Donald Trump Attacks Crucial Mueller Witness Former WH Counsel Don McGahn | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Jo sH
Jo sH - 20 days ago
Darth Google is promoting this. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc are actively meddling in Elections
Nick Dicky
Nick Dicky - 20 days ago
The world is looking!
Nick Dicky
Nick Dicky - 20 days ago
Do it again in 2020?
Carla Costa
Carla Costa - 20 days ago
Why didn't Donnie Jr call the FBI? Jared? Anyone?
Carla Costa
Carla Costa - 20 days ago
This is obstruction calling people liars and names if they are testifying. Who else could get by with this kind of behavior? Get a restraining order against him. Anyone else would.
Carla Costa
Carla Costa - 20 days ago
He is so gross. Does he ever shut his mouth?
Carla Costa
Carla Costa - 20 days ago
Funny how fox spews is the only channel he uses. So obvious.
Sarah McCoy
Sarah McCoy - 29 days ago
Back in 2016, Trump told potential voters that they had nothing to lose by taking a chance on voting for him. How’s that working out?
His crude, vile nature has alienated our country from most of our allies.
His rhetoric has continued the divide among American citizens.
Any free-thinking Republicans in the House or Senate have gotten out of Washington. So we are left with the ReTrumplican Party – All Trump, all of the time.
To save the America and democracy, it is imperative that everyone vote for the Democrat in 2020! We need to replace Trump in the White House, maintain control of the House of Representatives, and to gain control of Mitch McConnell’s Senate.
Walter Ontiveros
Walter Ontiveros - 29 days ago
Lock him up
Hadassah Metatron Avigail
Donald you are chosen of God. you are for Israel where Jesus was born. God bless you and your family.
Gary Karr
Gary Karr - Month ago
Msnbc is gonna eat crow again
Daniel - Month ago
it's not the doj… it's barr. get it right.
Gilbert Woodward
Gilbert Woodward - Month ago
I agree with 99% of everyone's comment. But his base is ignorantly loyal and care less about their country, especially when they ignore his repeated lying. Impeachable offenses are really not hard to define unless you have politicians who are hiding their own missdeeds. Hint; Mitch the traitor. But i invite those here to look at his history, 25 years of it. Republicans have rarely worked for the workers. Only the rich.
Octavia Golden
Octavia Golden - Month ago
funkyflights - Month ago
This is getting to be a circus ... USA is in strange times ...
foxy brown
foxy brown - Month ago
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! All this Democrat talk about Russia Collusion boils down to Trump or someone else taking a call to get the scoop on their opponent?! Y'all better focus on 2020 instead of 2016 -- and stop acting like Glenn Close's character in "Fatal Attraction." Stop boiling bunny rabbits, and follow the white rabbit, instead. "Hosea 4:6, Matthew 10:16"
Hadrien Mayeux
Hadrien Mayeux - Month ago
Why Hillary didn't tell the FBI that she hired a FOREIGN spy (mr Steele) to collect some russian hoax (which were maybe created by russian intelligence to trolls the USA as the NY times suggest...) against her political opponent ? Isn't it collusion with a foreign country ? Just asking ? Liberal media are inrage against the president for a quote but don't care about the actual collusion between Hillary presidential campaign and a foreign spy to create dirt on Trump... sad time for the press....
Beth Miner
Beth Miner - Month ago
He didn't report the Russians he won't report anyone else... Florida? Lol he said Floridians are lazy people!
Banana Republic
Banana Republic - Month ago
He is a dictator wanna be. He attacks anyone who is against him. He is trying to destroy freedom of speech and freedom of press.
Since no man is above the law, if Trump can choose which laws he obeys, then so may we all.
Laurie Huntley
Laurie Huntley - Month ago
Yes I am Aware ☹️
spud2go - Month ago
Why is everyone afraid of this blowhard? McGahn would be doing himself a bigger favour if he spilled on Trump - Trump isn't going to let up on him either way.
Robert Muldoon
Robert Muldoon - Month ago
History: Remember USS Liberty 1967, USS Maine 1898, Tonkin 1964,
Lusitania 1915, Lockerbie 1988, Babies in incubators 1990, WMD's
2003, Lavon-affair 1954, La Belle 1986 , Bologna 1980, USS Mason
(Yemen )2016, Operation Northwoods 1962, Douma 2018....These are but
a few of hundreds of such incidents that have been staged to blame
political enemies for attacks that they did not commit. The tactic
will continue to be employed as long as the public blindly believes
the lies they're being fed.
tintinesk5 - Month ago
So there was crime and collusion, just turn around everything trump coughs out
JerryP195 - Month ago
I have been told that Sarah Sanders has been offered a high profile position at KFC Could be wrong !
Kevin Kimmett
Kevin Kimmett - Month ago
L Benson
L Benson - Month ago
Anyone who still supports Trump after this are either delusional or cheaters with no morals
Jordan Marlin
Jordan Marlin - Month ago
RepubliCONS back this imbecilic buffoon. A criminal fraud. Pathological liar. Adulterer racist bigot . With no respect for American rule of law. I read the Mueller Report. He IS a criminal. That is a fact. Lock him up in 2020. Never vote for any CON again. Trump exposed the CONS completely. RepubliCON s are greatest threat to America. Moronalds followers are 2nd.
wayshower13 - Month ago
The fact that 40% of "Americans" still support Trump tells me that they are very mentally unstable and very easily manipulated by the fake news on Fox they think is real.
Al Yaz
Al Yaz - Month ago
Donnie Dumpster surely has the lowest IQ of any leader of any country in the world. Just a walking, talking, gooey MORON!
Gran Catz
Gran Catz - Month ago
"I love this country", right, but not our intelligence...because he is jealous for his lack of it??
Carol Ciscel
Carol Ciscel - Month ago
Maybe, just maybe, some of the aids want this out in public. That's why they push Trump out there.
Susie Taylor
Susie Taylor - Month ago
Stephanopoulos did a good job in a very difficult situation.
Wheel333 - Month ago
Thickest Criminal Ever.
Luis Jimenez
Luis Jimenez - Month ago
Bernie Sanders 2020 👍👍👍
Terry Wolf
Terry Wolf - Month ago
DoJ has no credibility, everyone knows how corrupt they are.
Steve Dawson
Steve Dawson - Month ago
The Republician party has went to the shutter. And the head turd has no idea what he is doing.
Bad Atheist
Bad Atheist - Month ago
Trump opened his mouth and stuck it in deeply. And no you do not have to look at it. If it is a foreign entity, just say no and then contact the FBI.
mirkono - Month ago
Enough with orange clown. Enough with this circus, it will affect lifes of generations to come. This is not an joke folks.
Jake Spur
Jake Spur - Month ago
And to think. Americans will be paying for secret service for a traitor for the rest of his life. Does that apply when he goes to prison?
Jonathan Still
Jonathan Still - Month ago
FEDS ---- ":The language is VERY EXPLICIT ! ! ! "
junestorm - Month ago
Trump may love his country. But more he loves himself. Sad.
Joe Curr
Joe Curr - Month ago
Cynn Cincy
Cynn Cincy - Month ago
Just skip it .... They'll be repeating the same lies anyway .....
Tom Voke
Tom Voke - Month ago
There were crimes, there was (and is) collusion, there was (and is) obstruction, there was (and is) treason. There is only jail left.
Gar La
Gar La - Month ago
Forget about Politics,,Comrade Rump is one of the Worst People on the planet !!🥴
Ed Wilkes
Ed Wilkes - Month ago
Not professional, a decent mobster.,would take the 5th
Edward Ames Castellano
Donald J. Trump } PUBLIC ENEMY #1
Mike Marder
Mike Marder - Month ago
Trump has no moral core -- he's just "I win". Pure sociopath, no filter, no moral core, just kick the opposing player in the balls, and jump across the goal line. Full bore collusion in front of our face for 2020, how mentally ill or stupid, pick your choice.
rwhunt99 - Month ago
I had thought G W Bush was not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I have to admit, Trump has out dimmed him by a huge margin. D J Trump is the worst thing that has ever happened to this Country. Mitch McConnell is the most dangerous man in relation to this Democracy. The congress is guilty of dereliction of duty to oversee the executive branch. all in all, our Democracy is finished as there is no one in government today that has the guts to stand up and defend our constitution. When the executive branch not only blatantly ignores the laws and policies set forth to protect this institution, but they tell others to flagrantly ignore the law, it is very conclusive that our Democracy is a footnote in history.
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