10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test - Part 18

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Chris Monito
Chris Monito - 2 days ago
At the wain part it looks like you wer talking to your dog sooo
Cutee awwwww
Jumara - 3 days ago
Sarmale coaie
Jakob Hajtnik
Jakob Hajtnik - 7 days ago
Should have said nohomo before eating the egg or even better, slice it
Fortnite Memes
Fortnite Memes - 7 days ago
Did any one notice how gama looked amazed at 1:04
Dee Luke
Dee Luke - 7 days ago
Ooh a birb
Creaxtion - 10 days ago
4:18 Blunt Rollers have entered the chat
harry kim
harry kim - 11 days ago
It looks like it’s pooping eggs LoL
Sherica Natulla
Sherica Natulla - 15 days ago
fitzzy - 15 days ago
2:30 the bird
Petty Elijah
Petty Elijah - 15 days ago
You should collab with Vivian tries
Macarius Bautista
Macarius Bautista - 16 days ago
taste like a regular egg. LOL
Gokul Krish
Gokul Krish - 17 days ago
That cute cocktail
Some gaget doaent work
Ana Maria 11
Ana Maria 11 - 17 days ago
that gaget from 4:09 make romanian food lol

R Kraus
R Kraus - 17 days ago
I love how when u really enjoy a gadget you explain it twice three times. Just for the self satisfaction but for the sake of all the rest of us. We love you so much K
Sazan Zaimi_3228040
Sazan Zaimi_3228040 - 20 days ago
He’s finally using oil
Ewan Liebenberg
Ewan Liebenberg - 25 days ago
09:00 that is perfect for me i broke 9 today😂😂😂
megan murphy
megan murphy - 25 days ago
"You know what, this is definitely a weird way to eat an egg." - I think the egg is enjoying it...
Caliber YouTuber
Caliber YouTuber - 26 days ago
Any Men know Why????
Tell Me... 🤔🤔🤔😄😄
vector YT
vector YT - 26 days ago
The egg rollie looks like a condom
vector YT
vector YT - 26 days ago
Were does he found all this stuf
Screeching Cat
Screeching Cat - 27 days ago
5:40 is he allowed to say that
Unicorn Pegasus
Unicorn Pegasus - 28 days ago
Your bird is sooooo cute
Salma Khan
Salma Khan - 29 days ago
5:00 can I make Joints with it ?😂
camino man
camino man - 29 days ago
7:04 a Russian man experiences how a American citizen puts on ketchup
Here Is Vonieyy
Here Is Vonieyy - Month ago
this papuga is naćpaned
Carl Grace Carpiso
Carl Grace Carpiso - Month ago
What do you think about this?! 3:22

MARS SURVIVAL 82748 - Month ago
Cute birb there :)))))))
ryan kim
ryan kim - Month ago
6:41 that’s what she said
dirk ehnton c. Sumile
dirk ehnton c. Sumile - Month ago
Were is gus
jadeng234656 jadeng234656
What a about the radeaision
BOK - Month ago
5:55 When he said that my siri went off....
Vin Sorrentino
Vin Sorrentino - Month ago
Who else loves the key-vi gajek
ameeruddin kharoori
ameeruddin kharoori - Month ago
Andrej Novakovic
Andrej Novakovic - Month ago
What's up everybody😀😂
Jonah Trujillo
Jonah Trujillo - Month ago
I want that bird
microbehunter member of original microbehunter
Why you use mushroom mushroom has fungus
Black Red
Black Red - Month ago
You should be crazyrussian cooker .........booommmm
TD gaming
TD gaming - Month ago
4:25 van i roll a joint with it?
James The Satanist 666
At 1:03 gamma was like wooowww
Mora - Month ago
3:18 when boobs exist..
Gordon the Sad goblin
Gordon the Sad goblin - Month ago
Russia for ever
ProGamer84 - Month ago
Vad sarmale dau like
Yousef Dwaba
Yousef Dwaba - Month ago
Another one
XxGacha_ LoverxX
XxGacha_ LoverxX - Month ago
On the first gadget, you can just use a wisk
Wprx_ Anime
Wprx_ Anime - Month ago
"Tastes just like an egg"
Smashypotato2006 - Month ago
3:23 When ur crush sits next to you at lunch
Dark Gamer
Dark Gamer - Month ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
RedPie - 2 months ago
Cute parrot
Sub for no reason
Sub for no reason - 2 months ago
I like my pancakes skinny thank you
Sylar Zvi Villacruz
Sylar Zvi Villacruz - 2 months ago
He has so many gadjits,animal and might be insects to.
asian ricecan
asian ricecan - 2 months ago
Those corndogs are me ok on one side and ugly on the other side
Steven Engler
Steven Engler - 2 months ago
Beautiful bird!
Dillon Fechter
Dillon Fechter - 2 months ago
ALL in One
ALL in One - 2 months ago
i like the bird
Cosmo Gaming
Cosmo Gaming - 2 months ago
The grape leave stoners use it to roll lol now
kalu 6
kalu 6 - 2 months ago
You already did the first gadget
ÇrãZzy TãïFûl
ÇrãZzy TãïFûl - 2 months ago
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boooom booom boom Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boooom booom boom Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boooom booom boom Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boooom booom boom
zachparade - 2 months ago
Love the fact he has a bow and arrow hanging in his kitchen! That’s my kind of home decorating! 😂
My name is Jeff
My name is Jeff - 2 months ago
5:15 con-dom maker
Chloe Evans
Chloe Evans - 2 months ago
1:09 gamma is shook
Cole R
Cole R - 2 months ago
Your cockatoo looks so amazed
KENNY NGUYEN - 2 months ago
Gagic vs gadget
Jonathan Finger
Jonathan Finger - 2 months ago
Your bird liked the straw Barry slicker ewww
Jonathan Finger
Jonathan Finger - 2 months ago
Your bird likes the things you do
Aidan Dailey
Aidan Dailey - 2 months ago
Do you use these videos to eat food?
hotels 2009
hotels 2009 - 2 months ago
I like your 🐦
Meme word man
Meme word man - 2 months ago
More Bird please
Abram Edwards
Abram Edwards - 2 months ago
2019 anyone
The living Life
The living Life - 2 months ago
In start.i just attract in your cockatoo
juri tacut
juri tacut - 2 months ago
I love this video
MoniqueLea08 - 2 months ago
I like the wine glass rack and the oven saver
Sarita Rani Kadian
Sarita Rani Kadian - 2 months ago
That's a flare gun
Nirrrina - 2 months ago
For the corndog maker I'd use the sausages or brats that have extra flavor. Only I think I'd cut them into quarters so it covers it better.
Anuj Desai
Anuj Desai - 3 months ago
Teach your parrot to say boom😬🤛🤜
Retr0 K
Retr0 K - 3 months ago
0:46 in Russia kiwis are yellow
Kage Giavelli
Kage Giavelli - 3 months ago
Make a video about your bird
Vlogging with Kane
Vlogging with Kane - 3 months ago
He hacked my life
chodnar pola
chodnar pola - 3 months ago
6:57 every pubg player saying ohh.. I got a flare gun!😲😲😲😲
NKM Productions
NKM Productions - 3 months ago
3:28 when you bust a nut but she still keep sucking
G Sacco
G Sacco - 3 months ago
It seems like you put little effort in these videos.
its your boy columm
its your boy columm - 3 months ago
theres only one reason the egg had an erection........... he saw bacon
Tony Vu
Tony Vu - 3 months ago
*B O O M*
Josue Vasquez
Josue Vasquez - 3 months ago
6:38 that’s what she said 😂😂
ibomb28 Njsnjd
ibomb28 Njsnjd - 3 months ago
What dose he do with all this food
Van Phuoc Le
Van Phuoc Le - 3 months ago
h..hey, does rollie egg cooker , egg pop up
Bannokman18 Chipsahoy
Bannokman18 Chipsahoy - 3 months ago
Jesse gallegos
Jesse gallegos - 3 months ago
4:11 I feel like you can make some really good blunts with that gadget
Jetmir Lamallari
Jetmir Lamallari - 3 months ago
Gadgeeks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wof GaMinG
Wof GaMinG - 3 months ago
4:50 it's named in romania "sarmale"
Jeffrey The W1224RD
Jeffrey The W1224RD - 3 months ago
I actually have that egg making gadget!
Ash - Playz
Ash - Playz - 3 months ago
Can gamma talk like parrots
Hynoxplayzz - 3 months ago
4:20 well that’s one way to roll a blunt
Creeper Assassin
Creeper Assassin - 3 months ago
Mr Rxbbitz
Mr Rxbbitz - 3 months ago
4:10 wonder if it works for blunts

Oh yeah yeah
Cindy Lynn Gagnon
Cindy Lynn Gagnon - 3 months ago
The egg maker and the grape leaf stuffer are my favorite gajicks.
Bonk Okay
Bonk Okay - 3 months ago
Ultra X
Ultra X - 3 months ago
4:22 you make sarmale ? :)) is romanian food
Sawsan Daoud
Sawsan Daoud - 3 months ago
Boom 😅
joyzride - 3 months ago
LOL the parrot’s so cute
Chrisxco - 4 months ago
Oh yeah yea
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