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sherrysynthesis - Hour ago
I feel like Youtubers blurred the line so much from what is real and what is acceptable and questioning someone's mental health is not even a valid question. People question Jake and Logan's mental health, and Ricegum basically put out a Vlog like this where he is doing it.
Vegas Shyt
Vegas Shyt - 20 hours ago
Lena the plug looking at adam when they talking bout gun lawz ' all confuse like damm my baby know his laws '
ThisIsAmandaaa - 2 days ago
Mike: iM 34 BeliEVe iT Or nOT
"Dramaticization" 40:17
Kristen Pursell
Kristen Pursell - 4 days ago
So after the tanna podcast about sluts and now his cardi b rant about sluts, we can ALL agree that Mike sucks and doesn’t like women comfortable with their sexuality
Alberto Ortega
Alberto Ortega - 4 days ago
get H3H3 on this
JakeArino - 9 days ago
Mike: hey Adam how are you?
Adam: good man how are you?
Mike: speaking of good , I feel good since I’ve quit using drugs. Did you know that I use to be a drug addict?
jonathan mejia
jonathan mejia - 10 days ago
Who else was mesmerized by Lena's titties the whole time 😂
Conrad Schleicher
Conrad Schleicher - 10 days ago
Mike a little jealous adam22 smashed Riley... mike couldn’t close the deal, lol
melli fluous
melli fluous - 11 days ago
21:05. Hahahahahhaa. Yay vodka
melli fluous
melli fluous - 11 days ago
Funny how the camera guy couldn't get a clear shot of the perp...unless there was no camera guy.
Evolution Music
Evolution Music - 17 days ago
Dude stop saying you have the no1 podcast in the world
jon dickson
jon dickson - 20 days ago
the whole vibe f this podcast really professional everyone is bringing their own vibe to the table. I like it
AsHLiegH-MaRie HoPe
AsHLiegH-MaRie HoPe - 22 days ago
Shane won't ever claim it but sorry Mike his series had everything to so with all the youtuber doing that style right after. Smh ughh
Boro Jandric
Boro Jandric - 22 days ago
This was basically a mike and Adam interview like shit they got deep with the drugs while Logan ans Lena just sat there
Javaris Tee
Javaris Tee - 28 days ago
God damn it mike you’re fuckin retarded.
BAPEbro - 28 days ago
Mike: im old, im 34
Lil Vacationland
Lil Vacationland - Month ago
Kinda cringe
Miguelito - Month ago
Jesse - Month ago
Actually Kaitlin Bennett did school you guys and prove you wrong on so many things. It's not the she is so far right or conservative, it's that you guys are sheep to the Government and don't seem to care about your rights, I listen to Mike's bullshit all the time about just call the cops, yeah by time they get their your dead. You just bend over and take it by the Government. Go back and read some history and you would know that all firearm laws are indeed unconstitutional. But this is typical from people who live in California. I would hate to come to California if everyone is such assholes and cocky like you all. I used to be such a big fan of Logan but he's changes since living in California or it's being around Mike.
Saad el harchi
Saad el harchi - Month ago
Everyone: mike stfu!!
me: lol without mike this shit would be bald, dead, boring, white trash 😂 😂
Kat J
Kat J - Month ago
I usually don't comment but because I'm actually interested in this podcast, I think it would be beneficial to remove Mike or to have him work on not interrupting the guests & talking about himself.
Jullie - Month ago
I enjoy Mike more than Jake Paul Period
Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa - Month ago
It is not cool to have Cardi promoting sexual degeneracy to young girls.
OPblockDrilla 7th
OPblockDrilla 7th - Month ago
I’d fight this mike can’t just for fun
What a fucking NEEK
Excuse myfrench
Excuse myfrench - Month ago
Every one hating on mike suck a cock
Amal - Month ago
Can mike stop talking about himself for 5 minutes.
Matt P
Matt P - Month ago
Mike is such a know it all!! He knows everything about everything what a clown
TBFC - Month ago
Mike's not bad, he didn't video a dead body
Mizanul Hasan
Mizanul Hasan - Month ago
No. 1 Podcast channel for pornstar
Bobby Alan
Bobby Alan - Month ago
Lena is a lot of things but I think she’s a great person and a good girl friend.
Joe Dellavalle
Joe Dellavalle - Month ago
shout out New Haven CT
Homie next to Logan is trying to hard,,,,,, He jumps in when others are talking just so he gets in the conversation...Logan is just cool about it,,Being in front of the camera comes naturally...The Dude should learn from Logan,!
ADAM,ADAM,ADAM,,,adam That was all staged for viewers...My homie was there,,He told me the whole gig....
Kandy .Krew
Kandy .Krew - Month ago
rest in peace peep
Chase Stoler
Chase Stoler - Month ago
6:39 i see you logan hahahah
David Björkholm
David Björkholm - Month ago
All these comments are towards mike’s talking problem😂😂
David Björkholm
David Björkholm - Month ago
Mike talks too fucking much...
Jamaican Johnny
Jamaican Johnny - Month ago
new drinking game: take a shot for every time mike interrupts and points across the table
Teddy Prokos
Teddy Prokos - Month ago
such b.s. all for views.
TEAM TAZXD - Month ago
That beard is na
Tommy MURRAY - Month ago
we all know mike never had a gun pulled on him he would probably cry if that happened
RJS YT - Month ago
Summer Valentine
Summer Valentine - 2 months ago
Mike keeps the podcast alive, let’s not lie to ourselves
TheDalaiLamasGlasses - 2 months ago
Me and my buddy made an album of music and he wrote lyrics about his death and how he was going to die and when. All of it came true before we finished mixing it. Heroin overdose at age 27. If you put it out there, it may happen
Juan Doz
Juan Doz - 2 months ago
Gang gang, my 2 fav podcasts
Juan Doz
Juan Doz - 2 months ago
rope gang > logang
Juan Doz
Juan Doz - 2 months ago
rope gang
Timothy Nowles
Timothy Nowles - 2 months ago
Tracie Carter
Tracie Carter - 2 months ago
Riley lil Jon or lil Wayne
DestroyerOfWorlds Senpai
DestroyerOfWorlds Senpai - 2 months ago
Mike try’s to relate to people’s stories and make them comfortable about taking about sensitive subjects. You guys need to grow up.
Sharise Waters
Sharise Waters - 2 months ago
Leave mike alone I like mike more then spencer soyboy!!!! At least mike is entertaining spencer is always trying to educate anyone and everyone bc I guess hes lived a thousand different experiences ........sorry nope I like mike way more and logan and mike together are gold!!!!!
OneO0 50
OneO0 50 - 2 months ago
Heh Hep
Heh Hep - 2 months ago
during the whole criminal stuff Logan just doesn't know wtf their talking about hahah
MrPaintballfool - 2 months ago
adam wtf are you doing on this shit dog
brenna white
brenna white - 2 months ago
40 mins in— uh hello talk to lena
brenna white
brenna white - 2 months ago
man every damn comment rlly b abt mike
Shawn Guron
Shawn Guron - 2 months ago
took me a while to concentrate bc of what that chick was wearing
nels hillstrom
nels hillstrom - 2 months ago
The Trump presidency is going quite well. TF you liberals living in your little bubble
Sierra Warren
Sierra Warren - 2 months ago
Poor Logan he isn’t an interrupter and I keep seeing his lips move and him get ready to talk or ask a question before being interrupted or cut off by mike. Too bad.
Ameen Timothy
Ameen Timothy - 2 months ago
Why so many comments about mike
Marcos Salas
Marcos Salas - 2 months ago
Anyone catch that LMFAO "a beard of a dragon and a heart of a lier"
Ryan Kallas
Ryan Kallas - 2 months ago
adam has a x hoodie on lets go RIP X
missy Martinez
missy Martinez - Month ago
Ryan Kallas he’s worn it a lot. He had got that merch before died.
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia - 2 months ago
9 year old Army Googling Lena the Boobies 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
enes direk
enes direk - 2 months ago
Logan I hope you see this I listen to this podcast while I work for hours it’s really fun and I love it good shit man keep it up
mike green
mike green - 2 months ago
35:09 59:06 1:10:57
MAVIC 514 - 2 months ago
Fake robbery
FLARE_NvME - 2 months ago
Interview dan bilzerian
Thegamerbeaverj - 2 months ago
42:00 they talk about x👏🏿
Thegamerbeaverj - 2 months ago
Adam 22 got a xxxtentacion t-shirt on...
👇🏽 like for x
Dominic Mercado
Dominic Mercado - 2 months ago
Litterally someone DID tho they came in the house
Edgar Bravo
Edgar Bravo - 2 months ago
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams - 2 months ago
Yo leave mike alone
Zack Harris
Zack Harris - 2 months ago
Honestly have had some pretty good people on here
Fausto _
Fausto _ - 2 months ago
Talking About Spongebob. Mike:I had huge drug addiction.
Gaurav Sethiya
Gaurav Sethiya - 2 months ago
i like your podcast.. :) h3h3 also disrespected indian people sooo.... he is a ......
sun leo
sun leo - 2 months ago
New Haven is no joke tbh
Candi Rapperz
Candi Rapperz - 2 months ago
1:16:37 Why did Mike juss cut her off like that🤦🏻‍♂️he always has to state his opinion by being unprofessional
julia corrente
julia corrente - 2 months ago
Adam brings such a strong presence everywhere he goes, shiiiddd crazy this was a no jumper podcast lol
Terminus - 2 months ago
Damn there is like 80 ads fuck this shit
KĮRTHÀŃ ŚHÈAKËR - 2 months ago
Mike is so fkn annoying.
Good Job Buddy
Good Job Buddy - 2 months ago
I'm a 45yo man.. mike claims he doesn't act as a role model. It's also cuz he's not the person in the role to be such model
Good Job Buddy
Good Job Buddy - 2 months ago
I'm a 45yo man... how many dicks does Adam have??
Good Job Buddy
Good Job Buddy - 2 months ago
I'm a 45yo man.. mike its called the dating game.. whoopie
Good Job Buddy
Good Job Buddy - 2 months ago
I'm a 45yo man...i love ya mike. But you ask questions and then talk over the answers. Plus is Logan Paul supposed to be in this podcast??
ASAP Pedal
ASAP Pedal - 2 months ago
Retarded people dont need guns either, im just saying.
ASAP Pedal
ASAP Pedal - 2 months ago
Hispanic guy with revenge pants. He wanted revenge, angry hispanic guy. But im soo glad Adam is okay. I'm sad that he had experience this.
Hannah Louise
Hannah Louise - 2 months ago
Can mike shut the fuck up for like 3 minutes?
Frankie Theiling
Frankie Theiling - 2 months ago
percocet is literally the same thing as heroin
missy Martinez
missy Martinez - Month ago
Frankie Theiling nope
thedexterbros - 2 months ago
48:30 on it's officially like Mike forgot that he's not the one being interviewed
Rowdy Hudgens
Rowdy Hudgens - 2 months ago
OneO0 50
OneO0 50 - 2 months ago
I fuckin love triple x
justin Uh no
justin Uh no - 2 months ago
If Adam 22 got shot it would be fucked up but not a global uproar
Lavar BigBaller
Lavar BigBaller - 2 months ago
miked def talked alot but he asked some real good questions . soooo....
Legit Company
Legit Company - 2 months ago
Mikes like oh you know Riley Reid?! I kissed her on the lips she’s so dope! Adam22 🤦🏻‍♂️ ya we know her, she’s got nice pussy. Mike changes Riley’s name on his phone from My Love to B!tch
Kelsey Zahand
Kelsey Zahand - 2 months ago
this was great, juicy and fun!!!
Kenneth Flaming
Kenneth Flaming - 2 months ago
joe rogan> true geordie> abu hajar> impaulsive>charlie z>micheal does life?? and last but not least! Mike...who likes to be on the mic
emme mua
emme mua - 2 months ago
cant mike please never be in another podcast ever
Explixity Gaming
Explixity Gaming - 2 months ago
you guys heard PewDiePie's new song
Vanzy - 2 months ago
Everyone needs to chill. You can tell that the Mike guy is passionate about the subject, let him live.
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