Help Me Smash Daniel's iPhone (Game Master Spy Camera Roll Challenge)

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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca - Month ago
Should we trust Daniel? It isn't looking good right now. Let us know what we should do and what the next challenge should be!
pushen Burger
pushen Burger - 2 days ago
4 pairs of glasses
Machaela Destiney
Machaela Destiney - 2 days ago
I kind of don't even believe Daniel right now I'm working for the gamemaster
Jenny Thompson
Jenny Thompson - Month ago
You should’ve asked the quadrant if Daniel works for him
Jenny Thompson
Jenny Thompson - Month ago
No don’t trust Daniel he has been so supisious
Mysterious Moon
Mysterious Moon - Month ago
Surinder Kaur
Surinder Kaur - 37 minutes ago
I have glasses and a lot of peers
Aimee Lair
Aimee Lair - 6 hours ago
Mission complete
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover - 7 hours ago
It is on the right side
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover - 7 hours ago
My dad has 9 glasses
Breayanna Mendoza
Breayanna Mendoza - 7 hours ago
Mission completed
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover - 7 hours ago
Mission complete
Dorothy Durden
Dorothy Durden - 9 hours ago
Mission complete
Abraham Salas
Abraham Salas - 10 hours ago
I have 19
Rayven Gillespie
Rayven Gillespie - 11 hours ago
the sample of hair it is Rebecca Zamolo hair if you notice a peice of her hair is shorter than any her other on herright ear
creative corn diy hacks and ideas
Sometimes I do
creative corn diy hacks and ideas
Yea he is risky lie detector on him or truth syrim
Courtney Williams
Courtney Williams - 18 hours ago
Mission complete
Jaycey Bell
Jaycey Bell - Day ago
Mission complete
Marivic Zafe
Marivic Zafe - Day ago
Dont trust Q he is being like the red hood cause he still want the clue from the game master! And can i have a shout out please?
Shikya Mcpike
Shikya Mcpike - Day ago
I have 2 peers of glasses love you
roblox gamer girl
roblox gamer girl - Day ago
mision complete
Rose Wass
Rose Wass - Day ago
i where glasses and i ONLY have 1 pair no exra pairs
LaVannah White
LaVannah White - Day ago
Mission complete
Rose Wass
Rose Wass - Day ago
misson complete
Mia Limon
Mia Limon - Day ago
Q will win love you Q
Carter Thomas
Carter Thomas - Day ago
Mission Complete
pihu kuhu
pihu kuhu - Day ago
Mission complete
Ema Park
Ema Park - 2 days ago
I have Glasses and i have 1 per
Teri O'Reilly
Teri O'Reilly - 2 days ago
Mission complete
Mellie Princess
Mellie Princess - 2 days ago
That quadrant member didn't have a voice changer. I think he sounded like chad............
Cecelia Byers-Bell
Cecelia Byers-Bell - 2 days ago
I have 2 pairs of glasses
Bryant Garcia
Bryant Garcia - 2 days ago
Missing complete
Machaela Destiney
Machaela Destiney - 2 days ago
One of the quadrants keep fallowing me I'm scared
Machaela Destiney
Machaela Destiney - 2 days ago
Mission complete
oli&yu - 3 days ago
Caitlyn Wilson
Caitlyn Wilson - 3 days ago
I wear glass and I actually have 2 pears of glass and I would not do that with my glass my glass are really expensive
Laila Lopez
Laila Lopez - 3 days ago
This is how many people have done all 3 things
Barbara Antonelli
Barbara Antonelli - 3 days ago
Robecca is going to win all the rounds
Ella Mervyn
Ella Mervyn - 3 days ago
Mission Complete
Afzal B
Afzal B - 3 days ago
Mission accomplished maam
feryal alshammari
feryal alshammari - 3 days ago
Mission complete
Savannah Townsend
Savannah Townsend - 4 days ago
Q is going to win
Izabella Guimbra
Izabella Guimbra - 4 days ago
I have 1 pair of glasses and I sometimes have then on so I am not like Matt
James Silva
James Silva - 4 days ago
Vernon Rodden
Vernon Rodden - 4 days ago
Mission complete
Kiki Varges
Kiki Varges - 4 days ago
I ware them and one pare
Jason Turner
Jason Turner - 5 days ago
Sorry Daniel
Jason Turner
Jason Turner - 5 days ago
Jason Turner
Jason Turner - 5 days ago
Mission complete
Alissa Rodriguez
Alissa Rodriguez - 5 days ago
Hi my name is Isabella and I loveMurch and I am missing a clump
Konleigh Graham
Konleigh Graham - 5 days ago
I wear glasses I only have 1 pair
Vijaylaxmi Dighe
Vijaylaxmi Dighe - 5 days ago
Mission complete
unikitty 1107
unikitty 1107 - 6 days ago
Does Rebecca still have a bag
Rebecca you were so brave going through surgery
Manaswini Mishra
Manaswini Mishra - 6 days ago
Missen complete
Kala Krishna
Kala Krishna - 6 days ago
Mission complete
Dennette Chambers
Dennette Chambers - 6 days ago
Mission complete
koko281971 - 6 days ago
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Aeriana sprks
Aeriana sprks - 6 days ago
I wear glasses but they broke
Neeve Kipling
Neeve Kipling - 6 days ago
My mam had glasses and she had 4 pears
Emelia Salmon
Emelia Salmon - 6 days ago
Mission complete
nicole rhinesmith
nicole rhinesmith - 6 days ago
I am so sorry
Unicorn Nicholls
Unicorn Nicholls - 7 days ago
Mission complete
Ethan Slone
Ethan Slone - 7 days ago
Mission compleat
Maria Quintero
Maria Quintero - 7 days ago
Mishun cumplet
Isley Murdock
Isley Murdock - 7 days ago
Hi haven😻
Kristen Robinson
Kristen Robinson - 7 days ago
I were glasses and have one backup
BRENDA VANCE - 7 days ago
Mission complete
Liliana Lolmaugh
Liliana Lolmaugh - 7 days ago
Mission complete
Aveyon Reed
Aveyon Reed - 7 days ago
Mission complete
Cameron Lemieux
Cameron Lemieux - 7 days ago
I wear glasses and I have 2 pars
Soph Alexandra
Soph Alexandra - 7 days ago
Mission complete. 💼💼💼
Angel Dignam
Angel Dignam - 7 days ago
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson - 7 days ago
Mission complete
Alani Rodríguez
Alani Rodríguez - 7 days ago
Isabel Clarkson
Isabel Clarkson - 8 days ago
I have 3 pairs of glasses lol sorry Matt and Rebecca
Rick Moss
Rick Moss - 8 days ago
Boston Duncan
Boston Duncan - 8 days ago
A have glasses and I only have one pair
Brynn Mullins
Brynn Mullins - 8 days ago
I wear glasses and I have two pair one is a backup pair.
Brynn Mullins
Brynn Mullins - 8 days ago
Motion complete
Pedro Salvador
Pedro Salvador - 8 days ago
Mission Complete
Tiwha Rukuwai
Tiwha Rukuwai - 8 days ago
Jackie Knapp
Jackie Knapp - 8 days ago
I Did it
Shafayat Dar
Shafayat Dar - 8 days ago
I think we can trust Daniel
melany hernandez
melany hernandez - 8 days ago
I wear glasses and I have 3 pairs
Abbie's Life
Abbie's Life - 8 days ago
I am from🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
RealBobbyRBLX - 9 days ago
I wear glasses. I have 1 extra pair, I am wearing 1 and my BackUp is in the drawer
Haylee Evans
Haylee Evans - 9 days ago
Mission complete
Carter Sygowski
Carter Sygowski - 9 days ago
Mission Complete
Breeanna Airey
Breeanna Airey - 9 days ago
mison compleat
Lexi Bishop
Lexi Bishop - 9 days ago
Love u guys stay safe
Laura Casas
Laura Casas - 9 days ago
mission complete
Belibou Mirela
Belibou Mirela - 9 days ago
Donna Mcfall
Donna Mcfall - 9 days ago
Jared Naidoo
Jared Naidoo - 9 days ago
Mission complete
anne sitnik
anne sitnik - 10 days ago
Only one pair
Miranda Berger
Miranda Berger - 10 days ago
I do trust Q!
Miranda Berger
Miranda Berger - 10 days ago
You should not trust Daniel at all!
Miranda Berger
Miranda Berger - 10 days ago
Mission Complete
Faradaeh Montana
Faradaeh Montana - 10 days ago
Mission complete
Jannali Sandy
Jannali Sandy - 10 days ago
I were glasses
Jannali Sandy
Jannali Sandy - 11 days ago
Mission was completed the first time I watched yours video it was asome but I don't trust Daniel the camera man right now .
He seems sabspishes 😑😑😑😑😑😐😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😑😕
thetomboybrin foos
thetomboybrin foos - 11 days ago
3 pairs
Jake Reintar
Jake Reintar - 12 days ago
Mission complete
Babysitters4life - 12 days ago
I where glasses
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