What type of Cobra would you rather be? | Cobra Kai

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Sara Cornell
Sara Cornell - 2 days ago
I love when johnny lawrence says quiet It's the best thing ever and by the way I absolutely love hawk's hair It's so freakin' badass❤️🗣️♥️🦅🔥
II-50_Shades_Of_ Swift-II
I Want Johnny To Be The Good Guy So Much :)
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 28 days ago
Johnny's a great coach.
cmiller8492 - Month ago
Vegeta is the best cobra kai
mengutimur - Month ago
Cobras aren't pussies! So true.
A. C.
A. C. - Month ago
"The baddest badass is the one that beats his opponent when he's at his strongest". What a quote.
Gus Lockerby
Gus Lockerby - Month ago
Out of shape girl leading the karate class, yay realism!
Thomas Valko
Thomas Valko - Month ago
obviously stop making this show
james hogsten
james hogsten - Month ago
Did he say Ms. Robinson. I thought that was a dude.
Ashley - Month ago
Brilliant TV SHOW!!!!!!!
Roemon Christian
Roemon Christian - Month ago
bout time
SCORPZGCA - Month ago
This is badass
J Ketcham
J Ketcham - Month ago
Listen I know Jane Torvill left you, but you need to take your blood pressure meds and go for a walk before your nap. your acting career has stagnated for 30 years plus, and you've already been exposed in the mid 80's as a bully boy.
jasonj87 - Month ago
Kinda sad how LaRusso is not seeing his progress of balance. He knew that it wasn't Johnny's fault how he was taught back then.
PlayStation Guy85
PlayStation Guy85 - Month ago
Loving that WrestleMania and Ultimate Warrior t-shirt
George Louis
George Louis - Month ago
This guy.... is a hypocrite! He always fought dirty!
AllRequired - 21 day ago
That's how he was trained.
George Liapes
George Liapes - Month ago
He’s trying to make sure that they don’t end up like him. As the infamous quote from Spider-Man Homecoming goes: “I just wanted to be like you.” “And I wanted you to be better.”
Hemi204 - 2 months ago
*I have tried many times to watch this stuff and it boggles my mind why this is so popular...it’s on par with Pool Boy!*
Chad Jeffers
Chad Jeffers - 2 months ago
is this serious? this seriously looks like the worst show i've ever even watched 2 minutes of...
high ground Memes
high ground Memes - Month ago
Chad Jeffers you can't judge a show on a two minute clip
Chad Jeffers
Chad Jeffers - 2 months ago
I wish I could have those back
MG - Eliminator HD
MG - Eliminator HD - 2 months ago
In cobra kai season 2 migeul and robby is going to fight again
ali khan
ali khan - 2 months ago
..please don't go with the Karate Kid narrative, Cobra Kai is about Johnny, and let's keep it about him. Slowly making him the bad guy and the other guy good, will just spoil this show!!!
Remy Montoya
Remy Montoya - 2 months ago
Am i the only pne that notices the 2 dudes that are wearing wwe shirts
Jess RL
Jess RL - 2 months ago
dios se viene genial cobra kai, nada mas por esta serie reactivare mi suscripción a youtube premium
KINGK0NGD0NG - 2 months ago
Is that the guy from the original movie, just older?
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad - 20 days ago
MARVEL KINCHEN - 2 months ago
cobra kai!
Camper - 2 months ago
noo YT red for me boys! i watch it freee ;) @cxmperr IG ill let you know what app
Marcia c
Marcia c - 2 months ago
Billy Scarpelli
Billy Scarpelli - 2 months ago
Johnny is going to end up having to fight his former instructor.
AllRequired - Month ago
The perfect series finale.
Vic AllDay
Vic AllDay - 2 months ago
Matthew Poole
Matthew Poole - 2 months ago
I'd rather be a mongoose.
AllRequired - Month ago
ra-tata ta-tata tataa-taaaaaa... BLAMM!!!
making profit
making profit - 2 months ago
la cobra taka taka
Iain Bryden
Iain Bryden - 2 months ago
I predict that they'll eventually talk it out in the end without needing to get into a massive karate fight.
Pug acwc
Pug acwc - 2 months ago
You can see the anger in HAWKS eyes like ok😅
Mikan San
Mikan San - 2 months ago
god i love Johhny. He's real respectable right now. If only Daniel was able to see that man. XD
jaim haas
jaim haas - 2 months ago
Is this the orginal bad guy from Karate Kid?
Kat Blue Coffee
Kat Blue Coffee - 2 months ago
He is
mitchell dring
mitchell dring - 2 months ago
Am i right in thinkin the sensai is the dude who laruso fights at the end of the original? The one he crane kicks?
high ground Memes
high ground Memes - Month ago
mitchell dring watch the show
Leonardo Sasso
Leonardo Sasso - 2 months ago
Is the sensei the guy who faught Daniel in the original Karate Kid?
Asa Akira69
Asa Akira69 - 2 months ago
Yes sir
Hayk Amirbekyan
Hayk Amirbekyan - 2 months ago
is this a comedy or a serious movie?
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad - 20 days ago
It's a mix of comedy and drama. This season doesn't have a happy ending though
Asa Akira69
Asa Akira69 - 2 months ago
Web series
Sonia Anastasia
Sonia Anastasia - 2 months ago
YAY !! No more cheating !! :D LOL No pussycats in this dojo!!!
112yrs - 2 months ago
Hollyw… They just can't come up with anything new. Move on!
David Barlow
David Barlow - 2 months ago
I F*****G love it, totally looks wicked...Buzzing for S2!...…..
mike force
mike force - 2 months ago
look at this disgusting TRASH peddled to young people....truly awful.
mike force
mike force - Month ago
@high ground Memes wow! this is a kid's show...nothing about it would be entertaining for an adult (unless you are mildly retarded or worse)...and you don't think using words like "pu**y" is ok? or promoting beating people up? or being wildly rude? you need to screw your head on properly.
high ground Memes
high ground Memes - Month ago
mike force no, I'm not
mike force
mike force - Month ago
@high ground Memes you're kidding, right???
high ground Memes
high ground Memes - Month ago
mike force why is it
Alexander J
Alexander J - 2 months ago
this is gay
Maximus NotSure
Maximus NotSure - 2 months ago
2:31 it's not fighting position if they're being thought not to observe weaknesses, this is not fight training, any fight worth fighting for should be done with the intent of victory, not winning with honor so you can feel good about yourself.
Asa Akira69
Asa Akira69 - 2 months ago
They were in a tournament setting so there is rules it wasnt a brawl
Falcão GFM
Falcão GFM - 2 months ago
Nessa hora que me arrependo de não ter feito "FISK"
Michael T Balonek
Michael T Balonek - 2 months ago
That's awesome. I LOVE the depth of this guy's character!
Jack war
Jack war - 2 months ago
Instead of cobra Kai,, with a wrinkled old fool with a bandanna on his head I'd rather .38 in my pocket!
Local Lore
Local Lore - 2 months ago
yeah but where does TJ Dillashaw fit into all of this?
Christian Royce
Christian Royce - 2 months ago
I saw the Looks of Miguel and Hawk in this a little bit different : Miguel looks guilty, sad, angry and a little bit disappointed of himself meanwhile Hawk looks more and more full of Hatred at Johnny and that could be from the Looks of the latest Trailer be the Turning Point why Kreese will get so easily in his Head : Miguel will probably be avoiding Johnny for a few Time when he founds out that his Son is the One who steals his Girlfriend : (atleast in his Mind) but I'm pretty sure Johnny & Miguel will reunite at the End of the Season and perhaps leave Cobra Kai together at the End and starting a new "Father & Son" Relationship outside of Cobra Kai
AllRequired - 2 months ago
Miguel doesn't want to disappoint his sensei; Hawk might not care if he has.
Hairy Mo
Hairy Mo - 2 months ago
2.4K pussies voted this video down.
Jago Nexus
Jago Nexus - 2 months ago
With the mall fight that was in the trailer, Im thinking
Kreese will get half the students to join him with Hawk and that girl as his main students, Johnny will have Miguel by his side with the other half ( I cant imagine miguel of all people leaving johnny) Daniel with his students to make a 3 way war pretty much. Most likely the kreese cobras will attack daniels students and daniel will automatically think it was johnny's cobras
Barbershopwindow WINC KILLA
show looks stupid.. why is it on my feed
Ronald Dolfay
Ronald Dolfay - 2 months ago
I just love when they drag a couple of senior citizens out of the closet and try to pass them off as entertainment. God doesn't the movie industry have anybody left with some fresh ideas? All the seem to do is eat old ideas and spit out new garbage.
Ronald Dolfay
Ronald Dolfay - 2 months ago
@Asa Akira69 Na, I'm an old fart too. The differance is I know it and accept it. Some of these so called actors won't accept that's it's time to look in other directions for opportunities.
Asa Akira69
Asa Akira69 - 2 months ago
.w. you're fun at parties huh
Descending Angel
Descending Angel - 2 months ago
I like Johnny’s direction he’s going with in the Cobra 🐍 Kai. Fight your opponent at his strongest.. way to go Johnny.. fair fight
Aaron Requena
Aaron Requena - 2 months ago
0:30 are they both wearing WWE shirts?! Nice.... 😎👌
badgertime bager
badgertime bager - 2 months ago
im team mingodingo
Criminal Records
Criminal Records - 2 months ago
hawk has hair like me
VideoGameDweeb VideoGameDweeb
All American Jonny is back
Deus Vult
Deus Vult - 2 months ago
Why is this show so good?
Hawk - 2 months ago
White belt?! Damn it sensei, that’s not fair
AllRequired - 2 months ago
Because he realized he'd screwed up.
AnyDayView - 2 months ago
wrong move Johnny, undermining your own student's accomplishment in winning the tournament. Now i see why some of his students aligned with Kreese.
AllRequired - 2 months ago
@Hairy Mo "Lucky point. It's gonna be your last." Trash talking. Perfectly OK. "Why, leaving early to fix that stupid haircut?" Perfectly OK to counter. But Robby hit Hawk precisely where it hurt the most. "What the hell are you thinking, man?" In other words: between rounds?
Hairy Mo
Hairy Mo - 2 months ago
What's the accomplishment? Did I miss something? Kicking someone in the back is an accomplishment? What a miserable piece of crap you must be.
AnyDayView - 2 months ago
C - 2 months ago
Blond dude was hot 35 years ago, and he's still looking mighty fine.
Gloria Baquera
Gloria Baquera - 2 months ago
You know what that is? Growth.
ciaran delaney
ciaran delaney - 2 months ago
sweep the leg...
Saint Ukraine
Saint Ukraine - 2 months ago
What a guy..
Thanos - 2 months ago
Johnny showing what seperates himself from Kreese in this scene!
George Batton
George Batton - 2 months ago
I hate to admit it, but this whole show is a giant cringefest. Sorry to have to point out that the emperor is naked, but someone needed to do it.
AllRequired - 2 months ago
Maybe you'll like The Last Jedi, then?
Kwalified - 2 months ago
lets fuckin gooooo
fqwfwe fwfwefwe
fqwfwe fwfwefwe - 2 months ago
this is awful wtf
Acesahn - 2 months ago
I'm confused... didnt the original Cobra Kai believe in winning at all costs?
Thomas Burton
Thomas Burton - 2 months ago
Yes that was Kreese's philosophy but Johnny never believed in that and is changing things
Daniel Fisher
Daniel Fisher - 2 months ago
Given the BS with Captain Marvel, I think I'm more hyped for season 2 than Endgame.
Daniel Fisher
Daniel Fisher - 2 months ago
@Hairy Mo The clip that was just released the she says "you didn't have me.". Then goes on to patronize the Avengers who were there. The movie was okay, but her lack of growth bothered me. The arrogant Tony Stark and Thor both had to learn to be heroes and come to terms with their power.
Hairy Mo
Hairy Mo - 2 months ago
What's the BS with Captain Marvel? Did I miss something? It was a decent movie.
Jeff Okriya
Jeff Okriya - 2 months ago
que mamadotas
stucker78 - 2 months ago
I hate that Guy! He hasn't aged since he was 18! :)
kay doyle
kay doyle - 2 months ago
This is like comedy... It's like the whole cast of glee woke up this morning and decided ' let's be hardcore today!'
MYSTICAL GHOST - 2 months ago
I don’t have premium
David Rahd
David Rahd - 2 months ago
A real predator preys on his enemies' weakness. Johnny's son shouldn't have turned his back to the enemy, shouldn't have shown his weakness. Shouldn't have fought if he couldn't. Life isn't fair.
Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.
art studio udara
art studio udara - 2 months ago
You have a point there. If you're injured and still wanna fight, don't play victimhood when your opponent beat tyou by exploiting your weakness.
David Klecker
David Klecker - 2 months ago
Johnny is one of those characters you can never pinpoint. One minute he is acting like his old self, the next minute he is trying to be someone better and teaching that to his students. He's improving himself only to allow himself and others to break him back down. It's almost as if Daniel brings out the worst in him and only when Daniel is out of the picture, Johnny starts to progress. This truly is an excellent character study and what really makes this version of The Karate Kid, this sequel, so to speak, stand out. It's stellar writing, stellar acting, and just an excellent setup that really does make you question what side are you on?
Red Ruby
Red Ruby - 2 months ago
Now *this* the the cobra kai Johnny should be teaching. Being badass, but still fighting fair and with respect. (Good thing it was Robby that got injured, cause if it had been someone else, who knows if Johnny would've let what they did slide.)
Hoping he'll do better this time and knock some more sense into them cause Johnny at least has good intentions with using the cobra kai methods. Kreese will only repeat what he did before. Also hoping these kids don't turn their backs on Johnny. Though, from the official trailer, it seems like Hawk could be headed that way.
Can't wait for S2!
AllRequired - 2 months ago
And yet, when reprimanding the violators, he made sure that the injury was taken into account.
Mr Pokiesmeister
Mr Pokiesmeister - 2 months ago
Fight hard, fight fair and win .. BADASS!
Darren Fred
Darren Fred - 2 months ago
Wow.... WOW!!!! What a super duper diverse cast....
Kenshiro Kasumi
Kenshiro Kasumi - 2 months ago
I think Johnny is forgetting the "No Mercy" part of the credo.
Awkward Squirtle
Awkward Squirtle - 2 months ago
You can fight fairly and mercilessly. If you're truly the best, you don't need to exploit your opponent's weaknesses.
Jordan Helton
Jordan Helton - 2 months ago
What a joke this is awful
Luxuryhomes888 - 2 months ago
WOW the student at the end had excellent form!!!!
Gary I
Gary I - 2 months ago
Sensei here says one thing and does another.
Tommy Lyons
Tommy Lyons - 2 months ago
Nathan B
Nathan B - 2 months ago
I don't get it. Is this suppose to be funny? Like a comedy?
softminimal1 - 2 months ago
Had to see just how lame this was for myself lol.
Michael Guthrie
Michael Guthrie - 2 months ago
Why was this in my recommended?


youtube, please don't remove this comment just because of that
Johnny Tuscany
Johnny Tuscany - 2 months ago
Death Cobra
Karla vanessa Franco
Karla vanessa Franco - 2 months ago
esta vien
Crawford Dynasty
Crawford Dynasty - 2 months ago
Reminds me of how I play Dark Souls. I see dark souls as a game you grow into. Starters to dark souls may farm.. sewer rats for humanities, sewer slime for weapon reinforcement rocks, kite creatures for stamina leaves. As you get better you can learn to fight leaches in Blight Town with a pole arm weapon!! Oh for a real challenge don't attack Chaos Eaters IF you don't have to! I finally defeated the Wandering Demon without using humanities. Hint need help learning to fight. Get the stone knight armor to practice sparing with the Capera demon!! Armor is located in the forest at a building with a smiling cat in it. Descend some stairs in this building and a chest with armor is off to the right someplace. This armor is NOT effective against a lot of other fighters. I don't think dark souls gives out easy breaks that would allow you to breeze through the game. Dark Knights pole arm may have made quick work of the bell tower gargoyles but it sure was NO hot knife through butter with the Wandering Demon.
Mereta Etienne
Mereta Etienne - 2 months ago
Michael Schultz
Michael Schultz - 2 months ago
Actually LOVE the Message of this Trailer.
Makes Me want to Join Cobra Kai.
Brian Luther
Brian Luther - 2 months ago
It's a movie nut!
Michael Schultz
Michael Schultz - 2 months ago
Barring all the SJW Propaganda, Ofcourse.....
Jedidiah Martin
Jedidiah Martin - 2 months ago
I'd rather be a King Cobra; even elephants leave those guys alone.
Alex Waker
Alex Waker - 2 months ago
You can tell this is made by liberals. The guys are in the wrong as usual and get punished while the female gets to lead the class just because she is female.
Exfi - 2 months ago
Alex Waker The guys got punished because they had questionable conduct in the tournament. This show insults liberal values in almost every episode. I’m a conservative and this is most DEFINITELY a stretch.
Immanuel Morrison
Immanuel Morrison - 2 months ago
Aye cobra kai, lizy, and step up high water are hella dope
MA-121 - 2 months ago
very good. wise.
F B I - 2 months ago
Yes! Johnny is realizing right between wrong
Sarasdad91 Tim
Sarasdad91 Tim - 2 months ago
I would like to think that Johnny made that statement about no more cheating, because he knew it was wrong, and not because it was his son that they attacked.
HomicidalTh0r - 2 months ago
He definitely nails that "quiet" yell 100% :3
T A - 2 months ago
Well this looks dumb. Kinda of like a new postage stamp festival
Whiskers - 2 months ago
weak sauce
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