3 shot to death outside Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma

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Jason Landis
Jason Landis - 2 days ago
My M ms friend Aubrey was killed we told him not to go back to that town
John Rambo
John Rambo - 5 days ago
Damn not safe to go to wal mart anymore.
Faith With Jay
Faith With Jay - 9 days ago
WOW that’s NUTS!!!!!! That’s sad... and little oh DUCAN!!!!
Kenny Thao
Kenny Thao - 10 days ago
What’s wrong with this world.
Hayden Dugan
Hayden Dugan - 10 days ago
This is my home town my mom knew the man that caused this....prayers for families
Kevin 4real
Kevin 4real - 11 days ago
I used to live in Duncan I hated it coming from the metro Detroit area but made good friends my sister still lives there and my grandpa lives between Marlow and Duncan
hola amigo
hola amigo - 11 days ago
3 people dead but each person who was there is traumatized. it’s so sad. we can’t go anywhere without knowing if we’re going to come back anymore.
Godzilla vlogs
Godzilla vlogs - 12 days ago
I knew the person who did it
Aayush Patel
Aayush Patel - 13 days ago
Archnid 001
Archnid 001 - 13 days ago
Now i know why woman don't marry a bad boy instead they marry a good boy it's not because of his money, because the good boy do nothing when they get cheated by there wife.
Wicked ZeroOne
Wicked ZeroOne - 14 days ago
I Love it. I need more. GIVE US MORE. Joker! Give them what they Deserve! More! #CalvaryChapelLagunaCreek
josef mengele
josef mengele - 14 days ago
"The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it"
The Weather Alert KID
The Weather Alert KID - 14 days ago
School shooting: Exists
Walmart shooting: *Im about to end this whole mans carrer*
IRONMAN INC - 14 days ago
But i thought discontinuing handgun and certain ammo sales was supposed to stop all this. I am so confused every time some law or policy is placed against law abiding citizens to supposedly stop criminals something else happens. I am so confused but cant help but wonder what might happen if we were just allowed our constitutional rights with no interference from any source? I think this is the only thing that has not been tried yet.
BolasDaGrk - 14 days ago
I think walmart shoppers are warming up for Black Friday this year.
Bobby - 15 days ago
Good riddance.
Just another typical day in America!
No one cares.
Move along.
Thank you veeeery much.

lol XD
Chris_hy - 15 days ago
Gun control doesn’t work
Chris_hy - 15 days ago
Schizy Moonstar
Schizy Moonstar - 15 days ago
If Frank Garrett was still around, he would've took out the shooter before there were any fatalities.
Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks - 15 days ago
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that kurenai used a genjutsu on itachi
Eva Lily
Eva Lily - 15 days ago
The child affected by this news is taught at the school I work at. Hits very close to home; I also know a witness there who saw everything. She is distantly related to me.
Harry Clams
Harry Clams - 15 days ago
JackPlayzGames ?
JackPlayzGames ? - 15 days ago
UncleSam1776 - 16 days ago
The company of Walmart should hire more cops to protect citizens from terrorism and stop criminals.
D G - 16 days ago
I’ve been there. Such a hillbilly town..
Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker - 16 days ago
I live in Oklahoma and no one is talking about this. Probably because a kid at my school had a three way in the parking lot
Shane Okon
Shane Okon - 16 days ago
Bet nothing happened
SHIN MT - 16 days ago
The okc thunders gotta do something smh
Sahar Varona
Sahar Varona - 16 days ago
Don't tell me tomorrow another shooting will take place. TRUMO WE NEED ACTION IT IS CLEAR WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING IS NOOOOT WORKING
CrazyUncleJoJo - 16 days ago
Shane Na
Shane Na - 16 days ago
With all these shootings it's clear what we have to do....

.... ban Walmart!
Katy Ross
Katy Ross - 16 days ago
I live in Duncan and was in school and we where on lock down for hours
Nelba Lopez
Nelba Lopez - 16 days ago
Now I’m scared to go to Black Friday shops 😱😱😱😨😰😭
ProAssassin84 - 16 days ago
Damn VideoGames. Ban them.
Donny Weinbuch
Donny Weinbuch - 16 days ago
It was those damn video games
TknUdwn - 16 days ago
This stuff happens everyday in Chicago but we just can’t report on that
Bearty - 16 days ago
Watch there gona blame the new cod for this
Can we get 5k subs with no Videos
Yet after all this trump try’s to ban video games when he can ban weapons to those who have a probability risk to harm others, nonsense
Can we get 5k subs with no Videos
My Name not really people need to learn something in this world but U can think what you want I won’t stop you
Name Goes Here
Name Goes Here - 14 days ago
Oh please. ANYTHING can be made into a weapon. Literally. Quit being so dense
charlesrosaly - 16 days ago
A good guy with a gun stopped the bad guy with a gun. That's why mainstream wont show it.
charlesrosaly - 16 days ago
A good guy with a gun stopped the bad guy with a gun. That's why mainstream wont show it.
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