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Peter McKinnon
Peter McKinnon - 4 months ago
What do you guys think?! Would you buy Osmo Action Over GoPro Hero 7 Black?
Lynton Howes
Lynton Howes - Month ago
Love the vid thank you. But, you are so unfit! Please try testing products daily and you soon won't be spent after one block of jogging 🙄
Henryk Sasim
Henryk Sasim - Month ago
I wonder if he reads the user's manuals before shooting the videos.
Prasad Bhamare
Prasad Bhamare - Month ago
You haven't uploaded more videos using this...
Vox Roque
Vox Roque - 2 months ago
I like how he wears ford cap to advertise it
Remmy Oszyanu
Remmy Oszyanu - 3 days ago
For about 2 months I sit and think about it! Should I buy it or not ?! :) :(
Tone Ross
Tone Ross - 7 days ago
Peter I’m ready for the follow up to this video! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Affan Amjad
Affan Amjad - 17 days ago
6:10 close your eyes
ec17pse - 19 days ago
fast forward todate, how have you been getting on with this? I am looking into this as my first expensive action cam so im very cautious on whether to pay this money out for one of wait till they do a 2nd version in about 1 year lol
7GTV - 21 day ago
gopro 8 is just a waste.
7GTV - 21 day ago
yep... just got converted....
KEYFRAME Video productions
This camera has manufacturing errors. The front screen gets moisture in the water and blurs. The card and charging usb-c cover
is very poorly designed. The second time I opened the cover, it didn't lock properly and the service company told me that they want 75 euros to change it. DJI sells the cover 19 euros to the official site.... DJI has a very poor service (they make you wait more than a month to fix a problem). Anyone who needs a professional camera should prefer gopro7.
Mbuso Guma
Mbuso Guma - 28 days ago
Am I the only one that sees a little Marvin Gaye in you?
Shahid Jufri
Shahid Jufri - Month ago
Literally just sold my GPHB7. Im getting this! Like right now! 😆
MKZ's diary
MKZ's diary - Month ago
bought this
B Thunder
B Thunder - Month ago
Surprised you didn't mention the screen lag!
mattMPG - Month ago
For me the GoPro color seems so over saturated.
mattMPG - Month ago
I have a Hero 7 Black and after watching this I 100% prefer the Osmo. I actually prefer the flat color profile of the Osmo to the GoPro. I color grade all my videos.
纳闷哥大将军 - Month ago
P-stylez - Month ago
After years and years of holding off buying an action cam, I believe I've found the one. The one to rule them all.
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen - Month ago
Plz make a new vlog of these too soon.. Going to buy one of them soon ;) Thanks for great vlog !!
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen - Month ago
Already got more vlog info.. I´m buying Gopro 7 :)
darkstepwarrior88 - Month ago
First video of your channel i am watching and i am delighted
Ray Zhou
Ray Zhou - Month ago
jid should be the ambassador of dji
Roland Jeremiah
Roland Jeremiah - Month ago
Man.. shout out all the Canadian hero’s marvel forgot to mention... Peter McKinnon. Your reviews always come clutch when I need them!
SemmyRace - Month ago
Any updates on a dji vs hero 7 comparison?
Recently lost a gopro, undecided if I should buy the hero 7 black or the osmo action.
I'd use with a mic connected, that no cam supports without adapters
Gillian Vann
Gillian Vann - Month ago
I was making that exact same face as you at 5:02 haha, I actually laughed out loud.
Xochitl S.
Xochitl S. - Month ago
Hello Peter! Can you make a video where you show us how to use DJI Osmo Action camera in a more cinematic mode. When you have time, thank you! ;-)
Good Day! I am on the fence between getting the Osmo Action and The GOpro Hero 7. What would you recommend? Appreciate the feedback. Thank you and Awesome channel!!!!!!!
@Daniel Neely Thank you for the reply.....DJI Osmo Action it is....So far I guess it will be a good addition to my Osmo POcket, Insta360 ONe X and Fuji Xa3 and Drone.
Daniel Neely
Daniel Neely - Month ago
DJI Osmo Action without a doubt.
Roger rtewwr
Roger rtewwr - Month ago
Rocksteady, clear winner
also, low light, Osmo is clear clear winner
Tiago - Month ago
at 7:31 how come the rocksteady is on and it's 100 times worse in terms of stabilization? what happened?
Scott Stephens
Scott Stephens - Month ago
Do the GoPro accessory mounts work with the DJI OSMO?
Yuhki [ The YM Studio ]
I think oughta get my hands on one now...just for shits and gigs :-P!!!!
yi tan
yi tan - Month ago
i just find out that osmo action will overheating seriously when shooting 4k 60FPS,its hard to hold~~hope dji can solve this problem
joshx413 - 2 months ago
What kind of Nerf guns were those?
TigerChuu - 2 months ago
Think Hero 7 was better in stabilization and image quality in light
Action was better in low light image quality but wayyy to bright sometimes in light
Both amazing I think though for their size
Joseph Anthony
Joseph Anthony - 2 months ago
you have your fathers hands ✌️
Jaime Vedres
Jaime Vedres - 2 months ago
No stabilized hyperlapse feature on the DJI OA like the GoPro 7. Attempting to return or sell my DJI OA unless DJI releases some sort of firmware upgrade that includes this feature.
SkyPilot - 2 months ago
Nice review. Are the mounts interchangeable with the gopro mounts? 🎖✔👍🖑👊😉
3 boys Gamer
3 boys Gamer - 2 months ago
really nice camera this week I will buy one my friend.
Fra Mo
Fra Mo - 2 months ago
Wow the rocksteady is freaking amazing 😯
April V Scott
April V Scott - 2 months ago
Can you use a bluetooth remote with the osmo action?
shambu dangal
shambu dangal - 2 months ago
im not satitisfy with osmo action, its too much heat when recording ? why this ? can anyone feel this ?
1titoguacho - 2 months ago
Sorry but why you don’t says the delay and the bad things about these action camera make a HONEST REVIEW
sustain & resonance
sustain & resonance - 2 months ago
The shot with the hands taking stuff away oh my god
Bawa Bro
Bawa Bro - 2 months ago
Dji won in stabilize and go pro won in color and real feel
vex - 2 months ago
If it weren't for that stupid "Activation via app/phone crap" I'd buy the Osmo action...
vex - 2 months ago
If it weren't for that stupid "Activation via app/phone crap" I'd buy the Osmo action...
John Kokujin
John Kokujin - 2 months ago
colors are falling apart (dji)
Ali Alani
Ali Alani - 2 months ago
Dude, your example at 3:12 is irrelevant, as you obviously mount the camera on your helmet, you won't be able to check the front screen anyway! 😋
Bonnie Hedden
Bonnie Hedden - 2 months ago
Any problem with the sound making a humming sound
Bonnie Hedden
Bonnie Hedden - 2 months ago
Osmo action
Divas Rayamajhi
Divas Rayamajhi - 2 months ago
At the end it’s all image processor
Tuesday Evenings
Tuesday Evenings - 2 months ago
lemex gax
lemex gax - 2 months ago
But the GoProHero7 has live streaming , GPS , voice control ! There different things.
Prevailer Obaye
Prevailer Obaye - 2 months ago
Hey Peter, which one can you recommend someone to buy between Go Pro Hero 7 and DJI Osmo Action since you have used both of them!
LivGreenleave - 2 months ago
You have seen these 2 cameras side by side. I would recommend the Dji Osmo Action, though I like the colors better of the Gopro hero 7 black. But that is easy to fix! I hope I could help you a little bit though I'm not him😅.
Makeup-Your mind -And Travel
Fantastic camera. Thanks for sharing 👍
Tagine Engineer
Tagine Engineer - 3 months ago
Makes me regret buying the gopro
Gregor Ferguson
Gregor Ferguson - 3 months ago
Are the numbers on the moraine lake shot in the intro the co ordinates? P.S I frickin love your stuff man!
Maac Desmond
Maac Desmond - 3 months ago
i vote for hero 7 and design wins to Osmo
Maac Desmond
Maac Desmond - 3 months ago
is this shoot straight video - No fisheye right.
Maac Desmond
Maac Desmond - 3 months ago
Okay Chocolates are not FREE I accept. but how to get these kinds of stuff from these companies like DJi and More others.
OpaiqDrawings - 3 months ago
I used to be so discouraged about gopros prices because I thought they were way too expensive for the size of the camera. But when you compare what these action cameras can do to point n shoots of the same price- I think it’s clear that action cams like gopros or the osmo are the way to go. So
Glad dji is making action cams- they excel at everything!
RHP Mountain & Trail
RHP Mountain & Trail - 3 months ago
Peter we need your help I have bought one of these action cameras and found it completely usable for mountain biking because of the field of view is too small compare to go pro can you help us with your contact with Polar pro and see if they can put an additional wide angle lens to give you the same field of view as the go pro ??? I think I would make a lot of money selling these if I could pull it off. Hoping you can help many thanks.
Mike Churcher
Mike Churcher - 3 months ago
Did you find that the subjects as viewed through the camera seem so far away. It seems to get a realistic shot you have to be with 3 feet or zoom in using post production. Is that a fair comment?
MulishaPatrol - 3 months ago
I bought the Dji Osmo Action after watching this review it's a seriously well made bit of gear absolutely love it! Cheers from Australia.
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