Everything Wrong With Cast Away In 14 Minutes Or Less

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Draknfyre - 8 minutes ago
There's a hidden Easter Egg on the DVD where the director reveals what was in that package he saved to deliver: A waterproof, solar-powered satellite phone. Not even joking.
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis - 18 hours ago
Love your page, but I have to disagree with the FedEx placement. It only right that FedEx was in the movie. Would you rather the beautiful white FedEx boxes that was designed for customers to write on or just a plain brown box. I'm just saying
Patrick Franks
Patrick Franks - 20 hours ago
4:12 ocean water desalination is possible. Dig a pit. Fill it with leaves. Put water container in middle. Fill pit with sea water. Cover pit. Put rock in centre and wait.
Ben G
Ben G - 21 hour ago
He also was on the moon and survived to
Ben G
Ben G - 21 hour ago
It changed his life
Laurence Bell
Laurence Bell - Day ago
Mate ,it's called escapism,you need to get some dude.
Josh H.
Josh H. - Day ago
This movie is basically Madagascar
Jorge Negrete
Jorge Negrete - 2 days ago
Your opinions for movies are stupid
Jorge Negrete
Jorge Negrete - Day ago
Thumbs up or down for my reply doesn't bother me but at least I got one vote
dcwtl - 2 days ago
Who's Narrating this ? KERMIT the FROG lol
Adam Darmstaedter
Adam Darmstaedter - 2 days ago
Yes, the USPS does in fact deliver to Moscow and all of Russia as well as most  countries in the world. This interaction between nations is policy overseen by the UN. If you have wondered why USPS prices are SO high, it is because  we as taxpayers  subsidize postal prices in 3rd world countries - via the UN treaty. The least reliable postal service in the world (based on my experience as a shipping manager) is Mexico. It is easily less reliable than Russia or Eastern Europe
Sunbrook Condo
Sunbrook Condo - 2 days ago
How did he lose that island life sun tan, so quickly after being rescued?
Ashlee Knowlton
Ashlee Knowlton - 3 days ago
Recently re-watched this with my boyfriend. We both had to acknowledge it was a giant FedEx commercial and was probably a launching point for FedEx to take over delivery Industries. I mean you don't mail something you FedEx it, even if you're not using FedEx. Imagine someone saying 'I'm going to UPS this to you.' It just doesn't sound right.
Still an iconic movie though.
STAN DUPP - 3 days ago
I don't love Tom Hanks. He's a leftist liberal asshat douchebag.
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod - 3 days ago
that yellow raft....you see it at the start but the only piece he has near the end is what he wrapped that parcel in? where was it?
Court O'Connor
Court O'Connor - 3 days ago
I watched this for the first time a few weeks ago. Most boring movie I’ve seen in my entire life 😫
Ashlee Knowlton
Ashlee Knowlton - 2 days ago
@Court O'Connor I mean honestly I can get that. It's not the most fast-paced movie in the world.
Court O'Connor
Court O'Connor - 3 days ago
Yeah I watched the whole thing at about 3-4am I just thought the whole movie was so slow and boring and then right at the end they’re quickly wrapping up everything that they could’ve expanded on and then also had a sucky ending. Like yeah it’s a little sad when he lost Wilson but he went on.
Ashlee Knowlton
Ashlee Knowlton - 3 days ago
..... Did you FINISH the movie?!? Because it's kind of slow to start and kind of slow to end.... But Wilson man... Willlsoooonn... It's heartbreaking! If you don't leave that movie feeling horrible, lost and confused I feel like you missed something.
Planetarygamers - 3 days ago
7:57 Adding a sin for poor editing. At least time the sin removal with the sound effect.
Bob Levittan
Bob Levittan - 3 days ago
Galaxy Quest
Carter Sauer
Carter Sauer - 4 days ago
Still waiting on a Truman show
Dark Miss
Dark Miss - 4 days ago
The fact he didnt go to therapy after his ordeal definitely deserves sins lol
Adam R. Wyss
Adam R. Wyss - 5 days ago
Somebody show this guy the FedEx castaway commercial
davidjustdavid - 6 days ago
When I first got this movie on DVD it took me several attempts to watch the whole film. I would put the DVD on in the evening, press play, light a joint and lay down on my huge sofa. Within minutes of him washing up on the island, all goes peaceful and quiet with the sound of the ocean and I was out like a light every time 😂 waking up at end roll credits.
Rob Kandell
Rob Kandell - 6 days ago
Add a dozen sins because they didn’t end it like “Pincher Martin”. Hollywood endings suck.
BeagleBrains 1
BeagleBrains 1 - 6 days ago
Walter Jandro
Walter Jandro - 6 days ago
Very crude and ungodly language by commentator. Obviously not a Christian! Get right with God!
chndlr18 - 6 days ago
lol what a stupid ass comment
Paul Fox
Paul Fox - 6 days ago
I hated this movie when it came out. It was just so long and boring. I feel i don't need to read this one. Tom has produced some of the longest boring movies I've ever seen. I've stopped watching his movies. Although Forest Gum is one of my favourite moves.
Justin Hackstadt
Justin Hackstadt - 6 days ago
If you didn't tear up when he loses Wilson in the end you are staight up inhuman. And I never, ever cry.
Viigan - 7 days ago
When the scene of him yelling "Hello!" came on in the audio outtakes, I just had time to think "Yes! They're going to use the sound from Day of the Dead, just like I thought!" And then they didn't. I'm sinning YOU for that, CinemaSins!
Eric Stevens
Eric Stevens - 7 days ago
Pretty much you ask yourself, do I stay on this island for the rest of my life (without a government) or go out to sea and rejoin the fray of society.
Fredrick Kasami
Fredrick Kasami - 7 days ago
Hey narrator.........FUCK YOU. YOURE MORE ANNOYING THAN TOM HANKS. at least he earns more than talking trash
hoes madd
hoes madd - 7 days ago
biguyjw - 7 days ago
7:10 in the book it's a sat-phone in the box
Kimjongil 2000
Kimjongil 2000 - 7 days ago
The fact that you didn't take at least 5 sins off for the tooth-knocking scene is a sin, man. That is one of the most memorable movie moments ever put to film.
Scott Kinison
Scott Kinison - 8 days ago
Ever notice there weren't any wild animals to eat and not a single bird on the beach.
Will G
Will G - 8 days ago
#1 problem...Helen Khunt
Zach V
Zach V - 8 days ago
I love this movie. This is so great. You should've taken off 10 sins for everyone leaving him in that hotel room and showing us the things we take for granted. Crab, ice, electricity.
H B - 8 days ago
The funny part is that there are islands all around this one they blocked them out kind of what fake TV would do.
Jeff - 8 days ago
Cast away was the best Fed-Ex commercial I've ever seen. One of the worst movies ever though.
Jeff - 8 days ago
I'd rather thumb wrestle and hug.
dietisgreat - 8 days ago
@Jeff my fist will punch ur eye
Jeff - 8 days ago
Your response makes no sense to me.
dietisgreat - 8 days ago
U must play Fortnite and watch Logan Paul videos
Star wars We explain
Star wars We explain - 9 days ago
Johnny Xanax
Johnny Xanax - 9 days ago
Cinemasins, you did not sin that Kelly's new husband was Dr. Spalding, DDS. How the fuck did you miss that. I wonder if he changed dentists. I mean Memphis i s still his home town. He probably would have replaced the tooth he knocked out for free.
AB Baby
AB Baby - 9 days ago
He trained in Sailing but lives in Memphs
AB Baby
AB Baby - 5 days ago
@chndlr18 :) lol
chndlr18 - 5 days ago
@AB Baby of course it's just a fabrication. Are you trying to argue what a fictional character would or wouldn't do? I don't know the writer that made up the character lol
AB Baby
AB Baby - 6 days ago
@chndlr18 I know what you mean, but it is unusual isn't it to be a sailor (this guy is really dedicated to boating judging by the trophies and awards), but not live anywhere near the sea? Do you have trophies and awards in diving? Is it your life's passion? I agree with Ciniema Sins - absolute fabrication for forecasting.
chndlr18 - 6 days ago
And? I'm trained in scuba diving, yet I live in Arizona. Who cares?
yes350yes - 9 days ago
He's "the love of her life" as proven by the final extended kiss scene so I often wonder if Hunt gets a divorce and it doesnt work out with the welder do they get back together. I would like to see an alternate ending to this movie.
CogitoErgoCogitoSum - 9 days ago
10:00, except there have been more than a few real life examples of similar scenarios.
CogitoErgoCogitoSum - 9 days ago
4:32 Ive never lived on a deserted island or even in the tropical third world. How many coconuts on how many trees do there have to be for the frequency of nuts dropping to the ground would be enough to spook someone? These scenes from the movie make it out to be a constant rustling in the bushes, rather than the one or two a day one might even be close enough to notice. At least in my imaginings.
CogitoErgoCogitoSum - 9 days ago
2:54 I would have gone with "Run, Forrest"
CogitoErgoCogitoSum - 9 days ago
2:45 A reference to the movie Sully (2016) ?
CogitoErgoCogitoSum - 9 days ago
0:20 except what package delivery company would want to themselves depicted as unreliable?
adf adf
adf adf - 10 days ago
0:19 Narrator: "So this was scripted as product placement to help fund the film."
What the fuck!? Movies are scripted!? And accept funding!? What the holy fuck fuck!? Definite movie sin. Of course, you're garbage isn't funded, not at all.
Costa Rica 411
Costa Rica 411 - 11 days ago
that's why indie films are better. no product placement to insult us and annoy the shit out of us
Scoʀᴘιoɴ Gaming
Scoʀᴘιoɴ Gaming - 11 days ago
Hey! Anybody 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣but my favourite movie nothing can change that.
محمود ممحد
محمود ممحد - 11 days ago
طيب انا مش فاهم اللغه بتاعتك اتكلم عربي
Pcssfc - 11 days ago
You can’t hear Tom Hanks voice and not immediately think woody from toy story
Dylan Qualls
Dylan Qualls - 11 days ago
14:45 ayyyy pulp fiction
Flako Gonzalez
Flako Gonzalez - 11 days ago
I love this movie now it's ruined
Jeffery Saulter
Jeffery Saulter - 12 days ago
If you laugh you sub!
If you laugh you sub! - 12 days ago
1. Hanks is a pedo
That's what's wrong with this
Richard phillips
Richard phillips - 13 days ago
You catch the steam from salt water and let it cool to liquid. 1 container to boil salt water and a few piece of plastic or wax coated leaves.
Oscar Memo
Oscar Memo - 13 days ago
fking ass fedex big commercial.
Kelly Savalas
Kelly Savalas - 13 days ago
Even the title is wrong in 14 minutes or less and the video is over 15 minutes lol.
chndlr18 - 6 days ago
sigh... where does it say this video is 14 minutes long? No where. He stopped the sins at 14 minutes just as the title says.
Mumbo Jumbo De Runter
Mumbo Jumbo De Runter - 14 days ago
In my country Fed-ex is probably the worst of all. Their delivery schedule is somewhere between 9 am and 5 pm... on any day that suits them.... and after their 3th failed attempt you can get your package at one of their stations 30 miles away. I wish Fed-ex could just cast away, permanently
If you laugh you sub!
If you laugh you sub! - 12 days ago
Or don't use them perhaps. Dumb ass
Illkid1200 - 15 days ago
Did he just ask if the postal service delivers mail to Moscow....... um yeah
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