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Rebekah Sanchez
Rebekah Sanchez - 3 hours ago
Lol you really want to box James a
Spiget Finner Oof
Spiget Finner Oof - 11 hours ago
A pizza music video? This is cringey af
Lazer Sketches
Lazer Sketches - 11 hours ago
The pizzas are the animators?
Cyborg Penguin Kamroo
Cyborg Penguin Kamroo - 11 hours ago
It took me like 5 weeks to figure out the meaning it is someone is coping him and we shall call him pizza
Nightkitten 1000
Nightkitten 1000 - 17 hours ago
Bianca Shifflett
Bianca Shifflett - 18 hours ago
Christine Rice
Christine Rice - 18 hours ago
It's about his channel right?
ILikepringles [No Homo]
ILikepringles [No Homo] - 19 hours ago
So are you befriending living pizzas to make you so you don't have to do anything and let the clones do it?
Tigress - 19 hours ago
I could barely tell what was being said. Still really good, and from what I understood, it gave a great message
CargoFern - 21 hour ago
Child abuse evident
LOGAN TAYLOR - 21 hour ago
He is talking about his life
Elisha Badisha
Elisha Badisha - 21 hour ago
The meaning of this song is that pineapple on pizza is good and perfect, and anyone who says otherwise is inferior.
Lalalal Llalalal
Lalalal Llalalal - 23 hours ago
Tons of Alex Clark’s to fight James. Idk the end made me think that.
Paul James
Paul James - 23 hours ago
Don’t leave anyone out?

Idk what I’m saying
Jackson Moy
Jackson Moy - Day ago
I see a pattern in these songs from animators
Dokkan Brawler
Dokkan Brawler - Day ago
This song is crap
Erika maria Hinojosa
A art war with odd ones out
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou - Day ago
Never give up and keep trying
animetortoise - Day ago
the meaning is i like PIZZA
animetortoise - Day ago
nevermind it means JAMES IS GOING DOWN!!!
Matt Gian Goron
Matt Gian Goron - Day ago
Is Soviet Russia, pizza make u
AprilandLuke - Day ago
No i dont want that
Zoli Taylor
Zoli Taylor - Day ago
Are u trying to say that the kid is blind
The big Old Freddie's
Oh my god your a pizza, my friend guessed it😂😂😅😂😅😆
Na_Dur _Its_Me
Na_Dur _Its_Me - Day ago
Keep trying until your succesful and always help other out :)
Jordan Mei!
Jordan Mei! - Day ago
More songs
cookiesN cream
cookiesN cream - Day ago
Uhhh uhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me yaaa YAA MEE HEEE YA MEE HEE YO YA YA HEYA HEYA
jevil - Day ago
pizzas made clarks to defeat james in chess boxing and the kid pizza didnt really get appreciated at all so adult pizza helped him and gave him a weird button
Leann Sowell
Leann Sowell - Day ago
Is it to share? Or help each other
Student LilyMarie Liston
I love your channel Alex! and this song in particular is great for studying so I can enjoy it at school as well without getting distracted. 10/10
Nikki Bijl
Nikki Bijl - 2 days ago
nabby - 2 days ago
The secret meaning is that the world is a waste and no one will survive the end of the universe
Me Fun Kiki
Me Fun Kiki - 2 days ago
Soo a pizza makes your videos
Jaden L
Jaden L - 2 days ago
I think the hidden meaning is that he's always in the spotlight or at least trying to be and maybe he wants to stop and pet someone else be in that spotlight? If I'm wrong oof.
ccstarz 1
ccstarz 1 - 2 days ago
Plsssss say there r Alex plushies coming!!!
Willow Under-Look
Willow Under-Look - 2 days ago
The art of failure
trey cross
trey cross - 2 days ago
The hidden meaning is probably to help someone instead of misjudge them
Joshua Lebreton
Joshua Lebreton - 2 days ago
Song starts at 0:48
Plazmic - 2 days ago
That's how I taught babies were made. For like a year ago...
Kenna Penna
Kenna Penna - 3 days ago
It’s ok to need help..?
Greg F
Greg F - 3 days ago
The meaning of the song is don’t give up
pixel gamer224
pixel gamer224 - 3 days ago
Oh I know! Your making Alex Clark to beat James in a chess boxing match!
Pogostickgirl15 - 3 days ago
My two favorite animators!! The Odd1sout and Alex Clark 😃
Joseph Sasson
Joseph Sasson - 3 days ago
Alex Clark will bravely accept the odd ones out request chess boxing match and send his Alex Clark clone army crafted by the master crafter pizzas and destroy him (oddonesout)
minecraft lover awesome gamer
I'm super kind
So are you
This video
Starts near 0:42
XxOps ElitexX
XxOps ElitexX - 3 days ago
In America, meteor destroy dinosaurs

In Soviet Russia, dinosaurs destroy METEOR
Lucy L
Lucy L - 3 days ago
the message is alex is part pizza
minecraft lover awesome gamer
What is this song called I want to find a lyrics video
Yes Or maybe not
Yes Or maybe not - 3 days ago
Perfection can be seen on a photo or on tv but perfection doesnt exist?
Josh Animates
Josh Animates - 3 days ago
THE MEANING IS NEVER GIVE UP! thanks alex ive had a tough day today!
TheLeon2000 GG
TheLeon2000 GG - 3 days ago
This song is about you being selfish :)))
David Dempsey
David Dempsey - 3 days ago
It’s all about the hed and the hart
The Health & Healing Clinic
Hey if you want listen to the song go to 0:43
Ultra Bonnie Chase
Ultra Bonnie Chase - 4 days ago
if u just try more!
Derpy Drey
Derpy Drey - 4 days ago
oh maybe alex is trying to obertake james and get 11 million subs
Look at dis Brothers
Look at dis Brothers - 4 days ago
Is the hidden meaning that to never give up
Ultra Bonnie Chase
Ultra Bonnie Chase - 4 days ago
anger always gets better!?
Keese Turuhenaua
Keese Turuhenaua - 4 days ago
What the hell is this

You get nothing
Diamondking 212
Diamondking 212 - 4 days ago
What’s the meaning
Kirah Taylor
Kirah Taylor - 4 days ago
march 31st is my birthday
Tigeria - 4 days ago
It is about the chess boxing match.
Exotic Butters
Exotic Butters - 4 days ago
Omg 1:58 I turned on captions and it said 'you see it all in a boat of crap' XD
Faze _jilly
Faze _jilly - 4 days ago
The meaning how long it took you to draw and it take lots of try’s and never give up
Im LEX - 4 days ago
I know it!
Alex is trying so hard for his fans and want to make everything perfect for you all!He is tired but still trying to make the best of him!
But this is just a *THEORY*

Shadow dragon draws
Shadow dragon draws - 4 days ago
Why is odds one out here?
Shadow dragon draws
Shadow dragon draws - 4 days ago
I have a guy in my class who is named Alex Clark (he’s a douchbag)
ProGamer8412 - 4 days ago
I can imagine this in his old style...
Sally Animalheart
Sally Animalheart - 5 days ago
0:03 the paper under the big alarm
0:47 Turns into a dad picture..
yus af ahmed
yus af ahmed - 3 days ago
I see it
yus af ahmed
yus af ahmed - 3 days ago
Cody Weaver
Cody Weaver - 5 days ago
Alex you dummy I had to scroll pass the lyrics to find the creator of the song when it should be in the title or in the actual flipping video this is why I don’t watch your videos anymore
satisfying moments with jake
The music video is telling us that since he can’t be everywhere at once they are mass producing Alex
Coyote Gamer
Coyote Gamer - 5 days ago
It means don't be selfish about winning and help other people
Hey_You_Orangey_Guy - 5 days ago
there is probably a bunch of hidden meanings
David Farret
David Farret - 5 days ago
After watching this video 50 times I found out the meaning it is ...... TO BE CONTINUED
Max Mofoe
Max Mofoe - 5 days ago
I think it means keep trying
Gacha Hannah
Gacha Hannah - 5 days ago
And that's how Alex Clark was born
Silent Evanesence
Silent Evanesence - 5 days ago
Whispers *you are my queen Beyonce*
Abram Mizelle
Abram Mizelle - 5 days ago
Be ur self
alex jacob
alex jacob - 6 days ago
Failure/success at chess boxing match with James
Tony _3515
Tony _3515 - 6 days ago
Ok, we hawe a pizza and a lot od faliure Alex klerks.. agen agen agen and here is Aleks for evryone. I Think you need to work hard to make us happy and you dont have peperony pizza.
captainpanda pants
captainpanda pants - 6 days ago
Is the secret that you love to eat your pizza parents?
bobdabird - 6 days ago
He did join a band.
Steve Tate
Steve Tate - 6 days ago
When your virus detector asks you if ya wanna block something and you have no idea what to do
Caison Kent
Caison Kent - 6 days ago
Can you do a 1 hour versus
Minecraft Boi 12789
Minecraft Boi 12789 - 6 days ago
Why did you Swear
Kawaii Girl
Kawaii Girl - 6 days ago
Raion TV
Raion TV - 6 days ago
The meaning is that everybody tries to be perfect and with help we can be.(I think)
Raidelmaij - 6 days ago
Dont push people to levels they still cant reach. Example: you try to force a Pokemon to level up from lv. 1 to lv. 100
Icebreakerhero - 6 days ago
So your getting ready and not giving up just to win?
ROBOT_PENGUIN - 6 days ago
The meaning is that Alex really wants to win the boxing match
Brian C
Brian C - 6 days ago
So is this a music era for anamators
Joseph Sasson
Joseph Sasson - 6 days ago
Hidden message: Alex Clark is the best human
Beast magic
Beast magic - 6 days ago
Pizzas are making humans to eat
Sub-Due-Duck 2005
Sub-Due-Duck 2005 - 7 days ago
It must mean that...

Humans are the cause for dinosaurs going extinct.
Romanthefrog10 - 7 days ago
Are the pizzas the viewers who make you Alex perfect? xD
Romanthefrog10 - 7 days ago
Pizza's stop trying to make the perfect Alex xD
Jessy The mob
Jessy The mob - 7 days ago
Keep on swiping keep on swimming
This girl Sings
This girl Sings - 7 days ago
Is the meaning no matter how hard you try society will never accept you
STEFAN Kirk - 7 days ago
The songs talking about the truth or about a person
charizardx90000 - 7 days ago
If Alex made a YouTube music video it wouldn't be surprising
BrandiJohnson - 7 days ago
You are about to get in a match with the odd ones out
Koral Giacomini
Koral Giacomini - 7 days ago
I think that the meaning is that you can over come problems with a little bit of help or that your not weak if you ask for help OR that you cant just wait for someone to do something and that they might need help. I don't really know???
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