The Wet Painters 🎨 in 5 Minutes | SpongeBob

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DaSwagGurlz - 3 hours ago
You could’ve just flipped the dollar over this whole time. And paint the paint part green and find an artist to paint the rest.
DaSwagGurlz - 3 hours ago
0:00 I just got the CRINGEST sketchers add in the whole universe.
Som Khloth
Som Khloth - 4 hours ago
If you think the video makes sense then put a like
Its your girl queen Gaming
i love spongebob its my child hood and i dont have cable anymore can you do me a favor and do whole episodes
coolness 987
coolness 987 - 21 hour ago
i love how at the end mr krabs is just like *BRUH* 5:00 - 5:02
Ryan Amerson
Ryan Amerson - Day ago
3:02 me trying to open a YT
A Tsuzuki
A Tsuzuki - Day ago
TyJer - Day ago
Atomic Gaming357
Atomic Gaming357 - Day ago
2:04 how the walls look after piping my girl
juter4397 - Day ago
They edited some of the best stuff out
murky productions
murky productions - Day ago
Karma at the end
• Ari Midnight •
3:52 *Sayori? Is that you?*
the kids tv
the kids tv - 2 days ago
At 3:40 he's having arond
Estrella I LOVE ROBLOX! Yay!
Spongebob is da number 1 of meh favorite cartoons.... REEEEEEEEE
The Real HegeDog
The Real HegeDog - 2 days ago
This is the best cartoon ever
Lmaohahayoudead - 3 days ago
Love that there’s a random vending machine in mr Krabs house
Abby Collins
Abby Collins - 3 days ago
It’s neat how they compressed (or abridged) the basic plot into 5 minutes.
Megan DeMand
Megan DeMand - Day ago
It’s like an abridged series without a re-dub
Chris Brewer
Chris Brewer - 3 days ago
Happy birthday SpongeBob
ümit cevdet yılmaz
ümit cevdet yılmaz - 3 days ago
bir bok anlamıyorum amk izlediğim videodan ama izledim hepsini
AE Sports
AE Sports - 4 days ago
....and 17 seconds
antonio williams
antonio williams - 4 days ago
Love spongebob
Caleb Fisher
Caleb Fisher - 4 days ago
3:02 When U Do A Research Paper And The Computer Shuts Off And U Didn’t Save It
Shantae Jackson
Shantae Jackson - 4 days ago

Patrick star
Redhawks - 4 days ago
Why does mr Krab has a vending machine in his own house
Bolt_Star Storm Comics
Bolt_Star Storm Comics - 4 days ago
I love SpongeBob! He’s so funny! 😄 😆 😁
iheartFrozen 102
iheartFrozen 102 - 5 days ago
One of my favorite episodes.
Fleur d'or
Fleur d'or - 5 days ago

karena apus
karena apus - 5 days ago
Anyone knows where i can find full episodes/seasons of spongebob
No Ways
No Ways - 5 days ago
We Have Technology....Always Get Me
Cold Boiz
Cold Boiz - 6 days ago
This is actually my favorite SpongeBob episode
Aimee Parker
Aimee Parker - 6 days ago
Cut out the best moments! You messed up my dolla-Rama! Lol but I am at least glad to watch some of my favorite episode on YouTube
2nd Draft Music
2nd Draft Music - 6 days ago
This was the best episode!
Happy Time Boredom
Happy Time Boredom - 6 days ago
The wet painters.
Rachana Baditha
Rachana Baditha - 6 days ago
What’s the point of this? They cut most of the actual jokes!
Eric Flores
Eric Flores - 6 days ago
Awww they cut Patrick’s funny parts 😂😂
Stormic Cloudz
Stormic Cloudz - 6 days ago
Loved this episode as a kid
Fatima Pintucan
Fatima Pintucan - 6 days ago
AhzanidaAnimeWeeb Owo
AhzanidaAnimeWeeb Owo - 6 days ago
1:34 he didn't include the 'yeah', that was one of my favorite parts.
Kim Jong-hyun
Kim Jong-hyun - 6 days ago
Ah part of my childhood....and still part of my adulthood
Servo_Surviver - 7 days ago
I'm 29 years old and this still makes me laugh :D
Karley Hanson
Karley Hanson - 7 days ago
I'm twenty one and I still think this episode is hilarious
Nathanael Baldwin
Nathanael Baldwin - 7 days ago
This is a joke but you said that it would be 5 minutes it’s 5 minutes and 17 seconds
I'm 16years old and I still watch this but idc
JOIE Ridge
JOIE Ridge - 7 days ago
Spongebob is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅
J.C.W W - 7 days ago
Mr crabs is so cheap!
Saturn -Kun
Saturn -Kun - 7 days ago
Any reason Mr Krabs had a vending machine in his house...?
A.and.L Animations
A.and.L Animations - 8 days ago
I love how mr.krabs has a candy machine in his house
Abigail Troiano
Abigail Troiano - 8 days ago
Mr krab smells like cream cheese
Jaden B
Jaden B - 8 days ago
The first 4 seasons of SpongeBob are unmatched, genuinely wholesome hilarity, hard to do!
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