China Mac on Homosexuality in Prison, Transgenders in General Population (Part 2)

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Theron Madison
Theron Madison - Day ago
Gabriel Saenz
Gabriel Saenz - Day ago
“The ONLY reason I did not go to prison”.....stop it my boy. You didn’t go to prison because you weren’t pushing the line
Christopher Hylton
Christopher Hylton - Day ago
china mac yu tough G
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace - 2 days ago
Coolest Chinese guy ever
CY On The Beat
CY On The Beat - 2 days ago
Vlad the type of dude to turn gay when he hits prison
AZ Battle School
AZ Battle School - 2 days ago
Pretty sure I just saw this guy on John Wick 3
myphonyaccount - 3 days ago
Y'all talkin about sexual insecurity too much. Buck Angel
myphonyaccount - 3 days ago
most people are somewhere on a bisexuality scale, not really 100% on either hetero or homo end. They just never tap into it. until they can, or have to. 20% hetero - 80% homo. 80% homo - 20% hetero, and everything in the middle.
Naate Delly
Naate Delly - 3 days ago
"But he got teeties" - Confucius
David Koli
David Koli - 3 days ago
Vlad gay af
Roy Hunt
Roy Hunt - 3 days ago
Swear vlad works for the cops ahahaha
Mark Timothy
Mark Timothy - 3 days ago
China Mac didn’t like the sandwich because it wasn’t dog meat.
fpineros22 - 4 days ago
Moral of the story......
stay the fook away from butt pirates
Liam S
Liam S - 4 days ago
If it's just the tip, is it still gay?
Eclipse Fields
Eclipse Fields - 4 days ago
Y’all are homophobic and ignorant. Grow up.
Javier Teel-Dupree
Javier Teel-Dupree - 4 days ago
Vlad lowkey a fruit loop. He sounding mad suspect right now.
Jabril Patterson
Jabril Patterson - 4 days ago
Busterism 🤣
KaneneProductions - 5 days ago
*Vlad, now I know you're intelligent enough to understand that Cali prisons & jails KEEP RESPECTIVE GROUPS SEGREGATED* That is not the standard for alllllllll Correctional facilities. #prisons #jail #halfwayhouses #workrelease #DOC #QUITit
Groom Lake
Groom Lake - 5 days ago
rollin thirtys
rollin thirtys - 5 days ago
Vlad really tryna rationalize this fruity shit.."yeah men are sexual you know "China mac (uncomfortable nod)...😂😂😂😂
Polo Reyes
Polo Reyes - 5 days ago
So if vlad got some time skrate bootty bandit lmfao
907Ronald - 5 days ago
LoL Gay boy gangsters......on lock up raw
Beautiful Brown
Beautiful Brown - 5 days ago
SpliffG707 - 5 days ago
Just like bums we used to stay in the slums of LA. Gangbangers killing eachother for reps, selling rock cocaine on my doorstep.
K.O.F. records
K.O.F. records - 5 days ago
Crime in America is run by gay people
Angel Serrano
Angel Serrano - 5 days ago
When he saw that Gay FuKkn moment 😆 he thought #OH 💩 Imma be NexXxt, #ChinChongChang _ Translation: (Get Me The FuKkK Outta Herrrrrrrrre) ❕❗
D'Angela Marx
D'Angela Marx - 5 days ago
His face is beautiful tho.... China’s facial features maaaad attractive.
R Hopkins
R Hopkins - 6 days ago
WTF Is this guy facinated with punks?
maxwell smart
maxwell smart - 6 days ago
Government agent
Nataniel Guerra Cruz
Nataniel Guerra Cruz - 6 days ago
I'm gay but I don't look gay 😂💋👍
Nataniel Guerra Cruz
Nataniel Guerra Cruz - 6 days ago
Junior Abou Airr
Junior Abou Airr - 6 days ago
china mac 100% right
I reckon china mcfeast got his cheeks busted!~!!!!
Angel Menna
Angel Menna - 6 days ago
"NAH!! YOU'RE GAY!!" Mac wasnt tryna hear that shit!🤣🤣
theholladay - 6 days ago
Da fuck this muthafucka talkin about. YOU A CHINAMAN!!!
Harris Ono
Harris Ono - 7 days ago
China Mac is mad funny
Gabriel Giron
Gabriel Giron - 8 days ago
A bunch of sickos homos in prison
Gabriel Giron
Gabriel Giron - 8 days ago
A gay asking a Chinese gay questions about prison homos
Gabriel Giron
Gabriel Giron - 8 days ago
Chinese guy acting black give me a break
Nig ger
Nig ger - 8 days ago
nah they gay bro MAC
V IE - 8 days ago
They should kill them all... cuz now they got pedophiles walking around and they get respect... I mean RESPECT... cuz if you ain’t dead for fucking with kids, you got respect. And that’s what’s wrong with society today.
MyJizz UrEye
MyJizz UrEye - 8 days ago
Why is this guy so terrified of gays?
Also does this retard not get that fags are men who happen to enjoy cock, it does not give you special abilities or less abilities.
Infinite Clipz
Infinite Clipz - 9 days ago
Vlad: Well..........
Anthony Crowe
Anthony Crowe - 9 days ago
Weak? That doesn’t make you weak cause your gay or you sleep with another man. This whole interview is hella ignorant. Like how are straight men are gonna speak on gay culture. And to say that these butch men aren’t what you think cause your gay? Like what does that mean? You can still be gay and macho. Again bullshit interview. And to say no faggots but he’s not homophobic?? That’s an oxymoron. And the perception of being gay is so ridiculous
Taunte YaYa
Taunte YaYa - 9 days ago
Omg! American me scared me straight too! 😂😂😂
Been Cxzy
Been Cxzy - 10 days ago
4:19 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
David Osorio
David Osorio - 10 days ago
Vlad what the u talking about if doing the fucking ur not gay. Listen u saying if u fuck a tranny ur a man fuck outta here your fucking gay too homie
coward - 10 days ago
In prison I would choiose you to be my bitch
Don Z. H III
Don Z. H III - 10 days ago
Some dudes will have six months & sleep 💤 with another dude in a day, some dudes that have life & will never touch another man 👨
Hassan Muhammad
Hassan Muhammad - 10 days ago
I’m in accord with you 100% China Mac...if a man participate in a sexual act with another man weather it be on the receiving or giving end your a Homosexual.
mzurilove - 10 days ago
China Mac is being polite, too much questioning on this subject matter, the interviewer sounds excited, weird!!!
avoid prison folks!
Jaime Wess
Jaime Wess - 9 days ago
on dogs, stories like this keep me in check. ill try to commit suicide if I even fuck up. shit is scary.
seeker jay
seeker jay - 11 days ago
Z interviewer is gay as hell
Yotimo Emo
Yotimo Emo - 11 days ago
I am going to call it like it is. Vlad gets off on prison butt cheek stories.
MrCreolesoul - 11 days ago
Nothing could make a real man turn his back on women amount of time circumstances...... nothing. If you do it was already in you.
coward - 10 days ago
Good d in your ass u will like it
MrCreolesoul - 11 days ago
All bad energy......... man was never meant to lay with a man.
RLgamer13 - 9 days ago
Know what is actually bad energy? Your homophobic dumbass. Grow the fuck up mush brain.
ThatAzianboyz - 11 days ago
I got gay homies, people are ignorant asf thinking they tryna get up on any dude. If a girl doesnt like you then a dude aint tryna get at you either. Are crews tight, someone says some dumbshit about the way they are its on sight you feel? Dont matter if he or she has your back thats what matters
Scarecrow music5
Scarecrow music5 - 11 days ago
I had a bunch of broken ribs. I got small titties from the encounter. F.
Never heard of that being some sort of twisted attraction before.
Travis - 11 days ago
My brothers been locked up for about 5 years in an Arizona prison. When I went to visit him he asked me what was going on with all the young dudes, like 24 & younger are all fuggin gay..
RLgamer13 - 9 days ago
Good to hear
Tyroner aka Low Income
Tyroner aka Low Income - 11 days ago
Man this guy invented like his the DEA to get you slep China Mac Chicago I can read it.
Elias 77
Elias 77 - 11 days ago
Sounds like he liked it!! .. Titties walking around 😂
Bigoti Black
Bigoti Black - 12 days ago
Wow these guys studder , cant finish a complete sentence .
Jegna Sky
Jegna Sky - 12 days ago
Like if vlad is gay af for even asking these questions 😃🤔🤔🤔
Hypocrispy - 12 days ago
What the F did I watch, why did I watch?
Lioness of Judah
Lioness of Judah - 12 days ago
China Mac face when Vlad said “men are sexual creatures.” 😕😒
coward - 10 days ago
Is it gay to fuck u in de ass
DOGMAN 73 - 13 days ago
I’ll say one thing I have never seen a gay loose a fight
sumkindal8dy - 13 days ago
Why is he so sexy
Monique Marquez
Monique Marquez - 13 days ago
They gay if any man sexual touches another
coward - 10 days ago
Wat if it a tranny
Tanjon Zou
Tanjon Zou - 13 days ago
Vlad. Shout out to you homie wyga
David Kelk
David Kelk - 13 days ago
What is up with American Prisons and faggotry? In UK prison you'd get a kettle poured over your head if you raped another man.
Mike Gee
Mike Gee - 13 days ago
Big Herc (" fresh out") , the " lock down 23 and 1" channels all SAY the shit is foul and cheek busters and the busted out punks are all LOOKED DOWN on as lowly, along with rapists, snitches, and kiddie pervs.
People need to REMEMBER that many prisoners are fathers, in regular relationships with women and have younger male and female siblings- they dont want pervs or deviants around their families either.
People locked down will try to kill if pushed up on or get killed hanging with booty bandits and queers
China Mac isnt lying as most dudes would rather jerk it and call it a day.
Marine Sam
Marine Sam - 13 days ago
I love China Mac & Tray Deee.
Cree319 X
Cree319 X - 14 days ago
I luv u China Mac u funny as hell.
Strongboy1770 - 14 days ago
You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination. Doesn't matter if you pitch or catch.
John - 14 days ago
4:31 LMFAOOOOOOO 💀💀🤣🤣🤣
Jnuber M
Jnuber M - 14 days ago
Why he keep asking gay questions 🧐
coward - 10 days ago
I pass yo stink ass around in the showers
Cult Mechanicus
Cult Mechanicus - 14 days ago
Would never fuck a man such an abomination in my eyes and the eyes of the Lord
Jesse Tragedie
Jesse Tragedie - 14 days ago
Someone needs to to shut the fuck up, this was stupid.
coward - 10 days ago
Shoots semen up Anthony Gonzalaz's loose ass
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez - 14 days ago
I ate the sandwich
Dark King
Dark King - 15 days ago
*That's Some Gay Straight up Gay Shit.... No beating around the bush, Vlad lol* 🌹😂
Edward Muimi
Edward Muimi - 15 days ago
Vlad :shout out to gay pple😳
CK ONE - 15 days ago
Both these dudes are fucking gay! If you are this obsessed with talking about gay dudes in or out of probably gay!
Hypocrispy - 12 days ago
Highly suspect, gaydar is alarming.
Murder Motion Pictures
Murder Motion Pictures - 15 days ago
Leviticus 18:22
Anthony Maniz
Anthony Maniz - 16 days ago
Vlad stays on this subject
Anthony Maniz
Anthony Maniz - 16 days ago
Vlad use to play with peto when he was young boy
Jewel justjewel
Jewel justjewel - 16 days ago
prison seems in human
Bible Prophecies Christian Channel
Djvlad sound too happy and excited like a child in a candy store lol
Gold Zen
Gold Zen - 16 days ago
"That's what you signed up for" Vlad
Nobody signs up for that vlad, u weird ass podcaster
Joel Vidal
Joel Vidal - 16 days ago
China mac a mac balla?
Flexamillious Streaming
Flexamillious Streaming - 16 days ago
Vlad: so if a guy sucks me off Im not guy right
China Mac:your gay
Vlad:no right
China mac:yes
China mac: your gay
Michael Nonya
Michael Nonya - 6 days ago
Hollywood_Greene sc:Hollywood258
schnikta - 14 days ago
Lol!!!!!! the best!! Vlad is low key dying to come out
DeAnglo Roby
DeAnglo Roby - 15 days ago
You should have stopped At vlad:No it was funny , And then you killed it
Bill Smith
Bill Smith - 16 days ago
Nah. He didn't do anything in max. He talks with a black inflection and he 's cool so...... fucking bullshit. He sucked a cock.
Rome Shepherd
Rome Shepherd - 16 days ago
Your “career” is over when you get fucked up by a gay man in prison
I think the key is to never shower ever. Just stink and be safe.
Vonte Swagg
Vonte Swagg - 13 days ago
thats gonna make it worse they gonna fight you then
Martin Christian
Martin Christian - 16 days ago
Vlad had organism
J B - 16 days ago
Lol .... titties and a wig !😂😂😂
Derrick Langford
Derrick Langford - 16 days ago
But he got titties 🤣
staircase2 - 17 days ago
What the fuck is it with all the chronic homophobic bollocks on the comments? #Sheesh! It’s like ignorance convention 101
Kcuf Oxel
Kcuf Oxel - 16 days ago
staircase2 how are people ignorant cause they don’t support that lifestyle
Ebony Ferguson
Ebony Ferguson - 17 days ago
That's gay PERIOD
Chris Shanklin
Chris Shanklin - 17 days ago
😂😂😂i seen a gay dude fuck my friend up
Kk s
Kk s - 17 days ago
Yay crime
Effemmzy - 17 days ago
He is clearly lying during the first few words that first came out of his mouth.
coward - 10 days ago
Give you some tities
Derrick Langford
Derrick Langford - 17 days ago
That shit fuck'd me up 🤣
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