Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn - Launch Trailer - Nintendo 3DS

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ブルーノBruno - 11 days ago
This game is so creative.
Starthorn shadowclancat
Starthorn shadowclancat - 15 days ago
sOMEONE alert Chuggaaconroy
Tex Tepig
Tex Tepig - Month ago
Why are y'all still releasing games on the 3DS?
Sin nombre Sin apellido
Bc it's a great system.
fly the M E M E man
fly the M E M E man - Month ago
Looks like Kirby actually used that magic sock that fluff gave him to use!
Edric Ndirangu
Edric Ndirangu - Month ago
Everybody knows that fire trucks are overpowered
CedromCraft - Month ago
Hello Nintendo, I've already played Kirby's Epic Yarn in the Wii System, like since 2012. I do understand that you want to port that awesome game to the 3DS Family System, however, I think you're taking advantage from 3DS players that haven't yet played that game (Kirby's Epic Yarn) because they never had a Wii System, to be honest I am pretty disappointed at the fact that this was a port and not an actual sequel as what Kirby's fans would want, have a nice day Nintendo.
Jason Walker
Jason Walker - Month ago
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190mice - 2 months ago
i play it at target but you only get to use kiting knidles and butten
Charlie Crooks
Charlie Crooks - 2 months ago
why did i not play kirby's epic yarn but was hooked on kirby's extra epic yarn?
Rylen Liddiard
Rylen Liddiard - 2 months ago
Why didn't you guys put this stuff in the first game that was on the Wii *sigh*
Yamperdoodle 5
Yamperdoodle 5 - 2 months ago
[Insert nostalgia here]
Pokemon OH GO
Pokemon OH GO - 2 months ago
I dont like kirby's epic yarn it's to eyes
Joao Dores
Joao Dores - 2 months ago
Oh and he had FRENDED King Dedede
FryToons! - 2 months ago
I didn’t even know this was announced!
Christina Maness
Christina Maness - 2 months ago
This is on the Wii you should have heard this on the DS instead of the 3DS
Hamad Alrowaie
Hamad Alrowaie - 2 months ago
I don' t wanna see the 3ds die yaaa😭💔
Sam Vimes
Sam Vimes - 3 months ago
This game makes me feel like a monster. All those cute little waddle dees minding their own business, and I slaughtered them :(
Subb - 3 months ago
wait wasnt the whole point of epic yarn that abilities were no longer w thing in it
Hff Gfd
Hff Gfd - 3 months ago
SBSP&DTERE2004 On YT - 3 months ago
Maybe on 2020, Kirby will have another show
reRy - 3 months ago
But are there new levels
Rifat Athallah Adirajasa
Rifat Athallah Adirajasa - 4 months ago
Rip 3ds 2011-2019
Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown - 4 months ago
I'm actually really happy this is being made. Kirbys epic yarn for the wii was one of the first games I ever played and I at least beat it more than 6 times, Kirby was and still is one of my favourite franchise and for some reason this was my favourite Kirby game out of all of them maybe because it has something to do with nostalgia? Just a few months ago I let my friend borrow the game and it came back broken (I kept a calm face but embarrassingly enough I was actually really upset which is lame considering I'm 16 but I really did love this game, its one of those games that could always cheer me up no matter what because of the pretty pastel colours and beautiful music and it always felt calming to play since the game is really easy with invincibility so it was relaxing) because this game is way too special to me I was gonna just buy another wii version until I learned about this which I am so excited for since I definitely prefer handheld over console and I'll be able to take it with me when I go out of town, I already ordered it can't wait to get that sweet sweet nostalgic trip
Hamad Alrowaie
Hamad Alrowaie - 4 months ago
Man 😢💔
GoogleHelpYou - 4 months ago
This may not seem like your typical Kirby game, but it is.
Kirby may have lost the ability to inhale enemies but he gained the ability to whip them.
Kirby can't copy opponent's ability, he can still get their ability by touching certain medals
Luna Ramírez Retana
Luna Ramírez Retana - 4 months ago
That is cool i love Kirby
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez - 4 months ago
F have

Game Stormer
Game Stormer - 4 months ago
2:08 *oh hey*
4evaLA1 - 4 months ago
Bj. Make ze111 😩😩😠😠😠😠😜🙁😜😎😩😜😜😜b🤓🙄😬😵😰🥶🥶😠🥵🥶😂🥶😂😂😂💀
Rain Rider
Rain Rider - 4 months ago
And people said the 3ds was dead
that idiotic commenter
that idiotic commenter - 4 months ago
I love Epic Yarn, but the 3DS port graphics are really bad.
Cadence - 4 months ago
Could you not release this on the switch so I can play it?
Philemon - 4 months ago
Why on 3DS why not switch?
NightHowler_ 16
NightHowler_ 16 - 4 months ago
Well guys Nintendo is running out of ideas. We’ve hit the end of the road.😢
evansuxx productions
evansuxx productions - 4 months ago
Why is this not on the switch? I sold my 3ds, and I’m sure many others have too. This is literally the exact same game as Kirby’s epic yarn
Sam Rash
Sam Rash - 4 months ago
Most people won't sell their 3DS. Idk why you did. It has it's own library of games. I'm never selling mine even after I buy a switch.
aoi the weeb
aoi the weeb - 4 months ago
why buy the game when you can play the original
Lemyvlogs Aguilar Solis
Lemyvlogs Aguilar Solis - 4 months ago
It’s the same game
Lemyvlogs Aguilar Solis
Lemyvlogs Aguilar Solis - 4 months ago
Nini - 4 months ago
This is all I needed more Kirby, time to gush 😍😍😍😍
Rewr rweR
Rewr rweR - 5 months ago
Ohmahgod very epic
Nick K
Nick K - 5 months ago
I hope the 3DS' legacy doesn't end with this game.
Jax Kirkpatrick
Jax Kirkpatrick - 4 months ago
It won't, Theres only one more game coming out for the 3DS and it is Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth
david aguilar
david aguilar - 5 months ago
Nintendo, pls, metroid fusion and zero mision in 3ds. Before you kill to 3ds.
Orion D. Hunter
Orion D. Hunter - 5 months ago
I literally read it as "Kirby’s Extra Epic Yam"
Jake Alexander
Jake Alexander - 5 months ago
please bring to switch too!!1 i want to see super crisp kirby!! more craft games like wooly word and crafted world!! i would pay 60$ for a updated graphics of wooly world on the switch!!
Dizzyformula - 5 months ago
Funny Eevee
Funny Eevee - 5 months ago
Myrankirby - 5 months ago
Please do a 3D Kirby games
Warriorseamonkey16 - 5 months ago
RJ TV - 5 months ago
I installed the demo of this game its really cool I think I'm gonna buy a coy
Zackman92 - 5 months ago
Now to release Mother 3
DiamondBQ - 5 months ago
2:09 who said meta knight was nerfed
Glitchy - 5 months ago
why not on the switch? that would make much more sense...
Sha'teeq Smith
Sha'teeq Smith - 5 months ago
It could’ve been on both consoles. I’m just sayin’.
Enhaced Mob
Enhaced Mob - 5 months ago
*pls someone kill me*
jeferson marulanda
jeferson marulanda - 5 months ago
remake de Mario Galaxi 1 y 2.
Mark-ayy - 5 months ago
memories from the wii game
Omnihost Llc
Omnihost Llc - 5 months ago
jabacobi Gillette
jabacobi Gillette - 5 months ago
Keep the 3ds game coming please
Bandana Bomber
Bandana Bomber - 5 months ago
This game isn't even 10 years old yet and they made a port of it
Legendary Brawler
Legendary Brawler - 5 months ago
When is it comeing out on switch
Minecraft Matthew
Minecraft Matthew - 5 months ago
Come on Nintendo this is practically yoshi's wooly world
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