Everything Wrong With Twister In 15 Minutes Or Less

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KENT ROBINSON - 9 hours ago
Jason Cato
Jason Cato - 19 hours ago
Two misses, surely not the only one to notice:
1. He bounces a flat tire
2. Tailgate gets ripped off by utility pole and returns for next attempt. HH even closes it after losing the next pack. Because, Dodge...
Yes, we keep doing our own in home cinema sins now! Haha
Michele Conley Eckert
Ahhh Bill died, how sad! i love this movie! "Cow"
Christopher Gaul
Christopher Gaul - Day ago
Dude. It's like you live in your mom's basement in Los Angeles or something.
Most of your "sins" are just you not having a clue about anything outside your bubble.
acarleton2000 - Day ago
6:13 They missed the drivers window of the red Ram being down than closed when she stops after going around Jo's Jeep that fell from the sky LOL
jammc700 - 2 days ago
Jeff Jantzen
Jeff Jantzen - 2 days ago
Just poor some Dickel in her mouth!!! Best line EVER! Cheap booze reference for those not catching it...
raptorms773 - 3 days ago
Thats cause everybody had cb radios back then lol. My moms van had one came with the van straight from the dealer
PrairieBrewer - 4 days ago
That was a combine, not a tractor.
Adam Zimmerman
Adam Zimmerman - 5 days ago
RIP Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman
Jim Spencer
Jim Spencer - 6 days ago
I seriously laughed so hard during this video that I had tears running down my cheeks, hilarious! !
Pipe Duster
Pipe Duster - 6 days ago
Another big, dumb, loud movie.
Silver Inferno
Silver Inferno - 6 days ago
Everything wrong with Dante's Peak?
Bishop - 6 days ago
We not sinning that explosion at 13:18? No? Ok...
Eagle8599 - 6 days ago
I've been stuck in Oklahoma for 7 years and I didn't have half as many sins! 😲 Wtf!?! 🤨
gomphrena -beautiful flower-
Oops and you called combines “tractors” .. at least twice
isualum - 8 days ago
A couple things, you called combines tractors twice. And field corn is not delicious. Humans dont eat field corn. We eat sweet corn which is less than 1% of the corn grown in the USA.
Sean Newberry
Sean Newberry - 8 days ago
I still can’t believe they killed Robin Of Loxley. :-(
Banderascubsfan 31
Banderascubsfan 31 - 8 days ago
You clearly have never been to Oklahoma
Banderascubsfan 31
Banderascubsfan 31 - 8 days ago
#44 not true at all. I lived in Oklahoma for 6 years from 2010 to 2016 and I got better coverage than I do here in Chicago in 2019
uncle Chris
uncle Chris - 8 days ago
This is a really true movie I know because my mother is dating the weatherman where I live in Colorado and my mother was born in Oklahoma and lived there for a while when she was younger
uncle Chris
uncle Chris - 8 days ago
I dont chase tornado's but I do but a cb in my truck for no reason
subscribe to me now
subscribe to me now - 8 days ago
I can confirm that there are dirt roads everywhere
German Villarreal
German Villarreal - 8 days ago
2019 anyone?
JT - 8 days ago
is it strange that i like this movie even though i was born in the late 2000's?
Christian Turner
Christian Turner - 8 days ago
You don't know a damn thing about Oklahoma, do you???
Infinite Thunder
Infinite Thunder - 8 days ago
Who's here from self-promotion?
Tom McGlone
Tom McGlone - 8 days ago
Bruntte Chick: "Is there an F5?"
*Jazz music stops*
Odd Arne Beck
Odd Arne Beck - 9 days ago
@CinemaSins what's with the throat clearing at 2:03?
ViperStorm 16
ViperStorm 16 - 9 days ago
15 minutes or less this is 17 haha
Sandy Hileman
Sandy Hileman - 9 days ago
Fun fact: Wizard of Oz book is actually not under copyright
Also it took me a long time to get that joke the device is called Dorothy and they're putting it into a tornado
ericb31 - 3 days ago
i heard somewhere that some real tornado-chasers had a device called "toto"...
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill - 9 days ago
14:02 "There's no way you can out run a cornado"
Michelle Cné Brown
Michelle Cné Brown - 9 days ago
Two people from this movie are gone! Paxton, Hoffman😤
Audia Anderson
Audia Anderson - 9 days ago
I think you giys would have fun sinning the movie Bolt from Disney. There are so many sins.
Mason Lynch
Mason Lynch - 9 days ago
5:00 That’s not a tractor. That’s a combine harvester.
Always Random
Always Random - 10 days ago
Fucking hell, I was 16 when this movie came out, snuck into a drive in theater, and you just sinning it now?! For fucks sake! You got me all in a twister. Jeremy, "Roll credits" bing!
killjoy cola
killjoy cola - 10 days ago
A CB radio was pretty standard in a car back in the early 90s.. alot of them came with them.. it was short wave of like 20 miles but everyone in Oklahoma used them like cell phones
Skater1865 Buchanan
Skater1865 Buchanan - 10 days ago
Aww it's adorable you live in Oklahoma and know everything about tornadoes here............ohh that's right you don't know you shouldn't believe everything you read on Google
James Barisitz
James Barisitz - 10 days ago
Oh Guess you outsmarted me. You win.

Can you spell sarcasm?
BzzKll2k15 - 10 days ago
First ever film on DVD
Chase Cornett
Chase Cornett - 10 days ago
As an actual oklahoman i can confirm that oklahoma is indeed "the suck zone". Lol
Deborah Statton
Deborah Statton - 10 days ago
Love this movie ,.either way
X Y - 11 days ago
Very twisty
Cynthia Abbott
Cynthia Abbott - 11 days ago
They made Jamie Gertz look dorky with that hairstyle to hide the fact that she's prettier than Helen Hunt. Watch Jamie Gertz in The Lost Boys and Less Than Zero. You decide.
Pro Cow
Pro Cow - 11 days ago
Im the stunt Cow in this :)
Lori Banks
Lori Banks - 11 days ago
OK two things… I never realized that Joe’s father who dies in the beginning is the asshole dad in varsity blues and secondly why doesn’t it ever say what happened to her mom? We saw her mother didn’t die by the tornado but out of nowhere Aunt Meg comes in to play? Could just be random I was just clueless as to why I never mentioned her mom again!?
Lori Banks
Lori Banks - 11 days ago
I was hoping you would comment on the fact that Helen Hunt asks Bill Paxton if he has full coverage on that truck and he says liability only...OK who would have liability only coverage on a truck that nice??? That in itself deserves many sins!
Ashton Docter
Ashton Docter - 11 days ago
I think the best point made was, fuck the humans, care about the dogs
NekoColaQ - 11 days ago
This movie pissed me off and I'm glad you guys tore it apart.
Zeren Smith
Zeren Smith - 11 days ago
I would see this movie even if it's shit lol and again movie name Twister
Sislertx - 11 days ago
Ok...ill bite..it was a good sunday afternoon when i didnt want to do anything....and i actually watched it.
Jessica Majors
Jessica Majors - 11 days ago
Tornado can blow a jeep off the road but can't rip a tank top off of Helen Hunt
The Bean
The Bean - 11 days ago
Everybody do the twist!
claysmell - 11 days ago
Also how do the stairs go up when the house was sideways?
jakeshipley1 - 11 days ago
That was a combine and not a tractor.... ding
Ranchero Lopez
Ranchero Lopez - 11 days ago
“Bill cops a feel” 😂😂
Joshua Garner
Joshua Garner - 11 days ago
He changed the tire he was having the mechanic fix the flat one I take it you were just starting out at this when you did this movie
Danny Atkinson
Danny Atkinson - 11 days ago
Biggest take away from this movie... if ur buying a truck buy a dodge
Something IGuess
Something IGuess - 11 days ago
Happy 5 Year Anniversary
Scott Korin
Scott Korin - 11 days ago
Jeremy sounds different with these old videos
insanity1505 - 11 days ago
I think the Cinema sins crew has never been to the central US. Trying to sin sudden dirt roads in Oklahoma and tornados suddenly going to 1/2 mile wide quickly
msdogooder - 11 days ago
Why is everyone wearing a jacket except for Helen Hunt? She is not even wearing a full shirt, she is wearing a tank top.
Chase Larose
Chase Larose - 11 days ago
Dissing my fav movie whooo let's watch it
James Barisitz
James Barisitz - 11 days ago
A terrible, terrible film. Let's speak of it no more. LEFT. .RIGHT! Kill me now. ...
Jimmy Miller
Jimmy Miller - 12 days ago
"Beating a dead dad!" Great line
Godthepredator - 12 days ago
I was expecting the Jurassic park "dont go into the long grass" with the corn...
Linkparadox - 12 days ago
Alright I literally just watched this movie for the first time in a couple years two days ago, the timing of this notification can’t be coincidence
Cooper Warren
Cooper Warren - 12 days ago
It’s not a tractor. It’s a Combine Harvester.
H.D. Armstrong
H.D. Armstrong - 12 days ago
LOL, yeah, I'm pretty sure that CB radio doesn't transmit, unless someone's holding in the button on the mic.
Parker Brakeston
Parker Brakeston - 12 days ago
JOPLIN: Am I a joke to you?
paid life
paid life - 13 days ago
This shit is still hilarious in 2019 when smoke one😂😂😂
Emily Hughes
Emily Hughes - 13 days ago
Do you have a cure for getting exploded! 😂
gabe smith
gabe smith - 14 days ago
No sin for Helen Hunt facing down the tornado at the drive in?
EMILY HOLLAWAY - 14 days ago
Mary Nicholson
Mary Nicholson - 15 days ago
5 years later and this video just now popped up in my recommended feed.
Also, that beginning scene with the father getting ripped out of the storm shelter scared me as a child and I've had a phobia of tornadoes ever since... Thank God I basically live in a hole in the ground surrounded by hills and valleys so it's a lot harder for tornadoes to form around here.
Multiverse 44
Multiverse 44 - 15 days ago
The suck zone
M3M35 - 16 days ago
asmr sins
Roy Smothers
Roy Smothers - 16 days ago
damn, you're anal retentive
Big Picture
Big Picture - 18 days ago
The stuff out in aunt Meg's yard is not "weather gear" its fucking moving statuary.
Billy Harris
Billy Harris - 18 days ago
I remember in 1996 seeking shelter under a bridge was still common and not a known bad strategy until the May 3, 1999 Moore tornado when a lady was sucked out from under the Shields bridge.
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