Identical Twins Switch Places | Will Bailey’s Boyfriend Notice?

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Brooklyn and Bailey
Brooklyn and Bailey - 3 months ago
Samantha-Rae Smith
Samantha-Rae Smith - 15 hours ago
Christina Wright
Christina Wright - 19 hours ago
516 FIR3WORK-_-FR34K
516 FIR3WORK-_-FR34K - 4 days ago
Omg you both have beautiful eyes 🤩🤩
Rana Gorgees
Rana Gorgees - 9 days ago
Love u vuys
Sean Games
Sean Games - 18 days ago
can u do more pranks on eachother?
Matt Knows
Matt Knows - 8 minutes ago
When your out of ideas but you have a twin
Ann Marie Conrado
Ann Marie Conrado - Hour ago
Ysab Ortiz
Ysab Ortiz - 2 hours ago
Them: It’s so obvious..
Me: like how? It will took me 365 days to figure out who is bailey and brooklyn..
Well a stranger like me can’t figure it out instantly unlike their closest friends..
Nathan Frame
Nathan Frame - 2 hours ago
First of all one is whiter, she also has a beauty mark above her lip
Aileen Comota
Aileen Comota - 7 hours ago
Who is who??????????????
Olivia Dwyer
Olivia Dwyer - 8 hours ago
Bailey why did u change hair colour to a blue now everyone will tell that your Bailey
Millie-Paige Brown
Millie-Paige Brown - 8 hours ago
Is it just me or did it look like a greenscreen at the intro
Night_ EmeraldYT
Night_ EmeraldYT - 9 hours ago
Can’t blame the boyfriend I can’t tell them apart.
SR Emu
SR Emu - 11 hours ago
You guys are seperate able 😑 by your teeth
Montana - 14 hours ago
Bailey's face is lighter.
QUploads T
QUploads T - 16 hours ago
The 2nd half of the video they probably forgot to switch places
TheCruize - 18 hours ago
I'll gladly take the right girl out for dinner. No doubt about that.
Christina Wright
Christina Wright - 19 hours ago
Hi brooklyn and bailey you are awesome
FeedGotcha - 19 hours ago
I wish they asked the boyfriend “then who is who” once is gf walked in lol
Alma Mano
Alma Mano - 19 hours ago
Their voice not the same
Charly’s Channel
Charly’s Channel - 21 hour ago
*whole world* = I wish I could get rid of these bloody zits!!!!
*brooklyn and bailey*= LETS MAKE A ZIT!!
Coleman Korb
Coleman Korb - 22 hours ago
its pretty easy to tell twins apart once you get to know them a little better - their faces move slightly differently and their smiles especially always give it away
michael alonso
michael alonso - 22 hours ago
Your voices are slightly different
questionsxx questionsxx
They have so good friends
Cristiano Ahuto
Cristiano Ahuto - Day ago
Dih caption!..
"Identical twins"????😂😂..
Like wen did twins became unidentical??😂
[ __Melissa__ ]
[ __Melissa__ ] - Day ago
Dizygotic twins exist too
KS J - Day ago
5 sec in watching the video. and already noticed that one has a mole under her nose, while the other doesnt
avishi ranka
avishi ranka - Day ago
Asa and Bailey look so cute together
Traveller - Day ago
So many people in the comments saying they can’t tell who’s who... I’m completely new to this channel, first video I think... took me a couple of minutes to study them both as the video was playing, but by about halfway though it was completely obvious they were different
Hanoda A
Hanoda A - Day ago
The first girl saying eww I just don’t get it why is she saying eww 😂
Idiotic Beats
Idiotic Beats - Day ago
I am in love with Tina
MATTHEW Walker-Brown
Hiiiii I ❤️you guys
Uni Kitty
Uni Kitty - Day ago
Wait so which twin has blonde hair
Glen Reyes Munguia
Glen Reyes Munguia - Day ago
Ladies if someone looms closely your noses are different
Dakota Raisbeck
Dakota Raisbeck - Day ago
Why am I here? How? YouTube you drunk again
Sady Maldonado
Sady Maldonado - Day ago
Wait I don't get why Hannah started saying eww eww no hate just didn't get that
이태국 - Day ago
I'm new here but I can already tell who is who. Those who have been friends with them for long should know even better hehe
Book Lover
Book Lover - Day ago
Who else guessed Asa wouldn't know??
Bailey has a longer face than Brooklyn
kate becker
kate becker - 2 days ago
Literally the pictures of asa and Bailey literally made me so happy at the end. They are the freakin cutest 😭💗
Cekang 1
Cekang 1 - 2 days ago
My aunt cannot diffidentiate her twin.. Huhuhu
Monira Yusuf
Monira Yusuf - 2 days ago
Your nose shape and eyebrows are different
Abhilasha Srinivas
Abhilasha Srinivas - 2 days ago
Why is Hanna saying ewww all the time
IshaMoy Williams
IshaMoy Williams - 2 days ago
😂 when she said eww I died like how is it eww?
Joshua Praveen
Joshua Praveen - 2 days ago
First girl: ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew..
The Dark Side End
The Dark Side End - 2 days ago
That girl has to stop saying “ew” .
Teddy the bear
Teddy the bear - 2 days ago
Harriet Harriet
Harriet Harriet - 2 days ago
One has a pimple😀
Xin En
Xin En - 2 days ago
This is how many times she said Ew
REAGAN HELLBERG - 2 days ago
i love asa
Beck Thomas
Beck Thomas - 2 days ago
Why was Hanna saying “ew” so much😂😂😂
Lemma Dogman
Lemma Dogman - 2 days ago
You have different noses. The first thing I noticed. The one on the right has a curve the other one doesn’t have. I’m an identical twin, I know what this is about.
Fun with the M’s with Mackenna
Surprised about Asa
Bailey Patterson
Bailey Patterson - 2 days ago
It’s weird cuz my name is bailey and my best friend is called Brooklyn
Audrey - 2 days ago
Why was the first girl so rude ew ew ew ewwwwwwww so grossss Bailey is so grosss ewe ew eww
John Medina
John Medina - 2 days ago
1st girl is defenitely annoying.
Tucker gladstone
Tucker gladstone - 2 days ago
Why did the fatass keep saying eww
Rafia Shah
Rafia Shah - 3 days ago
I dont watch this channel so obviously dont knw who is who but I guess one has slightly longer face than the other one.. lol
Natnael Walton
Natnael Walton - 3 days ago
Do it the strangers
MaryEvelyn Murray
MaryEvelyn Murray - 3 days ago
Asa looked so lost after that 😂😂😂
MaryEvelyn Murray
MaryEvelyn Murray - 3 days ago
adjusting the hat did it 💀😂😂
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel - 3 days ago
Me recordó a "Juego de Gemelas" x,d
Black Lotus
Black Lotus - 3 days ago
Imagine you fcked the wrong one
Akshaya Shyam
Akshaya Shyam - 3 days ago
Hey guys
Johan Magnusson
Johan Magnusson - 3 days ago
20sec in, and i can allready tell who is who, one has a very very slight difference to her nose, this would probably be harder to spot IRL, but then the one on the right has a slight dot on her upper lip. and the voices are just slightly different, so unless they dot the upper lip, and change the voice some (fake a Cold) its very possible to tell them apart. but then again, if im tasked with this not knowing, then i would probably fooled for atleast some time.
EDIT the theeth are different, not BAD different, but one is more even length then the other.
Shreesha Mukherjee
Shreesha Mukherjee - 3 days ago
Why does the girl say ew soo many times?
melissa vos
melissa vos - 3 days ago
The second girl has a spot under here nose
Hare Her
Hare Her - 3 days ago
Hey there pretty girls
The most major change is your nose you both have utterly different nose's
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez - 3 days ago
Ew eww eww
Llynce - 3 days ago
I love the first girl😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️
MIMZy MIMz - 3 days ago
Your voices was diff. From each other 😂
Long Lee
Long Lee - 3 days ago
question: what the fk going on with your eyes. they look artificial o.o
Rab kr
Rab kr - 3 days ago
Aha i knew his bf will trip.
Shauna Hunter
Shauna Hunter - 3 days ago
Anyone else think they look so different?’
Milhan Toni
Milhan Toni - 3 days ago
people who been living with twins will always notice . .
cause i had that kind of friend too. even theyre dress the same all out..
fat god
fat god - 3 days ago
There better be a 3 some video
dianna czajkowski
dianna czajkowski - 3 days ago
I'm a huge fan follow on Inc
dianna czajkowski
dianna czajkowski - 3 days ago
I love you guys
dianna czajkowski
dianna czajkowski - 3 days ago
I love you go

I love you guys
clipse ck
clipse ck - 3 days ago
I don’t even know who’s whO!!!
Jwolff08 - 3 days ago
NormallyAt Large
NormallyAt Large - 3 days ago
The more time you spend with twins, the easier it is to tell apart even their faces. I babysat two kids that were identical twins and I couldn't recognize them at all. After a few months, it's hard to get them mixed up at all
Thanda Zoeloe
Thanda Zoeloe - 3 days ago
I can already tell them apart
Mellodee Klemmetsen
Mellodee Klemmetsen - 3 days ago
I thought if ALL people Asa would get it
Kirsty Tolley
Kirsty Tolley - 3 days ago
I love you
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