace familyyyyyy! I think the wine cellar is going to be turned into a giant pantry:) Love you guys!!!!
Xxx_roblxplay Omq
Xxx_roblxplay Omq - Hour ago
I have a feeling I know what Austin and Catherine are going to change that room into a room for merch !
HEY Austin and caturine  I have been a fan sience   u guys started youtube and I ever got a noticetion  and I did everything u said to do plz give me a shout out in the next  video and I like the house
Crismery Sanchez
Crismery Sanchez - Hour ago
i love. You. ACB. Fameily
Christy English
Christy English - Hour ago
How do you guys like your new Dream Home that your subscribers bought for you must be amazing you're welcome
Evelyn Lyubezhanin
Evelyn Lyubezhanin - Hour ago
Valeria Martinez
Valeria Martinez - Hour ago
mena herb
mena herb - Hour ago
You guys have so much going on but handle it so calmly and still stay posting 💕
Au Brianna
Au Brianna - Hour ago
I think the wine room will be a ace family merch
Jazmin 09/Slime/DIYs
I love all the furniture and the house omg it is amazing everything is amazing
Christina Rosales
Christina Rosales - Hour ago
I really hope I get the prize and by the way you guys are amazing family and you make me laugh 😄😄😄🙂☺😎
jimineautiful - Hour ago
can someone please tell me what's the name of the song at 0:43
Greys for life
Greys for life - Hour ago
Thumbs up for a full house tour
Danielle Kallies
Danielle Kallies - Hour ago
how much does all of this cost???????????????????
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