How It Is Hooping On Double Rims

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Bob Dozer
Bob Dozer - 9 hours ago
“On a single rim maybe.” -The Rim’s Lockdown Defender speech
arun david
arun david - Day ago
With double rims, it’s swish or brick
Octavius 2.0
Octavius 2.0 - Day ago
I would destroy that hoop
Its Nick
Its Nick - 3 days ago
only thing dropping on double rim is my body after i jump off a bridge cuz i cant hit a shot
x Giraffe
x Giraffe - 3 days ago
Double rims are like me shooting my shot 😂😥
Tremain Calhoun
Tremain Calhoun - 3 days ago
Better off with the Tim Duncan bank shots but half the time those don't drop in on double rims
Brawler4456 - 4 days ago
we've got double rims out on this park court and i swear they're actually smaller in diameter. swishes actually happen on singles but i haven't seen one on doubles.
Adam LeBlanc
Adam LeBlanc - 4 days ago
Double rims are so mans don’t break it from dunking
SladeradeTheBestBasketball Player
Layups don’t work for me well on double rims but I don’t know why threes are some what easy for me on double rims and I’m a center
zaydarocket - 7 days ago
no layups here nigga
Naruto Uzimake
Naruto Uzimake - 7 days ago
Those are my school hoops and I can never make one fkin shot
DJMarzz Breezy
DJMarzz Breezy - 8 days ago
When you can't get a green shot on nba2k19
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf - 8 days ago
Man fuck those double rims, them shits always making me miss shots
matthew - 9 days ago
They make you a better shooter for real. You literally have to swish it or bank it in if you want to score
Kelly Allds
Kelly Allds - 9 days ago
😂I know how he be feelin
the oodlesofthechickennuggets
Nice ass backboard but double rim
MsZeitgeist85 - 9 days ago
I'm a double rim. I'm 18 inches of NOPE.
TMS_Tactics - 9 days ago
MsZeitgeist85 lolol
METO U - 10 days ago
It could also be that all of them just suck at basketball...has nothing to do with the rim
Dont Worry
Dont Worry - 10 days ago
Teddyツ - 10 days ago
Lololololol ikr
Element7 - 10 days ago
Are double rims ONLY to prevent dunking? Why do these things exist...?
Big Ticket
Big Ticket - 11 days ago
Daemir OG
Daemir OG - 11 days ago
Ticen Roth
Ticen Roth - 11 days ago
“Are we really that sorry” 😂
LongBeach Ant
LongBeach Ant - 11 days ago
Wait has anybody scored yet 🤦🏿‍♂️😂
TMS_Tactics - 9 days ago
LongBeach Ant nope
Jesse Marcel
Jesse Marcel - 11 days ago
Thats what i say when shooting on a double rim " on a single rim maybe "
Dat Boi
Dat Boi - 12 days ago
#rim in the hood 😅😅😅
Quick Exitz
Quick Exitz - 13 days ago
My friend kept saying that my school gum had double rims I said nigga that's only for ghetto niggas like tf how do you have double rims at a gym;-;
Influence Productions
Influence Productions - 13 days ago
"No layups here nigga"
Influence Productions
Influence Productions - 13 days ago
"Nigga are we really that sorry?" 😭😭😭
Angelina - 15 days ago
"No lay ups here n*gga"
Angelina - 15 days ago
"Damn I almost thought u had that one" 😂😂
Dan Cliffton
Dan Cliffton - 15 days ago
if this aint the realest video ive ever seen lmao
ShadowClone Jutsu
ShadowClone Jutsu - 16 days ago
The way the rim was talking though 😂😂😂😂😂😂 y’all niggas hilarious
Envy Darkzyッ
Envy Darkzyッ - 16 days ago
bro this is straight fax
sinkiez - 16 days ago
Lol my shot weak af this definitely me
Letz Talk
Letz Talk - 17 days ago
You gotta get the *Green*
Djembe - 18 days ago
He growing a beard.
Keane here
Keane here - 18 days ago
They was probably playin on hall of fame difficulty
lobso123 - 18 days ago
“I thought you almost had that one”💀💀💀💀
Koong RBLX
Koong RBLX - 18 days ago
DeadSoul Savage
DeadSoul Savage - 18 days ago
Full bars dont go in around here
Solemn Solace
Solemn Solace - 20 days ago
Double Rims the Ultimate Shot Blocker.
DeLaYz Reaper
DeLaYz Reaper - 20 days ago
This is so damn relatable 😂😭
Ryan Cho
Ryan Cho - 20 days ago
What abt dunks. What if you just dunk it in
Derr!ck - 20 days ago
Action Jackson
Action Jackson - 21 day ago
You gotta use the backboard with double rims and shoot with alot less power
Quin McFly
Quin McFly - 21 day ago
Decided to hoop at near my old middle school and because the kids kept breaking the rims they got them replaced with TRIPLE RIMS I swear to god it was an absolute nightmare
Pounce Boi
Pounce Boi - 21 day ago
We should fix that with flex tape
Pounce Boi
Pounce Boi - 21 day ago
Stop shooting idiots
Steve Nielsen
Steve Nielsen - 22 days ago
I thought I was the only one...
ASVP OVERTIME - 22 days ago
Who the hell would double a rim somebody mad at black people 😆 😆 😆
michael Kazz
michael Kazz - 22 days ago
Double Rims are the absolute worst
Eric Villarreal
Eric Villarreal - 22 days ago
Ricarda Rodriguez
Ricarda Rodriguez - 22 days ago
I'm 10 and nearly 80% of my shots are rim shots but to bad my dumb school has double rim just imagine how much I'd be making cause damn I'm sure I'd be hitting 4x my shots if it weren't double rim
JackGeezy - 23 days ago
Brick city all day, hate double rims
Eric Jenkins
Eric Jenkins - 23 days ago
Are we really that sorry 🤣🤣🤣
Deon Jackson
Deon Jackson - 23 days ago
Who the fuck invented double rims. The shit is hard to shot on 😂😂😂🖕🏽
Perfection Ki
Perfection Ki - 23 days ago
This why Stephen curry so good at shooting 3s.
SSJaye - 23 days ago
I swear, when I'm at the Y, or rims like that, I miss more versus the wider rim I have at home.
Vernon King
Vernon King - 23 days ago
Hated them double rims
Rafael Archer-Villace
Rafael Archer-Villace - 23 days ago
That is me when playing
WOKEN JOE - 24 days ago
LIMITLESS! Fears - 24 days ago
I didnt know Kawhi camps at the rim
Jaiden Garrett
Jaiden Garrett - 24 days ago
That’s so true
J Cole
J Cole - 24 days ago
Wouldn’t have these problems if fucking assholes wouldn’t bend the rim to begin with. That’s the entire reason they ever put them is for durability because people who can’t dunk like to hang on them.
Unversed Hero
Unversed Hero - 24 days ago
You need to be part of the generation of miracles to score on these damn things.
Brecken Bogle
Brecken Bogle - 24 days ago
I literally played on double rims yesterday and this is exactly how it was. Lay ups were the only way to get points.
measxred - 24 days ago
Fr bruh I hate double rims, they were at my school and I was playing basketball and I was the only one missing Bc I was the one scoring on the double rim and the opponent was scoring on a single 🤦🏽‍♂️💀
N V - 24 days ago
JPF1305 Best
JPF1305 Best - 24 days ago
We have double rims at school and it is so difficult.Wierd to
John John
John John - 24 days ago
So true. Why do they make double rims. It’s almost impossible to make a jump shot with them
Loud Honchoo
Loud Honchoo - 24 days ago
Princetin Jimenez
Princetin Jimenez - 24 days ago
this is exactly how it happens at the park i go to
Aiffel Zaky
Aiffel Zaky - 24 days ago
This Hoop Is The Only Thing That Could Guard Shaq
LeaferBeefer - 24 days ago
This true asf
ClasiX Stars
ClasiX Stars - 24 days ago
What’s double rim for
Tom Dekle
Tom Dekle - 24 days ago
Yooo them double rims hell🤣
Akash Murukesh
Akash Murukesh - 24 days ago
"Nigga are we really that sorry?"😂😂
Noob7Gaming - 24 days ago
Westbrook... That you bro
Figgy - 24 days ago
That shit gonna get your shot right though BELIEVE THAT!!
Ciara - 24 days ago
Ain't this the truth!!! Hahaha!
Light and Shadow
Light and Shadow - 25 days ago
U should have dunked it
Dan Wurth
Dan Wurth - 25 days ago
NET'S! In that neighborhood? Come on.
Tristan B.
Tristan B. - 25 days ago
This hit me on an emotional level
Scotty - 25 days ago
*n o n i g g a*
Kareem Blaze
Kareem Blaze - 25 days ago
My school hoop gotta TRIPLE rim... Can I get some pity likes?
Maronator K
Maronator K - 23 days ago
Not here nigga
jic738 - 25 days ago
Sooo true , you have to make it perfectly centered or perfectly off the back bord and layups are near impossible on a double rim. I've had shots go completely into the rim and bounce back out. Great for some good cardio though.
modz cheat
modz cheat - 25 days ago
Trash I'm A god in basketball
Jason Drake
Jason Drake - 25 days ago
So basically triple rims be like:
Cowboy Chris
Cowboy Chris - 25 days ago
No lucky bounces ever given, it’s gotta be all net or nothing. 🤦‍♂️
Pyro Cyanide
Pyro Cyanide - 25 days ago
Some niggas say Gobert the best shotblocker niggas haven’t seen double rims
100 subs to stop racism
100 subs to stop racism - 25 days ago
My court in my neighborhood has 3 rim
D Book
D Book - 25 days ago
One or two shots were cuz of double rim the rest were just long
Alexander Ollison
Alexander Ollison - 25 days ago
Bruh it’s so fuckin hard to shoot on double rim I want the best 10 nba players to run a game on a double rim just to see if it is really the rim
Vlonely Thug
Vlonely Thug - 25 days ago
truth lmao, haven't played on a double rim in a minute
Just a guy Who reads comments
Just dunk it
James Zhu
James Zhu - 25 days ago
All those bricks about to out stack Westbrook
Dave M
Dave M - 25 days ago
Honestly this is the truth but I loved playing on them only because this made my shot deadly. Play on these for a few months and then go to a single rim in any gym and you’d be shooting lights out
Tannon Bowen
Tannon Bowen - 25 days ago
When u can shoot like Curry aka Me then it don't matter what court you playing on
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