Film Theory: How NOT To Train Your Dragon! (How To Train Your Dragon)

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Darbie Sasmon
Darbie Sasmon - 3 hours ago
but matpat in the third movie while hiccup was making a tale for toothless hiccup and astrid was having a conversation about pickup already doing that a tail that can be used by toothless alone the astrid specifically said that they already did that and toothless didn't want it so you're theory just goes downhill because it is already addressed in the the third movie that he already tried to do that but toothless did not want it but in the third movie toothless has a reason to want it that is actually what you need to be looking for details in the 3rd movie
MTRG15 - 3 hours ago
Weeeelllllllllll this is... accurate, as always, I would argue things like the books that present much more advanced species of dragons that have somehow developed mammals characteristics and complex thoughts and emotions (not to mention they can speak) but then again, the movies have nothing to do with the books so yeah, you can only argue that dragons could be a superior evolution of lizards that have the beginnings of neo-cortexes that allow them to feel simple emotions
novabus boy
novabus boy - 4 hours ago
wolfcreator9 does everything
Hmmmmm....... I hate you now good bye
Jason Sayer
Jason Sayer - 7 hours ago
Now someone is just very very strange.......0:17
Jason Sayer
Jason Sayer - 7 hours ago
People in the internet are just weird.....0:11
Mealie - 7 hours ago
Birds (which are just fluffy reptiles):
Am I a joke to you?
Colin Gilligan
Colin Gilligan - 7 hours ago
My bearded dragon loves me!
Avo Rice
Avo Rice - 8 hours ago
Why doesnt Toothless kill Hiccup?
Kaeden Johnson
Kaeden Johnson - 11 hours ago
7:00 i died
魂Mace - 14 hours ago
how do you know that dragons dont have the brain part that makes them love you
OrdinaryServingOfJell-O Nah
Decent points, but i was just thinking how much shit they would drop on the houses..
RealityBreaker - 21 hour ago
God damn it mat pat, I didn't want to watch this theory before I watched the movie, turns out I didn't need to since you only looked at the first and oh my no, you overlook the dragons are clearly shown to have a lot more advanced brains then reptiles, enough to compete with humans.

Sure, maybe Hiccup was a bad trainer, he was the first one to try in the universe though and had no research papers or hindsight to call upon so was going at it from scratch. Sure he injured the dragon but in the end didn't kill them, would you call the humans who first worked with wolves a good example for modern people to use on dogs? But he still tried.
Kritikill ヅ
Kritikill ヅ - 23 hours ago
Love your channel. But this theory is on par with the ness is sans theory in levels of absolutle bullshit. There was a guy a while back that saved a crocodile and the crocodile clearly responded with *kindness, trust, and affection for years.* but well shit according to this shitshow of a theory, that is simply *impossible* . Seriously though. This theory is just embarrassing on how bad it is.
Link to Chito and Poncho the Crocodile:
I get that comparing universes and creatures from different universes to our reality is kinda your job, but this is one of those scenarios that just doesnt work. These dragons obviously dont fucking act like the reptiles in our universe. They show affection, trust, and kindess, along with other emotions to such a degree like a cross between humans, cats, and dogs. Did you even watch the fucking movies or animated series or any fucking thing relating to the series Matthew Robert Patrick?
Faithfully Hopeful
Faithfully Hopeful - Day ago
Maybe I watched the video wrong. I thought he was theorizing training an actual lizard and how it wouldn’t work in real life. He’s not wrong. A course in the movie world you can train a dragon. But I’m pretty sure he just meant irl.
Baconnn - Day ago
We may not be able to create giant flying lizards, but could we create giant flying dogs?

Edit: also, to everybody freaking butt-heart about one guy's theory, he's talking about how POSSIBLE it would be to TRAIN or even create a real life dragon, not entirely based off the ones in the movie.
Baconnn - Day ago
How come your theories always have a lot of dislikes? They're really good theories.
Treedin Animates
Treedin Animates - Day ago
The books are better
Eclispe Brawl stars
Matpat: reptiles can’t form attatchments to humans
Me to my tortoise: .....
TheOnlySoe - Day ago
A dragon that can’t fly is a dinosaur
What most people dont realise that the relationship between drags and vikings is absolutely horrible. The dragons are not just like your friendly samoyeds. If you watch all 3 movies, you will realise that the dragons are intelligent creatures, capable of expressing emotions and logical thinking. For example, when hiccup was rejected by light fury, he was sad and tried to get outta her friend zone. So, how would you think you would feel if you knew you had to listen to humans like they were your masters. The relationship is like rick and morty. Morty loves going on ricks adventure, but starts to dislike and at some point hates rick when he realises that he was just a tool used by rick to hide from the galactic federation. Its like being aware that youre a slave but cannot leave.
Bryan Cain
Bryan Cain - Day ago
Jessica HERBANE - Day ago
y all da h8 4 matpat
TexasbombColCol - Day ago
Welp that’s another child hood movie that is ruined for me by matpat jk love you
Stan Straight
Stan Straight - 2 days ago
what if dragons don't think like a lizard? what if they are just a dog in a reptile's body
Daniel Houck
Daniel Houck - 2 days ago
You are assuming too much about how similar dragons are to real reptiles. They're warm-blooded, presumably, so they aren't exactly the same.
Diego Gallardo
Diego Gallardo - 2 days ago
But if they are smart, can't you develop a codependent relationship with them? One in witch if they needed you to fence from a predator and you needed them to fence from another, being together and moving together would be tho only way to carry on. Couldn't a lizard acknowledge that?
iM0rb1d - 2 days ago
I like this theory, I really do. But one hole I have noticed is that you are comparing dragons to actual reptiles, seems fine, however... They are being mind controled by a much more massive dragon. How does that happen when it comes to brain power? Endorphins? But the mind control cant be endorphins or something of that nature, because toothless ends up resisting it. I'm curious on your theory on that to be honest, since it wasn't addressed here. o-o
Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen
Made good points, but he ignored the brotherhood they gained
Presley Hesson
Presley Hesson - 2 days ago
0:59 Forgot Godzilla
Also, later in the video, Matpat became yeah...not a good theory...
Moonstone husky
Moonstone husky - 2 days ago
A dragon who can't fly is a dead dragon?

Speed stingers aren't extinct... Prove that theory, bitch!
Bumble Whal
Bumble Whal - 2 days ago
You ignored the fact that eventually Toothless started loving Hiccup and all the other dragons that didn’t rely on their humans could leave and attack whenever they wanted. But they didn’t because they didn’t like their old lifestyle. Also they were safe from dragon hunters. And in the short Toothless didn’t want to leave. He only wanted to fly with Hiccup. Your beginning points were correct but everything else was easily debunked. The reason they released the dragons in HTTYD 3 was because they found a safe place for the dragons with no danger of the dragon hunters. All the dragons realized that they had a safe place to go and why stay when you can be safe basically forever. The humans realized that too. You only skimmed across everything they were doing not going into depth.
Panos  Delis
Panos Delis - 2 days ago
You are wrong... Toothless wouldn't leave him, he didn't want the tail that hiccup made for him, until he fell in love with the light fury
I Need A Name
I Need A Name - 2 days ago
Jose Carlos Moreno
Jose Carlos Moreno - 2 days ago
Assault water crocodile
ChinaMo - 3 days ago
I feel like you might need a hug MatPat... *Pats MatPats head*
Also, what if dragons are less reptilian and more avian/non-avian dinosaur like?! Their brains would have to be different, like J. Horner has said on many occasions...
I Am God
I Am God - 3 days ago
Just saying MatPat. If you actually di want to train a dragon; do it like Valka did (Hiccup's mother). She spent 20 years among dragon and not training them, taming them, or even domesticating them, but befriending them like you would a human. She knew these dragons have EMOTIONS and Valka is the right way to go. Follow in Valka's foot steps, if you want not just a pet dragon, but a friend who will fly to the ends of earth for you. 🌎 But hey that's just a theory, A TEXT theory. And Cut! 🎥
Omar Sakr
Omar Sakr - 3 days ago
This is the very first Film Theory that I have to disagree with.
Your theory is wrong on many levels, the dragons clearly show a very high level of intelligence and complicated emotions.
Hiccup put himself in danger to help Toothless fly again, the dragon even bit his leg off so if that is worth anything, is that makes them even.
Hmmm, really Mat it makes me think you really didn't watch the movies clearly.
Stellar Lunar
Stellar Lunar - 3 days ago
Except the dragons in this movie were modeled off of cats and dogs.
Secondly, as a reptile handler of many years I've gotta point out something. Though their brains may not be developed like ours are, reptiles do have their own primitive form of trust. Reptiles can recognize different people including their owners through sight and smell, and they can show content or uncomfortableness when being around certain people or certain types of people.
The best example I can think of in my personal experience would be with a python I had. She strongly disliked certain types of people (mostly women) and would routinely strike when handled by them or when they walked by the enclosure. However, the snake was more than comfortable with most men, she seemed to enjoy being handled by them and rarely showed signs of fear around them. This particular python also did not mind children and did quite well with them. However, any female person of a certain age or size, the snake showed distrusting and defensive tendencies towards. Now, I was not the first caretaker for this snake, but this to me shows that the snake probably had a negative experience with a woman in the past or sees women as a threat for some other reason.
I also have one snake who is very tame for me and most other people but anxious and distrustful around my brother, even though my brother has not hurt the snake.
Any other reptile owner can also tell you that they do in fact tame down with handling and can display trust towards humans that wasn't originally there.
So take from that what you will, but it isn't simply a black-and-white all instinct animal. They don't develop emotional bonds with their handlers but they can absolutely gain trust and look forward to handing
Joseph Enzinna
Joseph Enzinna - 3 days ago
Jason Burroughs
Jason Burroughs - 3 days ago
uh no thanks matpat
Gary Jongco
Gary Jongco - 3 days ago
The Thumbnail name of this game should be like How To NOT train Your Dragon
Ruqaiya Swan
Ruqaiya Swan - 3 days ago
99 percent of the comments
This theory is bullcrap
1 percent of the comments
You can do better
Ruqaiya Swan
Ruqaiya Swan - 3 days ago
This might be the only video that I disliked you can see why in almost EVERY SINGLE COMMENT
Ruqaiya Swan
Ruqaiya Swan - 3 days ago
Did he just make toothless as smart as a lizard
Fans attack
Dawid Kaczmarczyk
Dawid Kaczmarczyk - 3 days ago
PETA logic i guess :v
Nicole Flores
Nicole Flores - 3 days ago
As a HTTYD fan myself, I'm with the rest of the community in the comment section. But, even though this theory was off, I think the main problem is that you really only took away from the movies when the tv series and shorts showed so much more about the coexistence and the relationship between humans and dragons (which would debunk some of your points). Also, I guess comparing the dragons in this series to lizards is similar to comparing humans to monkeys; same ancestors but more evolved beings?. Sorry for all the flagging in the comments, Matt. But yes, Riders of Berk and Race to the Edge show so much more of what's to learn about this franchise.
b0b bob racing
b0b bob racing - 3 days ago
In the movie and Netflix series, toothless has emotions, which means that they have the components of the brain you say they do not have.
Derpninja - 4 days ago
You have made the fatal flaw of forgetting that How to Train Your Dragon is a fantasy world. You cannot use our world's rules to define their world. In their world, dragons quite clearly have more complex brains than the lizards of Earth. Your argument kind of falls apart when you use unrelated evidence to support a claim. And the dragons also didn't leave when they had the chance. They stayed and formed a bond. Their brains are clearly more similar to human brains in the HTTYD universe.
EmilyDreamer11 - 4 days ago
Hiccup realizes he messed up at the beginning and he you can see in the films that he and Toothless have a connection. Don’t taint their relationship. They help each other grow throughout the tv series and movies and you can see that at the end.
dDeckon - 4 days ago
11:07 That got me more It should. I had to pause the Video so that i could breath.
Who ever Wrote this Episode, GOOD JOB.
AscendtionArc - 4 days ago
To be fair the method in the film is much more endearing than the book method, even if the later is perhaps more realistic and most of the endearment arises from Toothless not being a little $X#t, I mean a jerk, like his is in the books.
M Suddley
M Suddley - 4 days ago
Porcupine Eating Contest
sure why not
EnchantedOcelot - 4 days ago
But but dragons aren't like lizards, despite what people say.
Like in the movie, you can see the emotional connections with the other dragons and their "trainers"
I believe dragons are closer to mammals then lizards.
barcode - 4 days ago
How to train you Dragon ark survival evolved version
Step 1 knock it out
Step 2 shove meat or berries up its butt until it likes you
Step 3 put a saddle on it
Step 4 more ass meat or berries
Step 5 idk
Ricardo Parente
Ricardo Parente - 4 days ago
*fetches water spraybottle: "Bad MatPat, bad! Now go and improve your theory! "
danime - 4 days ago
Ur so funny
Cheesy Jamez
Cheesy Jamez - 4 days ago
It took a while and alot of binge watching but you finally ruined a movie for me lol congrats I'll never watch these movies the same again 😂😂😂
WolfGirl938 - 4 days ago
I think that because these are fictional creatures we should assume that they have greater levels of intelligence than normal lizards and learn how to train them
Arcyle - 4 days ago
It seems you are very intellectually dishonest with how you twist the story of the movie to fit the purpose of the video. Could also be stupidity, but I doubt that.
Zalgo the Demon
Zalgo the Demon - 4 days ago
Probably more accurate to relate dragons to cats instead of real life lizards.
J.B Productions
J.B Productions - 4 days ago
so there goes me wanting a pet lizard for by birth day
J.B Productions
J.B Productions - 4 days ago
so after watching the first 4:20 sec. your saying the title shouldn't be how to train your dragon. But how to domesticate your dragon?

makes sense
elizb1439 - 5 days ago
I think this theory intentionally overlooks some very important aspects of both hiccup's and toothless's characters, and generally didn't really hit. Sorry Matpat, I usually love your theories but this one just doesn't feel as well rounded as usual. Oh well, not all of them are gonna be amazing
Robby Barberio
Robby Barberio - 5 days ago
If this comment gets 1k likes I’ll post a video of me breaking into my own house
YGC_theGAME - 5 days ago
Can’t wair for the flim theory on :ftght atyd
Finnian Weiland
Finnian Weiland - 5 days ago
The nickname for Jumonje three is Louie Louie
JonyBull - 5 days ago
Kritikill ヅ
Kritikill ヅ - 23 hours ago
Bewilderbeast can't fly the purple death cant fly komodo dragons cant fly shit they are all dead
JonyBull - 5 days ago
last comment i swear. next time you decide to make a theory hating on an entire franchise do more research and make sure the theory sounds at least a bit correct.this is youre worst theory to not just saying ths cuz i love the movies but i have lost a lot of respect for you after this theory
JonyBull - 5 days ago
6:33 would you have know to make a fully automatic tail fin at the age of around 12 matpat
Pracica Chellappan
Pracica Chellappan - 5 days ago
Hiccup and toothless have such a strong relationship and have trusted each other from the beginning so hiccup isn't entrapping him anywhere! Hiccup only helps toothless go places and vise versa...and wouldn't question each other
MahmoudX - 5 days ago
King K Rool 💀
Rusty Dragon
Rusty Dragon - 5 days ago
Hiccup shot ToothLess because he was trying to be like his village
MahmoudX - 5 days ago
Sorry MatPat I love your videos but this video was rushed, you should get your facts straight.
Rusty Dragon
Rusty Dragon - 5 days ago
You ruined my fav movie!! Yay! I hate you.... (jk)
JonyBull - 5 days ago
..... dont forget were talking about a DRAGON !Not a lizard for all we know dragons could have more emotion then humans do.Im sorry mat i agree with most of youre theories but this one is a no no Theory debunked!
Hung Le
Hung Le - 5 days ago
um you should think about that this is a kids movie so it can't be they are mine it's it's has to be happy
Simon Galmstrup Thomsen
just because dragons are related to reptiles does not mean they have the same behaviour
501stTrooper - 5 days ago
Clearly the dragons are an entirely different kingdom of animal than just basic reptiles. Honestly, they're more like birds than reptiles. We can also see in the movie that they are capable of emotional attachment, and not just to himans. In the third movie, it is noted multiple times that night furies mate for life, a characteristic only present in emotionally capable species. You can't base training a dragon from that world on our world's lizards, as they aren't remotely close to one another.
Space dragon
Space dragon - 5 days ago
Uh Yeah No.... I Disagree Tho reptiles DO have Feelings but they have no way of showing it BUT Toothless is a Giant reptile But he's BASED ON MAMMALS!! So are ALL the DRAGONS IN HTTYD Since you like Kangaroos lets speak about A deadly Nadder...Nadders are based on KANGAROOS,BIRDS,Bearded Dragon and a dog Toothless is based on HORSES,BIRDS,WOLVES,DOGS,CATS, DEERS and a BUNNY!
Their looks are reptillan looks but their actions and emotions are BASED ON MAMMALS
Jake Turner
Jake Turner - 5 days ago
you need to make book theory, solely so you can do a book version (the books are way better)
finnhanke - 5 days ago
Have you considered that toothless is the only dragon, who was trained the way you described. Most of the dragons that are trained in films 2 and 3 are dragons, that are never injured or captured. They are free dragons.
waterclaw dab
waterclaw dab - 5 days ago
where is the hidden world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i must know plz matt patt plzzzzzzzzzzz
рома иванов
рома иванов - 5 days ago
Funny enought, they use word "приручить" in russian version, wich closer to "domesticate" then "train"
Sianne Schaatsbergen
Sianne Schaatsbergen - 5 days ago
This theory is awesome, but I'm sad to hear all these bad things about one of my favorite childhood movies. I mean, you're right of course, but I'm sorry to hear it.
OgliTheLizard - 5 days ago
u say that hiccup is having toothless capture and not letting him keep his instincs in one of the episodes of httyd rise of berk he is defending his *terrritory* wich is berk from a whisperning death and this happens with other dragon's to like they get attacked by a scrill wich he defeats. and they cannot fly where they want you say in the series httyd race to the edge dagur former villain get to train a dragon while hiccups helping him he says *you're trying to steer him to much. you need to trust your dragon dagur.*
Francis Arevalo
Francis Arevalo - 5 days ago
Soo what ur saying is you should change the title: How to domesticate your dragon or #HTDYD
Jack Sukahorn
Jack Sukahorn - 5 days ago
Looks at #Toothless

Finds applesaucecraft
Zion J
Zion J - 6 days ago
Yay! You finally got into How to Train Your Dragon!
Ethan Lilley
Ethan Lilley - 6 days ago
Hey matpat do ur fackin homework, the head of a dragon from how to train your dragon is much larger compared to its body size than a normal lizard or other reptile from our world, which means that it could very well have enough space in its head to house the necessary parts of the brain for emotion. Furthermore, toothless has shown emotion, cause if he's a slave too hiccup then why did he save him, or choose him over having his freedom in the Christmas special, or choose him over the female night fury multiple times? Idiot.
formorian5 - 6 days ago
This is the first video of Matpats that I couldn't watch to the end. Maybe I'm biased since I love the movies, but he seems to be ignoring the movie's established facts to make his theory more sound.
Others have pointed out the dragon's emotions and intelligence, so I want to focus on a few scenes in particular. After finding Toothless shot down, Hiccup prepares to kill. Dragons have been raiding and killing his people for generations. He wants to prove himself to his village and father. He has every reason, and every right, to kill this dragon. Instead, he frees Toothless.
Now consider Toothless. The vikings have killed countless dragons, and he has personally been crippled for life. He may even know this particular viking hurt him. He is angry, and has every right to kill Hiccup where he stands. Instead, he
flees. Both of them showed mercy towards something they should hate and want to kill. It's something they can build on, at least.
Hanan Hazard
Hanan Hazard - 6 days ago
There is just some movies MattPatt should not touch 😂💕
Josh Silverstein
Josh Silverstein - 6 days ago
I could easily do an entire rebuttal video debunking this, but I'm not going to. I'll just summarize my thoughts, and give some constructive criticism.
Just so we're clear, I really don't think Stockholm Syndrome was involved at all. Hiccup and Toothless were close friends that just had a rocky start to their relationship. And, as interesting as real world reptile biology is, you missed something important. The dragons in this franchise are very intelligent. In the TV shows, Hiccup and friends actually train their dragons to follow simple commands, and more advanced ones later. If you pay attention to the dialogue, there are a lot of moments when said dragons respond as if they understand perfect English (or Berkian in this case). It's inconsistent at times, but then again, that is pretty much Hookfang's entire character arc.These dragons are more than just giant lizards because the entire production of the first movie suddenly changed after someone re-designed Toothless to look more like a panther. Their original plan was to directly adapt the first book of the series, as evident by the various unused/re-purposed concept art.
Yes, the movies are based on a book series, and the books are vastly different. At first glance, you would think the books and movies were entirely separate stories/timelines. There was never a war between humans and dragons. Hiccup never discovered how to train dragons, as vikings train dragons all the time, and its his turn this time. Astrid never existed, but she replaced a different female character named Camicazi. Toothless' original design was re-purposed as the Terrible Terrors, and he was given that name because he genuinely had no teeth. Toothless was also the size of a small cat, so Hiccup had to pick a completely different dragon to ride into battle on. This is just the tip of the iceberg; the beginning of the rabbit hole. In these books, the dragons are so intelligent that they actually created their own language called Dragonese. This is how Hiccup and Toothless are communicating in all of their adventures.
Long story short, I really enjoyed learning about reptile brains, but you need to take the entire cannon into consideration before insulting every dragons' intelligence. The dragons are far more intelligent than any reptile because that's how they were written. Let me give you an idea for your next theory on the franchise: The books and movies are all part of the same timeline, so there are two Hiccups, but one is the ancestor of the other. This may sound ridiculous, but there is a surprising amount of evidence to support the idea. I even looked into it myself for a bit, and found quite a few connections even within the first few books.
JonyBull - 5 days ago
dont forget to mention at 6:33 hesais that he made a tail to abuse toothless. he is literaly around 12 in this movie its impressive he managed to make a working tail and he sais that he should have built an automatic one for toothless.most kids watch cartoons and youtube at 12 years old not blacksmith
Privatizität - 6 days ago
Maybe the dragons are just a bit more evolved, and have the extra emotion brain parts
Vapor Waterson
Vapor Waterson - 6 days ago look at number 9 hope it ain't lost hope mat pat sees this
Julha - 6 days ago
Do u know really How To Train A Dragon? Scream, loud.
Iliyan Nikolov
Iliyan Nikolov - 6 days ago
you rewend evry thing matpat
flipping amazing
flipping amazing - 6 days ago
Ye no i aint falling for this
Jirokiie #7
Jirokiie #7 - 6 days ago
We are gathered here today ,to mourn the passings of many hopes and dreams .
Nole_ DarkHunter
Nole_ DarkHunter - 6 days ago
No not a dead dragon just a lizerd
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