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SamWolf202010 - 2 hours ago
The thumbnail scares me....
Rocio Tapia
Rocio Tapia - 7 hours ago
Amy is ugly and she thinks she is pretty but she is not and you need to brush your teeth
Maribel Gonzalez
Maribel Gonzalez - 8 hours ago
Kin. Raw was.
Art with Lucy
Art with Lucy - 9 hours ago
7:00 those yellow teeth.......
Maddie Mulder
Maddie Mulder - 10 hours ago
I have actual freckles and they do NOT look like that.
Bobby Trees
Bobby Trees - 10 hours ago
Sophia said my FAVORITE colors and they are blue AND green
craigclosesdeals - 11 hours ago
My inner bad girl..
Hey Nicki Minaj.. 😅
Madhav K V
Madhav K V - 14 hours ago
Family McDuffie
Family McDuffie - 15 hours ago
vicy has yellow teth
Brianna - 18 hours ago
♤《At least these people's mothers gave them names unlike Troom troom》♤
Coca Coc1
Coca Coc1 - 23 hours ago
أحب أفكاركم كثيرا فريق جماعي عمل مثالي👌💋💋👍 وتستاهلو جام من عندي😍
Adrian P
Adrian P - Day ago
Captain Pickle_shrek
Jackie Lio
Jackie Lio - Day ago
Uh you now the park where it says you didn’t even need to step a foot at the mall? When you did need to because how did you get the shirt?
Itz_Astrid - Day ago
2:19 Is the hair color able to come out?
Monick Danner
Monick Danner - Day ago
Not trying to br round but do yalll brusg yall teeth
Jasminne Millan
Jasminne Millan - Day ago
abigail Hulen
abigail Hulen - Day ago
4:19 thats when her teeth were brown
abigail Hulen
abigail Hulen - Day ago
We they did the shirt thing her teeth were brown EWWW!!!!
Sinai Plus
Sinai Plus - Day ago
your video is cool video my name is Alyssa 😅
imran Ahmed
imran Ahmed - Day ago
Isn't henna used for hands nd how many days will these freckles last
Shkurte Berisha
Shkurte Berisha - Day ago
You are the best
Shkurte Berisha
Shkurte Berisha - Day ago
Best day
Jessica Slates
Jessica Slates - Day ago
I have freckles
Ashley Ayala
Ashley Ayala - Day ago
Girls guguess what baby baba
Ashley Ayala
Ashley Ayala - Day ago
Oh yeah baby
rosemary gladden
rosemary gladden - Day ago
those fake freckels did not look real but i am a fan though
mostlymortal - Day ago
isabella osullivan
isabella osullivan - Day ago
Real ones
isabella osullivan
isabella osullivan - Day ago
I have freckles
Kaltun Mohamed
Kaltun Mohamed - Day ago
123 go
You’re stupid
Arnie Sobrevilla
Arnie Sobrevilla - Day ago
Yey it came yey thx for making it
Beth Volk
Beth Volk - Day ago
I love you
XxWolfiegirls xX
XxWolfiegirls xX - Day ago
Is the hair dye perminit?
Alyssa Jane Fernandez
Maya is ugly
xXArticShadowWolfXx 012
In the start I didn’t like that sooooo yeah
Turtle Girl
Turtle Girl - 2 days ago
You can clearly see the hair dye one was fake. They used the hair spray that colors you hair. The hair looked hard and was sticking together. That is what hair spray does.
Ali's corner
Ali's corner - 2 days ago
Elioo_cringe Okay
Elioo_cringe Okay - 2 days ago

or just look up bathing suites on google and you can find some cute ones for about 7-31$ like for example https://www.zaful.com/zaful-galaxy-print-crisscross-reversible-bikini-set-p_687361.html?currency=USD&lkid=513944&gclid=CjwKCAjwxrzoBRBBEiwAbtX1n_qZ_1Vt97-i7hRBHEVLb7-ZT0bm6PeA7s8qmRbJZxef1ejQVqhK7RoCuVUQAvD_BwE
Kimberly Miller
Kimberly Miller - 2 days ago
Seriously Nicki Minaj
Kat Martin2016
Kat Martin2016 - 2 days ago
haha! I want to see someone show up at the office with a face full of clearly fake freckles and 2 different shirts TIED around the waist! lmao!!!
PishoOfficalFear - 2 days ago
no hate but who puts a Barbie head on top of there head.
Julie M
Julie M - 2 days ago
Not trying to be rude but why does everyone in this vid have yellow teeth
mynemos2 - 2 days ago
6:30 just by a bigger shirt
Gaming with a Penguin
Gaming with a Penguin - 2 days ago
The first one I realy good
Unicorn Princess
Unicorn Princess - 2 days ago
Mia has yellow teeth
shevon moreno
shevon moreno - 2 days ago
HEY the hair is not working for me I did the same and my did it for nothing but I still love your videos 😍❤️❤️
jose rueda
jose rueda - 2 days ago
Does it come of the party steamers
unicorn squad mlp and much more
And know to channel my inner bad girl
Me- inner t
You look like a fool
Darko Beric
Darko Beric - 2 days ago
My name is Maya to
The Gia Gaming channel
The Gia Gaming channel - 2 days ago
U don’t need freckles to be pretty u need to be yourself to be pretty
Alyna Gomez
Alyna Gomez - 2 days ago
1:16 uhhhhhh that looks weird-.-
Chelle Kimbrough
Chelle Kimbrough - 2 days ago
You know you can buy a fake piercing at Clair’s or The beauty suply
Jasmin Rushton
Jasmin Rushton - 2 days ago
There teeth are soo gross
Charlotte Stevens
Charlotte Stevens - 2 days ago
I love your DIYS😀😊😍
Charlotte Stevens
Charlotte Stevens - 2 days ago
I love your diys 😍
Lilly Carpenter
Lilly Carpenter - 2 days ago
I loved the hair but better blue then pink so smooth and crapy with the ear rings
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 3 days ago
Is the hair permanent
Princess Celeste
Princess Celeste - 3 days ago
2:40 can that dye come off? How long will it take to come off
Kraye 2018
Kraye 2018 - 3 days ago
These girls need to try something called a peel off face mask
Santiago - 3 days ago
7yr: mommy look what I did!!!
Mommy: what?
7yr: cut my shorts
Mommy: WTF!!!!
Nic Goldfinch
Nic Goldfinch - 3 days ago
That lip ring is cool
Nic Goldfinch
Nic Goldfinch - 3 days ago
Those freckles look cool Amy
Ben Dodson
Ben Dodson - 3 days ago
4:23 why are there teeth so brown on the side
Rondel Cole
Rondel Cole - 3 days ago
N For Neko-Chan
N For Neko-Chan - 3 days ago
Is the hair permanent??
Saa’s cool life 1306
Saa’s cool life 1306 - 3 days ago
Who is the most Beautifulest person in the world
Read the first word of this comment 🤗🤗🤗
Manjar DOS ANJOS - 3 days ago
Loving that pink hair
Emily Heflin
Emily Heflin - 3 days ago
mias teeth are a little yellow
Morgan plays gacha
Morgan plays gacha - 3 days ago
I have a face of freckles
Sakshi Wani
Sakshi Wani - 3 days ago
Doesn't they were each other clothes
Layla Locke
Layla Locke - 3 days ago
deepti kumari
deepti kumari - 3 days ago
The last part was so funny
Grace Bada
Grace Bada - 3 days ago
The frekls failed
Bunneh Boo
Bunneh Boo - 3 days ago
7:33 u look so awkward m8 T-T
wiggle avacodo
wiggle avacodo - 3 days ago
Maya's face 2:46
Cassandra Muller
Cassandra Muller - 3 days ago
#worst video ever THERE TEETH ARE TOO YELLOW
Unique Unicorn
Unique Unicorn - 3 days ago
Is the hair permanent
wiggle avacodo
wiggle avacodo - 3 days ago
Aaliyah Essop
Aaliyah Essop - 3 days ago
The girl with the Bob needs too stop using red lipstick
DAYME TAMARIT - 3 days ago
They have yellow teeth
dxpression vxbes
dxpression vxbes - 4 days ago
Amy looks like she has tryphobia on her face ._.
Tanya Mojica
Tanya Mojica - 4 days ago
I bin wanting pink hair just like Nikki
Andrea Gomez
Andrea Gomez - 4 days ago
Will the dye come out if you take a shower
serena rabah
serena rabah - 3 days ago
DIY Queen
DIY Queen - 4 days ago
Jiya ❤️👑😍🦄
Kziyah Richards
Kziyah Richards - 4 days ago
can you please do new pranks
Emma Kirby
Emma Kirby - 4 days ago
No offense but those two girls need to brush their teeth
Unicorn Gaming Cookie
Unicorn Gaming Cookie - 4 days ago
Dose Amy even have a belly button?
dxpression vxbes
dxpression vxbes - 4 days ago
Its under her skirt
XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX
XxEmilyxX xNguyenxX - 4 days ago
*almost as much as my rent*
Hannah Thompson
Hannah Thompson - 4 days ago
I dont think the hair dye one was safe, but love you 123 go! Can you make more prank videos
Hannah Thompson
Hannah Thompson - 2 days ago
You dont know what dye the used
dxpression vxbes
dxpression vxbes - 4 days ago
Its just streamers how is it dangerous
Lochness Gamer
Lochness Gamer - 4 days ago
These are pretty good
Sub to Pewdiepie
Sub to Pewdiepie - 4 days ago
Blerim Hocha
Blerim Hocha - 4 days ago
man where is my new top
Siddhant and Anshuman Borah And Saikia
I hate freckles
Vanity Graham
Vanity Graham - 5 days ago
Staples can give you a infection 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
Andrea - 5 days ago
Suri Yu
Suri Yu - 5 days ago
The freckles are soooooooo cute
Doughnut TV
Doughnut TV - 5 days ago
Baybee Maritza Garcia Vega
Having a lip ring or nose ring isn’t being a bad girl you get it sometimes cause you just want it and Amy didn’t have ya fooled that looked so fake who’s hair is like that without a bit of bangs well boys is not girls
Audry Quinn
Audry Quinn - 5 days ago
When you do the hack with the streamers does the color come out or stay permeant
Baybee Maritza Garcia Vega
Audry Quinn it’s comes out cause it’s just water with food coloring
Daisy Garcia
Daisy Garcia - 5 days ago
2:20 .. Is the hair color temporary?
Maggie Stevenson
Maggie Stevenson - 4 days ago
No obvs
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