Ariana Grande - ALL THE FAILS Dangerous Woman Tour

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Liam Collins
Liam Collins - 2 hours ago
I love how she just continues singing while talking
And I just can't-
Hey, hey! Chill out, be careful with him...
Please be gentle...
Marcus Andersson
Marcus Andersson - 7 hours ago
Fave moment is when Ariana forgot the choreography!
Maya Pada
Maya Pada - Day ago
Oh my god, Ariana you're professional singer!! I love you 😭
Ali Mezher
Ali Mezher - 2 days ago
She so mfking cute even at falling and her love to her fans ❤️❤️❤️
Kikingedissadikin Edisadikin
Juliette Dee
Juliette Dee - 2 days ago
She was the cutest with Scottie and Brian, cant let go best dancers and laughs with the Twins😓
lowkey_livie - 3 days ago
at 1:15 she told the security gaurd to be gentle
Peppa pig ISNT my gal pal
10:40 she’s a queen walking with an open bra ;-;
Isabella Johns
Isabella Johns - 4 days ago
1:23 Ariana: Please be gentle" OMG that warmed my heart...
JareBare Games
JareBare Games - 4 days ago
Did anyone else tear up when she said Manchester at 3:42
Emily rose
Emily rose - 5 days ago
God this didn’t age well
Lil angi Arianator
Lil angi Arianator - 7 days ago
She so cute when she failes😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rivaldo Panjaitan
Rivaldo Panjaitan - 9 days ago
Guys, Whats the title of that song 00:06
Rivaldo Panjaitan
Rivaldo Panjaitan - 3 days ago
+Soa Vlog Thank u, next
Soa Vlog
Soa Vlog - 7 days ago
Rivaldo Panjaitan i dont care
someone - 10 days ago
5:40 lol omg it's like he came out and was like "nope too late" and went back in
someone - 10 days ago
the guy at the beginning makes me mad. he was probably drunk or something. he could've been dangerous or scared her and security should've taken him off sooner
someone - 10 days ago
+Jaymes Lang "wanted him to stay" is a stretch lol i don't think she wants some random man standing next to her. and i never said i agree with how she reacted
Jaymes Lang
Jaymes Lang - 10 days ago
someone she literally wanted him to stay. The security was the ones who pissed her off.
-gran- -pelotuda-
-gran- -pelotuda- - 12 days ago
parara pa pa pa parara papapa
-gran- -pelotuda-
-gran- -pelotuda- - 12 days ago
She down the mic but his voice still hearing(??????
stringy spaghet
stringy spaghet - 12 days ago
9:20 me trying to find the spider in my room
Sweet Like Ari
Sweet Like Ari - 12 days ago
3:42 she said Manchester🖤❤️
Nene Alvarez
Nene Alvarez - 12 days ago
Am I the only one that find super cute when she falls? Gives me love lol
Nanette Pardo
Nanette Pardo - 13 days ago
Hey stupid fans stop making fun of our queen ari
Natalie Kresic
Natalie Kresic - 14 days ago
3:42 it gives me chills when she said sing come on Manchester because of what happened literally minutes later oh my god
Erdina moonlightari
Erdina moonlightari - 14 days ago
#Forourangels this are all in manchester 😭💔💔
Erdina moonlightari
Erdina moonlightari - 14 days ago
Dangerous woman in manchester😭💔
mc star
mc star - 14 days ago
Anyone who was in one of the tours
Chris Alm
Chris Alm - 15 days ago
Ariana singing high while escorting someone off the floor, I C O N I C
Ms. Misty Eyed
Ms. Misty Eyed - 16 days ago
Bro that mic comeback on that line was so perfect
Savy Stuff
Savy Stuff - 17 days ago
I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING AT 8:43 when the guy started singing along 😂
Destiny Ramos
Destiny Ramos - 17 days ago
I loved these tour outfits so much
Chris Alm
Chris Alm - 18 days ago
*At least Ariana walks in 6 inch heels better than us*
TylerMusicSandwich - 18 days ago
Lol. This poor girl is falling all the time.
Gil peregil
Gil peregil - 18 days ago
Pinja Kujanpää
Pinja Kujanpää - 18 days ago
8:43 will be me at the sweetener tour😂
Savy Stuff
Savy Stuff - 17 days ago
Pinja Kujanpää omg lol same (if i were going)
valen •
valen • - 19 days ago
valen •
valen • - 19 days ago
1:09 she's so cute💕
LollipopEditing - 19 days ago
0:13 what's name of that font?
MehmetKaraVEVO - 19 days ago
1:36 the way that she looks 👀 😂
Caleb Dobbins
Caleb Dobbins - 20 days ago
The fact she fell on beat makes it even more funny. 2:56
senunni jessi
senunni jessi - 20 days ago
I jus love how her back up dancer cares for her that much💞💞 im soft
billies daughter
billies daughter - 20 days ago
I would have died with those heels but she slays😍😭...
Charlyn Rivera
Charlyn Rivera - 21 day ago
I have a question what song is in 8:45.
MM2 JJ2 - 21 day ago
《ΞUиιΞ》 - 22 days ago
7:17 sksksk everyone started singing for her,, I love Arianators
L W - 22 days ago
That look at 1:36 😂😂😂
Akansha lal
Akansha lal - 22 days ago
all these fails make her more of a human than a celeb
I’m greedy I’m greedy for love 9:00 😂🤣
Annabella Bells
Annabella Bells - 23 days ago
Her backup dancers are fucking hot💕
rainy days'
rainy days' - 23 days ago
why didn’t u put the bombing in Manchester? That was a big FAIL
Manuel Gamboa
Manuel Gamboa - 23 days ago
Shut the fuck up
Ckaqe - 24 days ago
she fell twice during Bad Decisions. the second fall was rough. smh.
jaye - 24 days ago
Katrina U.
Katrina U. - 24 days ago
Not a fan, but she is adorable. 😊
Just Jayla
Just Jayla - 24 days ago
Andi Devin
Andi Devin - 24 days ago
She’s still look stunning when she falls
C F - 24 days ago
She hit that mark and was still able to say thank you on be alright 👏🏻
Kensley Spillman
Kensley Spillman - 25 days ago
the way she got the new mic and said “we’re gonna be alright” was iconic
JustChloe - 26 days ago
1:15 ' please be gentle ' - ariana
shes so amazing and kind omg! i'd hit the roof!
Paige Homewood
Paige Homewood - 26 days ago
I think it’s so sweet how she cares so much for her fans
Misty Petty
Misty Petty - 27 days ago
7:44 She came back from her mic not working SO WELL!!!
Aoife Kay
Aoife Kay - 28 days ago
Ari, bby. Please stop wearing those heels, I fear how many times you must have sprained your ankle by now
Deep lil Girl
Deep lil Girl - 29 days ago
The boot during greedy was so funny
권지윤 - Month ago
6:20 What's the name of song?
권지윤 - 16 days ago
+jennifer Thank you :)
jennifer - 16 days ago
•gacha_playz •
•gacha_playz • - Month ago
She keeps rolling like nothings wrong 😂👌🏻
We love cupcakes
We love cupcakes - Month ago
I wish I could go to her concerts but I finally saved enough money for the sweetener world tour!!!
Raven Chaplin
Raven Chaplin - Month ago
I love how the mic stopped working then she's jumps right back in be alright 💖 GOALS
Loren Beech
Loren Beech - Month ago
They switched the mic at the perfect time
Pearle Peterson
Pearle Peterson - Month ago
She handles her fails so well she’s like “So what? We got a show to do!” And makes the best! She’s iconic
Avery Futrelle
Avery Futrelle - Month ago
Poor Ari
Andrea Hilario
Andrea Hilario - Month ago
Theresa - Month ago
Cutest fails ever omg she's adorable
Ivan Tyk
Ivan Tyk - Month ago
Is she lipsyncing or is her backing track that loud 👀
Tiffany Angel Princess
8:44 omg yes sis I love his singing-
Mckenzie M
Mckenzie M - Month ago
literally stopped singing to tell them to be gentle with him when he shouldn’t have been up there, she’s an angel
Love Yourself
Love Yourself - Month ago
0:00 song?
jennifer - 16 days ago
i don't care
mel - Month ago
Girl who produced this tour??? They need to be fired. Some stuff just happens but those wardrobe pieces and props that weren't working should've been changed/taken out! Ari deserves better lol and also we love a theatre queen that WERKS these mistakes
Ju Dartuquí
Ju Dartuquí - Month ago
hahahh my baby
lex haunss
lex haunss - Month ago
the person who just went on the stage 🥵🥵
Hannah Garcia
Hannah Garcia - Month ago
I’m confused on why she didn’t let the dancer quickly fix her bra top. I mean she handled it like a champ tho
sh loop
sh loop - Month ago
Hannah Garcia there was a change right after and it looked like it crossed in the back so it wasnt going to just fall off
Kaman? Ya Allah
Kaman? Ya Allah - Month ago
We have finally seen whats under those boots.
Rocío Silveira
Rocío Silveira - Month ago
1:21 ??? her voice is heard when she does not have the microphone
sh loop
sh loop - Month ago
Rocío Silveira it was definitely her though bc theres more after and you couldnt hear it microphones pick up from a little distance
ArianaGrande 11246
ArianaGrande 11246 - Month ago
Rosie Gonzalez
Rosie Gonzalez - Month ago
I love when she messes up because then she does her cute laugh ugh 💓
Savannah Shippy
Savannah Shippy - Month ago
Watching ari fails gives me strength. I’m a singer and it’s just so inspiring to see that even the queen of singing screws up sometimes.
Erc - Month ago
So clumsy I love it
Alice Plamedie
Alice Plamedie - Month ago
She’s such a fricken clutz I can’t breafffff 💀😂 I love her omg
Afrizal nyaw nyaw
Afrizal nyaw nyaw - Month ago
Holly James
Holly James - Month ago
When he gave her the good mic she sang 'were gonna be alright' XD 7:45
FLdancer00 - Month ago
THANK YOU!!! I kept seeing those shoes she wears and I'm like, there's no way she's never fallen.
øhsnapitzyen - Month ago
2:13 someone be as smooth as him sliding into my dms pls thanks
Taila Ferguson
Taila Ferguson - Month ago
Ok but was the boot half up half down low-key a look🙄??🤷‍♀️
Jaymes Lang
Jaymes Lang - 10 days ago
Taila Ferguson nah
Ariana Martinez
Ariana Martinez - Month ago
The first 2 were the same concert XD
banggo uwu
banggo uwu - Month ago
3:10 “WEYYY SE CAYÓOOOOO” where the Hispanics at HAHAHA
william the dog
william the dog - Month ago
Give here some respect!
Victoria Villa
Victoria Villa - Month ago
3:43 i’m cryin because she’s in Manchester😔
Michelle Reyes
Michelle Reyes - Month ago
i feel so bad everytime she falls 😞✊
Hi Sis
Hi Sis - Month ago
I was there hah hah hah
J GameZ
J GameZ - Month ago
who is the dancer on the left @9:57 ? 🤤 as a huge ariana grande fan i need to know this information 💀💀
Sabrina Belén
Sabrina Belén - Month ago
3:42 she said "sing, come one Manchester" and my heart broke
sh loop
sh loop - Month ago
Sabrina Belén us not uk
Sanaa L.
Sanaa L. - Month ago
How do they do that dance for Be Alright. It looks so complicated.
Chiara Kathleen
Chiara Kathleen - Month ago
LOVE that she let one of the twins fix her like shirt when it unzipped but then when her bra came unclipped she was like "nah i got this" HA QUEEEEN
Samanta Ramirez
Samanta Ramirez - Month ago
Btw people for the first one she said chill out because the security was Like slamming the guy off stage. AN EXAMPLE OF HOW SWEET SHE IS 💞🥰
Srasti Verma
Srasti Verma - Month ago
You people edit videos like as if y'all never trip or something
Michael Le
Michael Le - Month ago
Don’t say the bombing
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