iPad OS Impressions: They Listened!

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perrineville - 21 hour ago
Which back cover r you using for this IPad ? Thank you
Crypto Power
Crypto Power - Day ago
Can’t stand these scummy YouTubers. They are everywhere. Linus’s the virus, marquee the fascist poluting youtube.
LGND.n - Day ago
How can I turn that undo menu off, when tapping with 3 fingers? It’s annoying
Nachon McLean
Nachon McLean - 2 days ago
Where did you get that case?
D M - 2 days ago
Wait so how do I get this, I have iOS 12.4 on it and I just got a iPad Pro today
D M - Day ago
VeikkoVenemies I appreciate you
VeikkoVenemies - 2 days ago
It’s in beta right now. You can install it on Apple’s website or wait for next month when it will launch in it’s final form.
Liza Saakadze
Liza Saakadze - 3 days ago
Do we get ipad OS on Ipad 6th generation?
Oscar Chang
Oscar Chang - 4 days ago
Wow really liking the iPad Pro right now
Neil Sterland
Neil Sterland - 4 days ago
Time to bin my MacBook and get and iPad Pro.
Kim Ambrocio
Kim Ambrocio - 4 days ago
With the new ipadOS coming, can the ipad be used as a display or a “monitor” of some sort for the nintendo switch? Like hooking up a usb-c hub/hdmi port on it?
MobileDecay - 6 days ago
Just downloaded and installed the beta.
Roshan Singh
Roshan Singh - 7 days ago
Hey, can an ipad be used for coding?
xavp76 - 8 days ago
Hi from France ! First, thanks for the vidéo, I bought a oneplus 6 after watching those and I never looked back ! I'm looking to buy an iPad, and I don't know which one to choose.. I will use it as my computer (since my computer's needs are not huge, notes taking, web browsing, Netflix...) and I will probably go for the iPad air 3, but i'm afraid it would not support new ipadOS functionnalities like the ability to plug an harddrive or USB key and organise files because of the lightning port... Do you think it something the ipad air will be able to do using the lightning connector ? Or should I invest in an iPad pro ? Thanks for your help !
Venom - 8 days ago
Can we attach external hard disk?
Mohamed Ahnaf
Mohamed Ahnaf - 8 days ago
what do u guys think about the whole bending issue with the ipad pro??
Maciej D.
Maciej D. - 8 days ago
Hopefully this will mean we will see software like Illustrator or Photoshop but keep the prices low and we will see more full blown pc games like steam or gog support.
Gangster - 9 days ago
Nagan Gowda
Nagan Gowda - 9 days ago
How could they not??🤷
Ayub M
Ayub M - 10 days ago
how can I download ios13??????
Eliot Shedlock
Eliot Shedlock - 4 days ago
beta is fully released though on apple developer under the download section.
Rohith Mekala
Rohith Mekala - 9 days ago
september for full release
Dayton - 11 days ago
How do I get that skin for the back of my iPad??
Excloit - 8 days ago
Dayton u could check out slick wraps or easyskinz
Vie Loi
Vie Loi - 12 days ago
So I’m a bit curious, does the 1TB actually have 6GB of ram?
megat amnan
megat amnan - 11 days ago
Vie Loi yes
Shadowspec Does Stuff
Shadowspec Does Stuff - 12 days ago
Where’d you get the marble texture back of your iPad?
AV8R Tom
AV8R Tom - 12 days ago
The 2018 iPad Pro should be able to run macOS. There is absolutely no reason right now that the iPad should not be able to do every single thing a MacBook can do
Jess Vlogs
Jess Vlogs - 13 days ago
You can use sad card with iOS 12 ok it’s not the best and you can only read and not write but it works
ᗷᒪᗩᑕK ᑕᒪOᑌᗪ
im just asking for swipe typing on the full sized keyboard
Rick Harrison
Rick Harrison - 14 days ago
Would all of this work on the iPad 6th gen?
Madhuri Sharma
Madhuri Sharma - 10 days ago
Rick Harrison yes
Tech Sources
Tech Sources - 14 days ago
Can you do a editing on the iPad Pro with. iPad os
Moudire Ifan
Moudire Ifan - 14 days ago
iPad os is a game changer.
I now use my iPad Pro to edit full length movies.
garydrungleston - 14 days ago
no you dont
S Gill
S Gill - 14 days ago
So how long did it last as a laptop replaced?
S Gill
S Gill - 14 days ago
Is there dark mode?
S Gill
S Gill - 14 days ago
Is there an Adblock browser like Brave available in desktop version. I don't use safari.
Miguel Fernandes
Miguel Fernandes - 15 days ago
Finally the iPad is getting a proper files manager. However I wonder if it supports the (amazing) feature of being able to be connected (cable, no airdrop) to a computer (PC or Mac) in order to transfer files. That's a basic but mandatory feature to me.
Jorge Barriga
Jorge Barriga - 17 days ago
Anyway apple’s final versions of OS ALWAYS has release with security problems, no matter how many betas they launch pre-final version
HIROKI - 18 days ago
aww man at the end you shouldve stood up, grabbed your ipad, and walked out to 'go on about your day with just your ipad' haha
Alexius Dante R.
Alexius Dante R. - 19 days ago
What’s the skin you’re using on the iPad?
FromAtoV - 19 days ago
When is IPados set to release?
Alin Mustata
Alin Mustata - 19 days ago
Does the ipad os support youtube playback in 4k? Not only 1080p as it does now on ios12.. thank you hope someone will answer this
Arlie Romero
Arlie Romero - 21 day ago
Where do you get your skins for the iPad
LMelgar - 21 day ago
Is the iPad Pro 12.9 Inch going to be getting the ios 13?
LMelgar - 21 day ago
Actually I think it just hasnt come out yet
Karan Sharma
Karan Sharma - 21 day ago
i download torrent and youtube videos and play them on mx player . still ipad can't do that
Karan Sharma
Karan Sharma - 20 days ago
in iPhone i could but in ipad 😑nope
Computer Experts
Computer Experts - 20 days ago
I can do that in my iPhone. Ipad can easily do that.
Haiti2017 - 21 day ago
That intro music is pure ass my man
Josephina Carlucci
Josephina Carlucci - 21 day ago
I really can’t wait for this to be fully released...
Joshua Fuentes
Joshua Fuentes - 21 day ago
Thank You For This Video , This makes me want to get an IPad Pro now!
C R - 21 day ago
Great info & perfectly laid out; the DOWNLOAD bit (min. 4:30), tho: before iOS13, nothing stopped you from downoading a file from GOOGLE DRIVE; all you had to do was make it “available offline” and that was that, right?
Xalli Gonzales
Xalli Gonzales - 21 day ago
Loved the video. Learned new things. Today is the first day I only have my iPad and I’m trying to not use my computer. We will see
uL Pinkky bear
uL Pinkky bear - 21 day ago
When will full iOS 13 will come out
Timur Kuandykov
Timur Kuandykov - 22 days ago
Отсоси Маркис Браунли
SAD cuber
SAD cuber - 22 days ago
iOS 13 is out?
Maxwell Lassel
Maxwell Lassel - 22 days ago
I hope apple sticks with the square like design this one has. Its nice looking
AsianYT - 22 days ago
I never wanted an iPad Pro so badly until I watched this video about IOS 13 and thanks for this video!
Abhijith V Nair
Abhijith V Nair - 22 days ago
When is the stable release roll out for iPad pro 2018?
Raspy - 20 days ago
Abhijith V Nair September
GrizzleFTW - 22 days ago
Thanks Markass Brownie!
saikat93ify - 23 days ago
Am I the only person who doesn’t care about widgets ?
sogs bilby
sogs bilby - 19 days ago
saikat93ify Yes.
Paolo Sbabo
Paolo Sbabo - 23 days ago
Hello, it's my first time commenting in this channel, I am an university student but I also work so I'd like to ask you something about the iPad.
Now I use an HP envy x360 for taking notes and working, but I was wondering if the iPad could do this at all.
I am not complaining about taking notes, but I work using a website, where I have to download CVs (pdf or doc) and open them in a half of the screen, in the other half I have the website. I need to copy text from CVs to the website.
Can you please tell me if it is easy to open a pdf or doc and have in half of the screen and if it's easy to copy text?
Thank you soo much for your work.
Ravi Teja
Ravi Teja - 23 days ago
So now can we connect external hard disks to iPad?
Filip Wasik
Filip Wasik - 23 days ago
Imagine with neurallink you wouldn’t need a keyboard
Henbush - 22 days ago
That’s decades away yet
SigmaBlack - 23 days ago
I wish they'd put in some kind of app compatibility mode for apps not optimized for iPad that let's me run it as a iPhone sized widget instead of the stupid looking full screen stretched out look.
Areeb Asif
Areeb Asif - 23 days ago
Would this allow to directly download content via torrent? Like will it allow to download content directly on iPad without need of Mac
nattyt2001 !
nattyt2001 ! - 24 days ago
In this vid is he using the smaller or bigger iPad Pro
Zankar Sanghvi
Zankar Sanghvi - 24 days ago
Hey Marques,
I am planning to replace my old laptop with a iPad pro. I usually type documents, draw, and edit RAW photos. I am confused between 11 & 12.9 inches model. Can you please help me decide which one is better for me?
Ramen Noodlz
Ramen Noodlz - 23 days ago
Zankar Sanghvi no problem! Happy to help
Zankar Sanghvi
Zankar Sanghvi - 23 days ago
@Ramen Noodlz I think I will go for 11 inches since smaller package is my preference. Thank you for reply.
Ramen Noodlz
Ramen Noodlz - 23 days ago
Zankar Sanghvi both of those models have the same exact internals and everything it just depends on your preference; would you like a smaller package that can be easily carried and held and put into backpacks or would you like a larger package that gives you more screen to work with on drawing and editing photos? I wouldn’t replace your laptop just yet though considering iPad OS is still in beta and there are some glitches and bugs in the OS, maybe once iPad OS comes to the general public you should then *completely* replace your old laptop
SocomGeneral723 - 25 days ago
So when is iPads coming out? And is it coming out for the base iPad latest gen?
xJalolx - 24 days ago
Its coming out in September and it’s coming for other iPads to
Sheri Carthan
Sheri Carthan - 26 days ago
Just when I decided on the surface pro.... 🤦‍♀️
Jacob Sanchez-Balizan
Jacob Sanchez-Balizan - 24 days ago
Return it. Lol
weloc - 25 days ago
I'll take it
Jimmy - 26 days ago
@1:29 What's a Computer?
CupcakeKay - 26 days ago
I am currently needing a new iPad as my current one is laggy, slow and cracked! I was originally going to try and get the iPad pro IOS 12 but forget that now that I have seen this video! Thank you so much for posting this video because I can't wait until I am able to get a new iPad!!
Tony Sweet
Tony Sweet - 27 days ago
Finally I can retire my laptop!
andrew andrew
andrew andrew - 27 days ago
A kidney can't buy every single product apple brand
andrew andrew
andrew andrew - 27 days ago
Youbrainwash wepaid, ipad
Bangdk - 27 days ago
What are those microphones in the back used for??? Is it a podcast Marques??
Plagues - 28 days ago
This is great! I just got my first iPad the other day and I have been a little frustrated at the limitations of iOS but this looking good. I would love to see a snippet tool like OneNote and windows, what do you think?
Meysa James
Meysa James - 28 days ago
Glad I subscribed. Well done amigo
Can Torumtay
Can Torumtay - 28 days ago
why is that guy at 6:56 always standing there
Caleb Black
Caleb Black - 28 days ago
DAMN it Marques! You don’t know how to disappoint people with your reviews. 😆👌🏼👍🏼
Caleb Black
Caleb Black - 28 days ago
As Joe Rogan said, “you just nail it every time”
Melissa Fernandez
Melissa Fernandez - 29 days ago
When can I update? I just bought an iPad Pro but can’t get my home screen to have my widgets on the left. Help!
Rohith Mekala
Rohith Mekala - 9 days ago
문재은 - 27 days ago
Melissa Fernandez same
Ben - Month ago
Always be grateful :) thank you Apple. Thank you MKBHD
Nino Alegado
Nino Alegado - Month ago
i love your ipad color. Is it sticker or case? Where did you get it?
Waleed G
Waleed G - Month ago
Is this only for the new iPad or is the update gonna be compatible with the 2017 iPad Pro?
Legend Killer '13 year old rko fan'
Yes , it's for iPad mini 4 and above
XxF7_ BrutalxX
XxF7_ BrutalxX - Month ago
Your the best at telling us stuff
asiankid902 - Month ago
What if they brought back slide to unlock for nostalgia?
Jay_ Animates
Jay_ Animates - Month ago
Im getting this next month! Ive never been so creatively excited for an apple product!
J K - Month ago
I just feel bad for all the guys that bought the took the L by buying the tab s4 🤮
Photoshop By Alfredo
Photoshop By Alfredo - Month ago
This is why I got an iPad Pro, I believe in you Apple. Will be using all of them with a Smile 😁
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