Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande

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Asthani Bidari
Asthani Bidari - Hour ago
Hmm bad so bad the sound was like cat sound meow meow
Macy Makes
Macy Makes - 4 hours ago
Can you tell Ariana that I have her bunny ears and her pillow case and that I really want to have a private conversation with her
A S H - 5 hours ago
Chatuno - 8 hours ago
Is nobody talking about how that 90s diva gods plan beat absolutely slaps holy shit
DeloreanDude1981 - 10 hours ago
I love Johnny Cash!!!
AngryFoxGaming - 12 hours ago
2:48 at 1.75x speed!😂
H-Bear DogLover
H-Bear DogLover - 13 hours ago
Ariana is SLAYING her outfit! YAAAS QUEEN
000617 - 14 hours ago
Am I the only one, who was wondering how short her dress was? XD
Michael Kos
Michael Kos - 17 hours ago
The girl without torso
Aiko Trancy
Aiko Trancy - 18 hours ago
Aiko Trancy
Aiko Trancy - 18 hours ago
1:33 favorite
Aimee Birkett Main
Aimee Birkett Main - 21 hour ago
she can literally do anything wtf
yoga Pratama
yoga Pratama - 21 hour ago
2:35 i cba 😂
Her dress is tinier than my dolls dress
Elvis Is The King
Elvis Is The King - Day ago
If only it landed on monster mash or Jolene on the first one lol
Ela 2410
Ela 2410 - Day ago
Gabi Jones
Gabi Jones - Day ago
I dig Goth Rock Humble.
Gabi Jones
Gabi Jones - Day ago
Ari legit has no chest.
tyler baker
tyler baker - Day ago
The fact that no one here is talking about how jimmy picked it up like that for shape u, a 3rd wave quuuueeennn
Taylor Mayberry
Taylor Mayberry - Day ago
Ariana don't feel bad for having to where glasses I wear them to
Anahera Walters
Anahera Walters - Day ago
Tbh when Ariana sang gods plan I didn’t understand a word she said :-/
Humble_ lion- скромный Лев
She's gorgeous!!
Here She looks like she doesn't have a torso 😅.
Josie Gaddess
Josie Gaddess - Day ago
Her dress though
Paulo Alves
Paulo Alves - Day ago
She is blind kk
loulou HJ
loulou HJ - Day ago
Ariana please return your dress to the 6 year old section
Axis Throckmorton
Axis Throckmorton - Day ago
Ariannas first song!👌
Brooke Gill
Brooke Gill - Day ago
That is SO good I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ YOU
Asila Haleem
Asila Haleem - Day ago
Kewtie LPS
Kewtie LPS - Day ago
They never get opera :(
Mèrÿ TV
Mèrÿ TV - Day ago
Love you Ariana grande😍❤️😘❤️😘
Georgia VDB
Georgia VDB - Day ago
Ariana fans where you at?
Shizzle Fizzle
Shizzle Fizzle - 2 days ago
People still watch his show?
Fatima Gaydarova
Fatima Gaydarova - 2 days ago
Omg ariana grande is really yuo I love yuo and yours songs I love into yuo is me favorite song
Kay Tee
Kay Tee - 2 days ago
Ariana's dress looks like something I used to wear when I was 7.
So cute though...
Misael Nuñez Rodelo
Misael Nuñez Rodelo - 2 days ago
Ariana 😍
aeriya - 2 days ago
that dress is for like a 4 year old
Sabrina - 2 days ago
what is Ariana wearing omg
sandhu savi
sandhu savi - 2 days ago
ariana is soo cute that me
Lauriana Style
Lauriana Style - 2 days ago
Whow 🤩
Ken Houston
Ken Houston - 2 days ago
Down in Mississippi where sun beats down from the sky
I'm a llama- corn
I'm a llama- corn - 2 days ago
Her dress is confusing..
eryca yeet
eryca yeet - 2 days ago
Ariana singing humble in goth rock gave me goosebumps 🤩👍❤️
jessie rasmussen
jessie rasmussen - 2 days ago
I loved the shape of you with ska like seriously I sometimes wish they would sing more😂😂
ariii - 2 days ago
I need a full version of Ariana’s humble
leilei,s world
leilei,s world - 2 days ago
I love Ariana I just cried OMG 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💖💖💗💖💖💕💖💖💖💖💗💖💖💕💖💗💖💖💗💗💓💓💓 I'm crying again
Kiki Fantasy
Kiki Fantasy - 2 days ago
I love you Ariana Grande you are my hero
Anup Salkar
Anup Salkar - 2 days ago
the way she sang humble is to epic gothic version.. omg...
Jai Bahl
Jai Bahl - 2 days ago
Tf is she wearing??
Emma B
Emma B - 2 days ago
1:56 😍😍😍
Stacey Carson
Stacey Carson - 3 days ago
I would love full covers of all songs
Ugly Olero
Ugly Olero - 3 days ago
she really knows what to do
ALG JakeAW - 3 days ago
Actually would pay for a jimmy ska album
monica wright
monica wright - 3 days ago
Love love love Ari bit that dress is nauseating 😫😂
Galaxy wolf Gacha
Galaxy wolf Gacha - 3 days ago
Seems like she has bad eye sight that’s just sad😔
Tanisha Pandey
Tanisha Pandey - 3 days ago
Y'all are only focusing on humble while she slayed God's plan
Little_Livvy_222 Floof
Little_Livvy_222 Floof - 3 days ago
Is anyone gonna mention the dress?
Jeon Izzy
Jeon Izzy - 3 days ago
LizzieNeedsALife - 3 days ago
Ariana looks like she's wearing a small childs skirt as a dress. While I like her music, she should get a new wardrobe designer.
Sash D
Sash D - 3 days ago
I love arii💝💝 she is a great singer she is a beautiful young woman... Jimmy u good too...💓💓
Jimins Wife
Jimins Wife - 3 days ago
Hey Jimmy in JIMIN
Jimins Wife
Jimins Wife - 3 days ago
Her dress
Naiany Fernanda Soares de lima
Ari é míope? 😂 A bixinha moh cega pra ver o nome 😂
Vanessa Playz
Vanessa Playz - 3 days ago
Arianna’s “God’s Plan” was amazing! ❤️
mikayla lee
mikayla lee - 3 days ago
The shortness of ariana's skirt gives me anxiety
Ariane Brochu
Ariane Brochu - 3 days ago
I love Ari so much she's amazing ❤️
Matt Riccio
Matt Riccio - 3 days ago
I can’t even understand her words
Lovely Films
Lovely Films - 3 days ago
You would not be able to wear that dress to school for so many reasons
Lala lala
Lala lala - 3 days ago
Ariana Grande love u sorry if I spelt ur name wrong I don’t mean it lovey. To bits
Ty'Lynn Thornton
Ty'Lynn Thornton - 3 days ago
I love you Arianna, I did her song Santa Tell Me in a lip sync battle and I won!!!!
Bina Boo
Bina Boo - 3 days ago
Those boots are longer than her dress.
Chloe 2009
Chloe 2009 - 3 days ago
Let me run you through my day:
Met Ariana -1.
Cried - 2.
Took a picture -3.
Woke up -4.
Sadly, It went 1,3,4,2 😭😢☹
Paige Blair
Paige Blair - 3 days ago
Can’t you just keep the attention on someone else for once Jimmy?
Joseph Paul
Joseph Paul - 3 days ago
Not like she already sounds like Mariah Carey...well, early Ariana did
Katalina B
Katalina B - 3 days ago
I lost it when it got to country and the song yeah 😂
Devean Austin
Devean Austin - 3 days ago
I've watched like 20 times just for Goth Rock Humble
Jacob Meyer
Jacob Meyer - 3 days ago
She was 100% lip syncing on God’s plan
LifeAsBritt - 3 days ago
Get the baby some contacts that’s GOOD
Peppa Pigg
Peppa Pigg - 3 days ago
I was wondering where my baby blanket went...I’m talking bout Ari’s dress lol
Bella bee skyrose skylar
The dress though
queen chelsea tidd
queen chelsea tidd - 3 days ago
Her dress is a skirt
Sara Mikkelsen.
Sara Mikkelsen. - 3 days ago
Am i the only on that don’t no what the song humble is? And think it sounds like a real song?😂
Akshata deherkar
Akshata deherkar - 3 days ago
She walks in a very awkward way, she also seems to have some problem with her strap..what a stupid outfit
yoongis baby
yoongis baby - 3 days ago
Shape of you was so good
Leah Hill
Leah Hill - 3 days ago
I would pay a million dollars for the humble goth rock!
Marina Machado
Marina Machado - 3 days ago
this bitch be wearing a fucking skirt with thigh high boots and she looks amazing
Emily Felice
Emily Felice - 4 days ago
Ariana’s dress was so short it looked like a skirt
ganesh subramanian
ganesh subramanian - 4 days ago
i love her and all.....but gotta say...That is one interesting dress
Sean Robesky
Sean Robesky - 4 days ago
I’m expecting to hear Ariana drop a throwback 2000s rock album now. Never thought I would pay to hear her
Montserrat Elechiguerra Chávez
Ew that dress is horrible (my opinion) and it doesn’t do anything for her beautiful body.
HW TheFoehammer
HW TheFoehammer - 4 days ago
Evanescence isn't goth rock but Ari did a pretty good impression of Amy Lee. I would love to see her do something in the style of actual goth rock bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees.
e m i l y v e l a z q u e z
That dress tho...
ArtCrafts Gaming
ArtCrafts Gaming - 4 days ago
Of course she snuck in a Yuh Yuh in this thing
idek lmao
idek lmao - 4 days ago
Ariana’s dress makes her look like a midget 😂
Francesca Osgood
Francesca Osgood - 4 days ago
i wish these were real songsss
About That New Guy
About That New Guy - 4 days ago
Why does Arianna Grande sing EVERYTHING SO GOOD
Sally - 4 days ago
I need Ariana’s cover of humble that was beautiful
gravilo pricip
gravilo pricip - 4 days ago
When did umpalumpas get hair extensions?
gravilo pricip
gravilo pricip - 4 days ago
When did singers get to be considered musicians?
Ashley Castillo
Ashley Castillo - 4 days ago
Me : “iF YoU LiKe tO tAlK To tOmAtOeS, If a SqUaSh cAn MaKe yOu SmILe.”
Harold Kelly
Harold Kelly - 4 days ago
Ariana is always......Jimmy should have given up before he started
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