I'M IN A FREAKING MUSIC VIDEO ( Feat. Ideal World By Wantaways )

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Liam Walker
Liam Walker - 17 minutes ago
Alex Clark’s lets do dis
James OH DEAR GOD AHHH crack snap crunch
eeveelution squad
eeveelution squad - Hour ago
Amazing voice man!
Pug man Pug man
Pug man Pug man - 5 hours ago
raptor gaming cleetus cleetus the phone
The hidden meaning is nobody is perfect

Edit:maybe everyone makes as well
raptor gaming cleetus cleetus the phone
Where's James even at in the comments
FrogBanx _
FrogBanx _ - 6 hours ago
It’s about listening to media over listening to what you want to look
Gacha Plays
Gacha Plays - 6 hours ago
Friendship is the meaning
Phoenix the :l
Phoenix the :l - 8 hours ago
You can't have a perfect world or body
Leo Rodriguez
Leo Rodriguez - 10 hours ago
Leasson:pizzas make youtubers.
Yeetus Deetus
Yeetus Deetus - 14 hours ago
“Your want to live in our super to be you pet hood once again”
Mxgx100 also does spañish vids
Its meaning is. Never give up and keep on trying
Miss Awesome
Miss Awesome - 15 hours ago
I can’t stop replaying! I luv this!
Miss Awesome
Miss Awesome - 15 hours ago
Ok I understand I love this! It’s about failure and not giving up
Miss Awesome
Miss Awesome - 15 hours ago
Ummmmm what?
March Precious Celine Maningas
I really see it a pizza
Awsomeman 1642
Awsomeman 1642 - 18 hours ago
Wankanda forever
ZackPlayz YT
ZackPlayz YT - 22 hours ago
I know the meaning now its They are trying to make people change for the good so they try "creating" creating in there actually means changing so they tried to change people for the good
Adriana Weatherspoon
You trying to beat James in the chess boxing thing
Or trying again
Mr. Minecraft.95
Mr. Minecraft.95 - Day ago
I think its about giving up am I right alex
Lydia Dawn
Lydia Dawn - Day ago
Don't give up and be nice to others that's the meaning 😉
Cornelia Beck
Cornelia Beck - Day ago
Teamwork is the best way to solve problems
Let-Me- Win
Let-Me- Win - Day ago
"you see it all in a boat of crap"

- "youtube captions"
Wolfy Broke21
Wolfy Broke21 - Day ago
You are special?
Phantom Playz
Phantom Playz - Day ago
I know what the reason is

James get gang banged that sounds wrong
Blank Art Kyle
Blank Art Kyle - Day ago
The hidden meaning is the only way you can beat James is by cheating
Francisco Maldonado
It may be a sin, but I'm not eating pizza because it will make James lose. Jk. I love both of you.
vine void
vine void - Day ago
You don't have to be perfect 'meaning
T.E.M. - Day ago
NOICE! THAT COOL!! and thats the second animators music vid that has a backstories that I've seen...
Savage_E1125 RBX roblox
Low key sorry Alex but I can now see why all the other animators have more views on there music vid not calling this trash and I’m not a hater I’m a bigg fan
Kavona Powell
Kavona Powell - Day ago
Nice song
EGGMAN25 YT - Day ago
How come there pizza making Alex clark
Jolan Dolfen
Jolan Dolfen - Day ago
So we’re created by pizzas,
Sounds logic🤷🏻‍♂️
Rybread - Day ago
Pizza are like storks
GD Faxe Crown
GD Faxe Crown - Day ago
Night Raven
Night Raven - Day ago
The meaning is Alex is from space
Rach GachaLife
Rach GachaLife - Day ago
The secret meaning is to have great teamwork and make life better
Default Lord
Default Lord - Day ago
Ohh I get it
Kyle Basham
Kyle Basham - 2 days ago
I know the meaning of the music video how to defeat the odd ones out
MudkipTrainer58 - 2 days ago
Grit, teamwork, and chess boxing.
Cartae 20
Cartae 20 - 2 days ago
Is it you singing
Nabila plays
Nabila plays - 2 days ago
Wut is happening?
Ulexite 5YT
Ulexite 5YT - 2 days ago
What is god was pizza
Moma Playz
Moma Playz - 2 days ago
Idea: there are pizzas and they are creating Alex Clarks. The Alex clarks turn out to become failures until they work together and they send them to earth.
MemeQueen Ari
MemeQueen Ari - 2 days ago
Is the meaning you tried and tried to make your character and never gave up?
Michael Rioch
Michael Rioch - 2 days ago
The attack of the Alexis! Coming June 6th
Maddog - 2 days ago
1:57 you see it all in a boat of crap
FireKeaton - 2 days ago
We all want to live in our tv but something on tv could come true/or/what’s on tv could be a lie!
FireKeaton - Day ago
Or it’s about Alex’s life/I dunno/or/ about how Alex “trained” for his fight with James
DeepSearch27 - 2 days ago
Oooooh I get the meaning.

Alex is a major coward and needs armies of himself to participate in the chess boxing match.

And that's why we eat pizza.
RAIDER THEKID - 2 days ago
Jason Pena
Jason Pena - 2 days ago
The demand of youtube
Toy Stitch Mario
Toy Stitch Mario - 2 days ago
What is song about exactly???
Lucy Animated
Lucy Animated - 2 days ago
Alex: you see it all in a photograph
Captions: you see it all in a boat of crap
a11 The Bot
a11 The Bot - Day ago
I know right u saw that to lol
Jocelyn Bailey
Jocelyn Bailey - 2 days ago
I understand!
Dan Siam Cool Atupan
Dan Siam Cool Atupan - 2 days ago
Paul Christoff
Paul Christoff - 2 days ago
1:51 did he just throwaway domics?
Sydney Scaglione
Sydney Scaglione - 2 days ago
People saying there you on social media and crap
The Gamer 10162
The Gamer 10162 - 2 days ago
Midnight Wolf
Midnight Wolf - 2 days ago
I think the meaning is that even when you mess up you should try again and stay determined
Matt B3ast
Matt B3ast - 3 days ago
There are things In life you can’t get rid of
Ace - 3 days ago
The song starts at 0:46
Cory Chehowski
Cory Chehowski - 3 days ago
The meaning is how hard animation is and how much you fail
David Osoria
David Osoria - 3 days ago
Wait if babies come from mom's belly then what are these pizza's doing here?!?
memecandy - 3 days ago
oh btw theres only one problem......

I can only like once
memecandy - 3 days ago
me: sooooooo how did humans come about?
sorac - 3 days ago
After day of my birthday
Mgsharky 1yd
Mgsharky 1yd - 3 days ago
Everything is not perfect and dont give up the meaning i thing my theory
Kaotic - 3 days ago
I think the meaning is it’s better to try and fail than to Never try at all
Nothing has to be perfect
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez - 3 days ago
So Alex was made by a pizza?

And my mom said baby’s were made by sex
Big Logue
Big Logue - 3 days ago
I think its as if pizza makes us and we see it all in a tv a story!
RobloxianGamerDude - 3 days ago
This is all about trying to make the perfect you. It’s beautiful in every way. The real you is unique. This is relatable but you could have somebody help you with your feelings.
I forgot to say, the perfect you is the real you. (Which is why it zooms into Alex’s bruised face at the end.)
Phoenix Person322
Phoenix Person322 - 3 days ago
This is about animation battles right?
Hojo Ma
Hojo Ma - 3 days ago
Oh So thats how alex was born haha
matthew gonzalez
matthew gonzalez - 3 days ago
The meaning is we are all different
MPicklez - 3 days ago
What is the meaning?
Havanna Bunnyfluff
Havanna Bunnyfluff - 3 days ago
TheOdd1sOut: Life gets hard, but happiness is stronger then pain/ Life is Fun
JadenAnimations: I’m strong, nothing can hold me down, I just need a little help to help me with my problems
SomethingElseYT: -creates actually good rap to convey message: fuq u I am king haha die mortals (still really good song tho)
Hunter 3
Hunter 3 - 3 days ago
You see it all in a boat of crap XD
Put captions on ... again ... again ... again ...
Rice keds Pop
Rice keds Pop - 3 days ago
I wish the odd1sout can you bring a chessboard out
Katie Tovar
Katie Tovar - 3 days ago
The meaning is to not give up and keep trying
Andrew Bakoledis
Andrew Bakoledis - 3 days ago
or is it never give up
Bottle of Joy
Bottle of Joy - 3 days ago
Emmett Gorski
Emmett Gorski - 3 days ago
Never give up
thatcooldude234 vlogs
thatcooldude234 vlogs - 3 days ago
I think the meaning is stress and needing a break from things
Juandyliwi Games
Juandyliwi Games - 3 days ago
hey alex is this in spoty i realy like it
EL3CTRO CAL3B - 3 days ago
James knows he's about to get destroyed
Deku soft boi
Deku soft boi - 3 days ago
Of course it's about pizza making alex
Who Knows
Who Knows - 3 days ago
Wait wats this song about
Tez G
Tez G - 3 days ago
That no matter what the media says, no one is perfect and people try so hard to become perfect it ruins their perspective of life because they try so hard nothing else matters to them.
jackwhitch 101
jackwhitch 101 - 3 days ago
Ok so I think this video is about the pizza gods creating a “Ideal World” and this “Ideal World” is inhabited by only Alex Clark. There could be many reasons why it is Alex chosen to inhabit the world, but I believe it is because with Alex’s love for pizza they would have brought a world into existence that will worship them for all eternity.
Panda_Studios 1
Panda_Studios 1 - 3 days ago
You sound like tryhardninja
Panda_Studios 1
Panda_Studios 1 - 3 days ago
I love this song
Maya Floerke
Maya Floerke - 3 days ago
I think it's about noticeing how others feal and helping them but it may also be what Alex thinks when making a vid he wants it to be prefect but he struggles sometimes
gacha creepypasta girl creator
"Science is hard"
Is that the hidden meaning?????
theatre kid
theatre kid - 3 days ago
is it that pizza makes mistakes too,
or that pizza is from another planet,
or that pizza places are just human factories?
or is it all 3?
Overjoyed Moose
Overjoyed Moose - 3 days ago
You are what you eat AND I EAT PIZZA!!!!
Nitro 399
Nitro 399 - 3 days ago
You are trying to make the best version of you,but it's better to be yourself
That's the meaning
Nitro 399
Nitro 399 - 3 days ago
Crazy gacha cat Lama lama wtf i just said my opinion
Crazy gacha cat Lama lama
Yes yes it is(dm him sucker ask him then tell him to respond to this
Adora Dela Cruz
Adora Dela Cruz - 3 days ago
0:45 MAYBE THERE making Alex plushes that talk AND MOVE
Jaron kyle Panganiban
Jaron kyle Panganiban - 3 days ago
Idont understand the meaning of this
Is it james and you chest boxing is that the meaning
Or is it pizza
Dison Plush gaming
Dison Plush gaming - 3 days ago
Um helping is the key to perfection
Nicholas Wheeler
Nicholas Wheeler - 3 days ago
The meaning is to work to get her to make it perfect
Nedplayz - 3 days ago
Idk know if it’s been guessed already but is it about trying to have/make the ideal body image?
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