I Swapped PHONES With My GIRLFRIEND For 24 HOURS! *Bad Idea*

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Jazz and Tae
Jazz and Tae - Month ago
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Aryelle James
Aryelle James - 13 days ago
Please call me at(239) 305-8685
Asia Thompson
Asia Thompson - 21 day ago
Yessssssuuuuuurrrrrrr❤️💯 love you guys 🥰💯
Kanesha Warren
Kanesha Warren - 21 day ago
Kanesha Warren
Kanesha Warren - 21 day ago
Young Shaquan
Young Shaquan - Day ago
They really tossing each other phones 🤣
Young Shaquan
Young Shaquan - Day ago
That catch 3:18
Chocolatedaddytrey King
Jazz and tae r like the sun and moon we need then both 😆😊
Itz.Destini - Day ago
I love y’all y’all videos I love yall💕
Michelle Walker
Michelle Walker - 2 days ago
Tell tae to follow me on Instagram
Gregor Guillaume
Gregor Guillaume - 3 days ago
I need to come to Texas to meet the both of u
Angela Williams
Angela Williams - 4 days ago
Let me salsa my ass up here 😂😂
Nazhea Gee
Nazhea Gee - 5 days ago
Love you 2
Drxppykid. Ky
Drxppykid. Ky - 5 days ago
You slapped my earring off😂😂😂😂
Kerron Lyons
Kerron Lyons - 6 days ago
Tae: the taste of the nut.Me:😂
Africa Sullivan
Africa Sullivan - 7 days ago
This is gonna be funny
Rita Valles
Rita Valles - 7 days ago
Tae sounds like my mom “I don’t cheat on my water”😭
zi gang
zi gang - 7 days ago
She said why would u do that 😆😆😆
light skin
light skin - 9 days ago
I got the same tie dye crocs
Le-ann Adel
Le-ann Adel - 10 days ago
Tayshaun Fuller
Tayshaun Fuller - 13 days ago
My name is tayshaun
Aliviah West
Aliviah West - 14 days ago
I got like 3 minutes in the video and I immediately didn’t wanna watch it cause they were both cheating and being annoying 🙄🙄🙄
antonio Smith
antonio Smith - 14 days ago
I love your
Daniel Nacar
Daniel Nacar - 15 days ago
Jazz and. Tay doing pranks on Jasmine El Sierra said we got beat up
H and J Squad
H and J Squad - 15 days ago
I played that eeeeeeah part probably about 50 times
Young Kasanova
Young Kasanova - 16 days ago
jazz and tae i love you and i would like to more i just think your amazing love you guys so much god is good
Zy'Asia Brooks
Zy'Asia Brooks - 16 days ago
Am dead she said u got blessed with a dollar😭
Zy'Asia Brooks
Zy'Asia Brooks - 17 days ago
Tae said oops😭😭
Maria Davila
Maria Davila - 18 days ago
Black man do cheat cuz my mom had a black husband and he cheated on her the day they got married
Maria Davila
Maria Davila - 16 days ago
@JonShayla Williams its OK 👌👌
JonShayla Williams
JonShayla Williams - 16 days ago
Anybody can cheat thas messed up 😒😒😒sorry to read that what you said
khrystal Richardson
khrystal Richardson - 18 days ago
I love your youtube
Gabby Hunntya
Gabby Hunntya - 19 days ago
This is gabby
Leonard Boyd
Leonard Boyd - 19 days ago
I. Like. Tea
Serenity Pitts
Serenity Pitts - 20 days ago
bruh i swear when i saw yall posting all dat i was getting weird vibes like sum aint right
Life With Micah
Life With Micah - 20 days ago
This is The Who can break each other’s phone first 😂
GaymerGirl 1986x
GaymerGirl 1986x - 20 days ago
Lyfe With D'Amber
Lyfe With D'Amber - 20 days ago
10:50 I was dead 💀 I had to keep rewinding it bck
Kanesha Warren
Kanesha Warren - 21 day ago
Hallie's you have and fat wa
Footnote I amkantlan
Temukisa Flournoy
Temukisa Flournoy - 23 days ago
Tae crack me up. Just know that if you do something to Tae just be sure she coming right back just as hard or harder.
Bri Green
Bri Green - 24 days ago
I love this! Jazz know she cheated😂😂😂😂 She already switched out in the first few minutes Team Tae😝
dxdy jayy
dxdy jayy - 25 days ago
im team tae for a reason jazz says she not weak in the street i know that for a fact but in some videos she really be lacking when tae step up but i know it’s all jokes 😂❤️
Zikorian Turner
Zikorian Turner - 25 days ago
lai_lai _gang
lai_lai _gang - 25 days ago
1:37 is kindof offensive
Lavaeh Burnside
Lavaeh Burnside - 25 days ago
Team tae all day everyday
Qui'merah Charles
Qui'merah Charles - 26 days ago
jazz be moving the camera so much when shes talking it looks like a tik tok lmao
Patricia Coe
Patricia Coe - 27 days ago
Much love
Megan Speed
Megan Speed - 27 days ago
I love yall
Kashira Edwards
Kashira Edwards - 27 days ago
Y’all should do being single for 24 hours
Brandi Birdsong
Brandi Birdsong - 28 days ago
Me and u got the same braids
Faizah Cooper
Faizah Cooper - 28 days ago
This was hilarious 😂
Jo Hopper
Jo Hopper - 29 days ago
Tae said ✊✋📱 bloop
funny videos
funny videos - 29 days ago
Jazz is the ugliest somthing i have ever seen in my whole life for real
funny videos
funny videos - 25 days ago
No im not
Raylaya Albert
Raylaya Albert - 26 days ago
Zizo Zaz girl she is not ugly you just a hater bye 😂
Domo_buckzyt Dooley
Domo_buckzyt Dooley - 29 days ago
tae sexe
There is only one me
There is only one me - Month ago
Jazz you do to much. You a camera hog
Amirical Wright
Amirical Wright - Month ago
Am i the only Person who thought that them peppers was a book. Because i thought jazz was gonna hit tay in the head with a book for her punishment.
Tiara Love
Tiara Love - Month ago
Tae is so unproblematic and laid back I would love to be her friend... Jazz seem like she’ll be annoying.
Destery DV
Destery DV - Month ago
10:42 had me dying
Destery DV
Destery DV - Month ago
Tae was mad dipping jazz's phone
Kynaree Hogue
Kynaree Hogue - Month ago
That's was so funny
Luzzy love
Luzzy love - Month ago
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all tea all shade
all tea all shade - Month ago
admiree mariah
admiree mariah - Month ago
Jazz be watching dog asmr videos? 😂
ItsYoGirl Girl Janiya To Cute germany
Can i get a shot out next video please
Zamiah Cowan
Zamiah Cowan - Month ago
Jazz lost
Ymg Kendal
Ymg Kendal - Month ago
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