Tfue TRAP KILLS Ninja After They Have The CRAZIEST Battle In The Final Zone!

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Daily Clips Central
Daily Clips Central - Month ago
I added in the best parts of the final zone! Both Tfue and Ninja did amazing but ONLY 1 could come out on top...
Stalin Fan
Stalin Fan - Month ago
Daily Clips Central no, you added enough to get to 10 minutes
Jiren The Gray
Jiren The Gray - Month ago
+Thiefs 1 He’s not trash.
TTVCyborg - Month ago
+Ergonis313 Yeah sure. Do u play on pc?
Ergonis313 - Month ago
I’m not a good fortnite player can you help me get better
TTVCyborg - Month ago
Seems like Tfue and Ninja are connected by destiny. We will see who's the best at the world cup.
Mithun M
Mithun M - 4 days ago
What was they playing at the start ?
Johnathan - 14 days ago
young curry cool kid
young curry cool kid - 21 day ago
You are the best tfue
young curry cool kid
young curry cool kid - 21 day ago
My name is Fireflexnyt tfue
young curry cool kid
young curry cool kid - 21 day ago
Add me in fortnite
young curry cool kid
young curry cool kid - 21 day ago
Lxrd Chula
Lxrd Chula - 22 days ago
Ninja sucks lol
Brettube - 23 days ago
Why don’t you show ninjas perspective when he knows it’s Tfue??
The savage Beast
The savage Beast - 24 days ago
True so good
Angel - 24 days ago
Some kid stole this and reposted it on tiktok
Yanil - 24 days ago
Omg level in NA server
Lewis topham
Lewis topham - 24 days ago
ninja hella poo anyway ;lol :)
Alexander Adams
Alexander Adams - 24 days ago
Stretched res should be called a sweaty res
TicTem - 24 days ago
Tfue is Ten times the player Ninja will ever be. Also Mongral is a loser
LTL_slash - 24 days ago
if your a true youtube you’ll pin this comment for your og fans!
ImSciFi - 25 days ago
So the craziest battle is ninja walking through a doorway?
[DAR3] DisturbedBananaz
[DAR3] DisturbedBananaz - 25 days ago
Oml, quit argueing about who’s better I think Ninja and Tfue are both really good players and I’m pretty sure they can destroy us all
calen jackins
calen jackins - 25 days ago
Ninja is still better
Tawheed Narot
Tawheed Narot - 25 days ago
4:20 lol omg that happened to me to
Colton Pentecost
Colton Pentecost - 25 days ago
Ninja peaked in season 2 can we just all agree on that...
Shake That
Shake That - 25 days ago
Turner is a better player that's all.
Ex Doogie
Ex Doogie - 25 days ago
And people still think ninja is the best player.
Braden Gillilan
Braden Gillilan - 25 days ago
HD is good he got 4 headshot in a row! how?
H i r o
H i r o - 25 days ago
Cloak: *Nice*
Donald Millitello
Donald Millitello - 25 days ago
How can I switch to different characters while I’m in a level in run 3 unblocked on run3unblocked io?
Skiz - 25 days ago
I'm surprised ninja didn't report tfue for stream sniping
Adan Amarillas
Adan Amarillas - 26 days ago
Like if tfue is better that ninja
ExclusiveXxfirexX - 26 days ago
4:12. Mad salty😂
GAVIN OSTROWSKI - 26 days ago
3:08 in .25x speed WHAT KIND OF NEW WALL IS THAT?!?!
JaegersHyper - 26 days ago
shitgraal "My fockin 90's are fockin bot man"
yes - 26 days ago
James Charles just kissed you like yo undo
TatoPlayer250 ,
TatoPlayer250 , - 26 days ago
This 2 legends were found again.
But now MrSagave and Moongral are the best ones
TatoPlayer250 ,
TatoPlayer250 , - 25 days ago
+Otse Attah tipical noob player ......
Otse Attah
Otse Attah - 25 days ago
Tf are u saying? Tfue is still the best
jaron taylor
jaron taylor - 26 days ago
Yo i remember when ninja would rec tefue😂😂
R2D2 - 26 days ago
The trap was *stream sniping*
Beerus - 26 days ago
How you gonna take tfue video ...
Debarya Saha
Debarya Saha - 26 days ago
You are know immune to every James Charles comment

Like to activate
SickMaster2010 - 26 days ago
Jame Charles kissed you

Sub to Pewdiepie to undo
Vector514 - 26 days ago
At 10:19 you can see the launchpad floating
Egg with 10k subscribers?
1 like= 1 cookie
Simpli - 26 days ago
Its crazy that fortnite has news channels
OverPowered PIZZA
OverPowered PIZZA - 26 days ago
*Ninja gets pushed into a box where he dies to a trap*
duza12 on osu
duza12 on osu - 26 days ago
Ninja needs to stop playing on native res
0.0 0.0
0.0 0.0 - 26 days ago
If you've read this you are now gay

fortnite gots pranks
fortnite gots pranks - 26 days ago
You accidentally subbed to T series like to undo
The King
The King - 27 days ago
Why do people say ninja is the bes tfue is the one droppin 20 bombs every game ninja droppin 10
Lyrical 2k
Lyrical 2k - 27 days ago
Ive been in reverse 2ks game like 3 times ina row its crazy
Mowen - 27 days ago
3:09 im sorry so wtf with this wall
Lenura Baymakh
Lenura Baymakh - 27 days ago
WOW that was a crazy build battle
Fat Nigga
Fat Nigga - 27 days ago
Ngl mongral is pretty good at scims
Aries V10
Aries V10 - 27 days ago
Tfue> Ninja
Aaron Streeter
Aaron Streeter - 27 days ago
When you stretch the last clip a minute when it could have been 10 seconds so its a 10-minute video.
The Kandy Klown
The Kandy Klown - 27 days ago
Dragon Man3000
Dragon Man3000 - 27 days ago
Where is tfue traping ninja??? Disliked
Alabite - 27 days ago
Can Mongraals keyboard get any louder?
Matthew 4400Richard
Matthew 4400Richard - 27 days ago
They didn't build battle at all. Clickbaiting shitbag.
fynley123 Warr
fynley123 Warr - 27 days ago
Henchest streamer like for nickmercs comment for timthetatman
Ty Hoffman
Ty Hoffman - 27 days ago
Cloakzy always be the cheerleader
mandiJoe Rbi3
mandiJoe Rbi3 - 27 days ago
Tfue: *Does anything*
Cloakzy: "N i c e"
[DAR3] DisturbedBananaz
[DAR3] DisturbedBananaz - 25 days ago
Tfue: *Picks up a mini* Cloakzy: *”n I c E”*
Angel Estrada
Angel Estrada - 27 days ago
He didn’t trap ninja. Ninja rushed him
Justin Michael/ /TheMTJTimes
More proof that Tfue is better than Ninja.
Ace Tawhai Hicks
Ace Tawhai Hicks - 27 days ago
5-0 to Tfue 🤣
Chally D
Chally D - 27 days ago
How does Tfue get in the same game with Ninja like 3 times but I can’t even get in a game with one real default?!
Iv-Insane-Iv - 28 days ago
He never boxed ninja. Ninja made a noob mistake by editing his own wall and walking into the box
Kristin Moore
Kristin Moore - 28 days ago
He did say it to you when you got home it would have been done in my mind
Nate Rivers
Nate Rivers - 28 days ago
Easily the best player in the world
BlAzE PrImE - 28 days ago
Ninja is still the GOAT in my opinion!
duck- duck928
duck- duck928 - 28 days ago
Why is fortnite still a thing
Apex = better
duck- duck928
duck- duck928 - 27 days ago
Michele Petska what platform u on then
Michele Petska
Michele Petska - 27 days ago
But you're probably bad both
Luigi Muttart
Luigi Muttart - 28 days ago
Really t fue beat ninja once. This battle ninja was forced by storm shoot down to t fue then had no choice but basically die to t fue. Another one ninja had a awful load, went to save his teammate but then t fue spammed his c4s at ninja. Last unfair battle is when ninja actually beat t fue because basically t fue fell to his death. The only fair battle is their first battle when t fue kill ninja with a hunting rifle i think
Itz s1mple
Itz s1mple - 28 days ago
Just started claw, check out the new vid
Reyes K1ng
Reyes K1ng - 28 days ago
Ninja after the game reported him for stream sniping
zaryab cheema
zaryab cheema - 28 days ago
I dont know why people take it so serious its just a game
slemany Youtube
slemany Youtube - 28 days ago
James charles didnt kiss you

Like because i saved you
Caleb Morris
Caleb Morris - 20 days ago
Lil Echalo yes
Niklas Ghaussy
Niklas Ghaussy - 25 days ago
Lil Echalo Yes
Lil Echalo
Lil Echalo - 26 days ago
slemany RUvideos no
SSspencers - 28 days ago
When is Mongral gonna realize hitting the keys isn’t helping
The Gutenberg
The Gutenberg - 28 days ago
When Mongral is playing its like SJNGKJBNKJlwbglbgiwnginewganvoinoinOIJWOKOASNFABFAIBOIAWBVOIABV
cian smith
cian smith - 28 days ago
It wasn’t even a crazy build battle
Ninji - 28 days ago
3:08 he put a wall in the middle?
litty. - 28 days ago
tfue is better than ninja, both in fortnite and in real life🤷🏽‍♂️
litty. - 25 days ago
atleast not in camara🤷🏽‍♂️
NinhasHyper - 25 days ago
litty. How?, when has she been angry or has she ever show that sign of sadness in her eyes
litty. - 25 days ago
its kinda obvious
NinhasHyper - 25 days ago
How you know dat
litty. - 25 days ago
+NinhasHyper i dont think he keeps her happy tbh
ULTIMΛTΞ HUNTΞЯ - 28 days ago
Off player man *"TFUE"*
Revert Chrispy22
Revert Chrispy22 - 28 days ago
Omg content creator dies to a pro by traps lol come one now tfue vs ninja isnt a thing. Ninja doesnt spend all day doing scrims and shit lol
XKilersX234 #2
XKilersX234 #2 - 28 days ago
Any1 season 2-3 players remember ,,Ninja is best Fortnite Player in the world"
Will Richards
Will Richards - 28 days ago
yo when r tfue and ninja gonna do some 1v1s?
Yung Dong
Yung Dong - 28 days ago
Ninja inspires me because he is the best forniter in fortniter histowy
Hollow _
Hollow _ - 27 days ago
Tony Perez bet
Yung Dong
Yung Dong - 27 days ago
Haha chill homie it’s called a joke tfues my grandpas 3rd cousins 5th cousins sister
Hollow _
Hollow _ - 27 days ago
Lol fanboy he can’t beat Tfue tho LUL
Secret_Anbu - 29 days ago
i want to see ninjas reaction when chat said to him that tfue killed him again
IBRA HD - 29 days ago
Ngl that was a decent battle. Ninjas still not as good as tfue, but he’s better now than before
PhantoM - 29 days ago
All I see is 'you've kissed James Charles' in the comment section :/
Ғɩɾҽ Ҳ
Ғɩɾҽ Ҳ - 29 days ago
If ninja didn't get trapped by that wall then maybe he would've had a better fight with tfue
ExtremegamingwithAli - 29 days ago
Tfue uploaded that clip on his channel
LyricalzFN - 29 days ago
There are so many better players then Tfue.
Logan McnEilly
Logan McnEilly - 29 days ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Call me Papi
Call me Papi - 29 days ago
You said crazy battle Ninja was going crazy in a box with a spike trap or tfue went crazy putting it down?
JESUS CHRIST - 29 days ago
Seems like no matter what game or when these two face off ninja gets clapped
Nathan Narine
Nathan Narine - 29 days ago
I liked coz I saw a comment saying James Charles kissed you like to undo
suMnailimixaM - 29 days ago
why are people suddenly hating Ninja after 2018?
Caron Butler
Caron Butler - 28 days ago
suMnailimixaM right I wanna know too
Legend 29
Legend 29 - 29 days ago
Cloak the backseat gamer
༺MohAmed Sone ps༻
༺MohAmed Sone ps༻ - 29 days ago
Again *Tfue* won 👌
Jay S
Jay S - 29 days ago
Why does it look like he’s moving so fast? Like, faster than normal?
Daron Thankachan
Daron Thankachan - 29 days ago
Tfue is the king of fortnite
N.m - 29 days ago
Ninja is now better because now everyone that kills him is not a stream sniper
Ryuki Flemming
Ryuki Flemming - 29 days ago
If u guys could see the wall going straight through the floor like and it was at 3:06
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