Help Me Smash Daniel's iPhone (Game Master Spy Camera Roll Challenge)

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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca - 3 months ago
Should we trust Daniel? It isn't looking good right now. Let us know what we should do and what the next challenge should be!
Random Specialty
Random Specialty - Month ago
No you shouldn’t
princessnataliya21 - Month ago
I hate persist to go now it easy Rebecca's gonna win
princessnataliya21 - Month ago
don't think just d0 gamer
Yes you should and rz twin is double agent
Emma Braswell
Emma Braswell - 2 months ago
4 pairs of glasses
Charley Lazenby
Charley Lazenby - 5 minutes ago
Mission complete
Claudia Bettencourt
Claudia Bettencourt - Hour ago
Mission complete
Izzy Gamer
Izzy Gamer - 8 hours ago
I were glasses but I don’t have any
Jose Rios
Jose Rios - 11 hours ago
i feel very very bad for rebecca that her makeup got destoryed
Asha Chawla
Asha Chawla - 11 hours ago
Mission complete
Cayden Floeck
Cayden Floeck - 14 hours ago
Mission complete
kolea johnson
kolea johnson - Day ago
Maya Grace
Maya Grace - Day ago
I do wear glasses and I have 4 pars
Lilly B
Lilly B - Day ago
do not trust Daniel
Dogsgowoof Catsgomeow
Dogsgowoof Catsgomeow - 2 days ago
I don’t know why but I like that quadrant guy
Alison B
Alison B - 2 days ago
Mission complete
Debra Lent
Debra Lent - 3 days ago
Misson complete
Natalie and Muffin's Adventures
I did all three things
Adrian Yanez
Adrian Yanez - 4 days ago
Mission colplete
Slime ASMR
Slime ASMR - 4 days ago
Mission ⓒⓞⓜⓟⓛⓔⓣⓔ
Alexis Mogg
Alexis Mogg - 4 days ago
The red Cross could be from the red hood like if you love Rebecca's vids
Ashlea DeYarmon
Ashlea DeYarmon - 5 days ago
I’ve been scrolling through the comments for like 20 minutes and no one else realized he forgot the device the qaudrent member didn’t take the device at the end
Tracey Dean
Tracey Dean - 5 days ago
mission complete
Hans Meza
Hans Meza - 6 days ago
Mission complete
Cheryl Whiteway
Cheryl Whiteway - 6 days ago
Mission complete
Priti Pillay
Priti Pillay - 6 days ago
Mission complete!!!! 👍
Erica Diaz
Erica Diaz - 6 days ago
the X means don't trust the game master
Olivia Calvillo
Olivia Calvillo - 6 days ago
When Rebecca was in the weird room and had to wear a white cloak the game master had a beard like Daniels..........SUSPICIOUS
Olivia Calvillo
Olivia Calvillo - 6 days ago
Mission Complete!!!!!!
Ryan Church
Ryan Church - 7 days ago
Mission complete
Family Love
Family Love - 7 days ago
Mission complete
Gacha life time
Gacha life time - 7 days ago
Mission complete
Danny Nutty
Danny Nutty - 7 days ago
Mission complete
NERDSTER. CO - 7 days ago
I wear glasses but I have like 23
Tashi Annan
Tashi Annan - 8 days ago
PrettyMier Tv
PrettyMier Tv - 8 days ago
They should try to trap Daniel
Yesenia Montiel
Yesenia Montiel - 8 days ago
karis gardner
karis gardner - 9 days ago
I love matt. Mission complete
francisco dominguez
francisco dominguez - 9 days ago
I wear glasses and I have one pear of glasses
lucky seven
lucky seven - 9 days ago
Mission complete also Game master Network lets stop The Red Hoods and The Quiadrant in order for them not prevent hacking other youtbers channels who arr going to vidcon.Yes I trust Daniel.
Gabby Rivera
Gabby Rivera - 9 days ago
I wair glasses and have 3 pair but sis broke a pair so 2
Amir Malik
Amir Malik - 9 days ago
I do
Shakira Hutcherson
Shakira Hutcherson - 10 days ago
I don't trust daniel
Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts - 10 days ago
3 pairs of glasses
Katelyn Mason
Katelyn Mason - 10 days ago
mission complete
Katelyn Mason
Katelyn Mason - 10 days ago
Rebecca and matt
Katelyn Mason
Katelyn Mason - 10 days ago
Samuel Yowah
Samuel Yowah - 10 days ago
Katelyn Almazo
Katelyn Almazo - 10 days ago
Mission complete
Christine Dalton
Christine Dalton - 10 days ago
Mission complete😍😍 But you shouldn't trust daniel.
Orla Crowley
Orla Crowley - 10 days ago
Kylie James
Kylie James - 11 days ago
Suzanne Walters
Suzanne Walters - 11 days ago
Missoin complete
Leath McInt
Leath McInt - 11 days ago
Priya Kataria
Priya Kataria - 12 days ago
I wear glasses and I have 2 pairs
87k - 12 days ago
Mlsslon complete
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