Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande

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Kellen Reese
Kellen Reese - 44 minutes ago
Ari looks like a cake topper and i’m not mad😂
Amreeta Mann
Amreeta Mann - 57 minutes ago
Stanley McClain
Stanley McClain - 3 hours ago
Ariana you look like a midget
Cool cat Games
Cool cat Games - 3 hours ago
Can we get like a full album of Ariana Grande singing goth rock
Shannon Fazande
Shannon Fazande - 6 hours ago
Y’all hating on her dress but it actually looks really good on her
Eslee Collins
Eslee Collins - 9 hours ago
That dress is for 2 year old
It's Eduard
It's Eduard - 10 hours ago
Billie Eilish's Biggest Fan
Not being mean but humble reminded me of that girl singing in her car
Esmeralda Hartog
Esmeralda Hartog - 12 hours ago
What the f is she even wearing?!.
Great singing tho.. i couldn’t do better!
BECRAFT-YT - 12 hours ago
That dress
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee - 12 hours ago
So why does she not sing like this in her songs? I feel like she has so much potential that she's wasting.
Cícero Jader
Cícero Jader - 13 hours ago
she is adorable
Jaureguisass - 15 hours ago
It is NOT a fucking dress. It's a shirt and shorts but she is really tiny so you can't see the shorts, just the shirt. God dammit.
Gacha studio Olta Bici
Gacha studio Olta Bici - 15 hours ago
OMG wen she sings Humble Goth rock it is shokung
Hey Hey
Hey Hey - 17 hours ago
Give her some glasses pleeaaaasee 😂😂😂❤️
Ella Johnson
Ella Johnson - Day ago
She looks like a little cupcake
Username - Day ago
Who is skipping Jimmy's part like me?😂
Allisson Silva
Allisson Silva - Day ago
amei tanto essa versão goth rock de humble que ela fez, preciso de uma versão estúdio aaaaaa
Little Pink Unicorn
did i heard wrong or someone said "it wasn't"? 2:28
Sam Yetman
Sam Yetman - Day ago
She’s so good at this
ansserendipity - Day ago
whilst everyone else is commenting on her dress, i am just gonna say, she’s a vocal legend. 🥰😍.
Annie - Day ago
Jinju - Day ago
Ari singing God’s Plan kinda sounds like her own songs but it’s not her song and it’s in a 90’s Diva genre
Hamilton starwars Yay
That dress is a mood🤩🤩🤩
Sadie Scott
Sadie Scott - Day ago
I love u Ari❤️
Alexa Taylor
Alexa Taylor - Day ago
after watching this video how can you not love ariana grande?
Sarah Imam
Sarah Imam - Day ago
Ariana got those daddy long legs 🦵
Sandra - Day ago
Johnny Cash!
Jessiie Brown
Jessiie Brown - Day ago
you guys should invite Billie Ellish next time
C•D _x
C•D _x - Day ago
Ari's 'dress' would work better as a skirt
Alexis Tran
Alexis Tran - Day ago
Ariana's dress looks like it's meant to be a skirt to me xD
Meme Master
Meme Master - Day ago
Store people: How small do you want your dress to be?
Ariana: Yes
Marc Oram
Marc Oram - Day ago
she Is so cute I love ariana grande so much I want to give her the best hug in the world I love her so much 😘😘💙💙
Gernot Koller
Gernot Koller - Day ago
Syva Kakiri
Syva Kakiri - Day ago
Her dress feels uncomfortable.
Carmen Sullivan
Carmen Sullivan - Day ago
what the fuck she sounds like evanescence or better LOL
xXR1P P1RXx - Day ago

Ignore just smthng 4 me
Kpop Dust
Kpop Dust - Day ago
Why ain't anyone talking about how jimmy killed it in yeah!?
chatterboxfpv - Day ago
Black Gryph0n started this and gets no credit
weasley lover
weasley lover - Day ago
Humble gave me goosebumps
And gods plan was sooo brilliant
Isabella Smith
Isabella Smith - Day ago
Only Ariana can make that outfit look good😆
Pooja Devaraj
Pooja Devaraj - Day ago
rjaa msabha
rjaa msabha - Day ago
*Yeah i do that too sometimes i just wear a skirt as a dress*
kylie novilla
kylie novilla - Day ago
ariana is like wearing a kids dress but shes cute with it
Transitions 90
Transitions 90 - Day ago
Did you just steal this from black gryphon like you stole everything else
Ash Conel
Ash Conel - 2 days ago
My 1 year old daughter has the same dress. 😂
Gaming with Lily And drawings
Her dress is like so small
crystal tant
crystal tant - 2 days ago
I love ariana even though her dress looks like a cupcake
MVJ VLOG - 2 days ago
I think she has problem with sight
Like if u agree
Muggur Kolka
Muggur Kolka - 2 days ago
Wtf she looks 15
Sushila Balu
Sushila Balu - 2 days ago
Who else got triggered by Ariana’s dress?
Drew Jennings
Drew Jennings - 2 days ago
She's too talented
Timothy Von Varella
Timothy Von Varella - 2 days ago
Hate her outfit,it's blocks her legs which I feel is her best feature.
madicfell off
madicfell off - 2 days ago
most pf these comments are about
1) arianas outfit
2) humble
3) jimmy dancing
Jessica Whalen
Jessica Whalen - 5 hours ago
madicfell off and her needing glasses
CHZ8959 - 2 days ago
I'm still yet to hear her pronounce a word which i can actually understand.
mattia dell'orco
mattia dell'orco - 2 days ago
U are my favourite 😂
mattia dell'orco
mattia dell'orco - 2 days ago
I love you, Ariana
queeenari - 2 days ago
God´s Plan!!! omg she´s so incredible and amazing...
unknown !
unknown ! - 2 days ago
I'm not a fan of ariana but I get why people are, she is so talented and sweet
PB Isanan
PB Isanan - 2 days ago
oh my god the chills
Sal Becirovic
Sal Becirovic - 2 days ago
Love Ariana yasssss gurl
David Trinh Tu
David Trinh Tu - 2 days ago
Jimmy is such a tryhard😂
Freddy Frost
Freddy Frost - 2 days ago
How can Ari pull off such a dress?!?!

Simple.....she’s Ariana 😍
Freddy Frost
Freddy Frost - Day ago
Waanflips welp....for any Ari’s out there i can’t believe u pulled off such a dress 😂😂😂
Waanflips - Day ago
I think somebody needs to tell you that "Ari" is a mans name
Ayyy itz Skillet
Ayyy itz Skillet - 2 days ago
Sis got on a baby blanket
Pj Withers
Pj Withers - 2 days ago
Jimmy is really good at singing
Danai Pou
Danai Pou - 2 days ago
I love youuuuuuuu τελιοοοοοο αριανα
Ca - 2 days ago
Ariana Grande feat. Amy Lee
RainyBlox - 3 days ago
When her “Dress” fits her and it clearly would’nt fit me..💀
RainyBlox - Day ago
xXFlossPixi Yeah...
xXFlossPixi - Day ago
RainyBlox it doesn’t fit her one bit dude
Trust me
Kennadee b
Kennadee b - 3 days ago
WTH is she wearing
cAeLaN weirdo
cAeLaN weirdo - 3 days ago
Im confused because her dress looks so short. Shorter than my dresses so I dont know how she fits that.
123roxyA - 3 days ago
Is Ariana Grande single
Black girl
Black girl - 3 days ago
story time with Dolores
I wanna meet her OMG
teodora - 3 days ago
im sorry but ariana looks deformed
Francine Rush
Francine Rush - 3 days ago
Ariana is a 90s diva
MANDY PALMAREZ - 3 days ago
zollinger Ellison
zollinger Ellison - 3 days ago
I swear that Jimmy is way much better than some nowadays artists
Lps _Kitty
Lps _Kitty - 3 days ago
Jimmy fallon is amazing
Its Ari!
Its Ari! - 3 days ago
why is her dress shorter than me?
Tehya Bug
Tehya Bug - 3 days ago
Why is she wearing a fucking toddler dress
Lucy owo
Lucy owo - 3 days ago
Ariana: 👁 👄 👁
Ismael Barrera
Ismael Barrera - 3 days ago
Ariana should make that song humble in that Evanescence voice . I love how she sang that.
Lucy owo
Lucy owo - 3 days ago
Me: **always pulls down my skirt that is to my knees**
And there’s Ariana
o sxperstxr
o sxperstxr - 3 days ago
Kayla Heart
Kayla Heart - 3 days ago
4:09 I believe I just realised how short her dress is!!!
beauty queen
beauty queen - 3 days ago
Ariana is looking so cute😘😘😍😍💋💋
Tanasia Thomas
Tanasia Thomas - 4 days ago
Why in the heck is her dress so small my 4 year old sister probably couldn’t fit that
Ava Joriel
Ava Joriel - 4 days ago
is it me or does Ariana look short in that dress
Suleman Shah
Suleman Shah - 4 days ago
She is Tallentend Beside her wrost outpit.
Layla Barnet
Layla Barnet - 4 days ago
I just saw a comment saying she slayed gods plan and i was like wut then i realised they were talking about the music 🤣
Κωνσταντῖνος Χρυσοστόμου
Rehearsed..... not surprised at all actually.
Abukar Ahmed
Abukar Ahmed - 4 days ago
haj ariana grende
hajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj hahhahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahahaha
Sophie Sparkles
Sophie Sparkles - 4 days ago
Ariana girl wheres ur daddy he would be telling u to wear a longer dress and shorter boots
lissyy pooo
lissyy pooo - 4 days ago
1:47 so when she coming out with that song bc it was so good 😍
DJ Jello
DJ Jello - 4 days ago
Ariana singing humble was better than the original song
Saint Christopher
Saint Christopher - 4 days ago
Best ed sheeren
ravin kasra
ravin kasra - 4 days ago
On gods plan she just mumbled
Tae Cup
Tae Cup - 4 days ago
the supposed to be dress is like a skirt tk ariana
Glowingrosegoldgirl Msp
Ari killed it
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