House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing - Vindman & Williams Testimony

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Impeachment Truth
Impeachment Truth - 3 days ago
Was testimony coached by Adam Schiff?
Olivier Nsanzimana
Olivier Nsanzimana - 5 days ago
The real fact is here :
BipolarBear - 7 days ago
So when are they going to start providing actual evidence rather than just he said she said stories. I'm the type of person that appreciates actual physical evidence that we can see or hear, not just a bunch of people coming up and stating that "This is what happened and this is what i heard"
Rory Taylor
Rory Taylor - 8 days ago
Dr. Eugen Wolfsegger - Dachs
Why these long negotiations, throw him out. He is an impertinence for the United States.
Now he steals the poor and rewards the rich.
Yia Moua
Yia Moua - 9 days ago
Woo Peter Welch! That's what I'm saying, if you want to investigate the Biden's, do it! But do it right! Use our intelligence committees or agencies. He has the power to do so...
For One Light
For One Light - 10 days ago
Vindman's purple heart was for Tinnitus .. What a FAKE .. He was also caught stealing chow from Ranger School .. Porky Vindman is a GOOFUS who should not wear the U.S. Military Uniform ! ..
For One Light
For One Light - 10 days ago
Peter Miesler
Peter Miesler - 11 days ago
Mark-Mark where are you?
shapolfab - 12 days ago
Jim Jordan keeps repeating debunked talking points! He barely asks any relevant questions! And has nothing to dispute the actual facts! it's only ridiculous technicalities!
Nico Jones
Nico Jones - 13 days ago
God bless America and our President for saving the nation from the traitors in the Dem Party.
Masteraster - 14 days ago
Hypocrisy: Nunes leaning on Lt. Col. Vinman to testify on matters against advice from his counsel and the rules of the committee, then complaining about attempts to subpoena the whistleblower, and calling the impeachment process an "inquisition" ("No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!")....while members of his own party ignore subpoenas in an attempt to thwart the process that gives Numbnuts the forum to try to discredit the decent American who did show up to testify as a witness. HMOG
Xannon Hamish
Xannon Hamish - 15 days ago
4:49:36 I sure as fuck do NOT!... lol
Betzy - 16 days ago
Castors questions are stupid he’s trying to get the lady to speculate that he didn’t intentionally stop Pence to fly to Ukraine but she the witness keeps saying that THE PRESIDENT DID
David Hines
David Hines - 17 days ago
I am a victim of gang stalking, harassment and violence .. i believe because of my right wing views.. Police and FBI protects them and i was sent to a Psych ward for 72 hours for calling the cops on them.. Nothing is done about it.. i had to leave San Diego because of it and my vacation was ruined.. Even though i have hard evidence with pictures of them and their cars the police did absolutely nothing.. not once did they investigate my claims of being stalked and harassed.. I was just a visitor and it was the worst vacation i have ever experienced..
Kim Anh Tran
Kim Anh Tran - 19 days ago
US. Military should  to Court Martial the bitch Vindman!! President Trump is his Commander In Chief!! He has no right to get involved with Ukranian or President Trump of United States!! Treason trial for the traitors Vindman!! Shame on the Lt . Col Vindman, original from Russia he is a scared guilty dog. He needs to take off his uniform garbage Vindman!! He looks more dirty politician than a man in service!! My God, you Lt . Col Vindman in Military, but your liar needs to Court Martial traitor in a uniform.!! Is any rule of law in USA to teach & to punish these dirty politicians the lesson to the liar such like Adam Schiff??
Agronox DT
Agronox DT - 19 days ago
Even if - and I believe it to be likely - that the life long career criminal Trump is not impeached, we can at least walk away from this knowing that Republicans have decided that siding with the criminals is favorable to accepting that we, as humans are capable of making mistakes and should learn from the experience. Vote out greed, vote out corruption. Current US Republicans have made it clear that they are okay with corruption so long as it positively affects their position, that should not even be entertained as an acceptable position.
Agronox DT
Agronox DT - 19 days ago
Jesus Christ does John Ratcliffe lay on the semantic BS thick.
joestemick - 20 days ago
I call former ambassador john bolton! Come on, bring that stache on up the hill. ......
Grant Kendrick
Grant Kendrick - 21 day ago
Jennifer Williams, why the long face?
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 21 day ago
The thumbnail for this video looks like an SNL skit
David Mueller
David Mueller - 21 day ago
2:37:31 Frankly its much more important what my American leadership thinks......that's why I threw Trump under the bus?
Bronald - 21 day ago
fuht fuht... fuht fuht...
Masteraster - 16 days ago
spoken like a real man
David Mueller
David Mueller - 21 day ago
Vindman got too excited when David Holmes was brought up. What a partisan hack!
joestemick - 20 days ago
Come on. You should be thanking him! You perceive through a biased eye........
Adante Balke
Adante Balke - 21 day ago
Anyone familiar with MMT here?
scentmachines - 21 day ago
Sondland was born to a Jewish family[4][5] in Mercer Island, Washington,[6] the son of Frieda (Piepsch) and Gunther Sondland.[7][8] His mother fled Germany before the Second World War[9] to Uruguay, where after the war she reunited with his father, who had served in the French Foreign Legion
scentmachines - 21 day ago
Marie Yovanovitch is the daughter of Mikhail Yovanovitch and Nadia (Theokritoff) Yovanovitch,[5]who fled the Soviet Union and later the Nazis.[3] She was born in Canada, moved to Connecticut at age three, and became a naturalized American citizen at age eighteen. She grew up speaking Russian.[3]
joji berglin
joji berglin - 21 day ago
There's a disparity between the two countries a big country and a small country that has a great need to protect itself.
Stephanie Nicole
Stephanie Nicole - 21 day ago
If Trunp was so concerned about corruption, why single out this one company and the Bidens? If there is wide spread corruption in UKRAINE in 2019, why did trump use his personal lawyer to find out info on this company and the bidens? Why not use the CIA, FBI, NSA, to determine the amount of corruption? Why was the aid ultimately released if the corruption is that bad in 2019?
That's like giving a well known still active crack head $600 and and expecting them to go get clean...
bob barker
bob barker - 22 days ago
TRUMP 2020
Jeremiah Lim
Jeremiah Lim - 22 days ago
China wants to work out an initial trade agreement with the United States and has been trying to avoid a trade war, President Xi Jinping says, but is also not afraid to retaliate when necessary.
Economists warn a prolonged trade dispute between the world's two largest economies is elevating risks to the global economy by disrupting supply chains, curtailing investment and curbing business confidence.
Completion of a phase one deal could slide into 2020, trade experts and people close to the White House have told Reuters, with Beijing asking for more extensive tariff rollbacks and Washington countering with increased demands of its own.
"We want to work for a 'phase one' agreement on the basis of mutual respect and equality," Xi told representatives of an international forum on Friday, according to a pool report.
Very very big money about to HK index cfds...Keep close watch
darkstreak Aia
darkstreak Aia - 22 days ago
Val demings said the American people trust our congressman 😂😂😂😂
Lonewolfthat TrailBlazer
Lonewolfthat TrailBlazer - 22 days ago
If trump gets impeached, we as Americans should make it a national holiday. 🤣
Lonewolfthat TrailBlazer
Lonewolfthat TrailBlazer - 16 days ago
@Masterastersoon will be independent from that piece of shit.
Masteraster - 16 days ago
you've got a national holiday for this: independence day
Lonewolfthat TrailBlazer
Lonewolfthat TrailBlazer - 18 days ago
@felix u felix, we recognize the good things hes done for this country. We simply dont want a piece of shit lying traitor to be representing us.
felix u
felix u - 18 days ago
yeah, let's get rid of the most achieved president in US history. That would make perfect sense in a liberal mind.
I THE PREACHER - 22 days ago
This Adam Shifty eyes keeps repeating that Trump was seeking information that would benefit his 2020 election. This Adam Schiff repeating that means there is actual evidence in Ukraine of corruption since Schiff claims it positively would benefit Trump's re-election. Schiff is saying the Biden boys are corrupt like him. Doesn't anyone see or hear that being said?
John Culley
John Culley - 22 days ago
President Trump ought to immediately remove all U.S. Army personnel from the White House and its environs and replace them with Marines and Air Force members after his experience with this indiscreet motor mouth.
Jesus Is the Way
Jesus Is the Way - 22 days ago
TRUMP is Commander in Chief over the armed forces. Trump needs to remove Vindman from the military, once this whole circus impeachment is over. Corrupt Vindman is insubordination to his Commanding Officer!
SRGross - 23 days ago
interesting we have been using our power and money to influence since the founding of the nation, every nation does this. Also find it they know so much about Trump dealings, but nothing of Biden's.
scentmachines - 23 days ago
Vindman should go on diet he eats too much. He looks more like a bookkeeper that a soldier.
scentmachines - 21 day ago
@Lonewolfthat TrailBlazer Keep spinning your left wing wet dreams please
Lonewolfthat TrailBlazer
Lonewolfthat TrailBlazer - 22 days ago
That man would make you his bitch.
Sean Devine
Sean Devine - 23 days ago
False narratives lol. The reason this whole process is happening is based on false narratives. Oh and spaghetti on the walls apparently.
RRRoyalty Gaming
RRRoyalty Gaming - 23 days ago
I have a question what’s the point isn’t there gonna be a new president in January 2021? Why they tryna impeach him that’s just mad work ! Like the whole process will take like a year and there would be another president by that time. I’m so confused!
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