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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Is LeBron a Top 5 shooter of all time?
Toastyy T
Toastyy T - 12 days ago
Not even close. He’s not even a top 5 shooter this year.
JH 144
JH 144 - 13 days ago
knickstape Exactly Lebron gets his points from layups, dunks, and maybe a couple mid range
So Cool1
So Cool1 - 21 day ago
Yes he is
al tribb
al tribb - Day ago
Do they talk about anything other than lebron
goat brook
goat brook - 2 days ago
No klay?
goat brook
goat brook - 2 days ago
What is this
Transparent Eclipse
Transparent Eclipse - 4 days ago
Look, I’m a bron STAN, I think he’s easily better than mj and is the goat of the game. And even I will say, no, lebron does not belong on any type of shooting list. That has always been his weak point
Shon John
Shon John - 5 days ago
When drugs and pills and vape play a part in society today, being delusional is common in a lot circumstances. Just say no...
Toxic 585
Toxic 585 - 5 days ago
They cant be serious rite?😂😂
John Camby
John Camby - 5 days ago
People are hating on greatness regardless if you agree you can't deny the fact that the man has always been great and it's showing in the conversations that he is always in and that can't be denied no one complains when it's Jordan but when it's wilt Bron or Kareem it's always hate when people have to get over the fact that they challenge him for greatest of all time
Mando A
Mando A - 6 days ago
People don’t deserve klay
SonicGlitchmaster1 - 6 days ago
I didn’t see the rest of the list, but the fact that KD and Lebron are even in the conversation is an absolute joke
Spyros Vasilakis
Spyros Vasilakis - 7 days ago
Worst take
Ryan W.
Ryan W. - 7 days ago
Even if it was a ranking for top scorers, I still don't think lebron would be in the top 3.
Seethi C
Seethi C - 8 days ago
Top 5 shooters of 2010s:
1: Steph Curry
2: Klay Thompson
3: Kevin Durant
4: Steve Nash
5. Ray Allen
Leandro Britto
Leandro Britto - 8 days ago
Wait what?????
wendo1k - 9 days ago
why is this a topic bro
BouchyBoy Anime & Manga
BouchyBoy Anime & Manga - 10 days ago
1. Steph
2. Klay
3. Durant
4. Harden
5. ...
Toastyy T
Toastyy T - 12 days ago
Steph, klay, harden, reddick, lillard, KD.. should I keep going? They all shoot better than lebron. If it’s about dunks then the Greek freak takes it over lebron still.. always inflating his skill.
Toastyy T
Toastyy T - 12 days ago
This is laughable that he’s even mentioned when shooting is being debated. He’s not even top 20..
Toastyy T
Toastyy T - 12 days ago
This is laughable that he’s even mentioned when shooting is being debated. He’s not even top 20..
Eric Yu
Eric Yu - 12 days ago
So this is basically top scorers not top shooters
STK Meguel
STK Meguel - 13 days ago
1. Steph
2. Ray Allen
3. Bird
4. Klay
5. JJ- Rediric
Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson - 13 days ago
Top 5 scorer of all time and imma bron fan but as far as shooting you can easily name 5 people who can shoot the ball better than bron but scoring the ball is a diff story we all know he can score the ball
lekobemcgrad y
lekobemcgrad y - 14 days ago
He's good at layups, not shooting.
T. REiD - 14 days ago
Layups and dunks?! Get off them drugs Unc.
Devin Dixon
Devin Dixon - 15 days ago
This a top 5 dumbest basketball topic to ever come from FS1
Skadoom - 15 days ago
I seen the title I laughed just wanna put this big N little o right here and yea
Ernio Laforest
Ernio Laforest - 15 days ago
LeBron not a top 5 shooter he’s a top 1 finisher
Misael Alicea
Misael Alicea - 15 days ago
What is Shannon smoking😂 he said dunking is shooting too
Deepanshu Dhama
Deepanshu Dhama - 15 days ago
WTF LeBron ain't a better shooter than Klay
IDL - 15 days ago
Wtf am I watching? Hype over LeBron as a shooter is a disgrace. He ain’t a shooter wtf.
Diego Carrillo
Diego Carrillo - 15 days ago
me + jenny = 11:00
Dirt Mcgirt
Dirt Mcgirt - 15 days ago
Skip really scrapin the bottom of the barrel these days
Anrcy TV
Anrcy TV - 16 days ago
“Them baby dinosaurs” 😂
JJC Composer-Arranger
JJC Composer-Arranger - 17 days ago
Dunk shots and shots in the paint are "shots", but free throw line and out, of all the players that I have seen Reggie Miller, Drazen Petrovic, Stephen Curry, Larry Bird, Mark Price, Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Chris Mullin, Klay Thompson, Glen Rice are better shooters than LeBron.
Botong Jiang
Botong Jiang - 17 days ago
wait what???
Daniel Desta
Daniel Desta - 17 days ago
lebron didn't pass to george hill it was an off-ball foul
John Doe
John Doe - 17 days ago
They not serious lol
The Truth
The Truth - 17 days ago
They should keep this blonde girl molly is always making stupid comments.
Mr. Sir
Mr. Sir - 17 days ago
I love LeBron James, I think he’ll go down as the GOAT.......that man is NOT a top 5 shooter
Alexander 2016
Alexander 2016 - 17 days ago
LeBron is not a shooter. Great player, but when it comes to shooting nope.
Jordyn Taylor
Jordyn Taylor - 18 days ago
I love this show because of Shannon he is funny af.
Victor Maldonado
Victor Maldonado - 18 days ago
Lebron could shoot look at his field goal percentage he still efficient
Jordan Gilliam
Jordan Gilliam - 18 days ago
Kd is 3 klay is 2
Semir Mahmoud
Semir Mahmoud - 19 days ago
I’ll spray your crib styl
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody - 19 days ago
Drip Bayless spoke facts 💯
Jawond Brown
Jawond Brown - 19 days ago
Player duh but shooter no
Nel Son
Nel Son - 19 days ago
10:54 Skip throwing Jenny and Shannon under the bus lol 😁
Brooklyn Beast
Brooklyn Beast - 19 days ago
Never... On wat planet
Gustavo Barbosa
Gustavo Barbosa - 19 days ago
The fact that people actually watch segments like this of this show makes me question human intelligence. I guess that's why some people stay average forever. This is absolutely ridiculous to anyone that is marginally literate
jack bautista
jack bautista - 20 days ago
Bro klay broooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Gonzaga
Ryan Gonzaga - 20 days ago
Elton F.
Elton F. - 20 days ago
I already know the the title is absurd, but I clicked anyway so I could see Skip and Shannon at at each other's throat
Eddie Blake
Eddie Blake - 20 days ago
It should be, "Best SCORERS of alltime"!
Sydney Cole
Sydney Cole - 20 days ago
Eddie Blake Wouldn’t even make top 5 lol
Carter - 20 days ago
Lol 😂
Maliphresh - 20 days ago
Anyone else hear the popping sound effect at 3:47 😂😂😂
Samuel Quay
Samuel Quay - 21 day ago
By that logic, then DeAndre Jordan is a top shooter all time. High field goal percentage and efficiency does not equate to being a great shooter.
Haki Johnson
Haki Johnson - 21 day ago
Brian Scalabrine Shoot Better Than Lebron😭
Trevor Ayers
Trevor Ayers - 21 day ago
Lebron won’t get pass the klaw and PG-13 change my mind
Arthur Simoes
Arthur Simoes - 21 day ago
Klay thompson holds the best shooting records...
Christopher White
Christopher White - 21 day ago
Jenny so damn fine with those glasses.💕😘😘😘
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