Everything Wrong With Cast Away In 14 Minutes Or Less

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Mukmin - Hour ago
Why is everything wrong to you?
Patrick Hannon
Patrick Hannon - 3 hours ago
HAHAHA! 6:40
CinemaSins: Also... *throws up*
Dave T
Dave T - Day ago
new record for sins taken off!!
Jim Holmes
Jim Holmes - Day ago
If you want to signal a ship, you don't get down to the shoreline, You get Up, the higher the better so the curvature of the Earth has less affect.
Jim Holmes
Jim Holmes - Day ago
The crack about the US Mail, I thought would like give a swift kick in the butt to postal workers. But it backfired and set a goal for postal workers!
Smarter Than You
Smarter Than You - 2 days ago
#1 Helen Hunt was in this movie. She is gross.
spikedwk - 2 days ago
You 100% can take saltwater, boil it, and make it potable......its called distilling
x2Twats - 2 days ago
8:37 he actually does run out of plants to use for rope so.......
TymP321 - 3 days ago
I'm sinning his girlfriend for "You're the love of my life" yet he's back in 4 years and she's got a 3 year old by another dude. How long was that search and mourning? Wasn't she reluctant to commit? Wtf happened
Daily dose of Fridge
Daily dose of Fridge - 3 days ago
Cast away
dpsamu2000 - 3 days ago
You miss the empty box metaphore. There is literally nothing good in any of the boxes. We don't even get to see what's in the last box. We don't get to see how he resolves the cross roads question. 50 years of castaway movies, and TV shows, and that's the best castaway gags they could do? 4 years on an island and it's when a wall of a portable out house washes up is he inspired to make a raft? I could have made a sailboat in all that time. No debris from civilization washes up except fedex. I've never seen a beach on Earth that had no trash on it. No old tires? Hellacious smoke signal with that. No rope or even fishing line? No bottles for drinking water? Not even from some kid putting a message in one? That island must be on another planet. It's like they announced there would be an entire movie of Tom Hanks alone on a desert island and called for all the writers in hollywood to write castaway gags for it. Then put them all in a box to dish out in other movies for the next 20 years, and put 10 of them in this movie. Hence the empty box metaphore. This movie is an empty box, and you mossed it.
Samantha Pepper
Samantha Pepper - 4 days ago
for the table thing that the sized table my family needs for thanksgiving
Patrick Eatmon
Patrick Eatmon - 4 days ago
Here we go again, everything wrong with a fictional movie.
Thete's nothing wrong with it, it's FICTIONAL, hello McFly.
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 3 hours ago
Thank you for. Now he'll have to change the motto of the channel.
Goliath_Red - 4 days ago
I must say I preferred Forrest Gump
Shreem - 5 days ago
Of course you can boil sea water to make it drinkable, as long as you catch the steam.
charismatic9904 - 6 days ago
The chick at the end, shes hot. Go with her.
charismatic9904 - 6 days ago
I cant be the only one who wants that buffet
charismatic9904 - 6 days ago
When he found that couples divorce papers...I always wondered if that couple ever got divorced or are they still married
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 3 hours ago
3 separate comments are totally necessary
mick mccrory
mick mccrory - 6 days ago
Vice President Wilson is portrayed as far more intelligent in this movie, than in real life.
tropicspoon8573 - 7 days ago
To get a table that size you would need to find someone to make it custom of combine several tables
Savannah - 7 days ago
1:25 Yes, to quote the FedEx site "All shipments shipped to or shipped from Russia must pass through Customs inspection."
Luciano Guerra
Luciano Guerra - 8 days ago
He was right about a lot of things. A person can't be that devoted to his job and not think of surviving first. Of course there are people who think of nothing but others. I keep looking for movies of man or woman against nature. I really hope they learn to pass on the knowledge of survival. Some time you just have to sacrifice the thing you want the most.
Marlo Gonzales
Marlo Gonzales - 8 days ago
The makers of the movie revealed the contents of the package.
A solar-powered, waterproof satellite phone.
Luciano Guerra
Luciano Guerra - 2 days ago
So that was what he passed up from opening. Oh well, they had to make a movie. But FedEx is a top line company on any of their transports they would not take the chances of lossing their packages. They keep track of every package right. So losing a plane is not in the cards unless it been insured for everything.
Airsoft Weekly
Airsoft Weekly - 8 days ago
You know in those boxes could be a knife or machete or some shit😂
James Peery
James Peery - 8 days ago
Forgot the age of the kids, with pregnancy included, she basically got knocked up immediately after he disappeared. Maybe before.
7t2z28 - 5 days ago
Agreed. I've never been comfortable with the math in that situation. Didn't take her very long to move on.
Foxina - 8 days ago
can imagine is woody running about an island with a beard XD
It's Moshi
It's Moshi - 9 days ago
Just wanna say that the milk from green coconuts cause HORRIBLE diarrhea, so he would've probably shit himself to death.
Fort Hype
Fort Hype - 9 days ago
It was over 14 minutes
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 9 days ago
When did the sinning stop?
DJKOOLKAT - 10 days ago
....bruh I just realized she married mr.big
11 22
11 22 - 10 days ago
7:00 whats that package?
Pilot - 10 days ago
Well when you said did he run out of plants to make rope, he is it stated it in the movie
Albino Rhino
Albino Rhino - 12 days ago
That Scott Hamilton joke and the sin taken off for the I have made fire line were both spot on
Wes Prang
Wes Prang - 12 days ago
This movie was basically Forrest Gump 2, with Tom Hanks doing the impossible over and over, only to be ignored/forgotten by everyone.
And you didn't give it +100 sins for this alone?
I'll get you, and your little dog, too!
Amber Torres
Amber Torres - 14 days ago
Of course his friends ignore his mental health. They are all baby boomers.
Alec Her
Alec Her - 14 days ago
This movie was made in 2000....
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 9 days ago
Cisco4kid1990 - 16 days ago
Fuck that FedEx is hella later than USPS idk if you know but Tom Hanks biggest fear came true I ordered multi times form a guy in New York he used USPS it would arrive all the way to California in 5 days or a week but I ordered from another guy in New Jersey witch is the same same distance from where they are to where I am in California it took 2 weeks plus 2 more days after it arrived in Cali smh I order another package a bit closer and it said it would take a week while another only took 4 days I was ok its FedEx it some how got mixed up it took an additional 6 days to arrive 2 weeks and it was only like 3 states over like WTF fuck FedEx maybe at one point they where better but if I am going to pay more and it arrive slower than idk why and the fuck I wouldn't just use USPS I mean it took 4 days to arrive from New York to California when it had no hiccups no problems and no type of complications like on a good day it was that fast on a bad day it would be 6 days now that's postal service at its finest and I have only had 1 package in my entire life with buying things go missing knock on wood
Odysseus Rex
Odysseus Rex - 17 days ago
9:44 On the probability of his being picked up by a ship. A few years ago, a pair of fishermen from Central America ran in to serious trouble. The engine and the radio in their small boat died on them, and they were carried across the Pacific Ocean on the currents. One of them died. The other one hung on to life, drinking rain water and eating raw fish and sea turtles. At one point, a cargo ship did sail past him. He waived frantically. Some of the crew saw him and waived back, and the ship sailed on. He was slightly pissed. Finally, after 18 months at sea in an open boat, he washed up on an island which just happened to be inhabited by all of two people. Had he missed that island, his next stop would have been the Philippines.
Vivienne Summer
Vivienne Summer - 17 days ago
After 4 years he just rips fish apart and eats chunks and his beach and cave are a mess? There’s no way. He would have build a actually beach hut, with a woven roof, blanket, pillow, area rug, pants, decor, tiki torches, fishing net and rod, hat, baskets out of boredom and he would have made the best of it and been more practical. He had plenty of coconut fibre and other resources. Im sure he was catching and storing rain water using the raft. 4 years is a long ass time! He would have made the fish into sashimi and made a coconut bowl and toasted coconut to make chips, he could have ground the roasted coconut and made flour, and cereal, he could have made fish sticks, he could make coconut butter and process salt from the sea for flavour. He should have stripped the pilot. I wish it showed more survival techniques. I wanna see some innovation, not a bunch of injuries, like knocking his own tooth out?! He needed a root canal! The pain would have drove him insane. And after 4 years his teeth are filthy, as IF he wouldn’t have made a toothbrush and kept him self clean. What else has he got to do? Like he doesn’t have a bathroom area and wipe his ass. No. Like poop in the ocean! What the heck! Oh and he should have made a signal on the summit. And he could have combed his hair and braided it to keep clean. Honestly, Tom.
Vivienne Summer
Vivienne Summer - 17 days ago
Could’ve been edited a bit tighter, I truly love his little speech about keeping breathing because who knows what the tide may bring in. I was 9 when I first saw this and all the suicide and depressing stuff was not comprehendible... it’s hits different now. I think the opening scene is a mandala, I remember it starting in Russia, but at Bettina’s place.
Dark Angel
Dark Angel - 17 days ago
JamesXD Gamer
JamesXD Gamer - 17 days ago
I wish you will go stranded into a island and try to survive you probably wont even live 1 year
Stride Endeavors
Stride Endeavors - 19 days ago
“Run Tommy!” 😂
Yeet Skrt
Yeet Skrt - 22 days ago
Half these sins shouldn't be there , this one is botched
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera - 23 days ago
Just like the Forrest Gump video, Castaway is a great film and nothing is wrong with it.
Wes Prang
Wes Prang - 12 days ago
Except that this is Forrest Gump 2, where Tom Hanks does the impossible over and over, only to be ignored/forgotten by everyone.
E DubZ
E DubZ - 23 days ago
He actually did run out of plants to make rope, he says after dropping a bundle of sticks "I've searched the island and this is it, the last of the young green (insert some specific type of tree here >>?
Tom Sparey
Tom Sparey - 24 days ago
A producer joked that the unopened box contained a waterproof satellite phones.
Orange Wishes .•*
Orange Wishes .•* - 25 days ago
"in 14 minutes *or less*"
Checks time
Shadowmaster - 23 days ago
Orange Wishes .•* take out the intro and the audio outtakes and its definitely less than 15 mins
H.D. Armstrong
H.D. Armstrong - 25 days ago
I hated the ending to this movie. Everything he went through, only to find out that his girlfriend married someone else? Ughhhh!!!
Little Drake
Little Drake - 26 days ago
Why not do an sos
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones - 26 days ago
No sin for Fedex, he worked for them.
Madness 01
Madness 01 - 26 days ago
What do you call a delivery service who delivers gaming stuff.

*Fed Xbox*
Hugonovais Slash
Hugonovais Slash - 27 days ago
Make one for The colony Laurence Fishburne Movie
Rob Simmons
Rob Simmons - 27 days ago
Don't waste your time! for reviewer that doesn't like to have his time wasted at the beginning of the movie ...he doesn't mind wasting YouTube viewers time watching this drivel.
Amy Webb
Amy Webb - 27 days ago
Wat is 14:51 from???
Klony - 28 days ago
The good old days, when movies took time to get to the point, establishing a relationship between the lead and the viewer. They don't make movies like that anymore. Everything has to be Avengers-big.
Robert Lumsden
Robert Lumsden - 28 days ago
Rawlings! I'm sorry Rawlings!
twan biz
twan biz - 28 days ago
Video is 15 minutes
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 26 days ago
Rush Vogel
Rush Vogel - 29 days ago
The Seahawks did not run the ball. That's another sin!
Christopher Rajecki
Christopher Rajecki - 29 days ago
Fed ex actually wasn’t product placement in this
DankPebble - 29 days ago
wIlsOn *WiLSoN*
Tekno - 29 days ago
So despite losing her fiancé in a horrible plane crash on Christmas Day and not knowing whether or not he was still alive, Kelly Frears began dating Chuck’s old dentist, got married to Chuck’s old dentist, and had a child with Chuck’s old dentist and gave up on her dreamjob, once she was begged to “move on” from Chuck’s memory. That seems like an awfully quick turnaround period, does it not?
Brett E
Brett E - Month ago
this was stupid. none of these were "wrong, they're just your subjective opinions...
jeancd - Month ago
Could have taken 20 minutes out of it, so least. It really felt it would never end
Chicken Of Ages
Chicken Of Ages - Month ago
Buzz look a coconut!
Blue Grey
Blue Grey - Month ago
Please please pleaseeeeeee do one of War Horse!!!!!!! Its my favorite movie and its finally on Netflix so pleaseeeeeeee I'm begging you pleaseeeeeeee do a video of War Horse.
Star Lord
Star Lord - Month ago
Tom hanks is a complete libtard dipshit.
Ida Walsh
Ida Walsh - Month ago
noego jimmy
noego jimmy - Month ago
This videos is retarded...
8:23 mmkm
8:23 mmkm - Month ago
He lied its 15 mins ans six seconds!
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 26 days ago
He did not lie.
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - Month ago
LOL I never realized Tom Hanks must have a pee fetish. He pees on camera I’m SO MANY movies!
Edwin Ortiz
Edwin Ortiz - Month ago
I knew he would take a sin off for the plane crash scene!
cunty bollox
cunty bollox - Month ago
Instead of dissecting every minor detail just enjoy the film ffs.
Silky Tp
Silky Tp - Month ago
This was a great movie; your analysis was sophomoric.
THEE HIPPY - Month ago
I can't even watch this video because it said 14 minutes or less when it's 15 minutes and 7 seconds
THEE HIPPY - 25 days ago
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 26 days ago
It took 13 minutes and 47 seconds to sin this, so he did indeed sin this in 14 minutes or less. Good job not watching or paying attention to the video.
arx754 - Month ago
When I opened the FedEx packages, I'd be hoping for some BOOKS. Long ones like Moby Dick and War & Peace. Books like these that I would enjoy re-reading many times. Oh, and they should be written in English. Otherwise, geez, four years with nothing to occupy my mind....
Daniel Spidell
Daniel Spidell - Month ago
He should have cut a hole in Wilson's mouth...
Daniel Spidell
Daniel Spidell - Month ago
That bi td ch said she knew he was alive she just knew it....cheating whore fuck her slimy cunt ass
Dan Lincoln
Dan Lincoln - Month ago
Lol I don't care, I loved this movie
JohnnyRingo - Month ago
He tells Wilson his dentist back in Memphis is "Dr. James Spalding".
There were three "Volleyballs" used in the film to play Wilson, one of which sold for over $18,000 at auction.........lol
JohnnyRingo - 25 days ago
@Daniel Mitchell I heard from an inside source close to the cast & crew that one was used exclusively as a stand-in body double for Wilson's nude scenes.
Daniel Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell - 27 days ago
Had to use 3 balls because the volleyball union would not allow the balls to be overworked.
Alex 180SX
Alex 180SX - Month ago
1000 sins for cinemasins for being on crack cocaine in every video. 🤦🏼‍♂️
Charles Roque
Charles Roque - Month ago
He doesn't use a wistle ..he his thumb and finger ..but love u..
BigRed CacheMachine
BigRed CacheMachine - Month ago
shouldn't there have been a sin for the quickness timeline that Helen hunt did to move on AND have a family?
Jurassic Parkour
Jurassic Parkour - Month ago
2:03 you forgot the Reagans from Blue Bloods
Kim Gonzales
Kim Gonzales - Month ago
You’re fucking annoying🤦🏻‍♀️
Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰
Then what the point you being here if he annoying ?
Chrystal Jennings
Chrystal Jennings - Month ago
Let me get one thing straight. She has a 2 year old. Plus the 9 months she was pregnant with the child. Which means she was married and pregnant after 1 year and 3 months (at the most) after he disappeared. And she was going to college. I think she is full of bull when she says he's the love of her life. I lost the love of my life and it took me 4 years to fall in love again.
Whet - Month ago
He complains apart a shipment arriving 2 minutes late while I pay an arm and a leg for one day delivery and it comes in a week
Heath - Month ago
1000x better than TLJ too.
Fire Storm27
Fire Storm27 - Month ago
did... did u just sin mother nature
Dylan Robinson
Dylan Robinson - Month ago
This Is How Old Tom Hanks Is
T Boner
T Boner - Month ago
This movie doesn't deserve half those sins 🖕
Queen Rocks ‘N Rolls
6:10 technically speaking, it wasn’t Tom Hanks’ idea for peeing in the Green Mile. It was called in the boom that Paul Edgecomb had a urinary infection
Scout and Scamp
Scout and Scamp - Month ago
Also Wilson is the only character that made sense in this movie.
Scout and Scamp
Scout and Scamp - Month ago
I'm pissed I still don't know what was in the stupid box he returned to the hot girl!!!
Naxinilian Nus
Naxinilian Nus - Month ago
It pisses me off how he ate raw fish but then walks over to his fucking fire like EXCUSE ME WHAT THE FUCK
Daniel Gottel
Daniel Gottel - Month ago
you're a pretentious fuck aren't you
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 26 days ago
You're an insulting fuck, aren't you?
Carter Van Allen
Carter Van Allen - Month ago
"I appreciate the symbolism"
Who ever tf this guy is: sins it anyway
John Kincaid
John Kincaid - Month ago
I agree, most of this movie sucks, the island "life" is the best part.
Simon Libberson
Simon Libberson - Month ago
U sin anything asshole
CharlieRay - Month ago
Wait... did Tom Hanks do the voice for the conductor on polar express?
CharlieRay - Month ago
K thx
Joey Bagels
Joey Bagels - Month ago
Ernie Beltran
Ernie Beltran - Month ago
I can save everyone 15 min... the whole move was shit....
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