Taking too much liberty while drawing Pokemon in Pokemon Art Academy ft. Akialyne

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RTGame - Month ago
I swear to GOD you better all follow Akia on Twitter and send her your love and support https://twitter.com/akialyne
Mateo Moreano
Mateo Moreano - 24 days ago
Or else
A Rock.
A Rock. - Month ago
Lucky me, I don't have a twitter.
Darthplagueis13 - Month ago
You should've put some extra arms on the buff Gengar, I think.
Sepand Javahery
Sepand Javahery - Month ago
I can't. Don't have twitter.
Will Dawson
Will Dawson - Month ago
RumbleTumble okie dokie
Some noob with a channel
Dr. Thiccman
AridChannel Official
AridChannel Official - 11 days ago
Velocityraptor28 - 12 days ago
Audrey Chavarin
Audrey Chavarin - 12 days ago
Fenniken used to be my favorite Pokemon. *Now it's the best creation in the universe*
Quietsamurai98 - 12 days ago
*O H F U C K*
Someone Swell
Someone Swell - 14 days ago
Jesus that Gengar looking like Tetsuo
Cyber Wasp
Cyber Wasp - 14 days ago
Doctor Fenneknik is on his way to destroy his sworn enemy, Sonichu.
Mateo Bonavento
Mateo Bonavento - 14 days ago
That Togepi was seriously disturbing.
Orange Citrus
Orange Citrus - 15 days ago
You need to add those cards to your merch store I need them so much
Nineafly - 15 days ago
What the hell did you do.
TheRedstoneDino TRD
TheRedstoneDino TRD - 16 days ago
Fenniken was my favourite pokemon.

Keyword there being WAS
ninjaamber - Amber #Senpai Wendt
oh my god

Hey it would be cool if RTGame & CallMeKevin made a stream/video where they taught us about Ireland and other cool Irish things (like history, culture, slang, etc...) :)

Baking Bad with CallMeKevin: tossed salad and scrambled eggs?
Baby Them
Baby Them - 23 days ago
I feel like the strictness on colors and stuff is kinda dumb. Like, it's a little kid and you're just "mm it's alright i guess but your color scheme wasn't perfect so you should fix that" really?
Poxif Gaming
Poxif Gaming - 24 days ago
rt it’s the mobian form
GamerAluriyasha - 26 days ago
He looks like a mix between Eggman, Dr. Wily and Braum from League of Legends xD.
Ivan Braginsky
Ivan Braginsky - 26 days ago
Fenneggin is best pokemon.
It’s Riley
It’s Riley - 26 days ago
4:00 his ear fluff looks like Bakugous ear things
craZend - 27 days ago
the funny thing is i actually use Pokemon Art Academy for my digital art
Just your average internet person
Jūratė Stasiulytė
Jūratė Stasiulytė - 28 days ago
It really looks like you're learning
Austin Jones
Austin Jones - 29 days ago
Dear trolls,
Get a life. It's fun.
Bennitti howlett
Bennitti howlett - 29 days ago
That fennekin is doctor fennEGGkin
64X nolastname
64X nolastname - 29 days ago
Watch: Irish man and a french woman ruin every kids childhood with their masterpieces in Pokémon art academy
Osama Bin Ladder
Osama Bin Ladder - 29 days ago
I actually forgot RT was an art god
Red Pandaboi
Red Pandaboi - 29 days ago
Gengar was just a thick thanos thiccnos
Christine H
Christine H - Month ago
As an artist, I give this my stamp of approval.
Swirls Falls
Swirls Falls - Month ago
Rt is a furry owo
Pyglik - Month ago
"Oh fuck" is exactly what I would say if I ever saw any of these pokemon...
datcrowdoe 08
datcrowdoe 08 - Month ago
Who else here wants to now put an Eggman mustache and goggles on a fennekin
Michael Brian
Michael Brian - Month ago
Gengar is the closest you’ve got to an actual pokemon.
xZauro - Month ago
Who else got slightly triggered when he didn't fill in the tiniest of spots
Moopsta Coopsta
Moopsta Coopsta - Month ago
Dr eggniken fan fiction
Nicky Kolo
Nicky Kolo - Month ago
Just saying, Akialyne sounds like a female you
Nim The Goodra
Nim The Goodra - Month ago
I'm extremely angry they didnt call eggnekin fen-egg-kin
greenplastic69 - Month ago
The girl is so annoying
Keen Bob
Keen Bob - Month ago
After having watched the Grumps play this game, I honestly had no idea that people would draw something other than furries
PiousMoltar - Month ago
She sounds 100% like female Zylus
Reeq Lol
Reeq Lol - Month ago
anyone else waiting for rt to play passpartou or however the fuck you spell that
MurchMunch - Month ago
Gengar is my face pokemon. I love what you did with him. Thanks RT!
Lord Tachankis
Lord Tachankis - Month ago
I was eating eggs but now..... They're in the bucket. Thx rt
Lohnstar - Month ago
You can't spell art without spelling RT
MacAndCheese - Month ago
Hannah - Month ago
im eating eggs
CrazyComedyKid - Month ago
Pokemon Art Academy was a mistake.
Durple - Month ago
Mann of Dober
Mann of Dober - Month ago
Fell out of the loft and through a ladder today...

What came out of my mouth was something along the lines of oh god of fuck.
PBJelly - Month ago
I need to see some merch with Dr. Eggnikin
ΣCHΣLON - Month ago
he looks like yugio guy
Drakonus - Month ago
Is she your new girlfriend or something?
Mine N Adventurer _The Aegis Boy_
Gengar looks like he had to do it to ya
Erison Cheng
Erison Cheng - Month ago
Gengar looks like they shoukd be holding a knife
Mr. N1nja
Mr. N1nja - Month ago
There's the original form
And the alola form
Then there's the rt form
Meowz4ever - Month ago
I thought they were going to name it Dr.Feggnikin
kira64 - Month ago
Still better art than the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime. (shivers)
Oh Humanity
Oh Humanity - Month ago
i want these in pokémon cards but a different name (like pokey boy cards or smth)
ThatYoutubeGirl - Month ago
Turn these into cards. Do it!
TheFrieDCDB - Month ago
I don't do much beyond intensely exhale, but hey arnold got me
Popplio the destroyer
Popplio the destroyer - Month ago
Poppli no
Optic - Month ago
Oh Fuck
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