Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review

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Dangerdare 411
Dangerdare 411 - 2 hours ago
Hey look, a game journalist who doesn't need an easy mode.
819 8055
819 8055 - 3 hours ago
Sekiro 👍👍👍👍👍
Occuria Q Asou
Occuria Q Asou - 5 hours ago
Me first time playing sekiro; Too hard!

Me playing other games after sekiro: Too easy!
Ten Again
Ten Again - 8 hours ago
The way you describe games is deep bro
Ashraf - Day ago
What's the name of music running at 0:48
Jan Muhammad Abro
Jan Muhammad Abro - Day ago
What's the name of music running at 0:48 ??
Ryon Bachanlal
Ryon Bachanlal - 2 days ago
*Japanese Dark Souls*
9.3 out of 10.
8.3 without puppets...and Orochimaru.
ROYISGOD - 3 days ago
Just picked this game up played 8 hours straight and the game is really fun. Got frustrated at the beginning but now im getting better.
Wambo - 4 days ago
Sekiro weirdly reminds me of Tenchu
Jerry Mathurin
Jerry Mathurin - 5 days ago
Thanks. I was going to buy this but if it's that difficult then I'll avoid it. Great review
UndeadPizza80 1
UndeadPizza80 1 - 4 days ago
Yeah this game is really difficult. The funny thing is, the difficulty made me buy it and I think it's now one of my favourite ganes ever.
starwarsfanboy101 - 8 days ago
You can see where Jedi fallen order got its combat inspiration from
Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott - 9 days ago
Ok now I'm a casual gamer. I've never played Dark Souls or Bloodborne but I am interested in this game. Should I give it a shot?
Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott - 8 days ago
@Wallace Is Easy Thanks. I'll keep that in mind haha
Wallace Is Easy
Wallace Is Easy - 8 days ago
Its hard but yes
Heymanth Kumar
Heymanth Kumar - 10 days ago
This game reminds me of my beloved game Prince of Persia!!! :/
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - 11 days ago
One of the best games ievwr played!
Maj M.
Maj M. - 11 days ago
It took for me 30 seconds to want it
AntiLlama YT
AntiLlama YT - 11 days ago
Sekiro: Shadows die by falling off the same platform twice
iAMCorruption 56
iAMCorruption 56 - 13 days ago
*coming this summer.... Sekiro: Shadows Die Three Times* LMFAO
johnny sac
johnny sac - 13 days ago
Need tenchu !!
Ramih C
Ramih C - 14 days ago
*Devil May Cry 5*
Felipe Zorzi
Felipe Zorzi - 5 days ago
brypete 1021
brypete 1021 - 15 days ago
I enjoyed this game but to be honest am way more excited for ghosts of tsushima and nioh 2..
Felipe Zorzi
Felipe Zorzi - 5 days ago
ghost combat looks boring and generic,Nioh 2 its more like nioh 1.5
johnny sac
johnny sac - 13 days ago
Ghosts is gonna be amazing !!! The next tenchu !
Kelsey Maitland
Kelsey Maitland - 16 days ago
I NEED to know the music that's in the beginning. It swells up at about 50 seconds.. Someone has to know.
Kelsey Maitland
Kelsey Maitland - 16 days ago
@Kierr Suñega I also tried shazam and one other software and neither could get it!
Kierr Suñega
Kierr Suñega - 16 days ago
would love to know as well! Shazam can't get it
Arab Dudes
Arab Dudes - 16 days ago
Just finished this master piece, 10/10 easy , the combat, story , and choices to several different endings, all were made perfectly , BUY THIS GAME ! you wont regret it ONCE !
justgeorge247 - 17 days ago
Game of the year!
CAMIZKiNG - 17 days ago
These are the people that should have made the Afro Samurai game.
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan - 18 days ago
2019 GOTY.
Butt Crack
Butt Crack - 23 days ago
Wait for the update to buy
Penis Puncher
Penis Puncher - 23 days ago
I was expecting a 2.5 no easy mode but a 9.5 is accurate
youtubehost - 25 days ago
I still am expecting for a NEW TENCHU GAME to come along the way for me as a Tenchu fan regardless!! 😡
Embers73 - 25 days ago
I loved this game up until Guardian Ape. Which is the worst boss I've encountered in a From Software game.
rx 78
rx 78 - 24 days ago
And in the second phase use the spear to deal posture damage when it fell to the ground
rx 78
rx 78 - 25 days ago
Just beat that thing just use firecrackers
mickshaw555 - 29 days ago
I died more than twice in real time, to master this game.
Joe Tsai
Joe Tsai - 29 days ago
10/10 easily
Over Lord
Over Lord - Month ago
would this game going to be hard for a noobie like me who has never play any type of this game before? I've never play any of the dark souls games before. =( thanks
Awakener OG
Awakener OG - 29 days ago
It'll be the hardest game you've ever played
Infamous Carnage
Infamous Carnage - Month ago
Your a one arm samurai 😀😀
Tranceecnart101 - Month ago
Fcking Tenchu on steroids!
Jason Camacho
Jason Camacho - Month ago
stop saying onimusha this is a 2019 version of tenchu
Mohamed Ramy
Mohamed Ramy - Month ago
btw ressurections dont affect dragonrot at all you made me beleive so for about my first 5 hours
Hairy Nipple
Hairy Nipple - Month ago
People say this game is easy when they haven’t played it it’s not easy at all to bad this game has gotten bad publicity from YouTubers
Hikiki Monogatari
Hikiki Monogatari - Month ago
I feel like multiplayer haters are just people who aren’t social
Threelly AI
Threelly AI - Month ago
My CAT Decided What I ATE for 24 HOURS (And This Is What Happended...)
Riot - Month ago
No editor choice?
Mehmet Gaygusuz
Mehmet Gaygusuz - Month ago
turn based muscled memory master piece super boring combat
P F - Month ago
This game is better than souls series. I love the single player and the technical combat. I love deflecting and the posture system. Deathblows on bosses feel super rewarding when you deflect all of their hits and you find out how to get their posture down. Dark souls combat was repetative and boring. Hit Dodge block and stamina bar. Nioh was bad too and the worst thing about it was that the enemies kept being recycled and you would find yourself fighting the same enemies and bosses but scaled to a different power level. Souls fans hate this game (according to reviews I've read on metacritic) and it's because they're viewing it in the lens of a souls game. It's a whole different game and better than souls
Rajesh Adloori
Rajesh Adloori - Month ago
What’s the song at 00:48 ??
Christopher Jimenez
Christopher Jimenez - Month ago
This is dororo in the future.....
Tom S
Tom S - Month ago
Nice they tried to make something original but i think i would have rather they just made Bloodborne 2.
HC 17758091
HC 17758091 - Month ago
Does it have easy difficulty setting lol
David Flores
David Flores - Month ago
Nice review, but pretty sure your pronunciation of the name is off
Yishai Pol
Yishai Pol - Month ago
Singleplayer games are dead...

But they die twice
BvsMAcosh - Month ago
Yet another mop handle brawler, where "swords" ain't cut a damn thing.
illusive_nezzy88 - Month ago
This game to me is better then anything from software has ever put out. Such a gorgeous, fun, rewarding amazing exprience. This game for me is a 10/10 just like witcher 3 is
bil jac
bil jac - Month ago
You're pronouncing "Sekiro" wrong. The accent is on the "i," not the "e."
Narudh Areesorn
Narudh Areesorn - Month ago
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong - Month ago
*Tenchu: Shadows die twice* might as well be the title of this game. Souls creators most un-original work.
rocksrahul - Month ago
Feed me Bloodborne 2 now..😋
faiz abbas
faiz abbas - Month ago
not a fan of dark souls( I found it depressing) but I love this game
uSTAYFROSTY - Month ago
Yo this is my childhood right here
Patrick Guglielmi
Patrick Guglielmi - Month ago
Sekiro: 9.5
Fortnite: 9.6

Wtf is wrong with ign
marco hana
marco hana - Month ago
Both games are amazing and the scores well deserved. Also, they were reviewed by two different people with different opinions.
21 Salbatic
21 Salbatic - Month ago
Sekiro: 9.5
Nioh: 9.6?
Bloodborne: 9? Wtf?
blueMJS - 22 days ago
@21 Salbatic not played sekiro yet but Nioh & Bloodborne were amazing
21 Salbatic
21 Salbatic - 22 days ago
but still...
blueMJS - 22 days ago
Pretty sure Bloodborne got a 9.3
R Garcia
R Garcia - Month ago
This game is boring. There's nothing more boring than dueling a boss for two dozen deaths in order to learn his move set.
R Garcia
R Garcia - 18 hours ago
@Ryder Barton Proud to be a casual. Get a life, loser. Seriously, a video game should not be your ultimate life achievement.
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton - Day ago
R Garcia Go back to play military Shooters, Casual.
R Garcia
R Garcia - Month ago
@Simeon Georgiev "Boring" is a subjective opinion. I found the game boring. It's a waste of my money and my time. Your opinion does not change that.
Simeon Georgiev
Simeon Georgiev - Month ago
i usually take 2-3 tries before I can kill a boss, u being bad doesnt mean the game is boring sorry to break it to u (also most melee human bosses are killed with the same tactic .. just parry, mikiri counter and attack repeated over and over liek a rhytm game)
Jed Nolasco
Jed Nolasco - Month ago
My mommy wont buy this bec it s very violent. She said i shud just stick with my nintendo
Tracy Victoria
Tracy Victoria - Month ago
ofc kid
Carl Stern
Carl Stern - Month ago
Someone knows the name of the audio track that starts around 00:47?
Amazing game! Just finished it and highly recommend!
monkey53821 - Month ago
Got to get back.....back to the past........samurai jack
Huxble 'infinity
Huxble 'infinity - Month ago
The only thing i dont like about this game is the fact that wven though u use a sword U dont see blood splatter and sword slashes on enemies, especially bosses. Like i even question how much damage i really do on the drunkard boss when im slashing him but it sounds and looks like im hittin a drum
James Brean
James Brean - Month ago
Sekiro has awesome gameplay
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed - Month ago
Better tham ac japan edition
Harry Hotcash
Harry Hotcash - Month ago
Legitimate question here. Not meant to come across as smart-assy. This looks A LOT like Nioh, which I already own. I want to want this game, but it seems so similar I'm hesitant to get it. Can anyone familiar with both educate me on the differences between the two?
Harry Hotcash
Harry Hotcash - Month ago
@Tracy Victoria, difficulty doesn't deter me, dying all the time demands reworking strategies which I enjoy, and grinding doesn't bother me provided there's a decent payoff. If you're saying this game is something that actually requires analytical thought, that's actually a selling point to me. Would you say that you enjoy Sekiro more than Nioh?
Tracy Victoria
Tracy Victoria - Month ago
Sekiro is MUCH harder than Nioh. if you hate dying all the time, memorizing move, mastering skills then it's definitely not for you. Also, Grinding for item is much harder in Sekiro.
Void Cheque
Void Cheque - Month ago
Games boring asf , big let down imo
Vincent Ng
Vincent Ng - Month ago
Tcracs 04
Tcracs 04 - Month ago
Devil May Cry or Sekiro?
Youcef BB
Youcef BB - Month ago
Bruh Sekiro is way better than GOW & way more deserving of a 10/10.
Alex Pardo
Alex Pardo - Month ago
Goabilwe Mogapi Me too
Goabilwe Mogapi
Goabilwe Mogapi - Month ago
Are you for real dude? I have only ever played GOW and thinking Bout getting the special edition
Miguel Olavarría
Miguel Olavarría - Month ago
Skiro =10
max917 - Month ago
Should've given this a 10, it's a masterpiece.
L's Successor
L's Successor - Month ago
I hate these kinds of games
陳柏睿 - Month ago
ya know, the worst thing about this game is there's no emote :(
Steve Chase
Steve Chase - Month ago
Gettn this instead of Days Gone.
Jaii Nice Beats
Jaii Nice Beats - Month ago
Sick game playing it rn
New Brooklyn
New Brooklyn - Month ago
Wow this is the longest review i seen by ign
NiceCube - Month ago
Sekiro really makes you feel like sekiro
rizka arifiandi
rizka arifiandi - Month ago
my wallet is already died once from buying RE2Remake and AC7 last month, and this afternoon i picked this from game store..,.. so i guess my wallet..... die twice +_+
drakkull007 - Month ago
If Cyberbunk don't release this year, probably, Sekiro will be GOTY!
Youcef BB
Youcef BB - Month ago
Bruh this game is by far the most deserving of a 10/10 way more than GOW
BRO Up - Month ago
Still waiting for dark souls 4
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan - 18 days ago
@BRO Up Is it you? Is it really you? By Azura, by Azura, by Azura! It's the grand champion! You can try to kill me but my devotion to the grand champion will keep me alive!
BRO Up - 18 days ago
Adoring Fan Didn’t I kill you in cyrodiil?
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan - 18 days ago
@BRO Up Dark Souls saga is over. Let's accept it. It's going down as one of the greatest and most consequential sagas in all of gaming history. They're not gonna do what Square Enix did with Final Fantasy and keep reusing the same formula until it gets old. You either leave them wanting more, or wanting less. They chose more.
BRO Up - Month ago
The Crow of Yharnam he made some clarifications on that. Plus bloodborne isn’t technically dark souls
The Crow of Yharnam
The Crow of Yharnam - Month ago
Dark Souls 3 was the last ds game miyazaki said he's done with dark souls
Craig Pryor
Craig Pryor - Month ago
Challenging as F--- but i loved every minute of it 10/10
NemeTobbler - 2 months ago
What's the song at the beggining?
Charles Brown
Charles Brown - 2 months ago
-0.5 for not including a Game "Journalist" difficulty
I Am Kyu!
I Am Kyu! - Month ago
Did you see the dude playing? He was definitely way above your average game journalist in skill
bodysnatchers8 - 2 months ago
Reminds me of the Nioh game I never finished..meh
gtabro1337 - 2 months ago
Just beat it. Don’t know what godlike creation has to be released for this not to be GOTY 2019.
Guilherme Carrilho
Guilherme Carrilho - Month ago
those game awards always seem to ignore from software's games, unfortunately
No Homo Studios
No Homo Studios - 2 months ago
if you've played for honor it makes reacting a lot easier
The Stealthy Dragon
The Stealthy Dragon - 2 months ago
its pronounced c-keero
Fahriza Ar Rahman
Fahriza Ar Rahman - 2 months ago
Nice review.
Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4 - 2 months ago
Summary: Sekiro is Bloodborne in Medieval Japan.
MT ADO - 2 months ago
Nope! Different attack/defence mechanics. (and the storyline of course)
Khadijah al-jabri
Khadijah al-jabri - 2 months ago
To the people who played this game, how difficult is it?
I'm from the PS1 generation, and although I'm in my mid 30s and still play games every once in a while, I've lost the spirit of perseverance. If a game is too difficult, I simply put it aside and never play it again. There's also the fact that I'm not as skilled as before.
I played Onmiusha, all three installments when they first came out. I also played Shinobi on the PS2, but it was too difficult for me.
NemeTobbler - 2 months ago
It all boils down to skill. I'm about half way in and so far its quite challenging, many fights I've had to repeat over and over again until I master the attack pattern. Its a game that demands you to become skilled and counter your opponents every move until you win. It requires patience. Bosses that may seem impossible at first may become really easy after many attempts. That's just my experience anyway, I would consider my skill to be slightly above average in Sekiro but nothing crazy or pro level.
djturk254 - 2 months ago
Khadijah al-jabri if you have not played a souls type game then you have not experienced a difficulty to this extreme in any game .
Sry - 2 months ago
Pirated, after 30 minutes, purchased.
陳柏睿 - 2 months ago
i used to pirate fromsoftware games, but now, when it comes out, it's a instant buy.
Deathnote2539 - 2 months ago
Fromsoftware should just be in charge of so many games
DM___ TUBE - 2 months ago
Please more games like this
Offline adventure open world is what got me addicted to gaming
Ël ÊfōRÏ Ël ÊfōRÏ
Ël ÊfōRÏ Ël ÊfōRÏ - 2 months ago
Dark souls 4
Darryl - 2 months ago
Black Burn
Black Burn - 2 months ago
Is it like Tenchu?
David Khorassani
David Khorassani - 2 months ago
Does anyone know the track playing from :40 to 2:00 ? I'm dying to find out and can't seem to find in on the OST
Marc Garcia Jovells
Marc Garcia Jovells - 2 months ago
All ok but last three bosses are unbalanced.
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