China Mac on Homosexuality in Prison, Transgenders in General Population (Part 2)

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Sly _Theman
Sly _Theman - 21 hour ago
So I click on this and jaden Smith is on the advertisement 😕
Mr Smiles
Mr Smiles - Day ago
Yo big homie where do I buy one of those hoodies you got on ‘ I rep n come from those 4stars added on next to that BIG Chinese star💯
SirCharles246 - Day ago
men are sexual being's... vlad's been getting his ass fucked
Justin Uptmor
Justin Uptmor - 3 days ago
Ain’t no raping going on in TN prisons. Too many giving it away for free
Ian Matos
Ian Matos - 4 days ago
WTF!!! Lmao!!! The slight change of expression when Mac said "Yeah" after that "Men are sexual beings" comment is classic....I couldn't stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂. The subtle look of disgust on Macs dude
161 ARNBlessed
161 ARNBlessed - 4 days ago
Ali Mansoor
Ali Mansoor - 4 days ago
Mac has a negative 50 iq
trevor smith
trevor smith - 6 days ago
Vlad be like I'm sorry I was distracted by this fine motha fucka right here!
trevor smith
trevor smith - 6 days ago
Vlad the type of dude that be giving up his wet dreams in prison.
Paul McCarthy
Paul McCarthy - 6 days ago
Vlad tells on himself, he is gay
360 Kay
360 Kay - 7 days ago
2:33 *BACC^
fall out
fall out - 7 days ago
4:54 'big cock diesel dudes' probably not the best choice of words there Vlad smh
cc diez
cc diez - 7 days ago
Haha i forget to yall being "gay" is the end of the world , fragile men
Sexy Beast
Sexy Beast - 7 days ago
Who the fuck is China mac? Lmfao
brandon wright
brandon wright - 8 days ago
Funny story
Pablo Yoshida
Pablo Yoshida - 8 days ago
Busting the cheeks out,fucking cornholio!!! Favor subject of ex prisoners! Licking the anus out ! Fingering mouth of another man,exited? If yes,make yourself go to prison and show everybody your ass crack,tight butt...
Andre Duke
Andre Duke - 9 days ago
Vlad was like me neither.........😏
Fantasie& AJ
Fantasie& AJ - 9 days ago
The entire gay situation is prison is really sad because of the predatory nature of it
Atom Particle
Atom Particle - 9 days ago
Why he shaved his eyebrows?
Justin Yap
Justin Yap - 10 days ago
Mac: Na there's no gay gangs!
Vlad: so queer crews?
Zaccai P
Zaccai P - 10 days ago
Black Gay Men are by far the scariest gays. They’ll fuck you up💀😂
Mister Tapia
Mister Tapia - 11 days ago
Shout out to the gay viewers🤣🤣fukn vlads good at hiding 👀
Mark Shepphard
Mark Shepphard - 13 days ago
This guys sounds fruit
Michael Tod
Michael Tod - 15 days ago
When my buddy went to the bin he said like 5 dudes were gang raping this kid and none of them saw at as gay some how
The dude
The dude - 15 days ago
*"Ur fucken gay bro, u understand !?"*
JohnnyHildo - 18 days ago
I don't think Mac thought 2:58 was a laughing matter :/
Julie Zzz
Julie Zzz - 18 days ago
Lol. He said “not homophobic but we don’t do no faggots”.
BRAND0Nツ - 18 days ago
“Did you eat the sandwich”😂😂
krzeselko - 20 days ago
This chigger looks like he gotta down syndrome. He took it up the ass 100%
seikou sanneh
seikou sanneh - 20 days ago
no one wants to admit this shit until it happens
seikou sanneh
seikou sanneh - 20 days ago
mac mad homophobic like nigga we know alot of niggas would turn gay if they got no access to woman forever
Jason Terry
Jason Terry - 20 days ago
Why is this on my recommended?
F.W. Dayday
F.W. Dayday - 20 days ago
Vlad nigga you gay In my riley voice
Kyle Lopez
Kyle Lopez - 21 day ago
China Mac a bitch
Füćč Ñï99å
Füćč Ñï99å - 22 days ago
We caught u vlad. U tried to say it’s not gay like 6 times. U musta been doing something “not gay” in prison
ControllerGodDillan - 22 days ago
Yeah fuck that gay shit
not a dog
not a dog - 22 days ago
*i dunno man, seems kinda gay to me*
Micah Manley
Micah Manley - 24 days ago
Vlad woulda got his ass handed to him if he asked that in prison
Ivan Gomez
Ivan Gomez - 24 days ago
Vlad always bringing up American Me lol
manthedestroyer - 24 days ago
Vlad: “how about if you just touch it”
Mac: “gay”
Juan Montoya
Juan Montoya - 26 days ago
I need china macs hoodie someone help me
Michael Harpole
Michael Harpole - 29 days ago
I eat all that shit. Never got diarrhea in jail or prison.
Adam Tello
Adam Tello - 29 days ago
This vlad dude is gay
Alan Edma
Alan Edma - Month ago
that always made me wondered like i’ve seen all these videos of prisoners like “ima rape you in the shower” “ima make you my bitch and fuck you” and like no body says that’s gay? And it really be the hardest prisoners in jail fucking dudes like what? Like it don’t make sense and no body calls it gay too they just let shit like that slide how you gonna be a G and then go fuck a dude 😭
Voltorb - Month ago
"ya fuckin gay bro"
Fuck wit me
Fuck wit me - Month ago
There's 6k comments if you found my comment then you scrolled too far 👀
Naimi Naimi
Naimi Naimi - Month ago
Naimi Naimi
Naimi Naimi - Month ago
Vladd kills me with questions n comments like that. loll vladd cock diesel n they hide that shit vladdd 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jimmy M
Jimmy M - Month ago
It's not gay if its Ricardo
NEPhilly Finest
NEPhilly Finest - Month ago
Vlad a straight gipper on the low
joisaboss007 - Month ago
china mac got bent over in that bitch that y in went in pc w all the molesters n rapist cuz he a big ol pussy on god
Sid Tay
Sid Tay - Month ago
Dudes commenting about the gay shit yet they still watch the whole video
sweetma4life - Month ago
Why am I side eyeing Vlad??? 🤣😂🤣😂
Helber Galinda
Helber Galinda - Month ago
Vlad beats off to American Me rape scenes.
1 1
1 1 - Month ago
Vlad wants that D
Mikey Oto
Mikey Oto - Month ago
I was looking for gay prison story times and 20 vlad videos got up
jeep19 - Month ago
Mac is just like every other hood/street ni**a out there who wants to bad mouth and talk down LGBTQ folks...but his azzz is in and out of jail where busting cheekz goes down!
Dab Nabit
Dab Nabit - Month ago
China Mac, wassup nigga?! Your a real nigga! Ive been down too and none of these civilians get it. Their manipulated by media and libs
will ordonez
will ordonez - Month ago
I know who you are Chris Hanson but I call you Chris Handsome!! I came here looking for man’s butt!!
Zennofobic - Month ago
i ate the sandwiches, they were good... it was that government cheese my grandparents used to get as immigrants
Logan Ross
Logan Ross - Month ago
Vlad is with it... 😬
#YouKnowimRight - Month ago
Why do I feel like this china guy is so uncomfortable.
alan - Month ago
I always thought people would go around taking each other’s cheeks in prison
Ash Has
Ash Has - Month ago
bruh even military men say if u gay u gay. just jack off if u not getting pussy. if u in prison, seduce the woman security guard.
Ash Has
Ash Has - Month ago
i dated a guy. he told me a lot of them guys are prostitutes and cry rape when they don't get paid or a commodity.
Dman4901 - Month ago
He said 😂
"That shit was consensual but that shit fucked me up" he was not trying to see that shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he ain't shower for a week 🤣🤣🤣
Patriotic Texan
Patriotic Texan - Month ago
This fool ain’t got a clue !! This is the first Chinese retard the world has !!
Jonathon - Month ago
So if China Ching Ching got raped then he would be gay according to his definition 💁🏻🤔
He’s Asian so we ALREADY KNOW he ain’t raping anyone’s, he’s getting gutted out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dre Ray
Dre Ray - Month ago
There aint no transgenders in prison, You either male or female.
John Doe
John Doe - Month ago
China ate the sandwitch
Paul :
Paul : - Month ago
Nope he didn’t, “shitting for days” what’s he talking about 😆
zo koko
zo koko - Month ago
DJ VLAD....SHUT THE FUCK.....UP...GOD DAM, this mothafucka never stops talking, interrupting the people he's interviewing. nobody wants to hear you man. Let the people talk. shit,.
Don Logan
Don Logan - Month ago
When you go for a interview and the interviewer is gay.
something happened to him
RC 5052
RC 5052 - Month ago
I feel like China Mac is kinda underrated. He's got some bars and he's legit.
Rolando Mota Diarios
Rolando Mota Diarios - Month ago
True shit if u like going to jail u feel like is home u gay foo. Stop acting all tuff if u really are gay
Clinton Hill
Clinton Hill - Month ago
Cant stand chinese wiggers,lmao!!! Talkin all ghetto n shit haha
Andre Willis
Andre Willis - Month ago
This whole interview mac like
"Hold on Fam😒" lol
CoCo Coldy
CoCo Coldy - Month ago
This dude soft why was he in prison? Bad checks
kenjisus - Month ago
😂 everybody callin Vlad gay
Sebastian Brzeczeszczykiewicz
I ain’t homophobic but we don’t do faggots classic
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