Ariana Grande - ALL THE FAILS (Dangerous Woman Tour)

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Ariana Grande Daily
Ariana Grande Daily - 29 days ago
sweetener / thank u next tour version :)
Jack grande
Jack grande - 5 days ago
8:46 he is sooo me😂
Aleksandr Rose
Aleksandr Rose - 7 days ago
that be alright i dont care remix is beautiful
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson - 8 days ago
*8:05** I just realized how similar the choreograph is to thank you next choreograph*
alsha sgr
alsha sgr - 9 days ago
9:58 i still don’t understand why she didn’t let that guy help her with her top ??
Jelly124 - 9 days ago
When the mic stopped working , they literally brought her a new one at the perfect timeeee
Natsu Mitsu san
Natsu Mitsu san - 9 days ago
1:55 XDDD
Marry Me Jisoo
Marry Me Jisoo - 14 days ago
Her fails make her more genuine.
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh - 14 days ago
Love you Ariana grande
Lucinda K
Lucinda K - 15 days ago
So many fails but honestly she owns every one of them!! 💗💗💗
arig4everr uwu
arig4everr uwu - 16 days ago
Aww ”please be gentle”🥺 such an angel
Mr Licker lick
Mr Licker lick - 16 days ago
7:44 atleast she wasn’t lip syncing
Laney True
Laney True - 17 days ago
"Cursed towel"😂💀
Fletcher09 - 18 days ago
It seems as if the coat that's supposed to come off on the "everyday" performance always gets stuck. Why not just keep it on or get rid of it entirely.
Litdex Blast
Litdex Blast - 18 days ago
Hiii guys, I would just like to warn u about something. NEVER BUY A TICKET FOR A CONCERT OF THE WEBSITE VIAGOGO. Me and my mum were going to see Ariana grande with vip tickets front row, the website said me and my mum will have front row seats and be seated together, it also said any age on the website. Then, they gave us a call saying that they wanted to confirm are ticket. All of a sudden, the tickets are now only for over 18yo and there will be no seats, so I wasn’t aloud to go. We asked to refund them, apparently they can’t due to management issues but we could resell the tickets. So we did, they said we will get our money back though (all together the tickets were just over 1800 pounds I think) guess what, it’s been a month and we still haven’t been refunded or given any money back. Those tickets were for my birthday and I never got to see Ariana. Ticketmaster are a great place that sell tickets but they ran out. Me and my mum are fuming, so again DONT GET TICKETS OF VIAGOGO
Hafsah Saeed
Hafsah Saeed - 19 days ago
Can someone please explain what happens in the first one what was it
Ryan Faure
Ryan Faure - 18 days ago
A fan jumped onstage
Boffe - 20 days ago
iam 3ll3n
iam 3ll3n - 21 day ago
her heels are too high tho😅
XnutellasXX - 22 days ago
the everyday wordrobe malfunction was the manchester attack!:(
Si3ter34eva2011 - 23 days ago
8:44 that man is me when I hear greedy
Ari and Dorito
Ari and Dorito - 23 days ago
Tbh I’d jump on the stage if I had the opportunity 😂
Also I feel bad for laughing when she fell in bad descisions 😶
Isabella Principe
Isabella Principe - 24 days ago
I love how even when she messes up she keeps singing and dancing but laughs at her mistakes
Clémentine Vinsonneau
Always fallin on "bad decisions"
Daniela Carrera
Daniela Carrera - Month ago
I think the only fail is the baggy pants that are so unflattering lol and that coat that get stuck every time haha
Akash Joanne
Akash Joanne - Month ago
She has a lot of talent even wen she has a fail moment
Elliot Shelton
Elliot Shelton - Month ago
Милана_ Некрасова
*This got me soo hard to tears 😂😂😂😂*
Δανάη Συριοπουλου
Manchester was cursed from the beginning
Δανάη Συριοπουλου
Manchester was cursed from the beginning
videos de todo con rey
Pras Setya
Pras Setya - Month ago
She is so cute and kind
robbyn Erickson
robbyn Erickson - Month ago
fall number 2 looked painful ( as she turned around and laughed)
Camry - Month ago
This made me cry! My Qween! I’ve loved her since I first saw her on Victorious! It’s like I grew up with her! What an angel! What a voice! I’m so sorry that she felt such pain! Nobody deserves that!
Denise Campbell
Denise Campbell - Month ago
Ariana says Manchester at 3:41😫😓
IBeBradleyy - Month ago
Volt Catastropher
Volt Catastropher - Month ago
Still hot n cute af
Fir Aliff
Fir Aliff - Month ago
She was surprised but she wanted to hold his hand... omg i love her.
Fabiola Zúñiga
Fabiola Zúñiga - Month ago
ava - Month ago
i love dw but i don't think its the best album and that they are equal.. ppl always say that and don't give enough love to her other albums. and sweetener is always hated on but its so beautiful. its yalls opinion but i rlly think they all deserve as much love as dw (don't @ me pls
Oliwia Reczka
Oliwia Reczka - Month ago
What’s the song in intro?
Kyler Vo
Kyler Vo - Month ago
Also how she just keeps on going with her wardrobe malfunctions
Kyler Vo
Kyler Vo - Month ago
Also when she falls who could blame her . Her heels are so are huge and also I wonder how her feet feel after doing tours in those plateform silletos
Kyler Vo
Kyler Vo - Month ago
When she told the guard to be careful was so sweet and sweet and she wasn’t like get off
Lu - Month ago
3:10 WEON SE CAYÓ! xd
lauren - Month ago
the fact that she laughs it off is amazing
Derby 2888
Derby 2888 - Month ago
Se cayoooo
S Snow_lilly
S Snow_lilly - Month ago
I think I’m a huge fan of ari now.....I love how personal she is with her fans not a lot of artist do that and I used to think that she was like any other artist but recently I’ve been watching vids like this of her and I’m noticing she’s not...I love u ariana
Amelia Millardbeer
Amelia Millardbeer - Month ago
I wouldn’t say there all fails!...
asy 08
asy 08 - Month ago
So good intro
ArianatorLife - Month ago
3:43 oh shit it is manchester
Pizłozaur - Month ago
3:07 she hit her head on the beat XDd
Jessica Day
Jessica Day - Month ago
10:30 u can see how she’s trying to not make any sudden moves so she doesn’t show the whole world her tiddies 😂
Jessica Day
Jessica Day - Month ago
Why doesn’t it bother anyone that she seems to have playback at literally every of her shows? She seems to never really sing live
Stephanie S.
Stephanie S. - Month ago
She literally always sang live. What are you talking about? She did lip sync a lot on the Honeymoon Tour but definitely rarely in the next two. She basically never lip syncs now.
Sumeyye - Month ago
3:05 song name pls??
Sumeyye - Month ago
@Emma Skars thank you so much
Emma Skars
Emma Skars - Month ago
bad decisions
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande - Month ago
Hey Hey Chill Out
Luna Pearl
Luna Pearl - Month ago
2:16 that’s me in the hallways at school trying not to run into anyone 😂😂
Adán Schnapp
Adán Schnapp - Month ago
Ari - Month ago
visit my youtube channel
brandon lukas
brandon lukas - Month ago
I ♡ how she owns up to it by laughing about it and was like I'm that bitch
lydi cat
lydi cat - Month ago
Even though she made lots of mistakes in the past, and still more mistakes to go in the future, we still love our queen~ Everybody makes mistakes and fails, even Legends. That's what makes us all human.
Skyler XY
Skyler XY - Month ago
8:45 damn her cheerfulness and sass is overflowing 🔥
 - 2 months ago
7:16 What's this song?
 - Month ago
Emma Skars thank you !
Emma Skars
Emma Skars - Month ago
be alright
Dusan Pancic
Dusan Pancic - 2 months ago
Philip Cassel
Philip Cassel - 2 months ago
2:23 she Lip synced😂
Abby Lea
Abby Lea - 2 months ago
1st One Is Philadelphia ( My Hometown)
Note- I Didn't Go To The Concert
I Got Upset At Manchester
RIP All 22 Angels
Zane Rodziewicz
Zane Rodziewicz - 2 months ago
what's with all the fans getting on stage especially during moonlight😂
Abby Lea
Abby Lea - 2 months ago
Zane Rodziewicz idk I Live Where The First One Is Philadelphia
Danny Padilla
Danny Padilla - 2 months ago
1 fail was missing the bomber part
Abby Lea
Abby Lea - 2 months ago
Danny Padilla I Know 🤣
drama and tea
drama and tea - 2 months ago
9:25 song?
Paulina Daleko
Paulina Daleko - 2 months ago
Knew better/forever boy
eri139 - 2 months ago
I love how the dancers help her while trying to blend themselves in as the "background" still
Nereily Duran
Nereily Duran - 2 months ago
1:35 ME 😭
Princess_Unicorn - 2 months ago
0:55 she also forgot the choreo
Greta Sara Coppoli
Greta Sara Coppoli - 2 months ago
cande sánchez
cande sánchez - 2 months ago
"wn se calló" xdd
Eoin Mansell
Eoin Mansell - 2 months ago
I lobe you😻😻
Jasmin V.M
Jasmin V.M - 2 months ago
okay when she trips she makes it look so cute, when i trip its so awkward 💀
Kady Martin
Kady Martin - 2 months ago
did yall realize when the mic got stuck in dangerous woman, seconds after she got it out that spot, the fire went up.. if she didn't get it out that would've been bad.
сука - 2 months ago
3:40 "come on Manchester" fuck, i got emotional.
Lillie Kelly
Lillie Kelly - 2 months ago
The wardrobe malfunction was at Manchester 😭❣️
Moonlight Bae
Moonlight Bae - 2 months ago
8:44 omg yess!! 😭🤣❤️
Karma Gad
Karma Gad - 2 months ago
The wardrobe malfunction thing when she said “Manchester” I got goosebumps
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