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Jayden Smith
Jayden Smith - 18 hours ago
Kevin iv been here from the beginning (literally i didnt know this until the video but i used to watch the how to annoy videos #zXNoRegretzzzXz) and now i watch all of your videos! I love your content so basically keep it up and try not to feel pressured we dont really care what you play were here to watch you!
More RollTGW
More RollTGW - Day ago
It's a video without Kevin mention the Dear Leader. Woah.
lioa with 4 o's and 3 a's
i didnt know whos video this was and i thought it was a womans until i heard his fucking voice lmao
EmSprollie - 2 days ago
Typical Ireland medical care where they can never figure out what's wrong with someone 😂
Lukey - 2 days ago
totally unrelated but the second you brought up minecraft one of those banner ads on the video popped up and it was "play minecraft for free!" and it was weird lol
Rekkenze - 3 days ago
Only request... be an asshole in more tall-tell games
Alex RamenNoodles
Alex RamenNoodles - 4 days ago
Draw my life but i beat my sister, fight burgerlers, had problems with my tummy, went to school in a boot, had stress ulcers in my tummy, put a dot in my ear, became an anime waifu, made $100 to make videos for machinima, became an uneducated neanderthal, moved to Scotland, opened a store for Cex, went too see batman vs superman, got ran over, sold my business, made a new youtube channel

Lol idk why i did this but thanks for the laughs Kevin💜💜
Dane Vlarien
Dane Vlarien - 5 days ago
I remember watching your Minecraft videos and sims videos way back when I was 8, and they were the videos that got me really into both sims and Minecraft. and as you do, I forgot about you and moved on. till I find your youtube channel in my recommendations and recognised the name, Kevin. Immediately as I realised it was you, a pile of memories of watching sims and Minecraft and playing them started to flood back. so glad you're back & Keep It Up!
Shadow Heir
Shadow Heir - 5 days ago
Geez, that guy that literally HIT YOU WITH HIS CAR refused to say it was his fault?! He literally hit someone. That someone survived. The hospital probably has records of this someone sustaining injuries akin to those of being hit by a car. The guy is a raging douche, though I guess he technically assisted in you having this channel, so...thank you...??
FleurTwiDash - 5 days ago
Kevin : *says he didn't thank his fans enough*
Meanwhile Kevin in every single vid : *thanks viewers and his Patreons*
Jake McClain
Jake McClain - 6 days ago
Kevin got his scar from a snake man who took his family and he became the chosen one and it was either going to be him or rt games
Jam - 6 days ago
Kevin is every medical professional's worst nightmare
Marisson Conn
Marisson Conn - 6 days ago
"I'd still have problems here (hear) and there"
JupiterSauce - 6 days ago
i too am from irelano
Anu - 6 days ago
That spinning incident happened to me too lmao I still have a big scar on my head
TD TheDeathreaper
TD TheDeathreaper - 7 days ago
You should play duck season vr
TD TheDeathreaper
TD TheDeathreaper - 7 days ago
12 months = 1 year
Belle Steinberg
Belle Steinberg - 7 days ago
"I think my first video was a clip of me jumping off a cliff and shooting a guy on the way down"
ShepHawke - 7 days ago
Who's Nikky?
Uniique TwiisT
Uniique TwiisT - 8 days ago
I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry throughout most of this
Hadjer Tlb
Hadjer Tlb - 8 days ago
The moral of the story is to never trust a Toyota Fiesta
khaza1wolfgurl - 8 days ago
You're Irish, you have vampire fangs, and you have neanderthal education due to invisible illness.........are you secretly my little brother..?
Kenny Arreiaga
Kenny Arreiaga - 8 days ago
I dont watch Draw my life videos but this I had to watch it. It was truly amazing
Jojo Rwar
Jojo Rwar - 8 days ago
I don't think I realized how long of a fan I've been. I recall watching your how to annoy vids years ago and must've had my youtube break around the time you had yours. I got back on your channel within the last year or 2 due to a friend becoming a fan and talking about you. Even now the daily videos feel like an unexpected gift both in frequency and in quality (not to say that you were bad, just that your older vids were far less edited and filled with less chatter). I guess I'm just an old friend who is pleasantly surprised to see ya, Kevin. Thanks for sticking around.
Paulo Vinicius Medeiros
Gaea Titan
Gaea Titan - 8 days ago
streamer guy
streamer guy - 8 days ago
Kevin: I don't know I'm not a doctor
Me: sees Kevin's hand writing.
I'm not convinced
Finnto 2205
Finnto 2205 - 9 days ago
I had a sore ear in 6th class for the whole year aswell my was to do with my teeth and got better a small bit into first year but it came back every once in a while
xVx_K1r1t0_xVx_ Killme
xVx_K1r1t0_xVx_ Killme - 9 days ago
Kevin. I had that exact same illness with the exact same symptoms at the exact same age for about a year as well. If you could tell me it’s name I’d seriously appreciate it (my doctor never specified the illness)
Jim Pickens
Jim Pickens - 9 days ago
my life is quite dull
MJM - 9 days ago
Ok, so when you gonna marry me?
LeatheryMan1 - 9 days ago
Wyatt Thomas69
Wyatt Thomas69 - 9 days ago
Draw My Life but I'm drawing out my life with a camera filming it
Farcasted - 10 days ago
*"I beat my sister!"*
Kevin thats terrible!
Brooke S
Brooke S - 10 days ago
Been loving your content since 2012 Kev
I remember watching your Sims 3 Jim Pickens series on my slide-out keyboard phone
Love ya to bits
kolosmenus - 10 days ago
Because of this vid I realized I started watching you because of that Ouya and Fable in 2017 :D
Ruby Lee
Ruby Lee - 10 days ago
Kevin ♥️
Killer Watchdog
Killer Watchdog - 10 days ago
Who wants to hear about the all mighty pelican?
Morgan-Lorraine Carr
Morgan-Lorraine Carr - 11 days ago
Thank you Kevin, very cool!
Tsundori - 11 days ago
i think this has to be the first time a draw my life video made me laugh
Alchemystic - 11 days ago
CallMeKevin's Draw My Life but it's 2019
Resonant Reads
Resonant Reads - 11 days ago
How to Annoy was the best, I wish he brought it back
Maddie M
Maddie M - 11 days ago
trying to achieve a better work/life balance is a process, just like growing the channel was. you got this, kevin !
snoookie456 - 12 days ago
Of course I remember, How to Annoy is how I found out about you and then for some years forgot about you...
Then I found this channel and it took me a few videos to realize that you remind me of this dude that used to piss off teenagers in Call of Duty...
and then it hit me that you're the same guy...
Ben Fenner
Ben Fenner - 12 days ago
Judging by these accurate self portraits, Kevin must have a magnum dong
Felix Green
Felix Green - 12 days ago
Ive been with you since the minecraft series, I think you were on about episode 30 or something then, probably the most memorable moment was episode 4 on the search for coal when there was a pig in the stairs idek why or the loss of Paul may he rest in peace
patrick guitterrez
patrick guitterrez - 12 days ago
Kevin is stuck making youtube forever
Morris Tegnér
Morris Tegnér - 13 days ago
18:36 I gotta say, that handwriting is amazing
coffebee 123
coffebee 123 - 13 days ago
11.42 u have a cex near were i live
myjunghoseok - 13 days ago
i love you
Anthøny -S
Anthøny -S - 13 days ago
I think Kevin had a developed a thing called "winged scapula" with his arms after he had been hit by the car. Same thing had happened to me and I had to take physical therapy for a year just to be able to get my arms above my head.
Piper Ake
Piper Ake - 13 days ago
You know, watching this video was basically like watching my medical history and school times. I was a B-C student and had anxiety and the dreaded horrible stomach problems (Still have em, in fact im in bed with a mild one now). I basically had to leave school too because I wohld just have to be sent home or to the hospital half way through the day, and now I just kinda live at home. I always wanted to be a YouTuber, but it never took off, though the funny part is, that when I made dumb videos, I made them on strange games and such as well, staying away from the popular stuff. Heck, right before I found you I was preparing to start a new channel with games like FABLE and Half Life, so I guess my idea of obscure games does work. Your an amazing person and your videos make me smile, even when I dont have much to smile about in life, you make it tolerable with your cheery voice. So thank you so much, and I hope you continue with a long happy path in life!
MarshingTheMellow !
MarshingTheMellow ! - 14 days ago
You’re an amazing guy wtf
Greta Rukaite
Greta Rukaite - 14 days ago
''The spinning game but I nearly break my skull'
ThibautVDP - 14 days ago
The Inspiring Story Of Kevin The CEX Worker
Alicia Faircloth
Alicia Faircloth - 14 days ago
Great story Kevin. I enjoyed hearing it. Thanks for sharing
Alicia Faircloth
Alicia Faircloth - 14 days ago
At 13 our bodies n hormones change so drastically it can causes ulcers n many other issues. Like I had 14 gallstones tear thru my gallbladder n poison my body from my cholesterol changing so fast. It's painful too. Sucked.
Sometimes we get ulcers just because of acids & different vitamin nutrient issues in our bodies. Low potassium, magnesium n iron causes stuff like that to happen. It's not always stress that causes them.
Teh_Sea _Moss
Teh_Sea _Moss - 14 days ago
"Because im such a good person" *remembers jim Pickens* yeah im gonna go with the couch story
Kaiji Cabrera
Kaiji Cabrera - 14 days ago
did you win the legal battle?
Adam Wedderburn
Adam Wedderburn - 15 days ago
Irish man grows a humungous stomach tumour, gets run over and becomes internet famous.
Everix-Kun - 12 days ago
Black_Blossom - 15 days ago
Never thought I'd see a draw my life in 2019
I ain't complaining tho 🙏
Samuel Spissky
Samuel Spissky - 15 days ago
You've been one of my favorite youtubers for a while now. Getting to know some of your struggles has made me respect you even more, and I really hope you stay healthy and happy so you can keep making content! Looking forward to seeing your channel grow even more 📈
Toffie 0
Toffie 0 - 15 days ago
Found this channel when looking up a build buy for sims 4 seasons... safe to say, I realised pretty quickly wasn’t what I was looking for but loved it none the less. Subscribed and watched most videos since then. Content is amazing and laugh so much and just love the videos!
Delusional God
Delusional God - 15 days ago
BluPou - 15 days ago
CallmeKevin’s draw my life but I shed a happy tear at the end
Stefany Kulcheski
Stefany Kulcheski - 15 days ago
Who's Nikki?
lel - 15 days ago
Where would I be without your videos
Aireanna Lewis
Aireanna Lewis - 15 days ago
Gryffindor Girl
Gryffindor Girl - 16 days ago
What was your shop called? What did u sell?
Mistaken - 16 days ago
When I heard you start talking about a store I was like “oh no...”
Regain_ Murph
Regain_ Murph - 16 days ago
Phoenix Purin
Phoenix Purin - 16 days ago
When you thought Kevin is a terrible surgeon at surgeon sim but seeing how Ireland’s medical care is, maybe he is a a master surgeon afterall.
Lizard Gaming
Lizard Gaming - 16 days ago
I feel bad for u
Btw I love ur channel
BattleCarrot - 16 days ago
Anyone wondering if he still gets the stomach pains?
RinObito87 - 17 days ago
Kevin is only a year older than me! Idk why I thought he was much older 😅
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato - 17 days ago
After everything, I'm glad you're having a positive attitude
VoidCaster - 17 days ago
Ah, I love myself some nice good old Cex
GingerBloom - 17 days ago
I love this story (cause so much of your life, especially your childhood, is so relatable. I was 11 when I started to get stress related illness, which is awfully sad. It wasn’t as bad as yours, but I was still in and out of hospital dozens of times and they never found the problem. We figured it out at home, my mam and I. But you’re so successful now, it’s so inspiring. I’m so late to this vid but so happy I watched it.
Freedom3563 - 17 days ago
Aah, finally we have the story for the man who gave birth to Jim Pickens, Our Dear Leader. Which means... Kevin is our Dear GOD! Hail the man who gave us Our Dear Leader!
Bimmer Won
Bimmer Won - 17 days ago
A negative times a negative equals a positive. Remember that in life kids.
Mayu Jog
Mayu Jog - 17 days ago
1:13 reported for Nudity
Alex Giovanni
Alex Giovanni - 17 days ago
You know who else had to drop out due to health complications? Rings Starr of the Beatles. Look it up.
Alex Giovanni
Alex Giovanni - 17 days ago
I’m glad to know the story now! Gotta love you Kevin, you went through some tough shit, but damn, you came out on the other side pretty cool. Here’s to looking forward to Jim Pickens, Grognak the destroyer, attorney at law, and the rest of the gang. Also, think you’ll ever find seven tails in Harry Potter rp again?
TF 141
TF 141 - 18 days ago
Wait u were happy in school?
HeYoNiA - 18 days ago
Pain simulator drawing edition
Renegade Vile
Renegade Vile - 18 days ago
Was that burglar actually a ninja with a hook hand?
That's badass.
Allan RV
Allan RV - 18 days ago
When you only needed details bc you already know his life for everything he says in his videos... Kevin you're a legend!
Toast Time Productions
Toast Time Productions - 18 days ago
I love Kevin
driphella - 18 days ago
Kevin is my anime waifu
Metal - 18 days ago
been here since 700k
Metal - 18 days ago
love the background music
wasnt asked for but love the video even tho im only 30 seconds in!
1:27- BEAn
Lissy C
Lissy C - 18 days ago
Kevin you’re just amazing ☺️ literally the only youtuber I watch because I just find you so funny 🤣 & you never take games too seriously & it’s amazing. It’s so nice to be able to get to know what made you you & your past & I’m sure a lot of people including myself really appreciate this video.
You keep doing you Kevin! ❤️🥳 love your YouTube videos! ✊🏻
Maplestargazer_ - 19 days ago
today would be day 9 of asking kevin to play kh1 however im going to take a moment to say: thank you kevin
BMoney8600 - 19 days ago
My mom's family is from Cork and Mayo they immigrated to America in the early 1900s. I definitely want to go to Ireland one day.
James Cox
James Cox - 19 days ago
Draw my life is gaming cool
Melancholy Moose
Melancholy Moose - 19 days ago
This was surprisingly uplifting? Also Jesus, dude, you get injured a lot.
Coffin King
Coffin King - 19 days ago
Honestly kevin is such a role model to me, im so glad i found your channel
as seen on YT
as seen on YT - 19 days ago
Hay thats cool, cex is still a popular game store in australia (allthogh EBgames is our Best one)
Melvin Thomas
Melvin Thomas - 19 days ago
For like the past few months I've been getting on YouTube just for your vids and random meme compilations. keep up the good work
Jellatin Productions
Jellatin Productions - 19 days ago
You are fecking awesome!!!! Can you lift your arms above shelves yet?
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