Fortnite X Batman Announce Trailer

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Fortnite - 15 hours ago
We're investigating an issue where players who had their YouTube and Epic accounts linked and tuned in live to the Batman Reveal Trailer have not yet received their YoutTube drops. We'll provide more details when we have them.
Sempthawase - 10 hours ago
you mess of a game
Zoomッ - 10 hours ago
Now can u add the flash to fortnite⚡
Jocsan Muñoz
Jocsan Muñoz - 12 hours ago
Nothing yet?
forever mario bros helper
forever mario bros helper - 12 hours ago
Thanks I need those rewards for free
Abraham Reyes
Abraham Reyes - 12 hours ago
I want my reward
jesscateyeSQUAD - 4 hours ago
So many people do not like fortnite from the comments
yeezyhendrix - 4 hours ago
Look how they massacred my boy
Sean Francis
Sean Francis - 4 hours ago
I'd be ok with this if it was the Adam West version.
Joey Baker
Joey Baker - 4 hours ago
Batman isn’t suppose to kill...
Jklarson1 - 4 hours ago
Great, now we’re gonna have Batman flossing.
What kind of god would allow Batman to floss?
Uzma Hussain
Uzma Hussain - 4 hours ago
Now I hate dc
Jayzal Playz
Jayzal Playz - 4 hours ago
What was the Reward??
chillionare - 4 hours ago
you did it again 🌈✨⭐️🤗
White Boy with air pods
White Boy with air pods - 4 hours ago
This is cool but fortnite is assssss
Temper Just Temper
Temper Just Temper - 4 hours ago
I’m sorry but... this event is more of a joke the stuff you earn in the challenges that relate to batman are the sprays and the the batman skin is another £15.99 bundle and you don’t even get the batman guider with that you have to buy it septitly with vbucks and then all the other good batman items are v buck items only I’m sorry but it’s just not as good as the avengers event
Nak _TheSt4r
Nak _TheSt4r - 4 hours ago
Fortnite ruined another good innocent thing
Qxyrie - 4 hours ago
“Gotham’s lost its way.”
GellyGuice - 4 hours ago
*Cringe.* What’s next Sesame Street?
Bicc Boi
Bicc Boi - 4 hours ago
Reynaldo Espinoza
Reynaldo Espinoza - 4 hours ago
Fortnite is dead
The best gamer
The best gamer - 4 hours ago
I love fortnite is the best I u fortntie
CodenameMeme - 4 hours ago

Minecraft is better.
You Pooped
You Pooped - 4 hours ago
Wow marvel to dc what a joke
jesscateyeSQUAD - 4 hours ago
I am doing a drawing tutorial on these skins on my channel i love to draw fortnite skins and try to make the masks irl
RoTedster - 4 hours ago
Holy crap #1 for trending
Shane MacDonald
Shane MacDonald - 4 hours ago
batman and catwoman don't even use guns
Yukine - 雪音
Yukine - 雪音 - 4 hours ago
it is I the real aaron carter
so is this a reason to play fortnite
Bea Jim
Bea Jim - 4 hours ago
Sincerely, everyone
Bicc Boi
Bicc Boi - 4 hours ago
In crying. Thank you for worsening my depression.
Jeffrey Kunkel
Jeffrey Kunkel - 4 hours ago
this is just stupid
Askhan - 4 hours ago
Midox midox
Midox midox - 4 hours ago
andres jimenez
andres jimenez - 4 hours ago
Fortnite x Caso cerrado
Ramon Ochoa
Ramon Ochoa - 4 hours ago
Batman whith guns isnt right
Bob-omb 121
Bob-omb 121 - 4 hours ago
If they add Steve and Alex I'm going to commit several hate crimes.
Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez - 4 hours ago
Im really not a Dc fan but this is cool
Edwin - 4 hours ago
Just use the Flashpoint Paradox Batman a.k.a Batman's dad Thomas Wayne. Basically Bruce Wayne died during the mugging in this Batman Universe and his mom became the Joker while his dad The Batman who uses guns and kills villains while drunk. And no one will care Batman uses a gun. People only care because you guys used the wrong Batman in this reveal video.
Briseis Ayala
Briseis Ayala - 4 hours ago
Deep voice: i’M bAtMan.

Brother: What are you doing....?
Me: **casually spends his money to buy the skins**
Oh, nOtHing....
Enrique Miranda
Enrique Miranda - 4 hours ago
They that desperate to get back as the number one game, I mean come on this is pretty sad epic games
unknown temptation
unknown temptation - 4 hours ago
No batfleck skin?? :(
C. Moore
C. Moore - 4 hours ago
1: Batman with a gun. I don't approve.
2: Batman having the ability to floss, dab, etc. I don't approve.
I would be fine if it were characters like the Joker or Harley Quinn or Two-Face but not Batman.
And not Catwoman.
ジヨーダン佐々木 - 4 hours ago
NO WiFi - 4 hours ago
I don't play fortnite but Batman is very cool
Lucas Conner
Lucas Conner - 4 hours ago
even Batman cant save Fortnite now...
The Isle Of The Blessed
The Isle Of The Blessed - 4 hours ago
This is Awesome I hope that they add Robin and Commissioner Gordon.
Mick T
Mick T - 4 hours ago
Is fortnite still relevant?
Joe Guida
Joe Guida - 4 hours ago
JJW PRODUCTIONS - 4 hours ago
check out giveaway link
Harlendreon - 4 hours ago
Why can we hear this fancy bus music at start when in-game doesn't? Feels strange.. Also Batman! Nice
Esaac - 4 hours ago
Report this video for terrorism
Joe Guida
Joe Guida - 4 hours ago
下元信人 - 4 hours ago
日本人、挙手ヽ( ・∀・)ノ
Trey TV
Trey TV - 4 hours ago
Let’s goo!
Bottle Cap
Bottle Cap - 4 hours ago
Nerdy.Hylian - 4 hours ago
Who asked for this
Top Hat Phantom
Top Hat Phantom - 4 hours ago
I'm going to Kermit suicide.
Almighty Doge
Almighty Doge - 4 hours ago
stop it fortnite your already dead by minecraft
Joe Guida
Joe Guida - 4 hours ago
Erick Eduardo
Erick Eduardo - 4 hours ago
4eBuRek TV
4eBuRek TV - 4 hours ago
Я тоже снимаю видосики про игры, послезавтра новый ролик будет) но пока у меня мало подписчиков(
Help me get monetized
Help me get monetized - 4 hours ago
And yet again fortnite ruins everything fun
Lama Duckie
Lama Duckie - 4 hours ago
I thought Batman doesn’t use guns
Anhsino Bambino
Anhsino Bambino - 4 hours ago
Boo! Go home!
TACTICAL FireX - 4 hours ago
Now I have a right to come back
Chelita Hernandez
Chelita Hernandez - 4 hours ago
My first game was fortnite Battle Royale at please since when I was nine it was the best game I ever heard I play it and my name is Galaxy dragon1021
wherr's joker?
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