The Wet Painters 🎨 FULL EPISODE in 5 Minutes | SpongeBob

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Edward Poole
Edward Poole - 5 hours ago
Soundeffects used hollywoodedge wet splats various crt52301
Justin Richard EX
Justin Richard EX - 8 hours ago
Demo episode.
Krista Seals
Krista Seals - 12 hours ago
I❤Sponge Bob
Amanda Hendrix
Amanda Hendrix - 13 hours ago
Hafe of the episode.
Blue foxy
Blue foxy - 16 hours ago
The laugh though
Marvin Ramos
Marvin Ramos - 16 hours ago
Liar is not full episode
Jimmy - 18 hours ago
why is there a vending machine in the krab's house
Gecko 1993
Gecko 1993 - 23 hours ago
Spongebob The Abridged Series
Cory Landolt
Cory Landolt - Day ago
Awww! You cut out the part where Patrick tries to open his can of paint with an axe!
Ryan The Blue Pony
Ryan The Blue Pony - Day ago
2:10 when you’ve spotted a mistake
Ice Hockey Fan
Ice Hockey Fan - Day ago
3:07 - 3:27 *Patricks Knowledge* For the *5* Time
Yahir Vazquez
Yahir Vazquez - Day ago
Turn the dollar over
Miss Riley Quinn
Miss Riley Quinn - Day ago
4:40 Spongebob has an owo face with a moustache.
General Incredible
General Incredible - Day ago
What my room looks like December 1st
jonathan henadez
jonathan henadez - 2 days ago
exuse you but whats this 5:17
Johny Marg.
Johny Marg. - 2 days ago
So Mr.Krabs has a VENDING MACHINE in his house?
toy Bonnie
toy Bonnie - 2 days ago
Yay SpongeBob SquarePants I love SpongeBob because he's always happy!
Nur Rochmat Akmal Luthfi
awww....they cut all the Patrick's funny part
Andro K
Andro K - 2 days ago
"FULL EPISODE" but without 50%.
AngryTrash XD
AngryTrash XD - 3 days ago
Helen Keller
Helen Keller - 3 days ago
Wet Painters without most of the jokes, great!
Diego Zarate Pereira
Diego Zarate Pereira - 4 days ago
I was expecting Patrick to make a paint brush with his nose hairs !!
Vanessa McLean
Vanessa McLean - 4 days ago
Help me I’m in pain I don’t video of that
Diana Nunez
Diana Nunez - 4 days ago
Look at spongebob face when squidward was nerf8cw
Raymond Holder
Raymond Holder - 5 days ago
I hat you
Mario Mario
Mario Mario - 5 days ago
0:18 Spongebob and Patrick's eyes look... wEiRd?
pgj1997 - 5 days ago
*The* Wet Painters.
T-9000 - 5 days ago
3:31 me when I forgot I have money in my wallet
Megamanx297 - 6 days ago
You skipped "secret", I'm disappointed.
Dreams Walker
Dreams Walker - 7 days ago
Nice laugh Mr Krabs and I like how the teeth were looking.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
loloman random
loloman random - 7 days ago
You kept out some of the episode
Shiloh Verrico
Shiloh Verrico - 8 days ago
I have question? When the Dollar got paint on it couldn’t they turn the dollar around?!? xD! ;-;..
Alexander Loves Women
Alexander Loves Women - 8 days ago
2:05 Ya think that's a photograph of Mr. Krabs and Pearl's mother?
Alexander Loves Women
Alexander Loves Women - 8 days ago
2:04 Lol Mr. Krabs probably can't even wear those boots. Too big for his little nub feet.
Alexander Loves Women
Alexander Loves Women - 8 days ago
1:40 for instance. I bet not one of the 12 million people watching this video noticed it haha. Not now nor when they were children (when this came out). A whale throwing a ship in the air. The animators actually drew the unique painting and many others for this episode. So many easter eggs!
Alexander Loves Women
Alexander Loves Women - 8 days ago
Why haven't I ever seen anyone acknowledge the things that are on the wall throughout the episode. So many different and interesting relics that were actually animated (er, I should say drawn/painted) to fill up the wall, like some of the pictures. Some great easter eggs that will never be forgotten as they feature in one of the most famous Spongebob episodes.
SmolPumpkin - 8 days ago
what episode is this the number
Iridescent Vampire
Iridescent Vampire - 9 days ago
This episode is still funny after seventeen years.
Lay Simmy
Lay Simmy - 10 days ago
1:53 me on December 1st
Jennifer B.
Jennifer B. - 10 days ago
My first thought was, "Why would Mr. Krabs have a candy machine in his living room?" But it makes perfect sense. So visitors will spend their money.
Flowpow 4
Flowpow 4 - 10 days ago
Enos Gian Arkha
Enos Gian Arkha - 11 days ago
we're sorry mister krab!
Gacha. Life. 9000
Gacha. Life. 9000 - 14 days ago
why dident he just flip the dollar over and hang it
subham Nayak
subham Nayak - 14 days ago
2:36 SpongeBob and Patrick's rear
augustin mbene
augustin mbene - 15 days ago
2:32 to 2:40
Thats sums up why I love spongebob
MiTch13 - 19 days ago
3:51 *oh you know, just hangin' around*
Gacha. Life. 9000
Gacha. Life. 9000 - 19 days ago
I Love the house
Carmelandrea Del Barrio
when mr.krabs licked a dollar i laughed so hardly
Fcgummygamer - 22 days ago
Actually 5:17 not 5:00
Honda Perodua
Honda Perodua - 22 days ago
Anyone realize that they're painting underwater
The NSA - 22 days ago
What if spongebob just flipped the dollar backwards
rueben a
rueben a - 22 days ago
patrick got some CHEEKS
The Rated Rockstar™ Official Channel
What I don't get is when they had the dollar in the washer machine and use the water hose it didn't work but when Mr. Krabs licks it the paint comes off?
Daniel Lara
Daniel Lara - 22 days ago
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Daniel Lara
Daniel Lara - 22 days ago
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Alif Yonaputra
Alif Yonaputra - 22 days ago
I dunno but this seems a familiar meme 2:59
_ HOWTORIDEABIKE - 23 days ago
Why would there be a vending machine in mr crabs house
AGENT_ MOTHMAN_ - 23 days ago
3:33 when I come up with an idea to hot glue my friends moms fragile Halloween decoration back together

(Yes, that DID happen and it worked!)
خلود العجلان
خلود العجلان - 23 days ago
You should just put the doller backwards
The Foxaham Show
The Foxaham Show - 23 days ago
And then did ya draw on it with *crayon!*
XTYGiovanni - 24 days ago
one of my fav episode
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