Jimikki Kammal | Velipadinte Pusthakam

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astrid monforte
astrid monforte - 7 hours ago
No know means that song for is 100% beautiful 😂😍😍😍 fell cry...
surya 95
surya 95 - 13 hours ago
Love kerla from Tamil friends 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Abhishek Sonthalia
Abhishek Sonthalia - 15 hours ago
That's awesomeness of Indian music. I don't understand lyrics but music is next level.
Jagen Jagen
Jagen Jagen - Day ago
First time see. Wow. Picture name plz
tony xavier
tony xavier - 3 days ago
My college.St.xaviers , Thumba
Anandha Krishnan
Anandha Krishnan - 4 days ago
Srinivas pinapolu
Srinivas pinapolu - 4 days ago
One of the best song from india.. i don't know the meaning because am from telugu but it was aswone to hear the song...no word's to say...love
Indrani Saha
Indrani Saha - 5 days ago
Anyone during Lakshmi Puja
punyasloka pradhan
punyasloka pradhan - 8 days ago
Am Indian... So I definitely love this song....
Ayush K
Ayush K - 8 days ago
I cant understand lyrics still I enjoy this song so much
Adesh Nagvekar
Adesh Nagvekar - 9 days ago
I am goan I don't understand this language bt this song is my favorite😍💕
Rachana Babu
Rachana Babu - 9 days ago
anitha suresh
anitha suresh - 10 days ago
I am from Tamil but l like this song very much
Manoj Prashanth
Manoj Prashanth - 11 days ago
Anyone (TamilMalayali) friends are like here ?
Roshan Patil
Roshan Patil - 11 days ago
My ringtone ❤️❤️❤️
D.shravan kumar
D.shravan kumar - 12 days ago
D.shravan kumar
D.shravan kumar - 5 days ago
j l
j l - 6 days ago
@Sandegga Falconer👍👍👍👍👍👍
Sandegga Falconer
Sandegga Falconer - 6 days ago
@D.shravan kumar dont say its malayalam or anything no such things we are indians
Sandegga Falconer
Sandegga Falconer - 6 days ago
@j l please lah it an indian song
D.shravan kumar
D.shravan kumar - 11 days ago
Sherly Joseph
Sherly Joseph - 13 days ago
Any one in oct 2019 malayalis and tamil .....
Hemanth Teju
Hemanth Teju - Day ago
Also one indian here
Albert Daniel
Albert Daniel - 10 days ago
I don't know the lyrics but I'm enjoying to listen..
cine tech
cine tech - 10 days ago
Manoj Prashanth
Manoj Prashanth - 11 days ago
@Nandini Rajah 👍
Nandini Rajah
Nandini Rajah - 11 days ago
Me too!! I’m a Tamilian!!
karan tiwari
karan tiwari - 14 days ago
I am from madhya Pradesh...oviously I don't understand the language but just love this song...have already listened many times still don't get bored... awesome song
Manmeet Kaur Kaur
Manmeet Kaur Kaur - 14 days ago
I am from punjab I don't know about the meaning of single word bt this is my one of the favourite songs
HONEY CHAUDHARY - 10 days ago
But I understand lalalalalalalalalal jimiki Kamal dand di fuddi 😂😂😂😂😂
Suma Raj
Suma Raj - 14 days ago
Super song dance guru
kamal maideen
kamal maideen - 15 days ago
Super song
Jaidev sk
Jaidev sk - 16 days ago
Iam kannda & Telugu but I like this song
Dhanashree Tiwrekar
Dhanashree Tiwrekar - 16 days ago
Didn't understand a single word 😜...but this is one of my favorite song😍
Drona raju Vijaya
Drona raju Vijaya - 16 days ago
I like this song
Swamy Swamy
Swamy Swamy - 17 days ago
I'm in Karnataka
I love this song
Sameer Ap
Sameer Ap - 19 days ago
abir das
abir das - 19 days ago
love from bengel
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar - 20 days ago
Love this song from Hyderabad ❤️❤️❤️
For fun Chanel gopi
For fun Chanel gopi - 20 days ago
I got 1 price in state dance competition by this song you will treat give like
Vasudha Rani
Vasudha Rani - 20 days ago
Plz dub dis in Telugu....plzzzz... from AP......
Ameena A
Ameena A - 21 day ago
any one 2019
sai sai
sai sai - 21 day ago
ഞാൻ പ്രണയത്തിൽ വീണു
S fan Surya
S fan Surya - 22 days ago
Malayali... 😍😘
Chitra P
Chitra P - 22 days ago
I am a Indian.I like so much
Mahesh Mane
Mahesh Mane - 22 days ago
I am Marathi but I really liked the local base and feat.
Rekha Rao
Rekha Rao - 22 days ago
Jimikki kamal
Rekha Rao
Rekha Rao - 22 days ago
ripon rs
ripon rs - 23 days ago
Love from Bangladesh awesome song
nanlla song khathale
ripon rs
ripon rs - 23 days ago
love from Bangladesh
Razya Jeelani
Razya Jeelani - 23 days ago
I didn't understand a single word ...but I like this song..
KUMAR KUMAR - 23 days ago
I am from hindi but I love this song
Abinash Bori
Abinash Bori - 23 days ago
Thank you youtube. Way too fun ❤️❤️❤️
siva sakthivel
siva sakthivel - 24 days ago
any one in2019
Ann James
Ann James - 25 days ago
Guys don't lie that you didn't get the word 'brandy' kuppi from it..
Praveen ps Praveen ps
Praveen ps Praveen ps - 25 days ago
My feveret sing
Siva Kumar
Siva Kumar - 26 days ago
I am a tamilan but i also i memarized the whole song
Ahamed rassath
Ahamed rassath - 27 days ago
😭😭😭😭😭 dai kolladingada...pls..
shashwat panda
shashwat panda - 27 days ago
This song has such a rustic, soulful feel to it! Loved the vibes !! (though didn't understand much tbh)
Thrilling Tamil Rocking tamilan
I am a tamilan, but I liked this song most in this language
Sathya Vinod
Sathya Vinod - 27 days ago
Sapna Chauhan
Sapna Chauhan - 28 days ago
❤❤❤❤❤❤ this song....
From Himachal
Virendra Mazumdar
Virendra Mazumdar - 28 days ago
Bidisha Dey
Bidisha Dey - 29 days ago
I dont understand a nano word still i love dis song only its essence of music
Ann James
Ann James - 25 days ago
Better to not know the meaning
Vaibhav Gaikwad
Vaibhav Gaikwad - Month ago
I watched this movie just for this song
adidravida vengadesh
adidravida vengadesh - Month ago
love this song
Original Gangsta
Original Gangsta - Month ago
Anikkaraiyam evide kuree non malayaliss ondennu avanmaru kore commentum ittitunde like cheyyu mattetu ennum paranju NAMMAL MALAYALIKALUDE POWER ONNU KANIKKANDE LIKE ADIKKADEEE
Gopica soni
Gopica soni - Month ago
Who is watching in 2019.......❤❤❤❤
Komala Moorthy
Komala Moorthy - Month ago
Nice song
Aadithya Ganesan
Aadithya Ganesan - Month ago
Still I don't know the meaning of this song but I love it
Shandy rock
Shandy rock - Month ago
Super song
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