Purgatony Episode 04 - Heaven? Ken, Wait!

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Elmo - 33 minutes ago
i just noticed this!
when the others angels offered chad bradley to go to the country club thing
his wings fluttered because he was happy
Lucas Leitner
Lucas Leitner - 2 hours ago
my diiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk
ILikeEatingCards Man
1:50 Jesus
jackson cheung
jackson cheung - Day ago
The opening song sings "there's no clock on the wall" but there is one indeed! (at 2:07)
Moonowl - Day ago
Good job
A. Naim
A. Naim - 2 days ago
Behind every Chad Bradleys lie a tortured soul :')
Nobody is perfect
Deleijon - 2 days ago
I love Chad :)
Blue Grapes
Blue Grapes - 2 days ago
9:39 um
Travis Gardner
Travis Gardner - 3 days ago
Are we going to ignore that Chad Bradley knows what Tony's genitals look like?
FluidZERO - 3 days ago
I wanna give C.B. a hug :(
InsaneNyon - 3 days ago
slaves wanted by george washington , i see that reference for episode 1 lmao
MarishaG - 3 days ago
Hopefully in heaven that guy gets his skin back :(
Gary-Ann Crooks
Gary-Ann Crooks - 3 days ago
Guessing the serial killer was Bundy here
MNDarkfire !
MNDarkfire ! - 3 days ago
A guygherkin! XD
Bowl. - 3 days ago
69K likes... nice.
no name productions
no name productions - 4 days ago
I love seeing more of the after lifes
Logandoodles - 4 days ago
9:38what happened to chad Bradley’s hands?
Richard Sheppard
Richard Sheppard - 4 days ago
Did "God make you kill your son? You may be entitled to compensation.
Call 777-777-7777
Blazingfury05 _
Blazingfury05 _ - 4 days ago
Theres no stars theirs no sun, no time off for anyone theres no clock on the wall. Theres no end to it all. Everyone's on overtime and theres no overtime! Oh your perfect life is weighed on a good bad devider oh theres much to much to grade for a cynical decider. This is hardly working this is hardly living this is my job!
Tim Drake
Tim Drake - 4 days ago
OMG That theme song grew on me.
SmartR14 - 4 days ago
11:50 I like how Chad Bradley's expression changes in here
Robert Genier
Robert Genier - 4 days ago
Omg you bastards you killed Kenny!!!
Killian Nixon
Killian Nixon - 4 days ago
Has anyone else noticed Chad Bradley's hands aren't connected to his arms right before they meet keny?
Musician84721 - 4 days ago
Anyone else catch a possible reference to the first guy being Ed Geine?
Donjorus Prime
Donjorus Prime - 4 days ago
I did, but he killed because he loved his mother.
Musician84721 - 4 days ago
The genitals xD
leo - 4 days ago
So thats the guy she married
the ridiculous rando
the ridiculous rando - 4 days ago
What's up with Chad's hands in 9:42
lectorserelith - 4 days ago
This i a great series. I sincerely hope there's more to come!
kayrø - 4 days ago
Why does he look like like Danny Devito?
Hoodini Soar
Hoodini Soar - 4 days ago
< Did "God" make kill your soon? You may be entitled to compensation >
Cheese Man
Cheese Man - 4 days ago
At 9:41 Bradley’s hands have came off
Demi ThePodling
Demi ThePodling - 4 days ago
Time to watch it again! all for a 2nd Season!
thegoldenwisserd gold
thegoldenwisserd gold - 4 days ago
I always cynda laugh when thy sing everybody is on overtime and there's no overtime
captainseed - 4 days ago
hd - 5 days ago
9:36 CB's hands are disconnected from his wrists 😐 someone made a woopsie-doodle
Daniel Felipe
Daniel Felipe - 5 days ago
When I heard Kenny I thought he was just gonna be a South Park reference
Muhammad Amin Ghazali
Muhammad Amin Ghazali - 5 days ago
We need game like Paper, please. Purgatory version. Decide they going to hell or heaven by reading their deeds
sukie chan
sukie chan - 5 days ago
i love dis
Edgar Gamboa
Edgar Gamboa - 5 days ago
Supriced it wasnt demonitiezed for showing a penis
Beckett Campbell
Beckett Campbell - 5 days ago
Why does Tony hate Chad Bradley? He seems good.
drockjr - 6 days ago
0:33 why I clicked.
Justin Daniels
Justin Daniels - 7 days ago
You ok Tony?
Yeah I’m alright Chad Bradley lol
Pu Derrick
Pu Derrick - 7 days ago
Chip Chapley
Kly - 8 days ago
Jesus if Purgatony were played by Danny DeVito and Bradley by Will Ferrel, this would be a sick comedy for tv.
Jermain Playz
Jermain Playz - 8 days ago
Tony:nothing is gonna bring me down!
*Death brings him down*
Marcel Chagnon
Marcel Chagnon - 8 days ago
Damn the only good option for the afterlife is the soul shredder.
Video Liker
Video Liker - 8 days ago
7:15 anyone mind clarifying why god has/needs a lawyer.
ALMEGA ZALIJAH - 9 days ago
Best show ever
Jackson - 10 days ago
Does Tim mention sing the I tried?
debbie uzo
debbie uzo - 10 days ago
Wow just one add omg you guys are amazing like Rayn higa
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