Everything Wrong With Twister In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Connor Duggins
Connor Duggins - 16 hours ago
In 1996 people still did not know if under bridges were safe.
Jedian - 18 hours ago
"It's coming right at us."
"Do you see it?"

Colonel Pepper
Colonel Pepper - 20 hours ago
Cinema Sin: Misspelling Tordanoes as Tornados.
dezzlok - Day ago
Well done sir.
UNDERTAKER - 3 days ago
UNDERTAKER - 3 days ago
Stephanie Blasenak
Stephanie Blasenak - 5 days ago
What, no sin for Cary Elwes' terrible accent??
Sheila Wilson
Sheila Wilson - 6 days ago
I dont care about wrong twister shit"I love this movie!
Joshua Adams
Joshua Adams - 6 days ago
you got a sin for calling the Deere combine a tractor *bing*
Jerod Broussard
Jerod Broussard - 7 days ago
4:59 cinema sins narrator doesn't know the difference between a combine and a tractor (in narrator's voice, of course)
Rae Turner
Rae Turner - 7 days ago
Love Bill Paxton. Great actor, one of the best around.
anonygent - 7 days ago
Honestly, this movie sucked so bad, I couldn't even sit through the review.
killacaliboy KCBkotastrophie
you ruined the greatest movie of my early teens
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person - 7 days ago
This was a movie shown to us in class and I never thought I would love this movie so much.
Still one of my favorite movies up to this day.
Alauros -Sargeras
Alauros -Sargeras - 7 days ago
I laughed so hard
EATSLEEPDRIVE2002 - 7 days ago
12:42 every time I watch this, I’m literally screaming at my screen JUST PUT IT IN 4WD!!! (even if that hadn’t worked, it would’ve made the scene more intense to have the truck roasting tires front AND rear)
And also: I would’ve been very angry if you guys hadn’t made a Princess bride reference with Cary Elwes
Tom Allen
Tom Allen - 8 days ago
This dude is funny as crap- give him a tv show!
crazyrage30 - 8 days ago
That truck was a 4x4 right? They coulda got off the log.
Stephanie Oni
Stephanie Oni - 9 days ago
Dusty Craft
Dusty Craft - 10 days ago
"Tornado does not contain sharks." 😂😂😂😂
Mr. Baghdad
Mr. Baghdad - 10 days ago
Somebody should've hacked this movie and mess up the plot by having the main characters die.
Mr. Baghdad
Mr. Baghdad - 10 days ago
That gasoline tanker truck should've killed them in a instant.
Mr. Baghdad
Mr. Baghdad - 10 days ago
The plot armor in this movie should've been disabled. I wanted the storm chasers dead in a very graphic manner.
Stoney Foster
Stoney Foster - 10 days ago
This was some funny shit!!
Dominic Vega
Dominic Vega - 10 days ago
Bruh I don't need you to ruin films and put negativity in life tf is your problem
JKL - 10 days ago
Instead of sin counting you should make a 2nd channel cliche counter
jimmy jam
jimmy jam - 10 days ago
Pretty sure your the only thing wrong with this movie
tctwg1 - 10 days ago
Loved this movie and the Dodge Ram when I was a kid. Watched it as an adult and hated it, but drive a Ram 🤯
Kevin Doran
Kevin Doran - 10 days ago
Who cares? it is a stupid hollywood movie. Get a life. Real people don't care.
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 6 days ago
Oh, so his 8.4 million subscribers aren't real people
SaucyBagelsYT - 10 days ago
This man used the wrong plural version of tornadoes. He used tornados instead of tornadoes
rick Channel
rick Channel - 11 days ago
That was a big women y didn't she just grab her husband
Anna Zikopoulos
Anna Zikopoulos - 11 days ago
Lol this was funny. But one of my favorite movies of all times.
1999 peterbilt
1999 peterbilt - 12 days ago
I really hate this video
Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson - 12 days ago
48 seconds into it and I'm out💨
Joseph Park
Joseph Park - 12 days ago
Sin for Bill not knowing he was off the shoulder...come on, he couldn't feel that? Are the roads perfectly smooth?
Joseph Park
Joseph Park - 12 days ago
It doesnt take long to change a tire asshole...
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed - 12 days ago
Every movie is filled with flaws and bullshit. If it bugs you that much than don't watch anything again. lol
csx68 midwest and western railroad
I sentence you to Joplin Missouri. Oh and cinamasins guy, your sentence is to do more!
Kate Maloney
Kate Maloney - 12 days ago
This movie came on HBO and was so predictable and boring, my ex and I turned it off and conceived our son that night. Now THAT was an event!
Frank Banos
Frank Banos - 13 days ago
Probably one of my favorite movies
the1burf - 13 days ago
It's a F***ing movie. Who gives a shit!
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 5 days ago
Over 8.4 million people care
EdnaFrom85 - 13 days ago
John Brittain
John Brittain - 13 days ago
AHHHH. I just LOVE how commonly accepted shaming videos like this truly are. There's nothing like dedicating "useless" time to perpetuating the lack of emotional intelligence in this world. Plausibly a financial incenitve? Either way, well done.
Bryce Rathjen
Bryce Rathjen - 13 days ago
Truck in tornadoes should have been minus 2 points because Dodge Ram 😄
Austin Haneline
Austin Haneline - 13 days ago
Unfortunately even with hindsight this video is wrong about a massive funnel forming quickly and undetected in the drive in scene... I present evidence from the state of Missouri on May 22, 2011 in Joplin the tornado was on the ground before the warning went out
T F - 13 days ago
Missed the helicopter in the window of the opening scene...
Alex Wright
Alex Wright - 13 days ago
Only thing the guy is wrong about is a tornado can form on a nice sunny day with no rain but lots of wind all day I've only saw it happen once
Albino Rhino
Albino Rhino - 13 days ago
Bill cops a feel
sandman365TTi - 14 days ago
Add another sin for yourself because you didn't notice that it's Moby Dick and not a single Queequeg joke
Grumpy Torch
Grumpy Torch - 14 days ago
Still not an el reno tornado
Slick Will
Slick Will - 14 days ago
Everything this guy comments on isn't wrong, just what he thinks is wrong
Kenny Yang
Kenny Yang - 14 days ago
"Black trucks. Black hearts." 😂😂😂
Couch Potato
Couch Potato - 14 days ago
Seth Burgess
Seth Burgess - 14 days ago
8:42 is just getting a tie-down
Renae Neyedley
Renae Neyedley - 14 days ago
The last tornado was such bs there's no way that an f5 couldn't lift that stupid little pick up truck that's like 500m away from it but it could lift the semi!?
David Smith
David Smith - 12 days ago
I would suggest that its not so much that it couldn't as much as that it didn't. Tornados work in mysterious ways. That said, the movie still expects a pretty generous suspension of disbelief
Wolf Aja
Wolf Aja - 14 days ago
Hey you have service out in Oklahoma. Well you have service out in Oklahoma if you don’t have at&t.
jaue82 - 14 days ago
Now someone needs to do a count on this video of all your errors
That Guy From Walgreens
That Guy From Walgreens - 14 days ago
Why didn't her sin when Dusty got in her east when he said "the suck zone".
Doug Rose
Doug Rose - 14 days ago
Its funny you guys caught the amount of buttons done on bills shirt... but completely missed the window being up and down when swerving to miss the yellow truck landing and only noticed the way it came to a stop... before the swerve window is up....but down when it makes it around and stopped
corhellion - 14 days ago
Alright, I agree with 1 sin in this movie. Fuck you movie for destroying Aunt Megs House...
themlg kid
themlg kid - 14 days ago
Me and my grandma always watched this but she passed away but I still watch it some times
Marksman_ Airsoft
Marksman_ Airsoft - 10 days ago
themlg kid that’s sad
PEYTON HORN - 15 days ago
Shut up this movie was great
Cat With A Dick
Cat With A Dick - 15 days ago
t h e s u c c z o n e
Duval County
Duval County - 15 days ago
Entering house on 1st floor but climbing srairs and exiting still on 1st floor
John Spartan
John Spartan - 15 days ago
Everything wrong with the video titled "15 minuets or less".
1. The video is 17 minuets long....
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 5 days ago
@Piperoo Extra gags? They're not extra, they're the only audio outtakes
John Spartan
John Spartan - 11 days ago
Bo Bandy
Bo Bandy - 11 days ago
The actual sins video is 15 minutes long .....ding
Piperoo - 11 days ago
John Spartan there are 2 minutes of extra gags
J.C. Miller
J.C. Miller - 15 days ago
Man i actually.enjoyed the fuck out of this and Independence Day back in 1996. That and I remembered i seen Mrs. Doubtfire, Romeo & Juliet and Lion King in 1994 and 1995 and i wanna say but it being damn near 30 years ago. I wanna say some of the first movies i ever saw in Theaters was The Crow and Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 & 2. Back in 1993 and 1991. I could be wrong on some of the dates but i remember all of them. Man i fucking miss the Ninties.
Thomas Russel Gall
Thomas Russel Gall - 16 days ago
loved the movie! got my phantom rings there!
David Cleland
David Cleland - 16 days ago
When the dad gets sucked out thats completely fake equal amounts of air would have to come in and out so a human would not get sucked out its not like the dad was made of dust or was he...
David Cleland
David Cleland - 16 days ago
If there was some sharks added then it would have been the oroginal sharknaido
Kobe Teeth
Kobe Teeth - 16 days ago
Old refrigerators were lined with lead, therefor would keep you a bit more safe from radiation poisoning, but yeah, not thrown hundreds of feet from nuke town and survive without a broken bone....
Braxton Neal
Braxton Neal - 16 days ago
He kinda looks like the wwe wrestler Kane with hair
Heather - 16 days ago
Yall, still need those phones in Oklahoma. You still get no coverage😂 2019
Link Shaoran
Link Shaoran - 16 days ago
The reason that red Dodge Truck was immortal was because Dodge lent them several trucks for the production of this movie, but specifically told them they could only damage one. (Fairly resonable, if you ask me. I typically prefer people not damage my stuff when I lend it to them)
Link Shaoran
Link Shaoran - 16 days ago
Why didn't the sound effects earn a sin? I've heard tornadoes IRL. None of them sound like growling lions.
Link Shaoran
Link Shaoran - 16 days ago
151 sins? I'm pretty sure that can be completely undone by the brilliance of "Respect the Wind."
M M - 16 days ago
JAGExecutiveServicesInc - 16 days ago
Because Dodge Ram...That's why!
Smile Box
Smile Box - 16 days ago
Is it me or was that kickten scene with the eggs and steak made perfect asmr
Collin Champagne
Collin Champagne - 16 days ago
3:50 *Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear*
Zeppy Brawl Stars
Zeppy Brawl Stars - 16 days ago
10:07 Mr stark I don’t fell so good
The Anti Christ
The Anti Christ - 16 days ago
chick- " is there an F5?"
(record scratch)
bill- "Not at the dinner table sweety"
84k1986 84k1986
84k1986 84k1986 - 16 days ago
I was about 14 when this came out I grew up in Nebraska and I named everything wrong with this movie right off the bat but I still appreciate the movie but I don't know why all the sudden this fucking movies getting recognitionit's a good movie it should have got recognition when it came out but it was poorly received so for people that don't know nothing about the Midwest or weather they would have never guess what was going wrong in the movie along with the cast so thanks for the internet video but I'm going to guess here about 30
Stanley Harrell
Stanley Harrell - 16 days ago
I still like the movie Twister. However, I’m LMAO watching this🤣🤣🤣. Nice sarcasm.
Josh Nobles
Josh Nobles - 16 days ago
This one is stupid as fuck you have no idea about tornadoes you can see them shift yes most of all these points are fucked
Josh Nobles
Josh Nobles - 16 days ago
Seriously almost 70% of your “reviews” on what’s wrong shouldn’t be made just fucking enjoy the movie man
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia - 16 days ago
The ding is so intense! I got a headache!
madokie1970 - 16 days ago
I have first person account that there was cell phone service in in BFE Oklahoma, so there!
Paint Thy Jester
Paint Thy Jester - 16 days ago
This movie scared the living shit out of me when I was little
Savy Says
Savy Says - 17 days ago
the movie was made in 1996 after 1974 so there was tornado warnings
toll_booth - 16 days ago
The opening scene was set in 1969.
Danny Allen
Danny Allen - 17 days ago
The Mourning
The Mourning - 17 days ago
U definitely touched my favorite life long argument about tornado victims complaining about needing warning time. Every tornado that touches down in tornado alley is a warning genius
meme review
meme review - 16 days ago
this is the dumbest shit ive read
Dave King
Dave King - 17 days ago
17 min video
John Paul Sartorius
John Paul Sartorius - 17 days ago
Lmao I can tell you don't know Jack sh*t about Oklahoma and neither did these movie creators but living here my whole life especially in May of 2019 this is the most real sh*t ever, like I can't even, wow
GriggsC123 - 17 days ago
What did they do with the camper top for the Dodge??
RVC1510 - 17 days ago
Youtube algorithm showing me this video after a Tornado Alert here in NJ.
Kimberly Byrd
Kimberly Byrd - 17 days ago
RVC1510 Stay safe! ❤️
Nevy Johnson
Nevy Johnson - 17 days ago
F off this movie is great!😂
Wil Messer
Wil Messer - 17 days ago
I always thought it was weird that bill had “liability only” on a brand new truck.
anonygent - 7 days ago
Maybe they knew he was a storm chaser. No property coverage for you, pal.
Lance Burley
Lance Burley - 17 days ago
Why is called twister when were talking about tornadoes?? Ding
Lance Burley
Lance Burley - 4 days ago
@meginmd they why didnt they call the movie tornado? A ding for you !
meginmd - 15 days ago
...seriously? Twisters are another word for tornadoes.
Mrs. Loco
Mrs. Loco - 17 days ago
Nope. I paused as soon as I came on this video. Nope. Not today, Satan. This movie was the highlight of my tornado loving childhood. You will not ruin it with dumb shit like "oh, she put her class ring on her other hand, that bugs me" or "no cell phone service in bum fuck OK."
Colton - 18 days ago
*if you cannot Dodge it....*
*Ram it*
Zeppy Brawl Stars
Zeppy Brawl Stars - 16 days ago
Colton ha
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