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Deestroying - 3 months ago
I wouldn’t be here without y’all! I love y’all! Like to say it back ❤️
Cameron Graycarek
Cameron Graycarek - 14 days ago
I know this was awhile ago man but you inspire me GOOD JOB MAN
larry pate
larry pate - 15 days ago
I can't believe it that you made it to the a college
Vanessa Porcayo
Vanessa Porcayo - 17 days ago
melly mel_tk do you know where to get the red phone case in this video ????
Nushies Experience
Nushies Experience - Month ago
Luv u dee
Madden champ 25
Madden champ 25 - 2 months ago
Congratulations 💯
vArcc - 2 hours ago
Bro keep doing you but I think you could be a WR fr
Matthew Beyea
Matthew Beyea - 7 hours ago
I see destroyings hot Cheetos on the backround
cayogator - 22 hours ago
but, wha happened.......................................................
LikeNo Other
LikeNo Other - Day ago
Love that grind bro plastic bag and all much love from Hawaii
Cruzer Waltze
Cruzer Waltze - 2 days ago
The Toronto argonaughts
Tyler Kline
Tyler Kline - 2 days ago
Can you help me? I am a wide receiver and I am not bad at catching but I want to get better
Dallas Griggs
Dallas Griggs - 3 days ago
Ju ju Smith is a pro and he’s a YouTubed
master mine
master mine - 5 days ago
if u go to the nfl after this you will be the only reason y i watch the NFL lol i’m more into college ball then NFL
Shortgang - 7 days ago
Bro I’m a kicker for maple park football team so I am so glad I have someone to look up too and im also a wide receiver
So much love do what you need to do and stay 10 toes down
Shortgang - 7 days ago
If this gray you hate destroying:(
Paulo Ameto
Paulo Ameto - 13 days ago
Let start all over again dee you got this my is back letttttssss goooooo
Paulo Ameto
Paulo Ameto - 13 days ago
Wow yo that mah man right there i know you whole story bro I’m big fan of you man, anyway just saw this video I’m so happy I’m gonna say my boy destroy is back on a field letttttsssss ggooooo I can’t wait to see you became a professional football 🏈 player bro
Corey Riggs
Corey Riggs - 16 days ago
You did your thang play boi.._._good shit ._.
Polar_ Gaming
Polar_ Gaming - 16 days ago
I live in Toronto I will make sure that I will see u at the game GO Argos
Danial Khan
Danial Khan - 15 days ago
Polar_ Gaming he got dropped
silent 6750
silent 6750 - 17 days ago
Uptightspidy 12
Uptightspidy 12 - 18 days ago
I thought is was football what is it’s called ndl oh nfl what’s that
Jaxson Lestock
Jaxson Lestock - 18 days ago
Alex Wyman
Alex Wyman - 18 days ago
And 3 months later your ass still haven’t seen the field in the regular season
The Real Idk Idk
The Real Idk Idk - 21 day ago
I wanna be just like you when I grow up =)
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis - 22 days ago
Hey deestroying how much are the sweatshirt s
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis - 22 days ago
Congrats, dude
Jessica Conaway
Jessica Conaway - 22 days ago
500 likes and he can make it to hall of fame
Jason and Danny Plays
Jason and Danny Plays - 23 days ago
You got my favorite qb number
gacha cherry
gacha cherry - 24 days ago
I take advice from Deestroying and one hand catches
gacha cherry
gacha cherry - 24 days ago
I literally smashed the like botton but not to hard
Egyptian_Thoth - 27 days ago
I just can't support any of these Black dudes who are so keen on being with a damn Becky. It's like they're allergic to Black women or something.
x_celsox - 27 days ago
Into song.???
Nikolas Rustad
Nikolas Rustad - 28 days ago
My mans was casually kicking 60 yard field goals
Victor Leon
Victor Leon - Month ago
Congratulations dee
shatteredmxxn Moon
shatteredmxxn Moon - Month ago
Bro I'm crying remember when you said you are going to grind on the first vid and I am so happy
Kamren Phillips
Kamren Phillips - Month ago
My boy really went professional Finnally he needa be a wide receiver as well mans is very very talented good job deestroying
jayden is the goat
jayden is the goat - Month ago
i love bro good job 👏
Frosted Flake
Frosted Flake - Month ago
Happy for dude fr fr... not even a sub but I’m glad to see him achieve his dream
Chavion Irby
Chavion Irby - Month ago
Bro everyone know you are going to make the team I get all my tricks from you and I made it so you will stay ten toes down
Krank 90s
Krank 90s - Month ago
Race _FN
Race _FN - Month ago
i lvoe your channel so much your inspiring me to dont stop and keep grinding everyday :)
bezbeanz Jett
bezbeanz Jett - Month ago
Your room is trashed
Lucas Vescio
Lucas Vescio - Month ago
You in my crib
Chef dat boi rd 3
Chef dat boi rd 3 - Month ago
Does CFL mean college football league or does it mean Canadian football league
the helpful Canadian
the helpful Canadian - Month ago
Canadian football league
BrokeTheGamer - Month ago
This is how many of you who been subscribed to Deestroying for less than a month

Edit: thanks for the subs 🙏🏾
Mark Boom
Mark Boom - Month ago
They dont value you as much as they should
Jessie Mccroskey
Jessie Mccroskey - Month ago
My man in the CFL
Hanan Zlate
Hanan Zlate - Month ago
CFL sucks, it's like the G-League. NFL is where it's at
GS - 09AB - Fletchers Meadow SS (2492)
Hey d I live in Toronto and I got a season pass so I’ll be there every game
Pinky Promise
Pinky Promise - Month ago
Send em to the nfl
Parker C3
Parker C3 - Month ago
Congrats I really hope you do amazing thing in you cfl career and soon to be nfl career 😃
sonny day
sonny day - Month ago
I don't think you're good enough homie
Peter K
Peter K - Month ago
D: I’m gonna try to stop cussing
Also D: Man it’s fucking cold out here dawg
jolly jolly
jolly jolly - Month ago
Welcome to the 6. Keep the grind up. Happy for you
Carter - Month ago
You should be a WR fuck a kicker
Carter - Month ago
You need to be in the league
Hezekiah Semple
Hezekiah Semple - Month ago
I’m happy for you and everything but why you only got one AirPod in
Jovany Villela
Jovany Villela - Month ago
Much love man I've seen your videos and I know how much talent you have, I'm glad that it's finally being recognized. I wish only the best man, good luck
Ty_babygot5 Litman
Ty_babygot5 Litman - Month ago
Didn’t your QB get hurt
evilzombie 2007
evilzombie 2007 - Month ago
Best youtuber ever
Karma - Month ago
Mans got a camel toe bruh
Malik Allen
Malik Allen - Month ago
Wish I could meet you bro we got a lot in common. Hopefully we could meet one day. I’d love to hit the field with you . Much love from Pittsburgh 💯 stay focused and congratulations brotha
Zach Prince
Zach Prince - 2 months ago
Come to Oakhurst CA and watch the Yosemite badgers play the minarets mustangs at Yosemite high-school August 31
ImAlwaysHyphy - 2 months ago
I know I’m hella late but good job #grinddontstop
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