The Chevy Corvette C5 Z06 Is an Insane Sports Car Bargain

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Daniel St Clair
Daniel St Clair - 7 hours ago
Lol wrong. Gen 1 ctsv. Same car, 4 doors, literally half the price.
di vk
di vk - 15 hours ago
Rather have an ls3 c6 for the same price
PeterAckarey - 17 hours ago
10:24 -- Definitely don't want to be poking holes in rubbers.
The666opal111 - 21 hour ago
Doug is the type of a guy that 56 reads as 57.
melodymakermark - 2 days ago
Doug. The type of guy to have many people commenting on his various types.
Mr Hombre Gordo
Mr Hombre Gordo - 3 days ago
What!?!?! The clutch and shifter in the Chevy arent as buttery smooth as a Porsche......really? Give me back my money so i can pay another 30k+ for a Porsche w about the same performance and less reliability w higher maintenance cost
Mr Hombre Gordo
Mr Hombre Gordo - 3 days ago
@Lauritz Wishman i was being sarcastic. Thanks tho..... American keeps cost down by being cheap yet still getting pretty close in performance to cars that cost waaaaay more. The vette is the king of this by far
Lauritz Wishman
Lauritz Wishman - 3 days ago
There is a reason why most European cars are more expensive than American cars, and that is because of better build quality and that they are more efficient. When a car like the Corvette cost a lot less than a Porsche 911, it just means that there are compromises such as cheap interiors and lower build quality.
Steve Manley
Steve Manley - 5 days ago
Jay Leno's bastard child. And I mean that in a good way.
Thomas Feest
Thomas Feest - 5 days ago
Do a 2006 sts V
Michael Teeple
Michael Teeple - 6 days ago
No the guys in 03 felt bad because thier Z06 has 405 and the grandma model in 04 had 500hp.
Michael Teeple
Michael Teeple - 6 days ago
I love the factory exhaust. Guess they have cut outs because these cars go from quiet as a mouse to nascar status with a touch of throttle. My bud bought the 50th anniversary Z06 and still has it. Pretty viscous cars.
mike wilkerson
mike wilkerson - 8 days ago
Gaydar is screaming
Joel Sanford
Joel Sanford - 8 days ago
What a shame they only came in the ugly body style.
Jesse Mess
Jesse Mess - 7 days ago
Joel Sanford very true this also limited their top speed
David Ramos
David Ramos - 8 days ago
is not a fucking RollsR.
Blake Ellison
Blake Ellison - 9 days ago
This has got my poor ass drooling
Dan Gill
Dan Gill - 11 days ago
Shopping for another one. Best market I've seen is craigslist Miami.
DarknoorX - 12 days ago
Chevy is now making significantly better interiors and giving some sweet features.
Toys4Life C5
Toys4Life C5 - 13 days ago
Z06 is an insane bargain for sure!!! Here is a C5 Buyers Guide if you are looking for more info.
Nathan Howard
Nathan Howard - 13 days ago
And this car is rare I might buy. My friend bought a mint old jaguar and he’s just storing it
Nathan Howard
Nathan Howard - 13 days ago
Glad u made this a 25 min video must’ve watched five mins when the vid came out but I’m back 4 months later bc I know corvette is my best bet. Z06 would get attention
Garrison Nichols
Garrison Nichols - 15 days ago
Hey 50 to 89 year old men.
This is your car!
Rick Kunz
Rick Kunz - 15 days ago
Anybody catch that he said LS6 V8?
Sothbeachboy 21
Sothbeachboy 21 - 16 days ago
Only if it automatic
mark oshields
mark oshields - 17 days ago
Hey where/who makes that cup holder? I really cud use it thanks!
GuanZe Liew
GuanZe Liew - 18 days ago
C6 Corvette Z06 was my first favourite Corvette, but once I've watched this video the C5 Corvette Z06 was sort of competing with it's successor to be my most favourite Corvette...
C6 Corvette Z06 or C5 Corvette Z06...kind of hard choice for me...
Christian - 18 days ago
Coquette :')
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh - 19 days ago
"when you're drivin hard, you're not lookin at the interior" Truth.
Fail Zero
Fail Zero - 20 days ago
So you're saying the interior is cheap plastic and wide gaps... sounds like every Instagram model.
Venoxide Gaming
Venoxide Gaming - 18 days ago
Fail Zero Underrated comment.
illestTruth JP
illestTruth JP - 21 day ago
A neighbor of mine had one of these when i lived back in South Florida. It was a beautiful car. Unfortunately he was gettin it one night and ended up crashing it at 150 into a pole and died. That aside though was a dope Vette
Lambochaser - 18 days ago
John Phillips jr
John Phillips jr - 22 days ago
Doug sits down to pee.
John Phillips jr
John Phillips jr - 22 days ago
Dude makes me nauseous
Mark Lambert
Mark Lambert - 23 days ago
I think an art student who ended up doing GM manuals would actually be a *star* among their peers because they're, you know, *actually employed*
MUSTANG GT fourpointsix2valve
How about the corvette zr1
Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis - 23 days ago
So the Doug score is 56 or 57?
big zayy
big zayy - 24 days ago
Plot twist- it’s not a cup holder it’s a coin tray 👌🏾
b - 25 days ago
Early c6's are dropping around 15 to 20k. Think its a better bargin
Manas Deshpande
Manas Deshpande - 26 days ago
But what if I am doing 150 MPH? And who spells gauges gages
Peter Clark
Peter Clark - 26 days ago
Doug, you are such a NANNY! You state the car is a great bargain but then you pick apart for having panel gaps in the plastic interior? Who cares about panel gaps, just drive it like you stole it! You'll love it!
wowman7151 - 26 days ago
The more and more I watch this man the more I start to not like him
TexasJoe - 26 days ago
WHY DOUG dont you go sell cars at a big moneydealership???
JohnnyRebKy - 26 days ago
The bad thing about C5 is they are getting old and when the rattles and buzzing starts in the interior you can never get rid of it. All that plastic loosens up over the years. My 2002 did that and it drove me insane. It also started marking its spot with a puddle of oil around 80k miles. Clear coat began to peal in places even though it was garage kept. Great car but when they start aging it shows
Shawn Cincinnati
Shawn Cincinnati - 27 days ago
I was ready to pull the trigger on a zo6 but, that cup holder was the deal breaker. I simply cannot enjoy a ride without a big-gulp of Mountain-Dew every time I drive
rudy torres
rudy torres - 29 days ago
Wasn't the first with hud display doug... The pontiac grand prix McLaren was one of the first.
Rob Mollenauer
Rob Mollenauer - 29 days ago
HEY! Doug is wearing LONG PANTS!!!
Potato - Month ago
future $200.000plus cars
Michael - Month ago
I wanna hear a launch from outside
Timothy Joyce
Timothy Joyce - Month ago
Thanks DOUG! It's so good that I recently purchased a 2004 Commemorative Z06. Everything works flawlessly. Fast, amazing brakes, reliable, big trunk, great fuel mileage, and gets compliments from people with exotics to the import world. Ive even had cops pull up to me to talk about it. That Quicksilver does no justice for the C5 Z06 on video. Its a phenomenal car for the money.
mike hopkins
mike hopkins - Month ago
Did u mention c5z06s also get a thinner windshield over a base..again weight savings
Fabian Castellanos
Fabian Castellanos - Month ago
Andrei Witmore
Andrei Witmore - Month ago
am i the only fool that likes that interior?
Andrew T
Andrew T - Month ago
um, my 1998 Pontiac GTP has HUD.
Muhammad Ahmed Abbas
Muhammad Ahmed Abbas - Month ago
Doug is the type of guy who knows the dougscore is 57 but writes 56 in the video
Jhonny_Fitness_2NV - Month ago
1987-89 Nissan Maxima had HUD
Steve 0861
Steve 0861 - Month ago
Had a 03z and loved it! Not sure why everyone hates on the interior. I like the light weight of the car. Almost 1000 lbs over the Charger, Challenger, Camaro... There is a lot of issues with the c5 though
Michael White
Michael White - Month ago
Since when does the passenger have any business going through the console and glove box? The passenger is a guest. Maybe they should have explianed it in the owners manual for people like Doug. By the way Doug, all of the nonsense warnings in the owners manual are for covering GM's ass so blood sucking lawyers can't sue for the stupid people in our world that should be removed from population by natural selection. You mock but people cause these warnings to exsist. Sad isn't it? Review is too anal. Ease up there Dougy boy. Suspension too stiff? Don't buy a sporty car. Interior not comfy enough? Buy a Sedan Deville. People complain too much. Bitch, bitch, bitch.
1423 171
1423 171 - Month ago
I'm surprised that Doug didn't mention the rear transmission quirk of all vettes From the C5

Also the C5 Z06 is on par in terms of performance as a brand new 911 carrera
Cemal Güzel
Cemal Güzel - Month ago
amk arabası orda sudan ucuz. türkiye de almaya kalkışsak ömrümüz boyu çalışmamız gerekir
Stephen F. Selden
Stephen F. Selden - Month ago
short antenna is aftermarket...the factory fixed antenna was standard length
Parker Churchill
Parker Churchill - Month ago
Doug: This is a bargain!
Also Doug: Just $20,000
Gordon TheMan
Gordon TheMan - 8 days ago
20 000 can be a bargain. Depends on the car. In this case I would agree with Doug that it is a bargain
Paweł Dudek
Paweł Dudek - Month ago
Ransom Goodnight
Ransom Goodnight - Month ago
He's lame
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