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Tracie Carter
Tracie Carter - Day ago
Riley lil Jon or lil Wayne
lilcocaineretard - 2 days ago
I don't do drugs I just think it's funny to rap about it.
lilcocaineretard - 2 days ago
Riley Reed can get lilcocaineretard
DestroyerOfWorlds Senpai
Mike try’s to relate to people’s stories and make them comfortable about taking about sensitive subjects. You guys need to grow up.
Sharise Waters
Sharise Waters - 2 days ago
Leave mike alone I like mike more then spencer soyboy!!!! At least mike is entertaining spencer is always trying to educate anyone and everyone bc I guess hes lived a thousand different experiences ........sorry nope I like mike way more and logan and mike together are gold!!!!!
OneO0 50
OneO0 50 - 3 days ago
Heh Hep
Heh Hep - 5 days ago
during the whole criminal stuff Logan just doesn't know wtf their talking about hahah
MrPaintballfool - 6 days ago
adam wtf are you doing on this shit dog
brenna white
brenna white - 7 days ago
40 mins in— uh hello talk to lena
brenna white
brenna white - 7 days ago
man every damn comment rlly b abt mike
Shawn Guron
Shawn Guron - 7 days ago
took me a while to concentrate bc of what that chick was wearing
nels hillstrom
nels hillstrom - 7 days ago
The Trump presidency is going quite well. TF you liberals living in your little bubble
Sierra Warren
Sierra Warren - 9 days ago
Poor Logan he isn’t an interrupter and I keep seeing his lips move and him get ready to talk or ask a question before being interrupted or cut off by mike. Too bad.
Ameen Timothy
Ameen Timothy - 10 days ago
Why so many comments about mike
Marcos Salas
Marcos Salas - 10 days ago
Anyone catch that LMFAO "a beard of a dragon and a heart of a lier"
Ryan Kallas
Ryan Kallas - 11 days ago
adam has a x hoodie on lets go RIP X
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia - 11 days ago
9 year old Army Googling Lena the Boobies 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
enes direk
enes direk - 11 days ago
Logan I hope you see this I listen to this podcast while I work for hours it’s really fun and I love it good shit man keep it up
mike green
mike green - 12 days ago
35:09 59:06 1:10:57
MAVIC 514 - 13 days ago
Fake robbery
FLARE - 13 days ago
Interview dan bilzerian
Thegamerbeaverj - 13 days ago
42:00 they talk about x👏🏿
Thegamerbeaverj - 13 days ago
Adam 22 got a xxxtentacion t-shirt on...
👇🏽 like for x
Dominic Mercado
Dominic Mercado - 14 days ago
Litterally someone DID tho they came in the house
Edgar Bravo
Edgar Bravo - 14 days ago
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams - 14 days ago
Yo leave mike alone
Zack Harris
Zack Harris - 15 days ago
Honestly have had some pretty good people on here
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 15 days ago
Talking About Spongebob. Mike:I had huge drug addiction.
Gaurav Sethiya
Gaurav Sethiya - 15 days ago
i like your podcast.. :) h3h3 also disrespected indian people sooo.... he is a ......
sun leo
sun leo - 15 days ago
New Haven is no joke tbh
Candi Rapperz
Candi Rapperz - 16 days ago
1:16:37 Why did Mike juss cut her off like that🤦🏻‍♂️he always has to state his opinion by being unprofessional
julia corrente
julia corrente - 16 days ago
Adam brings such a strong presence everywhere he goes, shiiiddd crazy this was a no jumper podcast lol
Terminus - 16 days ago
Damn there is like 80 ads fuck this shit
KĮRTHÀŃ ŚHÈAKËR - 17 days ago
Mike is so fkn annoying.
Good Job Buddy
Good Job Buddy - 17 days ago
I'm a 45yo man.. mike claims he doesn't act as a role model. It's also cuz he's not the person in the role to be such model
Good Job Buddy
Good Job Buddy - 17 days ago
I'm a 45yo man... how many dicks does Adam have??
Good Job Buddy
Good Job Buddy - 17 days ago
I'm a 45yo man.. mike its called the dating game.. whoopie
Good Job Buddy
Good Job Buddy - 17 days ago
I'm a 45yo man...i love ya mike. But you ask questions and then talk over the answers. Plus is Logan Paul supposed to be in this podcast??
ASAP Flash
ASAP Flash - 17 days ago
Retarded people dont need guns either, im just saying.
ASAP Flash
ASAP Flash - 17 days ago
Hispanic guy with revenge pants. He wanted revenge, angry hispanic guy. But im soo glad Adam is okay. I'm sad that he had experience this.
Shit Sandwich
Shit Sandwich - 18 days ago
Can mike shut the fuck up for like 3 minutes?
Frankie Theiling
Frankie Theiling - 18 days ago
percocet is literally the same thing as heroin
thedexterbros - 18 days ago
48:30 on it's officially like Mike forgot that he's not the one being interviewed
Rowdy Hudgens
Rowdy Hudgens - 19 days ago
OneO0 50
OneO0 50 - 19 days ago
I fuckin love triple x
justin Uh no
justin Uh no - 19 days ago
If Adam 22 got shot it would be fucked up but not a global uproar
Lavar BigBaller
Lavar BigBaller - 19 days ago
miked def talked alot but he asked some real good questions . soooo....
Legit Company
Legit Company - 20 days ago
Mikes like oh you know Riley Reid?! I kissed her on the lips she’s so dope! Adam22 🤦🏻‍♂️ ya we know her, she’s got nice pussy. Mike changes Riley’s name on his phone from My Love to B!tch
Kelsey Zahand
Kelsey Zahand - 20 days ago
this was great, juicy and fun!!!
Kenneth Flaming
Kenneth Flaming - 20 days ago
joe rogan> true geordie> abu hajar> impaulsive>charlie z>micheal does life?? and last but not least! Mike...who likes to be on the mic
emme mua
emme mua - 20 days ago
cant mike please never be in another podcast ever
Explixity Gaming
Explixity Gaming - 21 day ago
you guys heard PewDiePie's new song
Vanzy - 21 day ago
Everyone needs to chill. You can tell that the Mike guy is passionate about the subject, let him live.
Ubaldie - 22 days ago
Was Logan and spencer both gone for this episode? Or was it an episode of mike and Adam only?
Cade Seabourn
Cade Seabourn - 22 days ago
Adam is and a x fan
alicemahoney - 22 days ago
Please please please have one episode without Mike I beg
MisterTripleESS - 22 days ago
Way too many ads guys
edgy croutons
edgy croutons - 22 days ago
mike is fucking annoying
The Many-Faced God
The Many-Faced God - 22 days ago
The 40 year old douchebag that still thinks it's cool to wear a hat backwards really loves to hear himself talk even when he isnt saying shit 🤣 such a fucking try hard it's so cringe and down right embarrassing 🤦‍♂️ Logan only keeps him around because next to him Logan looks like a cool guy
Steven Jeffries Jeffries
Steven Jeffries Jeffries - 23 days ago
Damn Logan barely talked and the other guy is trying to hard to be the center of attention and thanks Logan for bringing up X
Haris Khan
Haris Khan - 23 days ago
logan looks like a grown up version of joffrey
JDAS OLO - 24 days ago
Lol no one likes mike judging by these comments (use me as a dislike for mike)
JDAS OLO - 24 days ago
No one cares about your book mike let the host talk
JDAS OLO - 24 days ago
Literally no one:
Adam: I’ll Fuck
kyle theking
kyle theking - 24 days ago
I understand bro, foreal dude had some balls.
Todd A
Todd A - 24 days ago
Adam and Lena are weird trashy couple 😂
Alvaro Casillas
Alvaro Casillas - 24 days ago
I sold a .7 of 👃🏼 for 70$💸💰
tyson keller
tyson keller - 24 days ago
Mike talking more because he has more expreance in this type of stuff and Is a reformed scumbag
Carina Rios
Carina Rios - 25 days ago
Mike you get more attractive every episode 😍
Danny Muro
Danny Muro - 25 days ago
Deadass can’t even enjoy the Podcast anymore cause Mike doesn’t know how to shut the fuck up.
Justin Tat
Justin Tat - 25 days ago
Gary vaynerchunck PLEASE
Abetierrez - 25 days ago
Mike makes Logan seem so chill, he makes Logan look quiet and not annoying at all
Alfredo Espinoza1
Alfredo Espinoza1 - 25 days ago
I always listen to this on Spotify, first time watching and gah damn Mike you ugly af😂 jk... your voice just doesn’t match your physical persona.
Abetierrez - 25 days ago
I like how all the comments are about mike, but for real bro you have to chill!!!
carterman_ Games
carterman_ Games - 25 days ago
I hate Logan paul
TheAverageChelios - 25 days ago
1:37.. In his intro for Adam22 he called him a "Liar" instead on Lion.
supreme Monteces
supreme Monteces - 25 days ago
He said liger
big man
big man - 25 days ago
You have to mentally prepare your self with the fact that what ever your gonna take might have a chance to kill you so you take at your own risk if you die you die that’s about it
big man
big man - 25 days ago
If you don’t charge them there’s gonna be more
anne frank
anne frank - 25 days ago
18:02 it did happen and people did report on it
Joe Foley
Joe Foley - 25 days ago
Who’s podcast is it. Man other dude doesn’t stop talking
Jonathan Belmares
Jonathan Belmares - 25 days ago
Ill give the props for them being honest about drug use and WHY its not cool and not really worth it.
Indykid 317
Indykid 317 - 25 days ago
This mike dude is an absolute bum. How do ass wads like this get a platform. If I get interview on here in the future I’m gonna request him to be off the show.
Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos
Mike leave that mic! Logan has given up !
Julia Sands
Julia Sands - 25 days ago
These podcasts are great, love all the guests...but I really can’t watch them fully because of how much I can’t stand mike
Xena C
Xena C - 25 days ago
Mike is daddy af fuck everyone talking shit!
Saleh Hariri
Saleh Hariri - 26 days ago
i'm 10 minutes into the podcast and duuude, mike needs to cool down a bit
Blondifull Life
Blondifull Life - 26 days ago
Yeaaa the east coast I feel like started the whole drug problem thing..granted I kno it’s all over now but I grew up in VT, have fam in NH...used to go to lake winaposocki!! Lol.. I grew up I hs where oxys & pills were the thing..then heroin took over & it’s so sad how many ppl i kno where it took their lives. I’m bout to travel the country & don’t ever wanna raise kids here bcuz of it😢 the drug problem is so real it’s depressing! Awesome podcast tho yah..lOVE Adam & Lena.,mad love & respect to them❤️💋💕👑👑💕✨😘✌🏼✌🏼
Prod. King Bolt
Prod. King Bolt - 26 days ago
I fucking hate the Paul’s but ngl this podcast kinda made me see him better
LAURITA2394 - 26 days ago
Sergio Salazar
Sergio Salazar - 26 days ago
Bring shoreline mafia on the show plsss
ian newton
ian newton - 26 days ago
I want to see Shane Dawson next!!
AssassIn - 26 days ago
I keep on forgetting it is still Logan Pauls podcast because I watch Adam22 so much I get focused on him speaking instead of Logan
Will Lemons
Will Lemons - 26 days ago
lol I like Mike, he makes the show funny
anonymous _
anonymous _ - 26 days ago
Temor Wardag
Temor Wardag - 26 days ago
I like how Adam and Lena aren’t wearing their headsets for the podcast😂😂
George Opa
George Opa - 26 days ago
worm - 26 days ago
i need mikes backstory man wtf is his life 😂😂
Noah Wilmot
Noah Wilmot - 26 days ago
i was one of those 15k followers on soundcloud
J - 26 days ago
“Her travels have taken her to Africa, Ethiopia and Southern France” sigh.
P3RC1VL - 26 days ago
Mike: a toaster can make bread burnt and I use it
Logan: interesting
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