DDG vs. Blueface $50,000 3v3 Celebrity Basketball Game!!

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PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS
PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS - 28 days ago
I'm the best basketball player alive...
Malik Meridy
Malik Meridy - Day ago
You my favorite RUvideosr but play now choppa
AmCoolDude Yeah
AmCoolDude Yeah - Day ago
john castro
john castro - 8 days ago
No destroying is
Ceddy Pooh
Ceddy Pooh - 9 days ago
Play me 1 on 1 I’ll beat 15-0
slick rick
slick rick - 17 days ago
No your not your not even the on a team
Christopher Silvius
U pu$$y pay destroying
vl Saucin lv
vl Saucin lv - Day ago
Anything for views
Nicholas Clark
Nicholas Clark - 3 days ago
the kids that dislike this
Fidel Rodriguez
Fidel Rodriguez - 3 days ago
DDG really not that gud bro but he is better then flight tho,but then again who isn't
qyiesha smalls
qyiesha smalls - 3 days ago
I’m laughing because he claimed to be the best but missed the most shots
Jgratz 09
Jgratz 09 - 9 days ago
Ur camera mans pretty fucking shit when it comes to following the ball
itz Mia
itz Mia - 9 days ago
Peep armon ex girlfriend and trey
Micheal Smith
Micheal Smith - 10 days ago
DDG trash asf couldn’t even pay A dude 10,000
QuesosPesos •_•
QuesosPesos •_• - 10 days ago
Stick to football blueface baby
WaVy Ędįtš
WaVy Ędįtš - 11 days ago
DDG short
Kelsie Tyree
Kelsie Tyree - 11 days ago
DGG a midget NO CAP
Vision Kicks
Vision Kicks - 11 days ago
Nigga u ass and u missed a shit ton of ur shots
Keivion Whaley
Keivion Whaley - 11 days ago
That shit was so weak😂
lei.lai.kai - 11 days ago
Umm.. basketball isn't for everyone. Sorry DDG. 🤐
Jay Goonie
Jay Goonie - 12 days ago
Ddg was trash boy didnt even look like he knew he was doing , cocky for nothing
hashtagtayron - 13 days ago
Blueface got no handles lmaoooo
Janiya Davis
Janiya Davis - 13 days ago
I was Trey too
tamera cruz
tamera cruz - 13 days ago
This is fucked up ddg team did not even make a point fuck ddg for life crips all day
Teemo Blast
Teemo Blast - 13 days ago
They’re all trash LOL,,, I would cook them and I’m only in highschool
Delago HD1
Delago HD1 - 14 days ago
When blueface hit that 3: ooooo
Brandon Padilla
Brandon Padilla - 14 days ago
Dude don’t give yo self credit you didn’t do shit lmao
Davohh - 14 days ago
How blueface jumper still offbeat
raxgde - 15 days ago
ddg is not a real celebrity celebrity he a youtube celebrity
Jahaziel Gonzalez
Jahaziel Gonzalez - 15 days ago
Blueface is short shaming ddg
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson - 15 days ago
Who saw armon and try at 39 seconds in the video
Irihanna Chesrnut
Irihanna Chesrnut - 15 days ago
Blueface not a real fan but like your music ayyyy lit fire
Maria Jones
Maria Jones - 15 days ago
Dog real ass
Maria Jones
Maria Jones - 15 days ago
QBoy Jr
QBoy Jr - 15 days ago
You’re good at basketball
I stg Ill cook blueface and ddg for a band
Heard! - 15 days ago
“That I see why” hurt!!😭 @heardofficial1
Alburrito - 15 days ago
offbrand ace family event
SG_Savage YT
SG_Savage YT - 16 days ago
You now blue face was high
Mariah Randolph
Mariah Randolph - 16 days ago
Kaiden Moore
Kaiden Moore - 16 days ago
U gonna run off with his money too
kyle klapkowski
kyle klapkowski - 16 days ago
u gonna give dockery or was it deestroying his money?
Trysten Derricks
Trysten Derricks - 16 days ago
1st 5 seats are starters
King Thesmoothgee
King Thesmoothgee - 17 days ago
Big ass pants 😂😂
Danae 27
Danae 27 - 18 days ago
Blueface was horrible I’m sorry bro
Tibetan Lord
Tibetan Lord - 18 days ago
Blue face ain’t playing no defense 😂😂😂
Machete Yo
Machete Yo - 18 days ago
Bluface shoots like he raps... Off.. Just off...
Lele Holman
Lele Holman - 18 days ago
So we just gone act like you aint airball ?💀
Lieo Erakdrik
Lieo Erakdrik - 18 days ago
DDG, is suck at basketball games🔫🔫
Hitman t Westside bloods stl
Maybe he should do basketball....he rapping sucks
DemonDeacon. - 19 days ago
Crowd was lame as hell
Talon Slaton
Talon Slaton - 19 days ago
Im not saying im better than any of them but DDG was shooting when he should've been passin
Daniel Kampe
Daniel Kampe - 19 days ago
It's duck face not blue face. Dude is a flake clown
Haytre - 19 days ago
Blueface is tall as hell
PoppaBag PlayingGames
PoppaBag PlayingGames - 19 days ago
ThE EpIc HuSkY
ThE EpIc HuSkY - 19 days ago
i aint he supposed to fight sollumanti 😂😂
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