Film Theory: How NOT To Train Your Dragon! (How To Train Your Dragon)

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Alba G
Alba G - 3 hours ago
It was a well researched theory and you put effort in it
So good job even if there are some major holes
xacobe playz
xacobe playz - 3 hours ago
10:13 dumb crocodiles
Quantum Physics
Quantum Physics - 6 hours ago
I'm not sure if anyone else here has made the point, but dragons are not only meant to be strictly reptilian in nature. Ancient dragons were made as a combination of large reptiles, birds of prey, and large mammalian predators as it united the ideas of humanity's three most threatening predators into one being. I think it may just be that the reptilian part of dragons only goes as deep as their scales. Maybe they have intelligent, birdlike brains, but I don't ultimately find it improbable that they could have brains similar to something like a lion or leopard, also called big cats. Funny you should say that they act like glorified cats in the presence of dragonnip...
EDIT: Now thinking it over, there are many cases where we see emotion and rational thought in these dragons. For example, S P O I L E R W A R N I N G , Toothless attempts to save Hiccup from the ensuing when attempting to get rid of the mother dragon (I forget what it is actually called, but the giant one in a large mountain.) This displays importance of saving the one who spared his life before over preserving his own, something you don't really see in reptiles, and rarely in birds, if at all. Oh, and since they seem to be able to conceive of human thoughts and concepts like drawing a portrait in the third installment of the series and saving that which is important to a spouse but not to themselves, like we see the Light fury do in the same installment as it saves Hiccup from death though he bears significance only to Toothless and not her, would it not be reasonable to assume that they can display a fair amount of human traits, too? After all, one the world's deadliest forces is man himself, and the creation of the thought of a dragon was to combine man's most prevalent natural threats, but man has been his own enemy before, hasn't he? Once said by an ancient philosopher, it is man, who has the the poison of deceit, that has the most potent venom (or something to that effect, feel free to refresh me on the exact quote if so inclined.)
Nevaeh Nelson
Nevaeh Nelson - 14 hours ago
Dragons: *shows emotion throughout the whole movies and shows*
MatPat: *Hold mah beer*
KAPTAINKAT201 - 16 hours ago
Terrence Hanratty
Terrence Hanratty - 19 hours ago
Eh it can be better
zhe bin teoh
zhe bin teoh - 21 hour ago
Walter Cunningham
Walter Cunningham - Day ago
You're wrong and you're right.
First off, the most important point that you did not recognize is that Dragons and contemporary reptiles are not the same. In How to Train Your Dragon, the dragons are shown to be social animals even without human involvement. Several species are pack hunters, several individuals have misbehaved either out of distress from lacking a social group or in an attempt to protect others from natural disasters or greater threats. They show a far greater capacity for emotion than real life reptiles. In terms of psychology, I think it would be better to compare these dragons to apes than to lizards or crocodiles.
However, if you want to stay with the reptile comparison, you also need to understand that psychological and intelligence research with any animal, aside from dolphins, apes, a few bird, domesticated pets and livestock, is still an unexplored frontier. Their intelligence and emotional capacity are still largely unknown and we are discovering unexpected behavior in numerous species on a regular basis, cooperative hunting among snakes for instance. This also isn't taking into account that some lizards have shown monogamous tendencies and several reptiles have show parental care, somethibg crocodiles are famous for. So to say that reptiles are without the capability to form emotional bonds isn't exactly accurate.
Then of course there's some anomalies like Pocho the crocodile and his relationship with Gilberto Shidden for example. Pocho trusted Gilberto and recognized that Gilberto wasn't food and freely interacted with him. The crocodile even refused to leave Gilberto when released and returned to Gilberto's home when left at the river. Speculation about brain damage aside, after being rescued and nursed back to health, the crocodile recognized Gilberto as beneficial to itself and developed some level of tolerance and perhaps even fondness for the man. I doubt Pocho would ever risk injury or death for Gilberto, but some level of bonding occurred, even if it is in an emotionless, pragmatic sense. So even if love and loyalty aren't realistic, a degree of trust and fondness is still within the realm of possibility.
Vinson Ratcliffgardy
okay matpat, quick thing to draw to your attention. in the wiki fandom and numerous other sources it says that dragons are unlike most other reptiles and that most are warm blooded. second it says that the inside of their brain has never been seen. the movie entirely contradicts this theory as you see stormfly go "drop it" and "fetch". also when toothless does gain independence he still doesn't fly away even though he is still capable of hunting and surviving in the wild
Moonflez ,
Moonflez , - Day ago
Dragons: Show emotion and are clearly smarter than most reptiles, some species even having near human intelligence
Matpat: *im gonna pretend i didn't see that*
Tayten Lorn
Tayten Lorn - Day ago
What if the size of the dragons make there brains bigger and if the dragons were being controlled by a bigger dragon it’s just acting to protect it’s self and know the bigger dragon can destroy its own habitats
Also not all dragons are the same because there are different species of dragons which means that all there brains are different and can have different intelligence
Also it’s clear that all dragons are warm blooded sense they all can survive the winter just fine
Dragons lay eggs like most lizards or it could be like very little mammals can do
Case and point dragon can just like mammals
Trattore Trattore
Trattore Trattore - Day ago
Why dragons are not reptiles:
They have four legs AND a pair of wings that clearly contain bones and are therefore "extra legs" (for example, birds wings are a modification of their forward legs)
This means that dragons, unlike reptiles, have 6 legs instead of 4.
This means that dragons don't belong in any known class of chordata, they are either a new chordata class or they could belong in a completely different phylum.
But hey, it's just a theorizing, a film theorizing! Thanks for reading and see you next time
Mychal Bradley
Mychal Bradley - Day ago
Are you dissing fairy tails dragons
DFW Texacutioner
DFW Texacutioner - Day ago
One hole in your theory dragons are not lizards
Spaer A Count
Spaer A Count - Day ago
This is all assuming that the dragons are classical reptiles, which they are not, they are dragons, likely most analogus to a cross between birds and mammals, who happen to have scales. For Pete's sake Matthew, this is fiction we are talking about, just because something has scales doesn't make it a lizard.
Glass Dragon
Glass Dragon - Day ago
This is just running off the assumption that dragons ARE reptiles, instead of a similar but separate species, which have always been depicted as intelligent and higher-thinking.
Joslyn Holden
Joslyn Holden - Day ago
finnaly your ruining one of my childhood favorites!!
Glass Dragon
Glass Dragon - Day ago
This is how people treat horses, and why I practice natural horsemanship instead of all the cruel standards.
GS Cinder
GS Cinder - 2 days ago
This sums up what I got from this video.
Dog brain: "Yes, my owner is finally home, he could feed me, he could go on a walk with me, endless possibilities!!!"
mothboyconnor - 2 days ago
This theory is completely off target for one reason: dragons in How To train Your Dragon are based off *cats*. They visibly all show emotion in the movie. The dragons in the movie do have some emotional range.
M Terry
M Terry - 2 days ago
Dragons are more like dogs and cats than lizards. You even say it yourself, “glorified cats”
Kaiden rudolph
Kaiden rudolph - 2 days ago
I you know that is a kangaroo rat
Ali Osman
Ali Osman - 2 days ago
Well Matpat, the dragons in How To Train Your Dragon show relatively high levels of emotion and intelligence, and are clearly more evolved than the normal run-of-the-mill kamado dragons and other lizards.
Rhysa Cooley
Rhysa Cooley - 2 days ago
What if the dragons in the movie have brain structures that are more complex than lizards in our world? What if they have more bird like brains? Birds can be trained more like mammals than lizards and this looks like the case in the movies and side series. When Hiccup gives Tothless a tail he can use without him, Toothless makes the choice to destroy it. Also all the other dragon riders dragons stay with and protect them. There are a lot of examples that show this: all the dragons we ever see standing around with out disabilities of anything keeping them from flying away never do, there are multiple times when we see dragons save their riders when it won’t help the dragon survive, and last we see lots of trained dragons show affection to humans they care about. It seems that in the movies and shows dragons don’t act like traditional reptiles from our world, there must be a deeper answer than “it’s for survival”. So I challenge you, Matpat to find the deeper answer. If giant lizards from 65million years ago had tethers than I say a giant bird can have scales!
Dat boi
Dat boi - 2 days ago
Did anyone else get a how to train your dragon as on this or is it just me...
I Can't My Name For 3 months
Human babies aren't completely useless.

You won't have to shop for meat for a week.
kandifamily - 3 days ago
wate so your baseing a dragon on a lizard
Hicstrid Forever
Hicstrid Forever - 3 days ago
Btw ever dragon is smarter than you can you even barf and belch
michael graf
michael graf - 3 days ago
I am never going to watch the channel again because of that theory about how to train your Dragon I hate you
Nortautas P
Nortautas P - 3 days ago
10:39 maybie dragons have tjat part of the brain
Vince Guarte
Vince Guarte - 3 days ago
I luv u mat pat
nicolas tantachuco
nicolas tantachuco - 3 days ago
You absolutely suck at YouTube you idiot! I'm suing you bitch
my little brony
my little brony - 3 days ago
If you don't like it don't watch it
Lil Pure
Lil Pure - 3 days ago
I can’t stop thinking about when during summer. I was at a summer camp and we were watching how to train your dragon. I was just eating ice cream and popcorn alone in the bad not even watching the movie. It was freaking delicious.
Fierce Gamer
Fierce Gamer - 3 days ago
How do you know that dragons have the same brains as reptiles instead of just being called said "reptiles"
my little brony
my little brony - 3 days ago
You know that is exactly what I was thinking
gacha lover354
gacha lover354 - 4 days ago
Its a film and dragons are lizards but from many years ago dragons could of been much smarter but they lizards Lost The intelegence ok matpat
Shelli Blossom
Shelli Blossom - 4 days ago
good theory but those dragons acts like cats you said so. so they cant have normal reptile brains
dragon girl
dragon girl - 4 days ago
What if a dragon isn’t a reptile but a completely different kind of animal category.
Love you keep up the great work!
Clyde Jasper Ricahuerta
Im a right
Clyde Jasper Ricahuerta
Hes smart he can't train a dragon
Xana Zane
Xana Zane - 4 days ago
Did you watch the tv shows
matrix gamers
matrix gamers - 4 days ago
but if matpat said they are just glorified cats what if in thier world dragons are the equivelent??? and the other dragons wernt hurt or enslaved hiccup just put his hand up and they followed
Mother Clucker
Mother Clucker - 4 days ago
have you ever heard of a horse matpat
Nate dog gaming
Nate dog gaming - 4 days ago
Mat you are wrong you clearly didn't see how toothless has emotions he loves hiccup he may be a reptile but that doesn't mean he dosen't have feelings
i don't know boi, i'm just here for the memes
Forget the dragons, A KANGAROO CAN BE YOUR BEST FRIEND. Move over Toothless, I'm moving to Australia.
I’m not doing anything
i like how you explain it matpat, kudos to ya.
but i think that dragons may have a more developed brain in this universe, since we see toothless’ sense of loyalty toward hiccup, so i disagree with that, it should be taken into account how they behave.
i love you so much, thank you for your videos!
Ben's videos
Ben's videos - 4 days ago
hey! You forgot IT chapter 2 in the movie line up for 2019.
Liz Maureen
Liz Maureen - 4 days ago
Just saying although dragons are typicialys described as being reptelian they show social behavoirs in the movies so they have to be a weird hybrid of manamal and reptile much like our ansetors. They might only be reptile in scale and actuly closer to being a mamal. We dont really know
DarkSky - 4 days ago
matpat I like u but this theory sucked ass, I've been watching this since I was a kid the same thing as the main character was, and it grew up as I'm in now. This movie is really something big to me* and has a special place in my heart and then u suddenly try to make us hate the movie because of how u think the movie is?
Minecraft 101
Minecraft 101 - 5 days ago
Have you not seen gift of the nightfury????????????
kingofgaming - 5 days ago
the thing is in anything that has ever had dragons they only look like lizards and are maybe cold-blooded everything else is closer to other animals so I'd say this is more of a how to not train your lizard but either way still like the video
Eyes and Hands
Eyes and Hands - 5 days ago
I guess spoctor isn’t smart
DecM 3
DecM 3 - 5 days ago
HoW dO yOu mIss OUT on HTTYD IT Is liTeraLly tHe bEst aNimaTeD MoVIe FraNchise EVEr

(In my opinion)
Tricia Persad
Tricia Persad - 5 days ago
1 like- 1 prayer for toothless
Ali Sniper
Ali Sniper - 5 days ago
13:15 I see what you did there
Human - 5 days ago
Mat pat come on, did you even watch gift of the night fury or just the one clip. Cause in it toothless flies off by himself for days on end searching the ocean for a helmet and gets it back to hiccup during the winter season. Not only does he not need hiccup and he could have flown off and never come back but he is extremely dedicated to finding it. Then at the end hiccup says “what did you get this thing out for, you don’t need this anymore” regarding his old saddle and tail, he then proceeds to slam his automatic tail on the ground showing that he has genuinely connected with hiccup saying if he can’t fly with hiccup he doesn’t wanna fly at all. Plus in the first movie hiccup instantly regrets him shooting toothless down in the first place and risks getting casted out and abandoned by his own people just so he can fix his mistake. Don’t just look at toothless to look at say Hookfang, he was kept in captivity and was shown to be hostile around weapons he know can hurt him (similar to toothless) and to gain his trust hiccup throws down his knife and shows that he doesn’t wanna hurt hookfang. The only reason he starts attacking is because someone shows hostility. My final point is in the last movie, Astrid brings up how they have already tried the automatic tail before and he didn’t like it saying that now he is properly motivated since before he had no other night furies left to spend the holidays with. The light fury in the final movie acts as motivation for toothless to finally go out on his own again and lead the dragons to safety. At the end of the movie as well we see a older hiccup and Astrid with their kids 10 years later and they find toothless, the light fury plus their new nightlights. When toothless jumps on the boat to see who was sailing to his kingdom he finds hiccup and even after growing a beard and looking much older he still is excited about seeing his best bud. Then he not only allows hiccup’s kids touch him without any hostility to the new Vikings but he then lets him and his kids have another flight along with storm fly and all of their kids showing that he could have blasted them all and sunk their ship right then and there and it wouldn’t effect him at all, but he doesn’t, he expresses genuine joy and happiness to see hiccup.
Thank you for reading my rant where I debunk everything he claims in this theory video, if you wanna see all of this debunked in about 20 minutes go watch gift of the night fury and comeback and watch this because it is a ride.
Have a good day
Hey Eaglet
Hey Eaglet - 5 days ago
my childhood is shattered :(
Rayne Robison
Rayne Robison - 5 days ago
I want to argue that the dragons are not of the reptile species but of the feline species. They are just big overgrown cats with wings.
Marie Labbee
Marie Labbee - 5 days ago
I hate you how to train your dragon is a movie showing partners helping each other hiccup trusts toothless as much as toothless trusts him
Erick Larios
Erick Larios - 5 days ago
Shut up
ABYSSruler - 5 days ago
Mat pat do you think a VIKING CHILD can fuigure out a nerve system of a anmial that has never been studyed befor to go oh ye i know sonething thats in the 2000 year yea im steven hawkings
Extreme Gamer
Extreme Gamer - 5 days ago
Its still cruel to think Hiccup stripped away Toothless independence with intention
Milkyway Galaxy
Milkyway Galaxy - 6 days ago
But what if the dragons in the movie aren’t dragons what if they are not reptiles
Crystal Secret
Crystal Secret - 6 days ago
You are debunked because as always Matt, these dragons in this fictional world represent a mammal like mentality, inclining traits like cats and dogs that do own that trait of emotion. And because of these naturalistic trait they have that type of brain. Funny its more really on the soul and heart vs the brain but that is far to complicated for you. YOU DON'T know what kind of brain they have yeah? SO its all debunked. Dragons are not part of the mortal coil, therefore they do not have the same resemblance as any species ever. That is a fact, but they are realm divers and that is why they show up in our history as lore. We are just as much of an alien to them as they are to us. But anyway for the sake of this story, How to Train your dragon, they do have an emotional level that is on with a dog or cat, or shall I say a Dragon.
Musical Marck
Musical Marck - 6 days ago
So, what about the part where Hiccup says that toothless didn't want the tail because he didn't need it matpat?
Andzsy- - 6 days ago
Welp there goes my childhood
Rose Quill
Rose Quill - 6 days ago
Maybe dragon brains are larger and have more complex parts than most lizards do you don't know you've never met a dragon
Icy1 - 6 days ago
You can't compare a dragons brain like that, they are able to have give mind capabilities, may I suggest imprinting for training. Since your assumptions have literally ruin'd another video for me.
deathcraftr07 acosta
deathcraftr07 acosta - 6 days ago
I'm unsubscribing to both channels
deathcraftr07 acosta
deathcraftr07 acosta - 6 days ago
I hate matpat
deathcraftr07 acosta
deathcraftr07 acosta - 6 days ago

deathcraftr07 acosta
deathcraftr07 acosta - 6 days ago
You suck
deathcraftr07 acosta
deathcraftr07 acosta - 6 days ago
You freaking suck you should go eat some salami mixed with vegemite mixed with poop,I love this movie
Dizzy Adventures
Dizzy Adventures - 6 days ago
Me: *looks at snake*
“Elisabeth, you love me right?”
Snake: surrreeeeeeeee
Jack Live
Jack Live - 6 days ago
You don't know what httyd dragon brains are like
Jack Live
Jack Live - 6 days ago
Your youtube channel is usually good but you just crossed into wrong territory
Shashwat Newa
Shashwat Newa - 7 days ago
You don't know if dragons are like other reptiles and only have a lizard brain. have you dissected a dragon Matpat? I don't think so!
Mr.Hoodini - 7 days ago
Update your theory with the new movie
9nikolai - 7 days ago
"To see how smart a human is, let's take a look at how other mammals are. As you can see, the sheep are really dumb and lacks every vital function except for eating and running away from dragons. This must mean that humans are incapable of rational thought. The end."
Elle Phillips
Elle Phillips - 7 days ago
But but but you said it yourself dragons in the movies are more like glorified did their shown behavior in the movie hold no relevance here?
Y . M . A . N
Y . M . A . N - 7 days ago
Phases of this theory
1. Mind Blown
2. Childhood Ruined
3. Anger Fueled
Adrianna Arcuri
Adrianna Arcuri - 6 days ago
Not for this one. This theory was so tremendously flawed it's pathetic.
Tyson Vert
Tyson Vert - 7 days ago
*Theory:* Dragons aren't reptiles.
As stated in the video, reptiles cannot feel emotions. However, in the movies, we can clearly see that dragons do. While they look similar, the evidence doesn't support a similarity.
And honestly, I think this type of theory fits the bill of the channel better.
Aspen - 7 days ago
"How to Domesticate Your Dragon" sounds less cool
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson - 8 days ago
I dont think the dragons are lizards, I think they are like platipusess
Alexander Durocher
Alexander Durocher - 8 days ago
Every comment is the same on this video. Its hilarious XD
Anyways, as for my take, this theory is at least somewhat correct. If dragons were in our world, they would most likely be similar to regular reptiles. However, in most media and especially in HTTYD, dragons are shown to be intelligent creatures with brains similar or vastly superior to human brains. Dungeons and Dragons for examples has most adult dragons' intelligence score well over 20 (the maximum for a player character/normal person). So, to summarise, this theory when applied to real life reptiles is correct, but dragons are not regular reptiles. They have never been thought of in that way, therefore if the dragons we commonly see in media were to exist, yes it would be possible to befriend them.
Adrianna Arcuri
Adrianna Arcuri - 6 days ago
Uh, actually not really. Dragons have wings and can fly, thus can't be reptiles, and fun fact, Toothless is based off of mammals like Panthers more than reptiles like salamanders. Also, for anything, Dragons would be more like birds. They are arguably not cold blooded like reptiles as they can clearly survive in cold climates if need be, unlike reptiles.
montinje herbituze
montinje herbituze - 8 days ago
I did some research and came up with a counter proposal. You can train a dragon.
The primary reason modern lizards cannot and don’t support a large brain is due to temperature regulation. Our brain temperature can only change by a small amount without causing a break down known as hypothermia or hyperthermia. Lizards are ectothermic so lizards with large brains would experience death during winter or even nights. Even if they could survive now possibly like mole rats they would have not survived the ice age.
Dragons however have a capacity to regulate the heat of their surroundings in the form of fire breath so could, in theory have larger brains. It is also clear in the movies that this is a use of fire breathing I.e toothless making a bed by breathing fire. Also regarding mole rats, mole rats survive as intelligent ectotherms using tunnels, dragons live underground also berk is surrounded by water which has a high specific heat capacity and helps maintain a mild climate, especially if, as it is described in the books and in real Scandinavia, there is a warm water current.
As it happens there is also evidence of smart reptiles in the past. T-rexes, triceratops and velociraptors, are all famous examples of dinosaurs that have been shown to use complex social structures and cooperation not seen in modern reptiles. The key things about these is that they only lived in warmer climates, near water or swamps and are large, like the dragons, all to regulate temperature. They also all died during mass extinction events that seemed to involve long periods of cold due to lack of light. The intelligence or large sizes of the dinosaurs killed them. I would also like to point out the similarities between the portal of the hidden world of dragons and the hidden world of dinosaurs in ice age.
Finally, back to training, when determining what type of creatures can be trained it is not only the intelligence,
That should be taken into account, it is also important to consider social aspects. Creatures with larger, more organised social groups and can be considered more easily trained. In the case of animals with alphas such as dogs and monkeys one legitimate method to train them is to take the role of an alpha.
An alpha can be identified through behaviour, physical prominence, vocal signals, combat, age and smell. In the case of how to train your dragon notice how most dragons sniff hiccup before submitting excessively easily and notice how toothless is in the third movie identified as a “king” of dragons.
I argue hiccup trains the other dragons through smelling like an alpha. Notice how the only major characters seen training dragons without hiccups help all have alpha dragons that they spend time with and that obey them. There is a problem with this. How do you train or spend time with an alpha? In response to this I argue you may need to first ensure that the alpha is in a position of weakness. For example, all cases I can find of trained large cats are those in-prisoned or born in captivity.
Whilst I agree with mat pat that hiccups methods are unethical and that he is probably over controlling, I argue it is because such methods are effective an quick. Let’s remember he has to train toothless fast as there is only so much time he can disappear for before stoic follows him or he has to reveal toothless especially with him being a dragon hunter so soon after downing toothless. I also argue hiccup realised that it was his bond with toothless that may have kept the dragons from going back to stealing food whenever there is a shortage and throwing off humans instead of letting them ride them as well as him fearing toothless more than the other dragons due to his infamy as a night fury and that his reluctance to give independence was due to this.
So that is my counter proposal.
Pls upvote, I may give sources and more details if there is enough interest.
Adrianna Arcuri
Adrianna Arcuri - 6 days ago
I agreed with the fist counterpoints, but the rest about the franchise and Hiccup himself are a bit shaky. For instance, I don't think Hiccup smelling like an Alpha is what makes him an efficient trainer, nor do the dragons have to be weak. Valka lived with an Alpha, and seemed to do fine. First of all, Dragons obey each other, not the riders of the Alphas. They can easily distinguish the difference of commands between rider and dragon. However, the rider gains perks obviously if they have TRAINED an Alpha, because now they have the power over the Alpha, who has power over all the other dragons. Not to mention, Hiccup has had the most experience training dragons using more humane methods, so of course he will be the one to train most dragons. It's established that Hiccup is incredibly intelligent, so him picking up on methods train faster isn't a far fetched concept. Also, you lost me on the last argument. The dragons stopped raiding the village when the "Queen Bee" dragon that was controlling them to give her food died, as she was the only reason there were food shortages for everyone in the first place.
D DOG - 8 days ago
But they are much bigger so shouldn't they have a better brain
Derposaurus Rex
Derposaurus Rex - 8 days ago
30 seconds in ruined this movie
Aaron Robb
Aaron Robb - 8 days ago
So ur saying a lizard is the same thing as a dragon
LT Gaming
LT Gaming - 8 days ago
5:02 ha tootless
Isaac artistan
Isaac artistan - 8 days ago
r u seious? why would you refrence dragons like ACTUAL LIZARDS?
they obviously have evolved WAY more and may have developed these fuctions.
Josh Stephen
Josh Stephen - 9 days ago
To everyone saying that the dragons showed love in the movie keep in mind that this is a DISNEY PIXAR MOVIE, MatPat is talking REALISTICALLY
tooshay - 9 days ago
Time to get off the spinning ball deception folks sponsored by NASA, the media, politicians the elite, their government school SYSTEM & Hollywood. Water ALWAYS finds it's level. The natives knew this and were slaughtered, raped, tortured, enslaved & their resources and land, stolen!. And the conquors re-wrote the HIStory books. We were all indoctrinated since birth. And your ALL CAPS name on birth certificate isn't you but a corps dead entity that's traded on the stock exchange. Cestui que vie trust. It's all a trust. THEY see you as dead and lost at sea. Maritime admiralty law. The walking dear. Yes they're mocking you with thst t.v. show. But there is a REMEDY to do your status correction. But ya gotta want it. HTTYD-3 HIDDEN LAND film reveals the center of earth, of our universe. Be curious. Y'all ready for more black outs? How about the EMPCOE? They've been showing us in films & tv series for a while. How about what's really in your food? Senomyx. . .Soylent Green meets planned parenthood. "Natural flavorings". ALWAYS ALWAYS, do your own research. But the ego will do anything and everything NOT to admit its been bamboozled, deceived. Good luck on your journey.
Jenny Hart
Jenny Hart - 9 days ago
Damn matpat really messed up with this theory. He should probably be more careful with any possible theories he makes on this film in the future
Marieli Delgado
Marieli Delgado - 9 days ago
I f🤬ucking hate you mat pat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marieli Delgado
Marieli Delgado - 9 days ago
Caroline Maendel
Caroline Maendel - 9 days ago
Not true about the "inhumane" part. The video said hiccup was fine with hurting toothless but he was clearly guilty throughout the movie and we see toothless was fine with the deal. In Gift of The Nightfury were hiccup made toothless a tail so he could fly on his own, toothless distroided it and hand hiccup his saddle. Clear this this guy hasn't seen that part.
DrewAND Conner
DrewAND Conner - 9 days ago
This is the only theory I REALLY disagree with
DrewAND Conner
DrewAND Conner - 9 days ago
Dragons in how to train your dragon seem to have more intelligence then other reptiles. Like, they be their own group of vertebrates, like you got fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and dragons
The Legendary Smoke
The Legendary Smoke - 9 days ago
Did he not see the forbidden friendship scene or something, it literally shows them bonding with each other (remember this word BONDING) not being forced into a relationship
Paul Jason D. Misa
Paul Jason D. Misa - 10 days ago
literally nobody:
matpat: *video exists*
everyone: HOW DARE YOU
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