Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Dr Dheeraj Prajapati MBBS Aiims Delhi
I have bought this phone just now.
Robert - 4 months ago
Let me know when the screens are glass
tubage07 - 4 months ago
What is this new devilry?
Just A Guy Production
Just A Guy Production - 4 months ago
Too expensive, I'd rather carry and smartphone and tablet with me.
JustinC87 - 4 months ago
If they make it slightly wider and have the outward screen fill the entire height of the phone... I'd be on board. Hopefully that's in the works for the next gens.
[INSERT NAME HERE] - 4 months ago
CaN YoU pLeY FoTnUt On DiS ?
Tomy Boyle
Tomy Boyle - 4 months ago
What a waste of money, it basically does all the stuff my free phone does. It's crazy how brainwashed people are.
Tiger - 4 months ago
Deep Saha
Deep Saha - 4 months ago
Um so we cant have a cover for it so if ut falls it wont break or scratch
RickK RocKStar
RickK RocKStar - 4 months ago
How about a phone that's affordable to everyone, like the socialist want...🤡
RickK RocKStar
RickK RocKStar - 4 months ago
@irrefudiate as long as I can post sarcasm, I'm for it..
irrefudiate - 4 months ago
@RickK RocKStar - No, it's just a straight-up cell phone service. The only thing that has been upgraded is 2G to 3G
RickK RocKStar
RickK RocKStar - 4 months ago
@irrefudiate I know right, Obama phone...
irrefudiate - 4 months ago
Got that - LG flip phone - Trac Phone service - 7.00 dollars a month
John Smith
John Smith - 4 months ago
.......and it doesn't work.
Luke Detering
Luke Detering - 4 months ago
Better idea: Make a Nintendo DS but with phone features. Problem solved
Craig Bigelow
Craig Bigelow - 4 months ago
WOW! I bet my advertising would look really good on that!😳
ezakustam - 4 months ago
Just narrate. You're not some fly-by-night, and no one wants to pause the video two dozen times.
Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Nice Guy - 4 months ago
they should just release a mini tablet that size and Discontinue the galaxy fold , its defective .
bngr bngr
bngr bngr - 4 months ago
Mr. Nice Guy Apple's iPad mini.
yo yo yo
yo yo yo - 4 months ago
A phone that turns into a tablet
Roku Jones
Roku Jones - 4 months ago
So it's just a small tablet that folds in half thanks to the advancement in screen tech. I guess this will be the standard in a decade for all phones, whether flagship or cheap Androids.
bngr bngr
bngr bngr - 4 months ago
Roku Jones a roll up TV screen would be cool.
Bolo Jack
Bolo Jack - 4 months ago
It’s a flip flop phone but the other way around
Ross Harris
Ross Harris - 4 months ago
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NellyNelo - 4 months ago
*waits for apple to copy it*
John Phillips
John Phillips - 4 months ago
Something about folding and unfolding makes me wonder how long before it completely falls apart. Have people completely lost their minds on this?
La Villa Strangiato
La Villa Strangiato - 4 months ago
About one day apparently.
Raghav Saptarsh
Raghav Saptarsh - 4 months ago
Ordered coming after 15 days
Genya Lyons
Genya Lyons - 4 months ago
buyer beware. phones display fails after couple days use. dont buy the phone. please spread the word. its all over the news and facebook
Xerxses Break
Xerxses Break - 4 months ago
but why though
youtubeuser1990 - 4 months ago
me gusta :)
mctaboo - 4 months ago
WOW What a waste of time video.. totally useless
Nehemiah Howard
Nehemiah Howard - 4 months ago
If that crease is f'ing it up i'd just use it as a mini tab lol
Matador Media
Matador Media - 4 months ago
You can buy a tablet for $50 people.
ezakustam - 4 months ago
True, but how much to get one that has cellular service? Obviously, that shouldn't account for the cost alone, but here we are. At least you could fit it in a pocket.
jim z
jim z - 4 months ago
Apple should have a folding phone in 5 years for $4000 I would wait if I were you.
Kiki - 4 months ago
Is this a joke? I can't tell, honestly.
IAmLovely - 4 months ago
Apple has entered the chat
JustinC87 - 4 months ago
And contributes nothing as usual lol. They will probably make a knock off in a few years with half the features.
Wilson Henriquez
Wilson Henriquez - 4 months ago
it kinda looks like an iPhone!!!
T J - 4 months ago
You guys should take off the included screen protector..
Dog - 4 months ago
Atomic Tom Dont do that it breaks it
Project Dream
Project Dream - 4 months ago
You just know that Apple will steal Samsung's idea 😂😂😂
bngr bngr
bngr bngr - 4 months ago
BLACKOUT OPS Apple can make the Ipad mini fold in half.
Joi Jambul
Joi Jambul - 4 months ago
When you look at iPhone, you're looking at Samsung screen.
Rose Phoenix
Rose Phoenix - 4 months ago
This is a new Revolution dad of Samsung of a galaxy that this is amazing that how does the technology that Samsung that come get this so flexibility that cool Food and Liquor you reading of a book or like your regular of your tablet right there on your lock screen and the antibiotic will be the keyboard for all of that could be together add a soft some new problems because this is a new future way to say stay focused on but however it is not that small or skinny or lighter but this is going to be like for maps reading pictures and other things that you wouldn't want to do especially that the people off of a fan of reading books guess what you can be the boss that in your phone like that when you folded you close it this is amazing that have flexibility of this new screen easily and this is only just the beginning Samsung but it says son is working together with different people then this is Kanye of the future weight
Luke Detering
Luke Detering - 4 months ago
This sounds like a bot made this comment. An android?
P K - 4 months ago
Holy run-on sentence Batman!
Greg Spolar
Greg Spolar - 4 months ago
I prefer a wider phone because I have large hands (insert Trump joke here) and the trend toward long, narrow phones means smaller keyboard in portrait orientation. I hope the tech for this phone continues to trickle down to the point where a decent smart phone can be the size of an old flip phone, like the Motorola Razor.
trife life
trife life - 4 months ago
Breaking screen beware
J W - 4 months ago
there are already 4 people report their screen was broken
vanssh Parikh
vanssh Parikh - 4 months ago
4 famous people
Geno2733 - 4 months ago
Biggest joke since the Note 7. I really like Samsung products, but this is the most fragile mobile device I've ever seen. I thought Apple had the most expensive garbage ever, but Samsung just surpassed them with this boondoggle. They can do better than this.
Luke Detering
Luke Detering - 4 months ago
@Project Dream to be fair, both companies haven't done anything "truly" innovative. Sure they'll add a feature here and there, increase processing power, and make pointless changes like the getting rid of bezels (Probably spelt wrong), but no one has tried to do something different for nearly a decade. An attempt at innovation was long overdue. Even if this sucks, they still tried
Project Dream
Project Dream - 4 months ago
Their ideas are running out so...
barry cai
barry cai - 4 months ago
get an iPad and iPhone would cheaper than that
bngr bngr
bngr bngr - 4 months ago
barry cai an Apple Ipad mini with the cellular option.
Adam Bernas
Adam Bernas - 4 months ago
Did I break yet?
Jerry Moody
Jerry Moody - 4 months ago
Hey Samsung....only an idiot that has to have everything would pay that much for a phone. You are insane.
Tomy Boyle
Tomy Boyle - 4 months ago
Someone who has no self esteem and needs to by friends will be happy and complete, for about 4 hours.
Jerry Moody
Jerry Moody - 4 months ago
HTX... yes I understand that they are experimenting to see how many dummies will accept the marketing hype.
HTX Kiri Jalen
HTX Kiri Jalen - 4 months ago
Clearly you don't know how experimental marketing works...
Tyler Skelton
Tyler Skelton - 4 months ago
^Exactly, it's for early adopters and they've clearly stated that before. This is not a phone for the masses yet, that's not how new technology works. This phone is designed to get people talking, and for investors to help push the technology forward into a place where it can be accessible by the masses.
Parker Mezek
Parker Mezek - 4 months ago
...It's experimental technology. It's only for those who are willing to invest in it and test it out. Hence the high price tag.
So So
So So - 4 months ago
Reminds me of that icarly episode with the tablet phone
Imad Al.
Imad Al. - 4 months ago
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish - 4 months ago
cool but not nearly worth the price
Luke Detering
Luke Detering - 4 months ago
I would never buy this but I could see why a collector might want it
Boozab99 - 4 months ago
Anyone got XXL pants with pockets?
(Also the DS did the folding thing better)
JustinC87 - 4 months ago
I've seen videos of people sticking these in their pockets and it not seeming much different that your regular S10 with a case.
Luke Detering
Luke Detering - 4 months ago
No one can beat the DS at folding
bngr bngr
bngr bngr - 4 months ago
Boozab99 ill need a man bag for this phone. And a chest phone holder for the gym.
Will Deonne Creative
Will Deonne Creative - 4 months ago
This phone would be good for when trailers for Marvel films release and youre watching but you arent sure if its actually new or not. As SOON as you see new footage, unfold that bad boy for a bigger screen.
Liam Nissan
Liam Nissan - 4 months ago
Just wait for the note 10 like a normal human
jim z
jim z - 4 months ago
Its humor but in reality Apple lags the Android world and always costs more. :P
joeashbubemma - 4 months ago
Pretty soon, we'll have computer/phones big enough to fit on your lap...oh wait.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 4 months ago
Hello, Humans.
Chri S
Chri S - 4 months ago
I rather have 63 to 67 Ford Galaxie
Ivan Fraevich
Ivan Fraevich - 4 months ago
Bob Thornton
Bob Thornton - 4 months ago
That product is nowhere near ready for primetime.
It looks like it came straight out of a 2008 concept video.
Luke Detering
Luke Detering - 4 months ago
It reminds me of a ds
Painted Bird
Painted Bird - 4 months ago
There are about 10 million kids and grown-ups in USA and Europe who would love show off their first 2000 dollar phone.
The problem will be so many people will be asking " let me see that, oh that's how it works" there is your 100k folds.
bngr bngr
bngr bngr - 4 months ago
Painted Bird no free Obama phones for people in the hood?
PC Master race
PC Master race - 4 months ago
@forbidden pollo first gen device is not an excuse. It's not like this was made in 6 months. This was in development for more then a few years. The fact so very few review units were sent out and the number of reported problems is extremely high. You can't use the first gen excuse. It's called poor engineering decisions and this phone is full of them. A horrible attempt at a foldable phone that was not only beaten to market by Huawei but that phone is a much much better exaction of the foldable phone. This is nothing more then a tech demo. It shows a flexible oled display that have been around for years now. The problems are not that it's first gen. It's because it's a tech demo that they are selling.
forbidden pollo
forbidden pollo - 4 months ago
@PC Master race what do you expect from a 1st gen device
PC Master race
PC Master race - 4 months ago
100k? By the reports these thing cant even last a week lol.
Logan Bme
Logan Bme - 4 months ago
Where are the know it alls @? It’s time for them to check in.
COCO - 4 months ago
no removable sd card 😢? No bueno!
Luke Detering
Luke Detering - 4 months ago
One of the best features of samsung phones. They should never get rid of it
Steve Miller
Steve Miller - 4 months ago
Not feelin it.
Khánh Nguyễn
Khánh Nguyễn - 4 months ago
What kind of phone case work for this?
One punch King.
One punch King. - 4 months ago
It comes with one included made from the same material as bullet proof vests. It dosent look like it will protected it to well but it does give it some protection and some companies like spigmen are making cases for it
Jackson Heathen
Jackson Heathen - 4 months ago
This thing is just silly. A gimmick for fools. My 7 inch galaxy tablet fits in my pants. I'm not that desperate for downsizing that I would pay that much money.
17 - 4 months ago
lol @Mark Bailey
Jackson Heathen
Jackson Heathen - 4 months ago
@German Rud Maybe so. But I don't pay $1,900 for them !
German Rud
German Rud - 4 months ago
@Mark Bailey he wears those goth pants with giant pockets and bunch of chains hanging from em
Mark Bailey
Mark Bailey - 4 months ago
You must have a lot of extra space in your pants.
Micah Bell
Micah Bell - 4 months ago
Or you could just buy a normal phone that doesn't cost $2000.
Andrew Zhu
Andrew Zhu - 4 months ago
You could. Go do that. What's the point of this comment?
Mark W.
Mark W. - 4 months ago
Runs on a car battery for 3 hours.
BenXVariety - 4 months ago
i don't understand how glass can fold.
Yolo Piop
Yolo Piop - 4 months ago
The interior screen is plastic
渡辺早季 - 4 months ago
Don't think I care for it, IMHO.
Walrus Kitten
Walrus Kitten - 4 months ago
flip phones are a thing you know
joshi9 - 4 months ago
Nope, I want a line down my screen, a more easily breakable screen and more screen space to break when it gets dropped.
Skeppy's Son.
Skeppy's Son. - 4 months ago
I'm broke..
La Villa Strangiato
La Villa Strangiato - 4 months ago
And all these ridiculous foldy phones are brokeN so that works out well
VoReason - 4 months ago
Foldable phones would have been appealing when the tablets were still relevant. Now it’s just pointless.
Jackson Heathen
Jackson Heathen - 4 months ago
@Mike Sure buddy. I wasn't meaning to be argumentative. I actually can carry my tablet in my cargo shorts (if I needed to). But my normal smartphone is fine. This just seems redundant. You should purchase one if it makes you happy.
Mike - 4 months ago
@Jackson Heathen Portability. How easy is it to carry your 7" tablet around everywhere you go? You already carry your phone with you everywhere. If it unfolded to be a tablet, how convenient would that be? This is an early 1st gen product. The rate that they'll improve (if it sells) will be very fast. We could see devices half the size of the Note unfold to be as large as a Note. Or devices as large as a Note unfold to be a large tablet. I think it's interesting. The price, of course, will have to come down for it to be marketable.
Jackson Heathen
Jackson Heathen - 4 months ago
Exactly. I already have a 7 inch Samsung Galaxy tablet (which cost me about $100). So why would I want to pay $2,000 just so I could fold it in half ? Especially with that weak crease in the screen. I can easily imagine these dropping down to $200 in the next year (assuming they don't wear out & break in half).
chris ventresca
chris ventresca - 4 months ago
extra solar
extra solar - 4 months ago
pricey, lol.
Views 360
Views 360 - 4 months ago
The screen is already giving users problem. I would wait until the second or third generation
Conor Nameless
Conor Nameless - 4 months ago
@Painted Bird 5 big tech reviewers have had their phones blackout and just die
Gotmilk0112 - 4 months ago
This is the case with almost every major electronic. The first few batches are more prone to issues than later ones.
RedLightning - 4 months ago
Same I'm waiting till mid 2020
Views 360
Views 360 - 4 months ago
Jackson Heathen amen to that! I agree. I currently use the iPhone X but thinking about switching to the Note 10 when it's released.
Painted Bird
Painted Bird - 4 months ago
Are you talking about screen problem with Chinese foldout phones? I haven't heard of any issues with Samsung foldable yet.
ezel422 - 4 months ago
Next videos