Private Jet Burger King Mukbang 🍔 Trying The Impossible Whopper

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Alexandra Stubbs
Alexandra Stubbs - 11 hours ago
We will always love and miss Diamond and Daddy Star, Rest In Peace.
Nyah Quartey-Papafio
Nyah Quartey-Papafio - 11 hours ago
2:00-2:16 me on my cheat days
Reyesツ - 13 hours ago
Omg bitch I’m hungry... 😂❤️
Julito Maraña
Julito Maraña - 14 hours ago
Nate you want some real meat ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Amber Webb
Amber Webb - 17 hours ago
I'm just over here watching old Jeffree videos. Missing his face. We had a family discussion and decided that he needs to be a Shark on Shark Tank 🦈 you would kill it!
Mindy Reed Jones
Mindy Reed Jones - 18 hours ago
I love your beautiful family.
스트민. - Day ago
.....? 실화? “먹방” 이 이제 고유명사가 된건가 ㄷ ㄷ 개쩌네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
scuba John
scuba John - Day ago
Jeffery don't forget about the Barbie hotel that just opened in Hilton Mexico city sante fe I think that is a must especially for you 💌👡👒💄💍
Brianne Owen
Brianne Owen - Day ago
Brianne Owen
Brianne Owen - Day ago
His whole body is loterly so skinny
Ayesha tuli
Ayesha tuli - Day ago
That look on nates face when jefree burps 😂
Mi11ster - Day ago
I’m so hungry now
Kyle Boyles
Kyle Boyles - Day ago
Both of you have mental disorders
leaum` Gacha :3
leaum` Gacha :3 - Day ago
If someone was names muk and they say "bang"

They are a genius
Giasemi Gethsemane
Giasemi Gethsemane - Day ago
Watching this makes me happy that Jeffree and Nate are in good health and that they’re eating well.
And I sit here and wonder when my next meal is. And no this isn’t for clout I wish I had as much money as Jeffree to be able to have three meals a day and an abundance of food.
Melee Kirby 2004
Melee Kirby 2004 - Day ago
Sis Went in on that French toast stick like 7:43 and she was like yeas Queen
Tyler josephs A coward
Ayyy i eat desert first too
Furoida Nch
Furoida Nch - Day ago
Hye.... Jeff.... U still look pretty even without make up.... Love yahhh
Jackie Lopez
Jackie Lopez - Day ago
Jeffree: *gets all types of food* "oooouuu napkins yes"
MOARMY모아미 - Day ago
Jeffree in front of UNFINISHED burger king: okay so we still feel a little hungry so we are gonna eat some snacks that they got ready for us
George colbert
George colbert - 2 days ago
in the beginning I actually thought that was a girl until I heard the voice XD I'm inspired in you
brooke cox
brooke cox - 2 days ago
I love you
miles Lehman
miles Lehman - 2 days ago
*sees self checkout* me: the easiest way to get food jeffree star: human interaction is so iconic
LT Gaming
LT Gaming - 2 days ago
Burger King is so much better than mc donalds
Angela Caldwell
Angela Caldwell - 2 days ago
I’m 24 and never flown. Meanwhile Jeffree’s dogs are flying on jets. Nice lol
Luíza G
Luíza G - 3 days ago
13:13 i mean... not surprised but??? is this...? nevermind
•Gãçhã_ØwØ• •ØwØ_w0t•
CR7 Abdullah
CR7 Abdullah - 3 days ago
Be a man bro
Jackie Gust
Jackie Gust - 3 days ago
Babe you should do a review on melt cosmetics smoke session pallet. I think you would think it’s cool and I’d love to see what you think before I decide to purchase. They are sold in Sephora. 😘
Teri D
Teri D - 3 days ago
The puppies!
N!k Channel
N!k Channel - 3 days ago
Jeffree is totally me when I receive food order 😆
alexandra silverstein
alexandra silverstein - 3 days ago
hey Jeffrey, I'm also from Orange County and have actually seen you at the Irvine spectrum way back in the myspace days. Long time fan, love your content!
Tajanae Patterson
Tajanae Patterson - 3 days ago
Jeffree: We’re Going To Let The Tesla Charge
Me Feeling Poor And Knows Nothing About Sports Cars: CHARGEEEEEEE
Alexis Pixiee
Alexis Pixiee - 3 days ago
Ugh I wanna marry you both
Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie - 3 days ago
I’m mad you came to Grand Rapids and I had no idea
Angel Kll
Angel Kll - 3 days ago
Daddy Star ☹️❤️
Zotiac - 4 days ago
Is it me or the way he moves/expresses his hands is satisfying
Agnes Börjesson
Agnes Börjesson - 4 days ago
Your boyfriends hair is on fire🔥
Klutzyvegetarian 7
Klutzyvegetarian 7 - 4 days ago
Me too Nate. Meeee tooooo
Kora Shake
Kora Shake - 4 days ago
Don’t all of you just feel like he’s Wright there with you.

Like if agree
Never give your real name
whatever weed ya'll been giving Nate to smoke... hes hilarious in this video hahaha. keep him hooked up on a steady supply of this shit lol
Ariel Baron
Ariel Baron - 4 days ago
Jeffree walking into Burger King holding a Birken is killing me. iCoNiC
Emily Sudderth
Emily Sudderth - 4 days ago
jefree and mattie should make a pallette together
Clumsy Unicorn
Clumsy Unicorn - 4 days ago
16:56 😂 Nates response made me laugh
Olive Eater
Olive Eater - 5 days ago
Is Burger King also Hungry Jacks? Because our Hungry Jacks bags are the exact same as Burger King’s.
Chilly W.
Chilly W. - 5 days ago
eating cold junkfood on a privat flight... because fuck you! hahaha
ABCD XYZ - 5 days ago
Oreo cheese cake is one of the worst in BK
A Ch
A Ch - 5 days ago
So I’m crying just because I want Jeffree’s appetite and metabolism
Rushanty Monzel
Rushanty Monzel - 5 days ago
olivia6101 - 5 days ago
It would be cool if Jeffree donated some of the profits of the straws to a charity that helps wildlife/ turtles 🐢
Nanette Luciano
Nanette Luciano - 5 days ago
I really like how Jeffrey and his boyfriend relationship 😍😍
Linda Thompson
Linda Thompson - 5 days ago
I bet every night Nate goes to bed thinking about how lucky Jeffree picked him to go on a date, fall in love and now he's filthy rich. I'm sure he never imagined his life would be like it is while living in Grand Rapids.
David M.
David M. - 5 days ago
0:04 i'm diying😂😂😂
Valentina Zimmerman
Valentina Zimmerman - 5 days ago
Jeffre Star:rich
Also jeffre Star:oooooh free wifiiii
Ab S
Ab S - 5 days ago
Is there a valet at Burger King 🤴🏻
Ellie Stevens
Ellie Stevens - 5 days ago
Who else lives in Michigan 😊
Leanne Stringer
Leanne Stringer - 5 days ago
You have the best videos and makeup
CrazyBigRed254 - 5 days ago
Jeffree: pulls up to burger king in a lamborgini
Also jeffree: yes free wifi
Tin Man
Tin Man - 5 days ago
I feel like they made this to distract you from the fact that their regular burgers arent real either😂
Blackpink Fans unite
Blackpink Fans unite - 6 days ago
Only Jeffree will do this
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