Sisters Apparel Lookbook

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Alex F
Alex F - 11 days ago
Look at James tryna act all woke and shit by hiring female models of different sizes and colors... but all guys are white pretty boys lol. This whole diversity stuff only applies to women it seems? Pathetic
Lewis123 Appleyard-Sanderson
YASSSS EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plamena Stoyanova
Plamena Stoyanova - Month ago
Why weren't e and gray in it?
Isabel Thomas
Isabel Thomas - Month ago
KaterinaTalantliva - Month ago
So cool! I'm impressed
Connor Slaney
Connor Slaney - 2 months ago
What a daddie
Mehrin & Zahid
Mehrin & Zahid - 2 months ago
So sister happy for u James!!!
Mehrin & Zahid
Mehrin & Zahid - 2 months ago
That cartwheel was a amazing James. Love that! ❤❤❤❤❤
Brookelyn Lucier
Brookelyn Lucier - 2 months ago
3:01 oh uh- go off ig?
Kayleigh Burke
Kayleigh Burke - 2 months ago
I shop at sisters apparel because James shows that people who are plus size as well as other sizes can rock any outfit he puts out. And any skin colour
Arohi Paul
Arohi Paul - 2 months ago
Nikki UwU
Nikki UwU - 2 months ago
grey glitch
grey glitch - 2 months ago
1:40 I'm sure that's loey lane lol, oml she's one of my favorite youtubers! If it's not her imma feel embarrassed 😂
Eve Bolz
Eve Bolz - 3 months ago
Hey James you prob won’t see this or not care but if there was a hoodie or a poster or something that says “sisters spill tea” I would buy that and there the two things that I love so so much
Gr Wa
Gr Wa - 3 months ago
girl it isnt 2016/17. these clothes are just RIP offs of kanye's line, off white, CalvinCline, and thrown up versions of insta baddie trends. Not to mention that girls awful twerking. 🙄
Sabrina and Jayden
Sabrina and Jayden - 3 months ago
I was so shook when saw Tessa.And Brittany from the FBE channel
Blessing Ofori
Blessing Ofori - 3 months ago
I saw caleb from brent rivera
Ana Flowers101
Ana Flowers101 - 3 months ago
I really like this lookbook some much. You should post more lookbooks James . I keep on watching this lookbook.
Ana Flowers101
Ana Flowers101 - 3 months ago
Y'all are cute. I love the song so much I need to know the name . If I was in the lookbook I would be rocking Sister James Merch.
Blessing Ofori
Blessing Ofori - 3 months ago
Isn’t the girl with grey braids from buzzfeed
VIA SISTERS - 3 months ago
Are Nikita+ Gabriel still friends with James ou no?
Nicole Santos
Nicole Santos - 3 months ago
Vim por um comentário do Enaldinho e não entendi nada a música é oq está escrito nos comentários!?
ArDeN YT - 3 months ago
Ha your gei
MissAngeles - 3 months ago
The style of the sisters apparel looks like any other trendy apparel out there nothing unique from it 🍿👋 but props he making money getting his money so props for that👌
Kayleigh Crabb
Kayleigh Crabb - 3 months ago
I love the diversity in the models
R. Wright
R. Wright - 3 months ago
Forever 21...whats that?
R. Wright
R. Wright - 3 months ago
Who else was surprised by Emma?
R. Wright
R. Wright - 3 months ago
Forever 21...whats that?
My cringeworthy Life
My cringeworthy Life - 3 months ago
If only school dress code would allow jackets like that 😭
camryn cole
camryn cole - 4 months ago
I love how Emma is in this
Sofia Rain Salas
Sofia Rain Salas - 4 months ago
Dose anyone know how to get on the website
XxJoey ChanXx
XxJoey ChanXx - 4 months ago
You have good taste in fashion and you make my day
John Hedegaard
John Hedegaard - 4 months ago
Try to be a BOY for a day
Tinie Villarico
Tinie Villarico - 4 months ago
hello nice video sir new friend
Unreal - 4 months ago
I’m a boy.... not a girl, so don’t call me a sister!
Camila Talamantes
Camila Talamantes - 4 months ago
Emma tho
Emma Holme
Emma Holme - 4 months ago
Who else is glad he didn’t try the sports crop top/bra lpl
Pheonix Lykan
Pheonix Lykan - 4 months ago
strawbxrrytae딸기태 - 4 months ago
Obviously Emma has to be in it :) ilysm
Camila Jimenez
Camila Jimenez - 4 months ago
How did u get briny
kailynn g.
kailynn g. - 4 months ago
omg I knew I saw Loeylane in the thumbnail 💛
Franco_ Playz
Franco_ Playz - 4 months ago
If i brought that I'll burn it for real even tho i spend money it XD
clarence - 4 months ago
clarence - 4 months ago
ARCHIE RKO - 4 months ago
ArchieRKO 🤘🏻🌞
Mik Ren
Mik Ren - 4 months ago
So many of these influencer ‘drops created from hard work and creativity’ are essentially just fancy fonts and an adapted design from an existing design. And they aren’t cheap. Why wouldn’t one just spend that money on an actual brand?
Isabelle Tilbrook
Isabelle Tilbrook - 4 months ago
2:45 - 2:53 : Emma’s just like being herself and everyone else is like so formal 🤣
Eliza Gumbley
Eliza Gumbley - 4 months ago
Sister apparel has been taken down
Shreya Garg
Shreya Garg - 4 months ago
Can we just have a minute and talk about Emma wearing Calvin Klein while modeling for Sister Apparel
Peachy Bee
Peachy Bee - 4 months ago
Im just wondering, who actually bought this stuff 😶
Ecem 00
Ecem 00 - 5 months ago
Omg loey
Christopher Pichardo
Christopher Pichardo - 5 months ago
Dany Lopez
Dany Lopez - 5 months ago
Emma freaken slays
KliX Gaming
KliX Gaming - 5 months ago
Hol up is that the girl from FBE
Moonpie 122042
Moonpie 122042 - 5 months ago
Loey omg I didn’t even know she was in this then it came on my page and saw her in thumbnail
Khalid Shinwari
Khalid Shinwari - 5 months ago
He is male or female?
wilzvincent - 5 months ago
yousra and ritaj
yousra and ritaj - 5 months ago
Who is here after ... you know what...
lottie - 5 months ago
yousra and ritaj yup🙋🏼‍♀️
Maya Maya
Maya Maya - 5 months ago
Sisters apparel has been shut down
Lorena Marin
Lorena Marin - 5 months ago
Alguien de chile
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