Evolution of Video Game Consoles Startups [1983 - 2017]

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Sackie_ Craft09
Sackie_ Craft09 - 21 hour ago
Sega Saturn (jpn) start of startup Me: *Ok*
Sackie_ Craft09
Sackie_ Craft09 - 21 hour ago
And also the new ps3 is ps3 slim btw
Sapphire Gamez
Sapphire Gamez - Day ago
조승빈 - Day ago
Where is snes? It is just satellaview
Seamus Boucher
Seamus Boucher - Day ago
6:21 Nathaniel Bandy intro.
Tanzim Ifas
Tanzim Ifas - 2 days ago
6:24 9/11??
CallMeSlizz - 2 days ago
Dude that XBox 360 first one is the best in my Opinion
Paul Saharov
Paul Saharov - 3 days ago
Go To Love Of Play.
Of By Myself.
Mega nite
Mega nite - 3 days ago
4:23 irá very cool.
Mega nite
Mega nite - 3 days ago
Its very cool
Mega nite
Mega nite - 3 days ago
Bhargav Ramachandra Chirravuri

*looks at date and time*
"oh god pls no"
Youtube Viewer
Youtube Viewer - Day ago
Bhargav Ramachandra Chirravuri oh yes
Zheng Wen Yu
Zheng Wen Yu - 4 days ago
The switch should have been the nintendo logo and then the switch logo, rather than the wake up lock screen
Matt Level 2511
Matt Level 2511 - 4 days ago
6:55 😫👌
A Person
A Person - 5 days ago
_arry Member and Guess the Arry
If Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, and Playstation had a fight
the ambulance siren would be

Ruben Melendez
Ruben Melendez - 2 days ago
I get it
Dominique McKinney
Dominique McKinney - 6 days ago
6:17 My very first system!
Franzur - 6 days ago
4:22 thats just pure orgasm
InsideWay - 7 days ago
6:34 9:11 anybody
кιткαтє - 7 days ago
6:55 *slams body on piano*
Kay Findley
Kay Findley - 7 days ago
6:27 😊
3619jon - 7 days ago
Cdi....the sound of my childhood!
Mason Beedie
Mason Beedie - 7 days ago
Ah, the nostalgia
• Phazon013 •
• Phazon013 • - 8 days ago
The switch start up is so disappointing.
Adallace - 9 days ago
5:55 NA Dreamcast is pleasant.
Edit: I never knew about the hold Z on GameCube thing!
Ryū The Volcano Dragon
The Sega CD intro sounds like a song that should've been used in Castlevania Dracula X on Richter's side.
Sand 55
Sand 55 - 9 days ago
The PlayStation 2, original Xbox, and the Gameboy Advance are by far my favorites. I didn’t even OWN a PS2!!! And also the original 360 startup. And the Nintendo DS lite. And also the Wii one. And the PS3 one. And just kind of all of them. They’re all my favorites.
Pixel Bro
Pixel Bro - 10 days ago
ღMaferplayzღ - 10 days ago
Pockit Games
Pockit Games - 10 days ago
the sega cd part doesn't show the other reagions, they were diferent
Freeze Motion
Freeze Motion - 10 days ago
6:26 is filmed on 9\11!
YoshiFTW BoshiFTL
YoshiFTW BoshiFTL - 11 days ago
Great Evolution Of Video Game Start Up. 😄
The Hippie Gunner
The Hippie Gunner - 11 days ago
PS2, gameboy advance, 360, and we’ve all fallen asleep to the wii menu theme.
Infinite_ Ninja
Infinite_ Ninja - 12 days ago
Where is the SNES
Jayden S
Jayden S - 12 days ago
I get the older consoles having poor audio quality, but is there really any reason that the newer consoles should sound so terrible?
Megawarrior15 - 13 days ago
psp hit hard 8:42
Eliel Ator
Eliel Ator - 13 days ago
hi im new
[sic] - 13 days ago
PS1 still the coolest.
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot - 14 days ago
Playstation 1 startup will always be the best for me.
ShadowPresident 420
ShadowPresident 420 - 14 days ago
0:14 This is the classic "SE-GA" voiceover, as the blue SEGA logo appears over a white background. Actually this was never part of any console's start-up sequence, and definitely not the Genesis. Instead, this is loaded from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartridge. Since Sonic was the pack-in game for much of the console's lifetime, it was generally the first thing people would see when turning on their new system for the first time, thereby creating a great first impression. This splash screen was absolutely amazing for the time, and took up a huge fraction of the game's total ROM capacity. The only actual startup screen being generated by the internal Genesis hardware itself is the plain white text on a black background, "Produced by or under license by Sega Enterprises". Without fail, every single Genesis game displays this text when first turned on, as it's generated by the system itself rather than the game.
Totaljerky - 14 days ago
who the heck was playing on 9/11
Typriel - 14 days ago
The Nintendo 64 startup was cute, with the little Mario running around
Joe Vids
Joe Vids - 14 days ago
Can we just mention the date on the n64 intro at 6:26
CR Tubers
CR Tubers - 14 days ago
7:12-7:16 psp startup music,
Two Japanese man: wonder swan
kouki320i - 14 days ago
7:15 terrible mistake...🤔
Andeemations - 15 days ago
7:58 and 7:17 bruh my *CHILDHOOD*
greed power
greed power - 15 days ago
Honestly the playstation 1 startup was so revolutionary, it literally sounded like you were stepping into the future
Erick Smith
Erick Smith - 15 days ago
5:19 Jesus Christ...glad I never bought that thing.
Diego Cruz Beltran
Diego Cruz Beltran - 15 days ago
The N64 DD STARTUP DATE IS 9/11 0-0
Tien Tran
Tien Tran - 16 days ago
Nyuk Chew Lai
Nyuk Chew Lai - 16 days ago
1:04 Aah i remember that from Sonic CD
Joe Vids
Joe Vids - 14 days ago
And dont like ur own comments
Joe Vids
Joe Vids - 14 days ago
Did u really have to do this 4 times
Nyuk Chew Lai
Nyuk Chew Lai - 16 days ago
0:39 Aah i remember that from Hotel Mario and Legends Of Zelda The Faces Of Evil
Nyuk Chew Lai
Nyuk Chew Lai - 16 days ago
0:27 Aah i remember that from King Of Fighters Series
Nyuk Chew Lai
Nyuk Chew Lai - 16 days ago
0:14 Aah i remember that from Sonic The Hedgehog from Sega Genesis
truthfilter - 16 days ago
nothing beats ps1
FurryEskimo - 16 days ago
Kind of amazing how, over the top they used to be! Taking up so much time.
As, fun, as it might have once been, I'm really glad the intros are much shorter and sweeter now. Smoothhhhh
Burger slider
Burger slider - 17 days ago
I like more the old PS3 startup
Twinkle Taco
Twinkle Taco - 17 days ago
Who do I find some of these eerie?
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara - 17 days ago
Me coming back from school, turning on my PlayStation 1, game all day.

Ah, the nostalgia of that sound.
Axydental Gamer
Axydental Gamer - 18 days ago
Love this!
-- - 18 days ago
I love this but the sound quality is dicks
Paul Saharov
Paul Saharov - 18 days ago
Who Design’s a System Computer?
Chills B
Chills B - 18 days ago
Mega drive sega voice is the best
Ntea Christou
Ntea Christou - 18 days ago
Am on ps1 + ps2 + ps3 + ps4 and on Xbox one s
Sakkra101 - 18 days ago
The memories!
xlolox LAB
xlolox LAB - 18 days ago
6:55 best one tbh
KyleFTW5 - 18 days ago
watchign in 2019? subcribe to me rwar XD
KyleFTW5 - 18 days ago
okeee im watchin g
Nat Tupper
Nat Tupper - 19 days ago
The Dreamcast JP version is the same as the EU/US version. The JP version in this video is the DevKit version, not the retail.
asdikfjsgoi;lsdldfkjsd - 19 days ago
Some of these are re-animated versions of the intros, many are cut off, poor quality on some, and many were not included.
SAiKA - 19 days ago
I feel so fancy for having experienced both Ps3 startups xD
SAiKA - 19 days ago
This gives me freaking life. The GameCube and the PS2 were my childhood.
Metal Sonic
Metal Sonic - 19 days ago
Mac - 19 days ago
How would they actually have made the Playstation one at 4:22? It has no discernible chords or melody, it literally sounds like something from another planet -- I'm very curious as to how sound guys actually compose something like that. A work of art in itself, in my opinion.
PulsingBlueOrb - 17 days ago
Probably some modified channels used with a oscillioscope to modify the wave
Stitch Chapeton
Stitch Chapeton - 19 days ago
Sony Rules
Dramatic Scar
Dramatic Scar - 20 days ago
I've never owned a playstation and was the only on in school that didn't have it...
But damn 4:23 is just orgasmic
art psv
art psv - 20 days ago
Is this heaven? Or what? 1:25
Marcos Catalán
Marcos Catalán - 20 days ago
What about Wii U?
Just Resye
Just Resye - 20 days ago
6:25 September 11????
Islam Isbad
Islam Isbad - 21 day ago
ps1 is still the best, always used to kind of scare me as a kid playing late at night in a dark room.
Kj Rocketkid_100 Hill
Kj Rocketkid_100 Hill - 21 day ago
I will never forget the GameCube or the Xbox360 or the ps2 or the Wii or the ps3 it just brings back good times. Also there is something cool about the Xbox360 sign.
Deadeyes X
Deadeyes X - 21 day ago
i get chills and shed a tear when the playstation intro appears
RiFlop - 22 days ago
I like the Nintendo Switch startup
Madeline Motieram Perez
Madeline Motieram Perez - 22 days ago
The title says 1983-2017. They forgot to add Calico Vision, Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 and Super Nintendo.
Ono I dropped my Baguette
I think the maker of the sega cd startup was high lmao
Galaxy - 22 days ago
7:15 nice
Romain Paindavoine
Romain Paindavoine - 22 days ago
4:21 still looks fresh !
A Fax Machine
A Fax Machine - 23 days ago
Hey, your JP and PAL Dreamcast screens are incorrect. The PAL version used a blue version of the US screen. And Japan's was the same as America's. The one's you put were used on Dev kits given to game designers.
kawaii un
kawaii un - 23 days ago
you are not 556666
S10 the queen fan
kawaii un
kawaii un - 23 days ago
PSP Wonderswan Version
kawaii un
kawaii un - 23 days ago
Mario is me
Edgar Torres
Edgar Torres - 23 days ago
THX Universal
cheeezy_cheesus delicious
Why is the startup so long,i want to play minecraft..
you shall not pass
you shall not pass - 24 days ago
OK i know the ads have nothing to do with the video but really glad you want to boast about having a k9 sniffer not find a treat in one of your ads so if a treat can be hidden than what stops fucking drugs getting hidden
Hubert Farnsworth
Hubert Farnsworth - 25 days ago
you should’ve added the scary intros for ps1 and ps2.
SkyMewtwo64 Games
SkyMewtwo64 Games - 25 days ago
Game gear intro sucks it also sucks in all because it’s sega
Albatrosstic's Gaming
Albatrosstic's Gaming - 25 days ago
Where is the Apple Pippin
Burhan Khilji
Burhan Khilji - 25 days ago
6:21 *RETARDED 64*
Joe Rico
Joe Rico - 26 days ago
PS One & Dreamcast have the best startups
ManuMinexD - 26 days ago
this moment you see what for good quality we have
Edwyn The Fallow
Edwyn The Fallow - 26 days ago
@4:23 No! You can't do that! That's a sparkly HD new version! Get a version from the actual console.
Fish Activation
Fish Activation - 26 days ago
7:15 *WONDASWO--*
Perci VN
Perci VN - 26 days ago
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