so I played Sekiro for 3 hours...

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Nostrodumbass 8
Nostrodumbass 8 - 6 days ago
Mark of Kri remake would have been better and made more sense.
Nostrodumbass 8
Nostrodumbass 8 - 6 days ago
Everything about this game is old ps2 garbage. It Takes a special kinda hipster to like this and Dark Souls. The graphics, gameplay, and everything about these games is old tech and feels outdated.
Lumibug - 20 days ago
submit your channel, because you got great music taste !
Sheriff MayorTV
Sheriff MayorTV - 22 days ago
New to your channel, loved this video and the other Sekiro one I just subscribed!
サイサキ - 22 days ago
Does anyone know where 1:32 is?
Chimble, Master of Chimney
me want make ninjman wear navy bcuz guy jin gumba say shinbi wear navy not blck
Wall Nutty 達人の電光
I took 3 hours to beat the first mini boss
dyloni balogne
dyloni balogne - Month ago
this game is alot Alot more like bloodborne to me honestly . just has alot of the same mechanics as it but still a bit like dark souls aswell still an amazing game
Prakasha the tree
Prakasha the tree - Month ago
What's the music that plays as he fights Gyoubu?
ExZid - Month ago
Basically Tenchu on steroids
PJ Wagner
PJ Wagner - Month ago
Waste of 60 dollars
Otugle boi
Otugle boi - Month ago
Can’t wait to get this for Easter :)
Jesus lord
Jesus lord - Month ago
Why this channel don’t have 1 mil sub ?
Drunken_Clem - Month ago
Screw that one armed bastard, other than him 10/10.
Alhussain Aljashamy
Alhussain Aljashamy - Month ago
2:48 YEET😂
John Mathers
John Mathers - Month ago
I feel especially pro for never having died to Gyoubu now :D
GenocideJack 835
GenocideJack 835 - Month ago
Thank you for a video without spoilers. Some don't even give a warning or anything and I haven't played my copy yet because I've been spoiled about too much already
SCDJMU - Month ago
You have a good taste in music, Pineapple
Vlado - Month ago
This look like 10 year old making video no voice, high volume sound, classic gameplay.
Hotsticks Gaming Shinwolf
that feeling when you play Tenchu like Dark Souls
Saint Ukraine
Saint Ukraine - Month ago
4:20 That literally happens to everyone who has ever played this game. They jump on the branch, they see the big snake, then they get rekt.
Samuel Yu
Samuel Yu - Month ago
shek Tong
shek Tong - Month ago
xo3abi4 q
xo3abi4 q - Month ago
5:40 poor man, he still doesn't know that dodging is useless in Sekiro
Colton Davis
Colton Davis - Month ago
I killed horseboy on my first try but that fucking red eyed ogre took me like an hour
TheCring3 L0rd
TheCring3 L0rd - Month ago
Spoiler alert:

There is no spoilers
oh wait
Chordstruck Pony
Chordstruck Pony - Month ago
Hey guys...

I guess the castle gate is closed.
Nandakishore R
Nandakishore R - Month ago
If you'd have beat Oniwa Gyoubu with only one healing gourd I would've committed seppuku by now.
LaSephiX - Month ago
I loved the Banjo Kazooie Music
story mode
story mode - Month ago
2:52 the last ride by undertaker
Whisky, Weed and whips Watson
You're way faster than me, I was not fighting the Horse boss in my 1st 3 hours, probably not in my first 8
GrievousKhan - Month ago
"The castle gates remain closed."
Gukki Gang
Gukki Gang - Month ago
vvhen fighting ogre you vvant to rush him vvhile he trys to break those cuffs free damage
Cuong Le
Cuong Le - Month ago
No you want him to break free then run away. After he's forget about you you sneak back for a stealth deathblow to halves his HP.
Quinones - Month ago
Three hours my ass...
a thief
a thief - Month ago
that's one massive cock at 1:09
Dr. Boom
Dr. Boom - Month ago
4:30 I think you're the only person to survive getting hit by the snake there
Kekistani Overlord
Kekistani Overlord - Month ago
What would be tight is if Miyazaki dabbled in some tribal African theme. Just think about how tight that would be and the diversity of creatures that could be in the game.
Andrew Brant
Andrew Brant - Month ago
Sounds dope.
Andie Ketchum
Andie Ketchum - Month ago
The banjo kazooie music just made my day
Neru - Month ago
great. i like this game
Afaza Ninja
Afaza Ninja - Month ago
Praise the Roooooooooobeeert...!!!
Rorik Savant
Rorik Savant - Month ago
*Beat ogre without flame vent*
You have my respect, sir
christoffer hjalmarsson
so did i. didn't know bout it 🤣 it took at least 10 tries until i got it.
Raphael Silva
Raphael Silva - Month ago
Legends says that the snake is shaking until now
Sergeant Butters
Sergeant Butters - Month ago
Dark souls for dex users
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy - Month ago
1:45 - 2:08 is just priceless. my thoughts exactly lmfao XD
andrejoss475 - Month ago
i've played the game for a bit now and i think the story is quite understandable, i mean in dark souls you just had to watch vaati otherwise you know jackshit about what is happening but in sekiro i have at least a somewhat idea about what i'm doing and why i'm doing it or why the fuck can i actually ressurect
The Chairman
The Chairman - Month ago
The possibilities with grapple hook in PvP. FighterPL will have tons of hatemail videos
The Chairman
The Chairman - Month ago
+Kochen51 Oof, that hurts
Kochen51 - Month ago
There’s no multiplayer on Sekiro
GT.M. Nazhmi
GT.M. Nazhmi - Month ago
Meanwhile there is a youtuber played this game for 8 hour with no stop
Monikan Cultist
Monikan Cultist - Month ago
I feel less insecure now that I see Iron-senpai dying to horse boy so many times.

After dying 100 times to lady butterfly.
The Great Fish
The Great Fish - Month ago
Monikan Cultist Im fairly sure Lady butterfly is supposed to be done later in the game, I defeated her as soon as I unlocked Hirata estate after hours of trial and error. Feels like youre supposed to come back to Hirata over the course of the game
Shay Ó Laoghaire
Shay Ó Laoghaire - Month ago
I haven't played DS3 since like October. I'm gonna suck at this game
Roberto Rios
Roberto Rios - Month ago
You gotta unlearn a LOT of your Dark Souls skills, so it won't be so bad. Dodging in this game is not as useful as it is in souls, and you MUST master parrying to get anywhere in this game.
Justin Y. Alter
Justin Y. Alter - Month ago
Hehe boy...
Henry Yau
Henry Yau - Month ago
Sekiro make you FEEEEEEEEL like spider-man
Johnizdaboss - Month ago
Yeah sure dude six attempts on the ogre. man editing videos is great
Iron Pineapple
Iron Pineapple - Month ago
Johnizdaboss I can’t tell if you think I did more or less than 6 attempts
Grossly Offensive Lizard-Man
Astrovite - Month ago
3:58 I did the same damn thing lol
Znggurj Pyrzzbaf
Znggurj Pyrzzbaf - Month ago
Chained Kevin Nash
end me
end me - Month ago
4:26 bic snac
Logan Chesney
Logan Chesney - Month ago
Pizza Time
Exgecko - Month ago
*Activision guy taps my shoulder* TRIGGEREEEDDD
Batman - Month ago
Jj Swa
Jj Swa - Month ago
This was good until you started talking. Not bad just meh voice.
Frapando e Falando Merda
bro I did Gyoubu 2nd try
A Palumbo
A Palumbo - Month ago
8:57 Wryy
Kintus - Month ago
that fucking infomercial music.. .wtf
Nightmare - Month ago
fucking amazing buying 100%
philj212 - Month ago
editing is on point
Lubos Puchy
Lubos Puchy - Month ago
dodging wont do you much good in sekiro :D
rocketeer101 - Month ago
Sekiro: I Die a Lot
Joe Woodward
Joe Woodward - Month ago
Dunkey Clone!
Primoz the Gamer
Primoz the Gamer - Month ago
I bet u died more than twice
sunofabeach - Month ago
im going toi fuck the guard ape anyone know where is it|?
Obersturmbannführer Kross
My favorite part is that they got Noshir Dalal to voice wolf, the guy that voices Charles in Red Dead 2
John Gunn
John Gunn - Month ago
I stood back up and pwned him
Master Roshi
Master Roshi - 2 months ago
Anxiety how did you get to the horse boss dude without your other skills and gear? Amazing lol
Kibop - 2 months ago
horse man is a pushover
Reza Ruki
Reza Ruki - 2 months ago
Tenchu and Dark Souls have a baby
WhoWatchesVideos - 2 months ago
You did more in 3 hours than I did in 6. Looks like I need to git good.
Blue ᖫRoseᖭ
Blue ᖫRoseᖭ - 2 months ago
how many times have i been like "wait a minute"
MRSketch09 - 2 months ago
03:40 That fucking ogre had me ready to do to my plasma Tv,
what it did to my character. It wouldn't have helped anything, but
by god, I was boiling when I finally killed it. And that was after I had
stepped away multiple times trying to keep my cool.
I'm not sure if its my imagination, but it honestly seemed like its grab attack
sped up after stabbing it the first time, just a little bit, where it threw me off
on timing.
Saint of Solitude
Saint of Solitude - 2 months ago
The Ogre's grab is absolutely broken. Can't even remember the amount of times he's thrown me from a cliff
cyp - Month ago
You can just grapple on the tree if he throws you off the cliff (although you've probably beaten him by now, lol).
Slaizen I Nezials
Slaizen I Nezials - 2 months ago
U need a voice
Luard BOII
Luard BOII - 2 months ago
This game is spiderman ps4
But you're a shinobi
MrArjay123 - 2 months ago
No drunk bastard boss?
MrArjay123 - 2 months ago
Bruh it took me 3 hours to beat the chain ogre. U got far af in 3 hours.
Fef & Gogo
Fef & Gogo - Month ago
safefile manipualtion
Game pretty ez
Nekminute - 2 months ago
god i hate these games
Ratcum _
Ratcum _ - 2 months ago
Hold up, why is this so soulsy? I know nothing about it but it’s very soulsy.
Renegade Hybrid
Renegade Hybrid - 2 months ago
It's made by the same people
Ganderlow - 2 months ago
This game has stealth for a reason. You need to use it to your advantage & never take things head on.
MÅNEMANN MÅNEMANN - 2 months ago
It was Banjo Kazooie all along
j dr
j dr - 2 months ago
Really people? Come on...uts exactly the same as bloodborne! Just with a fucking grappling hook...wake the fuck up. Dont fall for these copy paste schemes anymore. It's not worth the money. Start reading more. I hate reading and have grown to love it more than video games...which are unoriginal all the fucking time now.
Kiyosuki - 2 months ago
Can't wait to become Supaida-man
Sux0rz 66345
Sux0rz 66345 - 2 months ago
In my book, if it don’t have a form of grappling hook, it becomes 2/10
But if it does....
Instant 9/10
KALVIN BENTLEY - 2 months ago
Still no pvp or customization thats bs
Talitor - 2 months ago
Around 3 hours is what I've put into the game myself. So far, I have enjoyed this even less than Dark Souls 2. The level and combat design are pretty awful (not to mention the progression/leveling system).
viri - 2 months ago
+Rombalomba If I was a cringy redditor this would be the part where I'd say "whoosh"
Rombalomba - 2 months ago
+viri Who's the nerd again? Acting cool cos you think you're good at a game? What a loser.
viri - 2 months ago
sucks to suck nerds 😎
xd - 2 months ago
i agree, i hate that you cant deflect torches, clubs and anything other than a fucking sword. and clunky movement as well, esp on a keyboard and mouse setup.
nightsage217 - 2 months ago
It's ok. I believe the mod community will put soul fashion back to life.
Sam Adgo
Sam Adgo - 2 months ago
literally the most disappointing game I've waited 6 months for; the only game ive ever preordered and now feel completely betrayed by fromsoft. hope you guys all enjoy it, I'll be getting my £50 for this piece of shit.
xd - 2 months ago
agree :(
Grid - 2 months ago
The Activision dudes prolly thought you were the most insane. You're really fuckin' good at this lol.
Claudiustheimmortal - 2 months ago
Keep watching anime, until you git gud at this game.
Breno GUERRA - 2 months ago
At that moment he knew...the 🏰 gate remains closed
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert - 2 months ago
you sound so pumped for the game man
Yuugen - 2 months ago
Is this dororo?
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