My Morning Routine

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Nynke Luimstra
Nynke Luimstra - 6 hours ago
You cen not bauediful met make-up😒😑😈😳😡
Hugo Silva
Hugo Silva - 7 hours ago
What about the douche?
Duke56789003422 - 7 hours ago
Lauren Suttle
Lauren Suttle - 12 hours ago
rIsE and shiYnE
Catalina Cruz
Catalina Cruz - 16 hours ago
I love you so very muchJames Charles
Goku GOKU - 17 hours ago
mehreen afridi
mehreen afridi - 23 hours ago
are you a girl
vera droowaa
vera droowaa - Day ago
THIS is so funnuy
Laura l1188
Laura l1188 - Day ago
Rise and shine
Danny Espinosa
Danny Espinosa - Day ago
Hi sisters
Just Makin Some Tae
My morning routine

Wake up
Lillie Lalu
Lillie Lalu - Day ago
Who wants to see james to dress up as a boy in one day (if u don’t mind)
Noé Ruiz ponce
Noé Ruiz ponce - Day ago
Lillie Lalu eh?
Angel Mija
Angel Mija - Day ago
He looks cute with freakles
Milee Kew
Milee Kew - Day ago
slaying the game
Angel Mija
Angel Mija - Day ago
He always look cute
Marina Dee
Marina Dee - Day ago
the blow dryer attachment is called a diffuser, mainly used on people with curly hair to reduce frizz while drying it
Kirsty Price
Kirsty Price - Day ago
Loved this video, please do more! You are the best!
Pari Panda
Pari Panda - Day ago
U should do ur night routine
Edina Madison
Edina Madison - Day ago
wher your makeup
Isabella Carbone
Isabella Carbone - 2 days ago
This is my sister shower cap.
Aubree Clements
Aubree Clements - 2 days ago
The moisturizer that he used if I’m correct or if it is the same one I am not sure but I think you can take the gold part off the top and use it to scoop so that you won’t have to use your nails or knuckles 👍
Keira Mac
Keira Mac - 2 days ago
Maggie Wright
Maggie Wright - 2 days ago
Excuse me sweetie I look like I got hit by a bus going through puberty so
Harper Mccullough
Harper Mccullough - 2 days ago
I hate you
Drew Venger
Drew Venger - 2 days ago
Hi sisters
Marvin Spicer
Marvin Spicer - 2 days ago
That laugh tho
Armando Leon
Armando Leon - 2 days ago
Hey sisters
Heisnams Snais s
Heisnams Snais s - 2 days ago
Ok but whoever was filming James in the shower must be a pro cus if that was me I'd be sooooo
😟- that would be my mood
Christine - 2 days ago
What about your night routine sus?🤔
Kristine sumane
Kristine sumane - 2 days ago
james is literally twirking the whole way through the videp infront of the camera man
Immy Vlogs
Immy Vlogs - 2 days ago
ariseee and shineeee 1:06
monica galvan
monica galvan - 2 days ago
Do you actually get up everyday and walk all the way to your studio to do your makeup thats too stresssfull
EN JOY - 3 days ago
Sophie Weir
Sophie Weir - 3 days ago
Can we make sister shampoo
Berxalice Mutwa
Berxalice Mutwa - 3 days ago
i am not sure if a girl can twerk lie that to be honest
Hdm Girl
Hdm Girl - 3 days ago
Was amazing sister
Madison Martin
Madison Martin - 3 days ago
I’m GETING your maul up
Luca Renker
Luca Renker - 4 days ago
Who doesn’t wet the tooth brush before they put the tooth paste on
Henrik Shalley
Henrik Shalley - 4 days ago
Why we watching James Charles taking a shower?
Felicity Haggerty
Felicity Haggerty - 4 days ago
Does anyone have any advise on telling my parents that I'm trans
Robina B
Robina B - 4 days ago
Can u do a night routine plssss
Pink Sheep
Pink Sheep - 5 days ago
Who else loves the camera mans laugh 😂
Lilli Chan
Lilli Chan - 5 days ago
An add popped up that had James’ face on it 😂
melanie coolidge
melanie coolidge - 5 days ago
Who else watches this cute sister at like 2:45 am?🤫
Goldi Paul
Goldi Paul - 5 days ago
Good singing by the way!
Goldi Paul
Goldi Paul - 5 days ago
One thing I did like is that you didn't swear.
Leia_Cloudgirl - 5 days ago
20:16 I thought he was gonna say queen of killing birds😂😂😂
christinea goodridge
christinea goodridge - 5 days ago
Do a night routine, James.
I just want to blow on his pallet (so the excess powder comes off) so baaaaaad
Charlotte Petrella
Charlotte Petrella - 6 days ago
Can you do a night routine!! ❤️❤️
Millie McCormack
Millie McCormack - 6 days ago
James Charles I'm a huge fan your a great singer
Iyasia Robinson
Iyasia Robinson - 6 days ago
Sister snatched
Iyasia Robinson
Iyasia Robinson - 6 days ago
Okay so jammes oh hi sisters okay back to James do you put water on your toothbrush then toothpaste then wet it again because I see alil cut in there so idk so I just thought to ask

👇🏽. Dang it I tried to aim it at the like
Steph - 6 days ago
All the water he wastes every day🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
THERE’S PEOPLE IN NEED OF WATER, stop wasting it so absurdly much😒
Nikola Tojčić
Nikola Tojčić - 6 days ago
0:9 to bad he didn't actually got hit by a bus
Nikola Tojčić
Nikola Tojčić - 6 days ago
Yas gopnik style
Nikola Tojčić
Nikola Tojčić - 6 days ago
Yes duuude
Nikola Tojčić
Nikola Tojčić - 6 days ago
Yeah mate u right
Lexie Cameron
Lexie Cameron - 7 days ago
Can you do a collaboration with VSCO mama penny
Ella Watkin
Ella Watkin - 7 days ago
Why does he talk so fucking fast, Visco guy
Memes Network
Memes Network - 7 days ago
My morning routie changes everyday becasue im lazy!! Also this is a question i have had for along time is James Charles into Boys or Girls?????
Sk_awesome 23
Sk_awesome 23 - 7 days ago
Omg I love watching your videos! ❤️💋
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