Joe Rogan Experience #1153 - Macaulay Culkin

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SuperPotacio - 13 hours ago
funny guy
Piem Van Berg
Piem Van Berg - 17 hours ago
Was funny to see Joe's astonishing face when Culkin revealed what he knew about boxing. I was surprised, too actually.
Audax K9 Academy
Audax K9 Academy - Day ago
So funny that they went Freaky Friday/30 going on 13. From the beginning I was thinking Macaulay is actually Woody Allen reverted to a child and on his second go around at life. The Asian girlfriend is just more proof.
grant glow
grant glow - Day ago
Trump 2020 build the wall
grant glow
grant glow - Day ago
It's better to be a conservative than a liberal who wants to push Puberty blockers on children..
Mr Ether
Mr Ether - Day ago
brucerexralph - 2 days ago
"Oh Hey", LOL@12:00
bruce paredes
bruce paredes - 2 days ago
When do they talk about their favorite comedians?
sparris spar
sparris spar - 2 days ago
Dunno get felt like this guy was on speed
David bb
David bb - Day ago
he did say "like" a trillion times lol
ANDREA DANIEL - 2 days ago
He's still freakin' adorable.
ChannelOfDiscord - 2 days ago
Joe on some shit! Lighten up buddy! haha!
Jack Striker
Jack Striker - 2 days ago
Joe knows he’s doing coke...
Jack Striker
Jack Striker - 2 days ago
Coke’s out coked kid ...
Tristan Farrell
Tristan Farrell - 3 days ago
I feel bad for joe, weird guy
Horpel Krufkin
Horpel Krufkin - 3 days ago
Like, fucking, like, exhausting. But I don't, like, dislike, like, Macaulay.
Joe Brown
Joe Brown - 3 days ago
I Like this kind of thing !!
Agent N
Agent N - 4 days ago
Why Joe didn’t ask him certain questions about his past baffles me, like i know how its usually not a question answer podcast but feel like his past is interesting
Nick - 18 hours ago
He's the type of person that has a long list of topics that are off limits that they most likely go over before the interview. Seems like he just wants to focus on the present.
Maxwell - 4 days ago
Macaulay Culkin is an interviewing MACHINE
1031KRONTZ GERMERICAN - 5 days ago
Only in California could he be described as "normal" he's a fruitcake!
El Duque
El Duque - 6 days ago
I couldn’t be happier that he turned out straight... I think
Scarlet Begonia
Scarlet Begonia - 6 days ago
He seems he licks balls and is a furry
righteousrat - 6 days ago
Macaulay "I walk about 3 or 4 mph" Culkin
Kendra Bean
Kendra Bean - 7 days ago
Why is joe going on and on about toxoplasmosis? Is he high?
John Tighe
John Tighe - 7 days ago
This is the podcast i couldnt watch
ufos2012 - 7 days ago
MK Ultra Monarch Mind control sex slave!!!
J.V. Decker
J.V. Decker - 7 days ago
Say it ain't so Joe .. you people don't get the references. Listen carefully to that one talking about Asia and animals.
Robby Culver
Robby Culver - 7 days ago
Good interview, kind of thing.
Max - 7 days ago
Did Culkin just become my best podcast friend? Gotta say, I'm checking out bunny ears or bunny face..? Cool guy.
*Tracy Born Again Farm Girl
T Ral
T Ral - 8 days ago
So if your a Hollywood elite you can only be super vocal and obnoxious about politics if your a liberal.
stephane Charbonneau
stephane Charbonneau - 8 days ago
1:24:38 they didnt age well because of lead paint and asbestos and probably some other things that they werent aware of back then
PoliticalLee - 8 days ago
Like... ...kinda thing.
giggly poof
giggly poof - 8 days ago
This dude's 37 and he still acts like a a "wacky" socially awkward teen....... Joe must have been ready to kill himself by the end of this.
eldonandy - 8 days ago
Joe Rogan seemed off his podcast game in this one, he didn't know whether to match MC's energy but was still able to have some good laughs, that ending was kinda awkward though
All American Man
All American Man - 8 days ago
Joe talks too much during these interviews.
Jay Nelo
Jay Nelo - 8 days ago
did someone say adderal
Dmitry America
Dmitry America - 8 days ago
@14:33 go for it brotha. Great interview
iera - 8 days ago
Love his voice and the way he speaks. He seems very educated and I'm happy he turned out so great
Jason Brown
Jason Brown - 9 days ago
ah, the irony of a 3 minute ad showing how transgender "women" are defeating real women in sports, during a show that repeatedly , during this episode, attacked conservative politicians and tv shows and their hosts
Berendsen - 9 days ago
Red meat is all skeletal fiber and they are a fibrous tissue, so it scratches with the cilia in your intestines in a microscopical level.

Hence why specifically red meat is banned out of the carnivorous options for the diet.
tra ve
tra ve - 9 days ago
macaulay culkin sounds smart as hell, bet he starts getting more creative and driven soon.
majestic cock
majestic cock - 9 days ago
Do a "Kinda thing" drinking game. Everytime Culkin says "kinda thing" you take a shot. first one to quit loses.
Gamer 2009
Gamer 2009 - 10 days ago
This was great. He seems to be extremely secure with himself, matured, funny and smart. Always good to see a success story from a child who had INSANE fame.
earl thecommonsenseguy
earl thecommonsenseguy - 10 days ago
mjs boy toy. Mila Kunis is bullshit
Thomas H
Thomas H - 10 days ago
Joe "Why Can't We Have Purses" Rogan
Thomas H
Thomas H - 10 days ago
9:49 "my special lady friend" --kudos for the Lebowski reference, Mac
Robert Navarro
Robert Navarro - 10 days ago
I died when joe stayed how come men can't have a purse
Simon Malm
Simon Malm - 10 days ago
The plan is to hang out with someone.
Katie B
Katie B - 11 days ago
Say what you want about Depp, but no one else could’ve done Capt Jack Sparrow as well as him. Never in a million years.
Wesley alan
Wesley alan - 9 days ago
Greeno - 9 days ago
Agreed, although i feel after the first one it was all a bit to much @katie b
Johan - 11 days ago
Haha love the guy..!
Mikey Dee
Mikey Dee - 11 days ago
Macaulay “I’m well versed in child labor laws” Culkin
Former Pocket Pool Champion of the World
"I was shitting 10 times a day"
Davy Jones
Davy Jones - 11 days ago
Give Fuller his glasses back
Justin L
Justin L - 11 days ago
Nathan Balog
Nathan Balog - 11 days ago
Mac I mean, but very funny.
Nathan Balog
Nathan Balog - 11 days ago
He's on speed.
Wesley alan
Wesley alan - 9 days ago
No hes not
Devon Holmes
Devon Holmes - 11 days ago
“Asian crack”
Andrew Garbutt
Andrew Garbutt - 12 days ago
And heres me thinking Elon Musk was strange.
TheCondorjc - 12 days ago
He’s like a much much less insufferable but way more famous version of Adam “I’m not an expert” Conover
Tim Prosser
Tim Prosser - 13 days ago
Koogiboygfx - 14 days ago
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