BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL

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ROMULO BENICIO - 4 hours ago
They are so gay
David Corpuz
David Corpuz - 5 hours ago
Skylar Shahini
Skylar Shahini - 8 hours ago
fuck i dropped my kid off at this concert help me I NEED MY FUCKING KID TO GET OUT
mahmud ektear
mahmud ektear - 11 hours ago
Are they men or women ?
Pandakopandaaaa - 7 hours ago
mahmud ektear 🤣men
JUMPINGALMO - 14 hours ago
I know a lot of people who now like BTS because of SNL.
AgustD Saved
AgustD Saved - 16 hours ago
Since no one’s talking bout this lemme do it . YOONGI LOOKS SO DAMNN PERFECT HERE ! HIS VERSE 1:47 IN THIS SONG IS SO SO SO HOT !
iiRoses_YT - 23 hours ago
I dont like what yall doing to their song.... It makes the song sound bad...
rxijin - 15 hours ago
no it doesnt
Marjanah Jahan
Marjanah Jahan - Day ago
This was posted on my bday. Soooo happpyyyy. I acc found out today 😅
Pandakopandaaaa - Day ago
It took me atleast more than 3 versions of this particular song, live, mv or dance practice... played more than 10x in a span of two weeks, to finally recognize each member. Im super sold.
mikrokosmos - Day ago
Welcome to the family! 💜
BI I - Day ago
This performance is soo smooth and so glossy they really nailed it
winter bear
winter bear - Day ago
Taniya kaur
Taniya kaur - Day ago
I watch this performance at least once a day 😂😂
Jessy Ka
Jessy Ka - Day ago
manu rios heart
manu rios heart - Day ago
im here......omg
Taehyung - Day ago
Loved the performance but the music backroads was a bit loud
*I can't stop whatching this performance ㅠㅠㅠㅠ i love it*
first class
first class - Day ago
There just so beautiful, beautiful heart's, love them💜💜💜
Ştefania Lungu
Ştefania Lungu - Day ago
i couldn't stob looking at Hoseok's profile from 3:06 (no offense Namjoon, i know that was your moment of shine but i always enjoy focusing on the background)
NJ RJ - 2 days ago
Everybody only talks about "the pink hair guy"...but what about Jungkook's stage presence, elegance, beautiful voice and adlibs. A pure talent ! Sorry they all are talented but JK (the "dark hair guy with a tie and white skirt") is something else and no one in this section noticed it.
Jasmine Benavides
Jasmine Benavides - 2 days ago
There is not enough love over RM in these comments... looking like a whole ass meal 😬😬
Jimin’s Socks
Jimin’s Socks - 2 days ago
BTS is the greatest thing that has happened to world.
mikrokosmos - Day ago
Alviana Sally
Alviana Sally - 2 days ago
Look at Namjoon's part ..I think that girl likes it :)
X - 2 days ago
They seem the type who can attract 15_31 age fandom but also with these songs can attract 50+ age range too
Ayi Ayicute
Ayi Ayicute - 2 days ago
Jungkookie 😍😍😍😍😍
Alicia Wolf
Alicia Wolf - 2 days ago
I love them so much! Their voices are so cute!
Ellie Nguyen
Ellie Nguyen - 3 days ago
The best part of this is all the members randomly smile at different parts of the routine. They genuinely performing and that’s just really fun to see!
Dr user
Dr user - 3 days ago
whoohooo the way that voice wavers at 3:41 "stronger~~~" from the cute dude to the left *chef's kiss*
Dr user
Dr user - 3 days ago
the way they smile to the camera warms my heart 😭 this part 3:38 im soft for these guys
sunnybreeze77550 - 3 days ago
I have never seen such a big group of pussies. This is what music is today? The worst is when they rap. Why does every culture try and copy american music. We already have a spanish T-Pain version. I am waiting for the Kpop Tpain. I mean seriously. Is this a joke?
veilaer - Day ago
honey.. from this comment we can tell this is the only song youve heard, give yourself a second chance and see if you still feel the same:
Goldjade14 - 2 days ago
Lmao your fucking clueless . Every country even America takes influences from other countries and incorporated into their own music . Not just music but even sports , arts , food , etc . What are you trying to say ? Every country needs to invent a genre nobody has ever heard before ? Are you implying every they can’t be into mainstream music as well like American artists ?
mikrokosmos - 2 days ago
Honey they know more about music and rap than you'll ever be able to comprehend. If you don't enjoy their music, then listen to something else instead of being rude and derogatory about people who write, produce and perform their own critically-acclaimed music and break records while doing it, and who spend their lives spreading positivity and helping millions of people while doing so.
Red Ruby
Red Ruby - 3 days ago
Rm and Suga came from the Hip-hop/rap community and was mentored by Coolio and Warren G. They were even going to form a hip-hop/rap group inspired by Ice cube's N.W.A. until the singers joined in. Some can even go toe to toe with T-pain and other American rappers. You can look up Rm, Suga and Jhope's solo Mix tapes that will blow your expectations. Respect their work, if you don't like them then that's ok but you don't have to insult them, just move on. They work hard to get where their at.
Check them out first then you can judge. And even you still don't like them after you listen to their over 300 songs , just be respectful cause different people have different taste
Army Only
Army Only - 3 days ago
Jungkook beautiful vocals at the end 💜
Briar Rose
Briar Rose - 3 days ago
Anyone else notice how Jimin just flung himself into Jk at the start? Jk's smile is everything omg
Angela Reed
Angela Reed - 4 days ago
I was feeling so down but my boys always lift my spirits back up. I truly hope they know how much they brighten our lives.
lachimolala luv
lachimolala luv - 4 days ago
Browsing comment section from locals or new armys making me so proud of our boys
보라해Louiela - 4 days ago
I dunno but i dont like that the stage is small or im just use to bangtan performing in big stages.
Liz The Plant
Liz The Plant - 4 days ago
blue hair boy has my heart now
X - 2 days ago
He looks so sarcastic reminds me of Berlin of la casa de papel, I stan lol
mikrokosmos - 2 days ago
He's an amazing performer and a wonderful person, which is why many people love him so dearly. He recently posted a solo song music video which he wrote and directed himself. Check it out, it's called Winter Bear -
Liz The Plant
Liz The Plant - 3 days ago
@M Billa thank you 💕
M Billa
M Billa - 4 days ago
His name is V also known as Taehyung 💜.
Liz The Plant
Liz The Plant - 4 days ago
wow they are so talented and stunning
Gloria Intong
Gloria Intong - 4 days ago
Gloria Intong
Gloria Intong - 4 days ago
god blss
Gloria Intong
Gloria Intong - 4 days ago
Gloria Intong
Gloria Intong - 4 days ago
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & varey f*** cool & l'
llke the boy With Luv & this is you
👕💰 🔙
lina - 4 days ago
blue boy is so pretty
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins - 4 days ago
That's V, he's one of the vocalists and is known for his soulful voice. If you like him, I suggest checking his songs, Singularity, Stigma, Winter Bear, Scenery, & 4 o clock. And if you want to know more about them, I'll link an intro: - Who is BTS? Intro:
Anant Singh
Anant Singh - 5 days ago
People say they were in their dark times( probably because of one direction out of the scene ) but after watching the snl performance of bts they are all having more and more interest to live on.
Anant Singh
Anant Singh - 4 days ago
@Seven Deadly Sins so what did i just said people were in a depression with one direction splitting , then these guys gave the people new idols to look forward too.
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins - 4 days ago
I wouldn't compare them to other artists, since their history varies. However, they did faced hardships. They came from humble beginnings, debuting from a nearly bankrupt company, and faced backlash because they were underdogs and were different from the other groups in the industry. They grew but they don't take what they learned and accomplished for granted. If you want to know more about their history, here's a link:
mèo con tv
mèo con tv - 5 days ago
Park JiMin
Audrey Francis
Audrey Francis - 5 days ago
this song made me into them. I'm a new army after bwl comeback😂 tbh i tried to ignore them before bcs of some of their immature fans but now here i am. I AM SO OBSESSED!!
ninanayatae - 4 days ago
Many army started like that ✊😂welcome
Gukk Kk
Gukk Kk - 5 days ago
Audrey Francis welcome ! They will comeback soon with a new album 😍
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown - 5 days ago
Wow. I'm a 45 year second generation Korean American and this brings so much emotions and tears... When I was in my teens, this would have never been possible! Korean pop music in American main stream music?? This is incredible and inconceivable! White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, teen girls and young adolescents from all ages and races chasing Korean boys??! Wow! Times sure have changed since when I was a teen in the 80s! I still love my INXS, U2, Depeche Mode, and Pet Shop Boys though! Hell yea!! 😆😂😁😍😊
Organic Cookie
Organic Cookie - 4 days ago
We're proud of being a very diverse fandom, there are many ARMYs in their forties and older. By the way, BTS are the most versatile artists you can imagine. They have lots of songs which are less poppy. If you are interested, try Ma City and Ddaeng for a start.
BTS RAP LINE - 5 days ago
Still Jamming our to this & school has started. I LOVE YOU BANGTAN 💜💜💜
yos9b - 5 days ago
I've got strength
I've got strength - 4 days ago
bts save me
bts save me - 5 days ago
내가 snl 작은시를 몇번을 봤을까...
batul tunio
batul tunio - 5 days ago
I love them
Kay Kay
Kay Kay - 5 days ago
Such an amazing performance. I love it! 😍😍
Polish Patriot
Polish Patriot - 5 days ago
i give it a 100/10
Yoli - 6 days ago
Me encanta esta presentación 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
SHARA - 6 days ago
To all the locals commenting about them being straight and their sweating or whatever, relax! You dont have to be gay or girl to like and be attracted to BTS we get that they are really lovable and y'all are very welcome to like them and be part of the ARMY ♡
j hope
j hope - 6 days ago
1:34 1:35 2:48
Daniela Hdz
Daniela Hdz - 6 days ago
Daniela Hdz
Daniela Hdz - 6 days ago
ABsORB Everything
ABsORB Everything - 6 days ago
This was their worst performance their voices were so muffled
DREAMY - 6 days ago
I come here every week just to see the comment section
Phoebe Wonderful
Phoebe Wonderful - 6 days ago
i love how the musicians and the back up vocals behind them are enjoying and jamming happily
scorpiolj90 - 6 days ago
They were all amazing, as always, but here are the things I like the most:
1) Tae's face at the very beginning... lol, so goofy and funny
2) Jiminie's voice
3) SOPE is all my eyes can see at 0:52
4) Tae saying thank you at the end... still so funny XD
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