Tesla Model Y Impressions!

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Joe - 3 days ago
Your videos are always high quality with amazing editing
Pentastar Nate
Pentastar Nate - 3 days ago
chiman bangali
chiman bangali - 4 days ago
Most 3rd row suv are crammed seats .
Varhan Davitro
Varhan Davitro - 6 days ago
Berore y launching = S3X.
Green Heaven
Green Heaven - 9 days ago
Fortnite sees this 7:22
Terrence Ike
Terrence Ike - 9 days ago
We never got an update about your Tesla ❤️
Shoeb Syed
Shoeb Syed - 9 days ago
And the p100d
oxi - 12 days ago
6:53 when you know that you gonna have that beast for free.
J Z - 12 days ago
I see no brake calipers on this unit
Emanuel - 13 days ago
You know what, the design is kinda growing on me. I like that it is a bit higher than the 3. Also love that the chrome is gone haha
Nocturos Gamer
Nocturos Gamer - 14 days ago
This video is way better then the what's inside video theres was terrible
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith - 15 days ago
I love Tesla and I was so wanting the model y so bad then I saw a model 3 that ate to many Big Macs lol you can have the hot super model 3 or you can buy the fat lady Y who will treat you right but just doesn’t hold a candle to the 3. But fat ladies need love too so nothing wrong with buying it but who wants to pay 10% more for 10% more fat and 10% less performance. Please buy it if 10% is all you need buy you will be surprised how I fit 3 adults 2 children and 2 weeks of luggage bedding and Christmas presents on just under 1000 mile trip. If you need more than that then damn maybe you need an RV lol. Killers me when the model 3 storage is rated with seats up and the Y is rated with seats down, very deceptive you put Y seats up you have 10% more storage than model 3.
Matt Garcya
Matt Garcya - 16 days ago
just imagine if it had falcon doors. most purchased Tesla car
Golden Brick
Golden Brick - 16 days ago
Waiting for model z
Dragon Spirit
Dragon Spirit - 18 days ago
You see that jerk on the bike at? 5:07

Fu#$!ng tree hugger!
savedfaves - 18 days ago
On the video it's basically Indistinguishable from Model 3.
Donesan707 - 19 days ago
I’m thinking of selling one of my Hellcats for the Model Y performance!!!
Donesan707 - 13 days ago
CSTwister yeah, most likely the Charger. I love to much the Challenger. ( redesign model S is looking sweet)
CSTwister - 13 days ago
One of? 😂😂
Slxxpy Jan
Slxxpy Jan - 19 days ago
looks like VW bug but better haha
Coi AQ3D
Coi AQ3D - 19 days ago
Crazy boys Show
Crazy boys Show - 20 days ago
It looks like model 3
Joseph cavagnaro
Joseph cavagnaro - 21 day ago
Is it true the model Y has no falcon wing doors
Noah Forsberg Clausen
Noah Forsberg Clausen - 22 days ago
Damn it!! I loved the chrome why did they remove it?
antonio volpe
antonio volpe - 23 days ago
if only my ludicrous rear motors would have lasted more than 6k miles. customer service sucks. their stock is plummeting for good reason
Beecher D.
Beecher D. - 24 days ago
Elon finally got his "Sexy" line up. But personally, I think it would be "Ugly". Teslas look like hot sh!t, and im sure im not the only one who thinks that. This Model Y looks like the sh!itiest tesla yet. It looks like someone gave a Model 3 a big ass, and called it a day. Elon almost LOST HIS COMPANY because of his own foolishness, and I hate that man and his company.
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior - 25 days ago
it’s not a suv it’s a hatchback
Zunian Luo
Zunian Luo - 28 days ago
Dang, someone put a MacBook Pro on wheels?
Jacob Kammerman
Jacob Kammerman - 28 days ago
I didn’t know that there is a Tesla model Y
dv - 29 days ago
anyone else think this was a PVP video 😂
Ritik Khilnani
Ritik Khilnani - Month ago
We need more vlogs
FLH - Month ago
norgeek - Month ago
I didn't know the Y was even out yet, amazing!
quaking - 17 days ago
norgeek well you have to Pre order it and you can go get it at the Tesla dealership when it comes out
Mr. Bombasthicc
Mr. Bombasthicc - Month ago
u suck lol
Tuperwear - Month ago
Make a gas version
Eggshell / Stain instead of chrome is super cool 👍🏽
SEXY ???? line cool
Made the E a 3 👍🏽💣
MyPicturesBox - Month ago
Yes, the roadster is sick but the steering wheel 🤢
bassistdc - Month ago
The Model S is the only Tesla that appeals to me visually.
Boring ThingsYT
Boring ThingsYT - Month ago
Guys model s model 3 model x model y let me spell it S3XY lol Elon musk planed it so he is the rightful owner of tesla
Cam Life
Cam Life - Month ago
It’s not a SUV, it’s a hatchback 🤨
André The Lizard
André The Lizard - Month ago
I don't know why, but I never liked this cunt! Thanks YouTube for recommending this cunt! Finally watched it, now fuck off!!!
Urban Rati0
Urban Rati0 - Month ago
I love Tesla so much, I want my own Tesla so bad, I’m 14 rn so it’ll still be a while but I just love Tesla so much, every time I see one on the road I freak out and tell my mom to look at it lol I love Tesla and everything Elon does, the model y is so affordable I’m seriously gonna ask my dad if it’s possible to trade in our car and get it
LonelyPianist - Month ago
MODEL _S_ _3_ _X_ is enough for me
LonelyPianist - Month ago
_you are a big fan of elon like me bruuhhh_
Sankalp Jajee
Sankalp Jajee - Month ago
What's the name of the instrumental that starts at 2:00?
Prospective Vision
Prospective Vision - Month ago
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v04b - Month ago
i buy correla better
and by kfc
v04b - Month ago
i buy a lot car thiis is very bad
v04b - Month ago
bad car bad very bad i dont like it because its cheap
hedgehog _d_sonic
hedgehog _d_sonic - Month ago
i like the car because its cheap
mistadj - Month ago
it doesnt look like a SUV...looks like a big car that acts like a station wagon
Hari Prabhu
Hari Prabhu - Month ago
mistadj not an sub it’s a hatchback
Khaled Mounir
Khaled Mounir - Month ago
How was the back seat on the model Y. I hate the model 3 back seat. only good for two people. even 2 children and a skinny adult is so so uncomfortable. No grab handles above the window either which makes it even more uncomfortable and crushing in turns.Hope the Model Y is wider with grab handles above windows
WD90AZ09 - Month ago
That fat X back : 🤢
malik gilmore
malik gilmore - Month ago
Yo marquee you almost have more views than the actual Tesla channel , keep doing ya thing bro !
Adrian Pras
Adrian Pras - Month ago
S3XY 😎
Mammy wong
Mammy wong - Month ago
go to Tesla website, there is no $39,000 Model Y to be purchased. Elon always over-promises and under-delivers.
Hari Prabhu
Hari Prabhu - Month ago
It hasn’t been released yet you idiot, of course it isn’t on the website!!!
Francisco - Month ago
I love the Model Y.. It looks like the hatchback Prius!! :D
Sandy - Month ago
But a 40W incandecent lightbulb is illegal because it destroys the environment.
GMT - Month ago
Thank god the Tesla UI has a dark mode.
80monia - Month ago
Awesome! NO MORE shiny pieces !!
RyDogGames - Month ago
BrainStem Recruiter
BrainStem Recruiter - Month ago
Looks like a BMW X6. Blah!
Joon Lee
Joon Lee - Month ago
"S3XY" that's SEXY
JR Gb - Month ago
The S is the only good looking car they have made. The rest are marginal at best.
Darksword Armory
Darksword Armory - Month ago
Hi Marques, having driven the model Y, would you say that it is about the same size as a compact SUV (like Mercedes GLC coupe) or closer in size to a Lexus UX ?
Haresh Kumar
Haresh Kumar - Month ago
That's a weird looking smartphone.
Omar Delawar
Omar Delawar - Month ago
Future Tesla Models...
Model A
Model F

Which spells - "S3XY-AF"
I Have an Incredibly Small Penis, but
I thought you were gonna play pick it up at the start lol
Golazo Highlights
Golazo Highlights - Month ago
I feel like the headlight should be different, it look way too much like a model 3
Enigma McC
Enigma McC - Month ago
Tex the entire vehicle is identical to the model 3 except they added a hatchback and removed overhead b pillar
Marc Minicuci
Marc Minicuci - Month ago
man it looks amazing are you kidding me
Stay Well
Stay Well - Month ago
I'm now ready to get half of my carolla paid off
Sister swag satanic salamanda
Model S
Model 3
Model X
Model Y
Oh Elon your such a trickster
Mini Miloe
Mini Miloe - Month ago
حسين ابراهيم
theboyinrcd gaming
theboyinrcd gaming - Month ago
MIKE GEORGES - 2 months ago
nobodyknowsanything !
nobodyknowsanything ! - 2 months ago
Man you have great insight and observational skills
ElektrobanK - 2 months ago
That is a pretty sweet looking car. Really digging what Tesla is doing. This is the only car/tech company I really, really want to see succeed. EV is the future. I can't wait to live in a world where more people are driving on electricity than fossil fuels. I don't know why it's taken so long, but I'm glad the paradigm is finally starting to shift.
mazen lewaa
mazen lewaa - 2 months ago
Im not a car person at all but man that roadster is insane like nothing Ive ever seen
Fahad Usman
Fahad Usman - 2 months ago
Hey. Whats inside the tesla?
Eric W
Eric W - 2 months ago
None of it means anything for this model or any other model if they cannot get their financial house in order and they are seemingly incapable of doing that. One of the worst first quarter results in recent memory. Losing $702M in a quarter is way bigger than even Tesla could have anticipated.
MrJustwatchin9 Ontheinnanets
So I guess the reneged on the falcon doors. Elon mentioneda while ago that the model y will have falcon doors
John Petersen
John Petersen - 2 months ago
My impressions and assumptions about the Model Y too Marques. The Y looks like a perfectly executed blend of the best of the 3 and X. I think it will skyrocket in sales eventually surpassing all other Tesla models.
Sandy - 2 months ago
A Model 3 violently and spontaneously erupted in a massive explosion yesterday. Fortunately no one was within the 50 ft blast zone. It was caught on surveillance video in an all concrete parking garage. Any family inside, or out, would have been instantly incenerated, and a residential home would have been leveled and burned to the ground. Lithium is INSANELY dangerous and should be outlawed for use in cars.
Every RC flying field sees this 5 times a weekend, and every club has lost a house or three to uncontrollable Lithium fires. This isn't a joke folks, RC flying fields have have STRICT safety polies about storing Litium batteries in commercial fire bags inside ammo boxes specifically designed to with stand massive spontaneous explosions. And these brick-size batteries still do a ton of damage, regularly.
You have no idea what you are dealing with. We are trying to keep your kids alive here, you are too irresponsible to save.
Jayden Li
Jayden Li - 2 months ago
Sandy 50ft?! It damaged the neighbouring cars but that was about it. Look at the stats of various studies. ICE cars spontaneously combust as well at way higher rate. Shut the fuck up, you are gonna go broke shorting TSLA. Fuck you and your shitty movement, you can’t stop innovation. ICE cars will be OBSOLETE in the next 5 years, fuck off.
Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris - 2 months ago
When can they make something massive like Toyota sienna or Honda Odyssey?
Oxi Clean
Oxi Clean - 2 months ago
0:10 little earrape there 😂😂
RaptorM82 - 2 months ago
He protecc
He atacc
But most importantly

He’s a Niccer
Will Das Neves
Will Das Neves - 2 months ago
A tesla model Y performance edition would be a crazy daily driver
Tai Huang
Tai Huang - 2 months ago
waiwaiwait..... is it supposed to be an acronym for sexy? Or am I stupid for not knowing lol?
Moltair Tremox
Moltair Tremox - 2 months ago
0:10 that sick bass tho
Clifford Martin
Clifford Martin - 2 months ago
He’s the black version of Jordan Maron
Jam Caimen
Jam Caimen - 2 months ago
3:36 isn’t that The youtuber from what’s inside?
ACLC Houston
ACLC Houston - 2 months ago
Why are people buying stocks in a company that hasn't made a profit and might even have to file for bankruptcy by August of this year?
Julian Evans
Julian Evans - 2 months ago
This is my first time actually viewing a Tesla car, I didn't realise they looked so nice
Keenan Brodey
Keenan Brodey - 2 months ago
Is this good for a family
curtflirt2 - 2 months ago
It's also time these sick liberals LEAVE ELON MUSK ALONE TOO!!!
Trenton mccoy
Trenton mccoy - 2 months ago
0:39 s3xy or sexy
curtflirt2 - 2 months ago
Fire but the 7 seat option isn't available til 2020 for some strange REASON!!
Enigma McC
Enigma McC - Month ago
curtflirt2 no model y will be available till 2020
Zes - 2 months ago
no such thing as impresx or not
Victor304 - 2 months ago
Model 3: I'm pregnant!
Model X: How the baby will looks like?
Model y: *appears*
RaptorM82 - 2 months ago
Willem Van Oosterum where’s the model 3’s pussy at it doesnt have exhaust
Willem Van Oosterum
Willem Van Oosterum - 2 months ago
@RaptorM82 yes duh
RaptorM82 - 2 months ago
the model x have penis
AnalogX64 - 2 months ago
S3XY = Sexy :)
mazin khaleel
mazin khaleel - 2 months ago
X and 3 had S3X 3:47
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