Eric Thomas | The 1% Routine (Eric Thomas Motivation)

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Jason Anthony Witt
Jason Anthony Witt - 9 days ago
Cool guy says, "social opportunity must reach beyond family if there are big dreams."
pumdon12 - 9 days ago
Yeah but Warren can read 6 hrs because he has lots of money, the average person has to work 8-10 hrs a day
R Waller
R Waller - 10 days ago
Love this. Also, in case you’re wondering: ROCHELLE T. PARKS IS A BEAST! She is a true Health Motivator...
Dave Yen
Dave Yen - 11 days ago
11:48 "Focus on the few not the many".
Rick James
Rick James - 17 days ago
What does his son and daughter do is the million dollar question
TT 4
TT 4 - 18 days ago
“Monday I cried, Tuesday I cried, Wednesday I cried, Thursday I cried, Friday I cried, Saturday I cried, Sunday I cried(I cried, I cried, I cried)”-E.T.
Joel Goss
Joel Goss - 18 days ago
Thank u crushed my workout today cause of u
Mike Savage
Mike Savage - 19 days ago
Please try your best to not give up. I know the fight is hard, but you are so strong and you are getting through every single day; you’re a wonderful person that deserves to be loved, cared for, and to see how beautiful the universe can be.
Loudmouth Recording Studios
Next time please hire a professional to capture your audio. The distortion due to screaming
is fatiguing.
Lovely Genise
Lovely Genise - 22 days ago
I need to change my routine
James Hoy
James Hoy - 22 days ago
Shayla Taylor
Shayla Taylor - 22 days ago
I felt this in my SPIRIT!!!! I love when the word reaches me on time! cause I needed to hear this!!!!!!!!
Masego Polelo
Masego Polelo - 23 days ago
Be careful that your routine is pointing to where you are trying to get to 🙏
Bankamoney 2017
Bankamoney 2017 - 23 days ago
D. Beach
D. Beach - 24 days ago
Who are the guests that are speaking, please?
The Next Ruler
The Next Ruler - 25 days ago
I've been studying under the most High for the last almost 10 years. When you spend that much time with anything or anyone it will change you. But when you under the most High that will break you and remake you into what he wants you to be. I can't even talk to normal people anymore. About 30 seconds into a convo with people they get this blank look on their face. I asked him why he told me because you study under me while they study under man. The gap is too large to close so they get lost.
Atlanta718 - 25 days ago
#Focus and follow a #routine that you can #commit to maintaining until you #succeed.
Realestate Doru
Realestate Doru - 25 days ago
WHOA, this was good...I strongly agree read & focus on what YOU want.
The Booker'S
The Booker'S - 25 days ago
Yo ET can you please shade some light on the subject of "ain't no reason 's' " in other words we make up reasons for our lazines; we make up reasons to not do something when we really have the ability, and mindset to do so if. Also im having to scratch my head on this one does character and morals matter any more? oh yeah why is being consistent so hard at times?
Ant O
Ant O - 25 days ago
Awe man, I just lost my belief in ET, "colleges don't pay enough for my time"
Sunny Brownone
Sunny Brownone - 22 days ago
Mercedes Daughtry
Mercedes Daughtry - 23 days ago
Ant O yeah it threw me off too but then I thought bout another video he had like fr he has a right to put a value on his life/time. Shit maybe he thinks he’s worth more
CirculateWealth - 25 days ago
ET keeps it simple, My boy CJ spitting game like back in Houston Thank you fam.
Music 9
Music 9 - 25 days ago
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J BERG - 25 days ago
J BERG - 25 days ago
Uploaded 2 days ago . Yezzz. uploaded 2 days ago . woooo!
PixeledPictures - 25 days ago
Thanks a lot for your always motivating speeches - your voice really has a direct channel into my mind. I make motivational videos. I do it to inspire people, solely because other people inspired me to do so. So a big thanks, especially to you, E.T., you're a great inspiration to me. I hope you're fine with me using some of your voiceclips. If you wish, go give it a view and let me know what you think, it would mean a lot to me! Hope you like it.
- PP
Ramesh Pokhrel
Ramesh Pokhrel - 25 days ago
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Metanoia Beats
Metanoia Beats - 25 days ago
Love hearing this man, super motivational. Hearing people put the work in and reap the rewards is such an inspiration. Much love and prosperity to everyone chasing their dreams
Ronda Crawford
Ronda Crawford - 25 days ago
Great message, thank you very much! 😎
Anarkali Prabhakar
Anarkali Prabhakar - 26 days ago
Man u r awesom
Pageoan Edwards
Pageoan Edwards - 26 days ago
Yo Et this is the best video I have every watched and listened to thus far. So fundamentally correct!
Joe-Nathan Delarosa
Joe-Nathan Delarosa - 26 days ago
Can’t trust yourself. Trust the routine to become the 1%!
Thanks E.T.
Love it
King Quigley
King Quigley - 26 days ago can u guys go check my video I have great content it will motivate you up lift you and inspire you please help ke
King Quigley
King Quigley - 26 days ago
I love u eat thanks for the great motivation just started my channel I hope I can be bigger than you one day
Thank you Eric 💚💚💚
Dee Thomas
Dee Thomas - 26 days ago
Money hungry
Tall Britt
Tall Britt - 26 days ago
CJ!! You need an instagram
Unbelievable Grind S
Unbelievable Grind S - 26 days ago
Im gonna get what's for me. ET is the truth🔌🔥🔥
Damion Chapman
Damion Chapman - 26 days ago
Routine is important, because you can’t trust yourself not to mess it up!
TOMMY SOTOMAYOR - 26 days ago
We need new material, this is jus the same thing over and over and over and over and over!!!
CirculateWealth - 25 days ago
It works and people need to hear it reputation is so hard to hold.
Trent Carnegie
Trent Carnegie - 26 days ago
“If you give a man a fish he eats for a day but if you teach a man to fish he will never go hungry again”
Coachdwhsr - 26 days ago
I was there at this conference last week and it was amazing and life changing. The segmented videos don't do the full conference justice. To listen to E.T., Tiffany, C.J., Jemal, Anthony Flynn, Moose, Carl and all of the other associates in one conference was priceless.
If you ever get the chance to attend one of E.T.;s conference go. You will receive more than what you are paying for!
Yalandria Derricho
Yalandria Derricho - 26 days ago
This was amazing an honestly true!!!
Layna Rea
Layna Rea - 26 days ago
ET I listen to you everyday. I’m in 10 th grade and u help me get through the day “be a lion not a gazelle “ Pain is temporary “
prakash kumar sharma
prakash kumar sharma - 24 days ago
Hey layana I want to friendship with you only for learn eng .... through you
Myra Mercedes
Myra Mercedes - 26 days ago
So true
cocothibeaux - 27 days ago
Good message. We have to remember that the work were putting in now, will pay off later. We must remain discipline and consistent in order to reach our goals.
#teamsupport #thibeauxspeaks #dontgiveup
Dosu Seun
Dosu Seun - 27 days ago
I really do need E.T to answer me this...please.
I am not being negative at all ...I just need an answer
If you are supposed to bank on multiple streams of income,(which you said earlier), how do you focus on one thing "routingly" and do that?.
Myainya Daniels
Myainya Daniels - 27 days ago
Lets get to work. I'm on it! Thanks for that ET
Esha Lovingood
Esha Lovingood - 27 days ago
I can’t sleep so I’m up watching this
John Benning
John Benning - 27 days ago
E.T keeps the gems coming. This is something i need to see over and over and learn what works for me.
status247 - 27 days ago
Talking about vetting or being a veteran to your craft
Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco
Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco - 27 days ago
"Without a schedule, I was the one that was messing up my life ." I feel that too much. Gotta change.
Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco
Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco - 27 days ago
one of my favorite clips, easy. God bless you ET and the team. !!
P Davis
P Davis - 27 days ago
I hear ET saying to focus. Focus like a laser. If you have 3 strong skills, focus on becoming a beast in one skill. Make that one skill make you successful. Later, you can bring up the other skills.
Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco
Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco - 27 days ago
"Everyone is focused by the success and not the routine." - CJ
Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco
Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco - 27 days ago
anyone else peep the Tobe Nwigwe OUU hoodie by CJ in the middle tho? FIRE..... (if you don't know Tobe, look up Heat Rock or Tabernacle by him and thank me later)
Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco
Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco - 27 days ago
"It's not bout the meat you eat when you go hunt, it's about the confidence you get when you can go hunt." FACTS.
Ashley Salvatori
Ashley Salvatori - 27 days ago
A pride in the process of making the money... love that
C Blacks
C Blacks - 27 days ago
He's speaking so much facts in this
Namea - 27 days ago
This was the first ever video I watched for you Mr. Thomas, it was such an eye opener and put a lot of things into perspective for me. Thank you for uploading this video, I've rewatched this about 5 times now and more and more it sticks with me. Thank you for these videos, God bless!!
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