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Kompzy - 7 hours ago
My friend is 6’3 and 15 years old and trust me, he doesn’t tower over me like some kind of string bean bitch. Why is this movie acting like she’s 6’1 yet showing her at like 8’9??
Tímea Szolnoki
Tímea Szolnoki - 8 hours ago
Now I'm hate this movie. Why the makers think that a 6 ft tall girl only can dress like a men? I'm 6,1, but never wear ugly chlotes like these.
Btw, the whole story is so stupid...
Timeshifter 10
Timeshifter 10 - 12 hours ago
I had to put “girl with size 13 Nike’s” To find this video.
Koko_Solis - 12 hours ago
Isent she eva from dance mom's who was too tall to be in the team
StormSketch - 13 hours ago
Men’s size 13 Nikes
Jamison Fawkes
Jamison Fawkes - 15 hours ago
I was 6’2 as a junior and no one gave a shit
The diamond 9036
The diamond 9036 - 16 hours ago
Tall girl: do yOu think your life is hard
Random kid: I have depression
Panic! At The Twenty One Pilots bLiNk 182
tik tok: I WEAR SIZE 13 NIKES :P
Damian Brookhouse
Damian Brookhouse - 20 hours ago
i have cancer ?
Maia Richardson
Maia Richardson - 22 hours ago
Well that movie was trash
Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton
Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton - 22 hours ago
it's a movie about bullying, but with a twist. this time there's...wait for it...a girl that's TALL. Whaaaaaaat no way! Yeah we really wanted to bring awareness. Because no one has ever seen a tall girl before
random _guy
random _guy - 23 hours ago
If she 6'1 everyone else 5'2 im 6'1 and in eighth grade its actually an average height i dou note undustand
Ali Asadi
Ali Asadi - Day ago
-Omg everybody only sees my height.
_you wanna dat me?
- no i wont date short guys lol
Zartashah Ali
Zartashah Ali - Day ago
If I was this tall I would be a model right now.
The Golden Destroyer
You think your life is tough! I stepped on a lego today, beat that.
Jodie: I’m 6”1
Me: damn, that’s tough
MalcolmXtreme - Day ago
Stay tuned for the sequel Short Guy.
Karen The grilled cheese
Tall girl is an ad and you can’t make me change my mind
Watch Ava Leeigh’s video reviewing it or perish
Alana_ Krinapai_2006
Abby lee miller watching the movie: MORE MOVEMENT AND POSTURE
Garrison Parrish
Garrison Parrish - Day ago
Her: I wear Size 13 Nikes. MEN'S size 13 Nikes
Me: bitch I'm a size 18 wide, I can't even wear Nikes (also a dude so I guess it doesn't count)
Freddy Belcher
Freddy Belcher - Day ago
Dude, she's 6'1" I'm 6'5" and I don't complain as much as this chick.
D.M.B - Day ago
I watched the movie with my class at school and the ending is so cute
Xxc Point
Xxc Point - Day ago
Her: I am tall beat that
Mutants: I am a redhead
Xxc Point
Xxc Point - Day ago
I know girls taller than 6,1
Lord of memes
Lord of memes - Day ago
Size 13 nikes
nina nihad
nina nihad - Day ago
I'm tall too 1.78cm and i'm proud 😘😍😀😊💪💪
Dasha - Day ago
ngl thought it wasn’t even a bad movie. who cares that they couldn’t hire someone who was 8”9. The movie had a message and delivered it.
Nimra Shahid
Nimra Shahid - Day ago
I love this movie! Actually the name of the movie attracted me, because I'm also a TALL GIRL 😑😑 (but not like her)
Shanaia Valeri Perona
She's in the dance moms but now she's now a famous person
Damien Kuettel
Damien Kuettel - Day ago
She dresses like a janitor
AnimAlbert - Day ago
I have a 12 year old friend that is 6’5 and he doesn’t look like this A T. A L L.
T D.I - Day ago
She’s only 6’1 but looked like a giant compared to other people in the film. All the guys were muchhh shorter than her. Bye the film was really good. Sabrina was funny
slogo kid
slogo kid - Day ago
i hate it booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Kabier Tewatia
Kabier Tewatia - Day ago
I'm 6'4.5" and nobody messes with me..
How come u are extra-ordinary in height and let small douchebags give you shit!!!!
Rupashi Nehra
Rupashi Nehra - Day ago
Social anxiety and depression have left the chat.
S.S.#7 fox
S.S.#7 fox - 2 days ago
Hey - 2 days ago
Why is every single person in the comments diabetic
Razman Ahmad
Razman Ahmad - 2 days ago
so nobody notice?? cash me outside how bow da
Kpop lover
Kpop lover - 2 days ago
Archi S
Archi S - 2 days ago
aight the main issue is that she cant find dudes to date yet she attracted four different guys and made out with three of them in the movie
Noah's world
Noah's world - 2 days ago
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas - 2 days ago
Anyone got size 13 nikes
Mother Tide
Mother Tide - 2 days ago
I just watched the whole movie
Ima steal your waifu uwu
The only thing about this movie that is good IS Sabrina Carpenter
Unsa Alwadud
Unsa Alwadud - 2 days ago
all that because abby compared her with chloe and said “your too tall for us today”
Mother Tide
Mother Tide - 2 days ago
I’ve had Netflix for 6 years
Julian 3245
Julian 3245 - 2 days ago
LilDino4 - 2 days ago
There’s this 7th grader that’s bigger than her which is not surprising at all
Yeet Bitch
Yeet Bitch - 3 days ago
Bitches like this act like 6’7 niggas like me don’t exist
Aurea Saja
Aurea Saja - 3 days ago
Porque hay tanto pendejo qie le dio like a este video?
신의 축복이 있기를god bless u
as a *VERY* short korean girl I can´t relate to this shit
GANDHAR DESSAI - 3 days ago
Maybe she should be in WNBA
Pinapple Paulers
Pinapple Paulers - 3 days ago
Actors: getting publicly memed and insulted
Writers : *aight ima head out*
Pop - 3 days ago
am i the only one that notice that this is almost as the same as an anime called "lovely complex"?
løvely - 3 days ago
Okay I'm 5'4 so I don't really have the right to say this but 6'1 isn't even that tall
Bre !
Bre ! - 3 days ago
Nothing but bad coments, unlike everyone else here i do not follow peoples opinion and took a chance to watch it for sabrina and i loved it lol maybe im the only one but hey it has a great message and made me Smile thro out the Movie
Chiêu Dương
Chiêu Dương - 3 days ago
Good film. I just watched this morning!
JON MORSETTE - 3 days ago
I’m 6 foot and wear 13 size shoes
Lina Zhou
Lina Zhou - 3 days ago
Her: "I'm Tall, beat that"
Me: I have diabetes, I can't eat without taking a shot every time, and there's no cure
Will Coleman
Will Coleman - 3 days ago
Girl: I hate being 6’1”, I’m too tall!
Peppa Pig: Hold my beer
Real Blackpool
Real Blackpool - 3 days ago
Sorry but someone does not get bullied for being 6ft 1, there is plenty of boys and even girls at my school that are taller than her.
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