Purgatony Episode 04 - Heaven? Ken, Wait!

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The real spicy egg
The real spicy egg - 5 hours ago
TomasPabon - Day ago
7:43 jesus Tony is brutally honest
Antonius Evan
Antonius Evan - Day ago
I wonder why Tony work in Purgatory is he rejected by both Heaven and Hell?
I wonder if I can also be accepted there, it seems to be a nice place to work at.
Fig the Pug
Fig the Pug - 2 days ago
Why chad does kinda look like Harry the handsome butcher?
Raul Miranda
Raul Miranda - 4 days ago
Yall streaming any of these, on here
Joseph Mekus
Joseph Mekus - 4 days ago
Make more than 8
colio40 gaming
colio40 gaming - 6 days ago
This is a sad episode
Kyle Raia
Kyle Raia - 8 days ago
Can i get a season 2!?!??
Sçøtt Sállëy
Sçøtt Sállëy - 12 days ago
Chad bradfidence!
Slacker Engi 2
Slacker Engi 2 - 28 days ago
0:41 Ed Gein
A serial killer that actually made a female skin suit to become his mother
Madhav Kumar Singh
Madhav Kumar Singh - Month ago
9:36-9:45 Chad's hands don't move..

Hubby Bubby
Hubby Bubby - Month ago
Who is studio 71?
Louie Baby 10
Louie Baby 10 - Month ago
I will eat that halo is I want to
Anthony Kennedy
Anthony Kennedy - Month ago
9:37 hey, Chad, your hands okay?
Lil Rabbit
Lil Rabbit - Month ago
I want tony to do well 😭
Tuffsmoygles - Month ago
how THE FUCK did all the broshits get into heaven?!?
Andie J. Lewis
Andie J. Lewis - Month ago
1:38 Isn’t that red from Overly Sarcastic Productions
Bobbydog66 - Month ago
5:54 I'm trying to get the single drummer thing.
joimumu - Month ago
If there’s a guard at the gates of haven them doesn’t that mean the guard made a mistake too?
Empress Moka
Empress Moka - Month ago
Make more please
Testsubject276 - Month ago
ZigZagTheCat - Month ago
9.99 mill subs its 666
Louie Baby 10
Louie Baby 10 - Month ago
Please have a sequel
green dragon rage
green dragon rage - Month ago
Adonan the Stoic
Adonan the Stoic - Month ago
There aren't genitals in heaven? That's not heaven, and I honestly would rather go to hell.
Adonan the Stoic
Adonan the Stoic - Month ago
Honestly, seeing some of the clients that pass through purgatory reminds me why I became an atheist.
This other guy Likes some fandoms
“Where where you between 1939 - 1945?”
RandyMarsh's GamingPitStop
You know what i like about this show? Besides how AWESOME it is, ya know? But i like how there's not any characters you don't like. Even the one your not suppose to like Chad Bradley even he's easily likable. Death is probably the best in this 😂😂. I hope this show takes off for you I'd deff watch it every time it was on. LOTS of hard work went into this and i want you to know it shows, and we appreciate it!
Sir Super wimp
Sir Super wimp - Month ago
9:43 wow that animation error lol
Katlego Masoeu
Katlego Masoeu - Month ago
Sigma XIII
Sigma XIII - Month ago
6:50 his soul smell like stale coffee and fart 😂💨💥☕
I chuckle farted to this!!! 💨😂💨😂💨😂💨
Mario MavmisteR
Mario MavmisteR - 2 months ago
The first guy was weird
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Briar Rose
Briar Rose - 2 months ago
Where’s season 2? I’d watch the hell out of it.

Love these creators and their work. 💕
oscar baltodano
oscar baltodano - 2 months ago
Chad Bradley reminds me of Harry the Handsome Butcher as far as looks go.
roderick cowan
roderick cowan - 2 months ago
Chad Bradley. What a whining douch. Would love to see an episode that details why he deserved Pergatory.
partisan - 2 months ago
Watch more
Skitgrurd Battlestompah
Skitgrurd Battlestompah - 2 months ago
But time has no meaning so that means that 1 day can either always never exist
Roberto Gonzalez
Roberto Gonzalez - 2 months ago
Anyone notice chad Bradley’s hands were not on his arms on 9:36
XhailSway - 2 months ago
Can you make tony less of a complainer
Ahmad and skeleton
Ahmad and skeleton - 2 months ago
Hey he hates gays

Me too
Zaplex PH
Zaplex PH - 2 months ago
I just realised that this episode is not a stick arms and legs
Mev Cilbox
Mev Cilbox - 2 months ago
Part 2 ( part 1 is in episode 3)
So if time is irreverent in purgatory then all computers would malfunction
Since all devices and I MEAN ALL of cellphones and stuff work and quantum clocks meaning if time isn’t real there then NO COMPUTERS?!?!!?
Edit : still no likes so sad :(
Brandon Winters
Brandon Winters - 2 months ago
Sad Bradley .. damn lol+
Josh Wiencke
Josh Wiencke - 2 months ago
Why are chads hands not attached too his body 9:36
Josh Wiencke
Josh Wiencke - 2 months ago
Why are chads hands not attached too his body 9:36
Dustwarewolf 55
Dustwarewolf 55 - 2 months ago
Those three dead people by the wine bar should NOT be in Heaven by the sounds of it.
Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Bun - 2 months ago
"H-E-L-L, bye." My most favorite part in the video. 😂
Hazel Nuala
Hazel Nuala - 2 months ago
Uhhhh 7777777 is a taxi service where I come from 😳
Angel Cortez
Angel Cortez - 2 months ago
Did anyone call the number
Angela Joel
Angela Joel - 2 months ago
To be honest, Chad's heaven friends don't act heaven worthy.
joimumu - Month ago
Angela Joel I would have send them to hell, to be fair a lot of people would be send there if I would work in purgatory so it might be best if I wouldn’t work there
Fall out at the disco
Fall out at the disco - 2 months ago
Yakko Warner
Yakko Warner - 2 months ago
The Heaven Eleven killed me
Zeneeba Pyra
Zeneeba Pyra - 2 months ago
it's official. Chad's my favorite character.
Tree Man Gaming
Tree Man Gaming - 2 months ago
“Everyone’s in overtime, there’ no overtime”
What the hell does that mean?
Xanthe - 2 months ago
Nobody gets paid
OwO ISageOfSixPaths
OwO ISageOfSixPaths - 2 months ago
I took me a while to understand why he said "actually i have a pretty good idea" to the guy with no skin
ESN 64
ESN 64 - 2 months ago
Its kind of a purgatory state where tony deserves what happens to him but also doesnt
steve cooper
steve cooper - 2 months ago
I was asleep then it struck me
"Wait... if you don't have a penis you pee like a girl right?"
Probably and that's strange to me
AchievedChair 17
AchievedChair 17 - 2 months ago
The glow stick 1 day halo is amazing.
Ryan Cranston
Ryan Cranston - 2 months ago
I’m pretty sure the killer in the start of the episode is a reference to leather face
Robbie S
Robbie S - 3 months ago
My favorite episode.
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