13 Types of Students After Exams

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Grand Priest MUI Goku Terry
3:16 imagine this Kevin gets 💯 then the teacher comes in and says “Oh sorry Kevin I accidentally wrote a extra 0 then crosses out 10/100
Chau Nguyen
Chau Nguyen - 18 hours ago
3:56 that's meh!! Anyone??
Syarifah Amirah
Syarifah Amirah - 21 hour ago
Denise is cute
my name is honey
my name is honey - 21 hour ago
I think I am not the only one who knows that Vicky is Madam Soot Beins daughter. No wonder she's so depressed all the time
Gabriel Vallecera
Gabriel Vallecera - 21 hour ago
Weird Flex But...Ok
Oof Gurl
Oof Gurl - 22 hours ago
*they kissed*
Me:😂omg they’re gay
Princess Unicorn
Princess Unicorn - 22 hours ago
49.5 round up to 50. So Jian Hao actually passed....
Leituala Ulufale
Leituala Ulufale - 23 hours ago
i love ur vids
Wichuta Kabkerd
Wichuta Kabkerd - 23 hours ago
Marites Naredo
Marites Naredo - Day ago
Ah if you hate your self becuose you fail learn harder
Marites Naredo
Marites Naredo - Day ago
Pleas wait
Leilani Sakalia
Leilani Sakalia - Day ago
T1T5 is the best
Emily Pulczynski
Emily Pulczynski - Day ago
I want to be as smart as Denise. She is so smart
Asian But God
Asian But God - Day ago
I just got blisters on my hand
Chill Games
Chill Games - Day ago
better then BTS
Tereza Rademan
Tereza Rademan - Day ago
Paw Nicolas
Paw Nicolas - Day ago
*The rest of the students:*
Jsk EG
Jsk EG - Day ago
7:45 was anime antagonist laugh
SnowCarterGaming - Day ago
Thats gay😂😂😂 9:54
Awesome 2
Awesome 2 - Day ago
If u like my comment I will subscribe you just comment your channel name
Kalyxlawrence Javier
Jianhao make a video class t1t5 q and a
Ichiro Yamamura
Ichiro Yamamura - 2 days ago
Don't get to cogy
glam Jaman junior
glam Jaman junior - 2 days ago
Class t1t5 look carefuly it spells tits
HowToDanceGT - 2 days ago
Hahahha least favorate animal
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie - 2 days ago
1:38 she puts the cockroach in the paper .
mildred coralat
mildred coralat - 2 days ago
If you have a 49 half5 you can round off so became 50
Muhammad Mikhail
Muhammad Mikhail - 2 days ago
Eww kevin has that disgusting face
Muhammad Mikhail
Muhammad Mikhail - 2 days ago
Soo...im the emo kid?
Joseph Maceo
Joseph Maceo - 2 days ago
I like Vicky
VLOG Music
VLOG Music - 2 days ago
It’s not true a bit
steven chu
steven chu - 2 days ago
Kevin this is how a fat boi lives
[GD] FurwiMienai
[GD] FurwiMienai - 2 days ago
Princess GachaHayden
Princess GachaHayden - 2 days ago
Didn’t Nicole do half of the exam?!
Liam Games
Liam Games - 2 days ago
Aaishu QUEEN
Aaishu QUEEN - 2 days ago
Kevin was sick and didn't wrote the exam how did he get the marks
Aaishu QUEEN
Aaishu QUEEN - 2 days ago
If you didn't understand see the video . ££££%%%
Its Eloine
Its Eloine - 2 days ago
Debbie has one higher grade than me, i can never reach 99 only 98 :(
Avelyn Chen
Avelyn Chen - 2 days ago
Where are you from??just asking
Marcel Browne - Tottenham Blog
Avelyn Chen singerpore
{Wolfy Jane}
{Wolfy Jane} - 2 days ago
Just like me... “THE NO-ECPRESSION”
Sopee Zoldyck
Sopee Zoldyck - 3 days ago
lol u guys spelt disappointed wrong
An An Playz
An An Playz - 3 days ago
This is Dennisse Exam Score
Hameed Sulthan
Hameed Sulthan - 3 days ago
Denise you are studying very well done I am so happy with you
First will be denise 120 good job 👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️💕👌
Second will be Kevin 100 good 👍👍👍👍👍❤️💕👌
Third will be Debbie 99 good 👍👍👍👍❤️💕👌
Short Legs
Short Legs - 3 days ago
1 + 1 = 2 ;-;
Jian hao 1 + 1 = 2 dude it's easy
vousme suivez
vousme suivez - 3 days ago
Just realised that T1T5 is represented tits (?) I guess so
Sophia Wasylinko
Sophia Wasylinko - 3 days ago
JianHao's reasoning was actually sound. "1 bunny + 1 bunny = 7 bunnies."
ayesha jhaira balmes
ayesha jhaira balmes - 3 days ago
I hate your channel and video s i don't wanna subscribe good you failed all the nerds are good you no nerds you are bad especially Dennis bad student
Ibbymilk malik
Ibbymilk malik - 3 days ago
Teacher: sit down Kevin I’m not done yet
Kevin: what? Huh
Teacher: Daneece with the highest marks with 102% for writing her own question well done to Daneece
Everyone :O
Craig Rayo08
Craig Rayo08 - 3 days ago
_baby_coco_ k_
_baby_coco_ k_ - 3 days ago
Love Denies and Debbie
Janak Meighoo
Janak Meighoo - 3 days ago
Ren Xi Yang: You are a beaver

Squirrel: Am I a joke to you?
lenny Roxas
lenny Roxas - 3 days ago
Family Yu
Family Yu - 3 days ago
best chale on youtube
Jose Marlo Mamaril
Jose Marlo Mamaril - 4 days ago
In 11 types of students in exam how did kevin get full marks when he was not finisf?
Blue Snow
Blue Snow - 4 days ago
T1T5 means Tits;-;
The Koays
The Koays - 4 days ago
This is too funny 😂🤣
Felix Ss
Felix Ss - 4 days ago
Jin Hao is so weird
Felix Ss
Felix Ss - 4 days ago
Denis point exam was so great I'm sure she will go to the next field trip
Felix Ss
Felix Ss - 4 days ago
Why Kevin is showing off bro
Sky 97
Sky 97 - 4 days ago
I just already watch that video yesterday
Nyruex - 4 days ago
I died when I realized when he screamed and it was an electrical bill
Katherine Gonzalez
Katherine Gonzalez - 4 days ago
I like the gordon student becouse yea
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