NBA's Best Plays From Week 3 | 2019-20 NBA Season

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SuperRip7 - 7 days ago
That is more to come.11-27-19.
SuperRip7 - 7 days ago
That is more to come.11-27-19.
SuperRip7 - 7 days ago
That is more to come.11-27-19.
SuperRip7 - 7 days ago
That is more to come.11-27-19.
Gorjaun Tarawallie
Gorjaun Tarawallie - 13 days ago
tell me why i thought jordan poole was d-lo @ 1:26
Pee Noise
Pee Noise - 13 days ago
4:13 Greek Freak!
Toasty Posty
Toasty Posty - 17 days ago
this is just a lakers highlight show some other teams
FunShop Canada
FunShop Canada - 19 days ago
my boi james travel again!!! 3:52
roni mndza
roni mndza - 19 days ago
Jokic going to break Kobe's game winners??
Xavier MendezAlmarante
Xavier MendezAlmarante - 19 days ago
What is your favorite nba team and plYer
Cj 123
Cj 123 - 20 days ago
9:38 😭😭
Lustige Videos
Lustige Videos - 20 days ago
Vlad Shishkin
Vlad Shishkin - 20 days ago
this vid is just a preparation for
Caruso highlights
daisy hadlocon
daisy hadlocon - 20 days ago
AqQÀ a
TRISTEN RODRIGUE - 20 days ago
Dont know why but I think lou williams is better than kawhi right now
Stephen Sneed
Stephen Sneed - 21 day ago
Guess the Mavericks didn’t play this week
Chip yard
Chip yard - 21 day ago
15:59 Not a charge? Both feet planted before upward motion of offensive player begins - does the NBA care about their own rules?
Felix Hiller
Felix Hiller - 18 days ago
Also do they ever call travels or illegal screens correct rarely
Felix Hiller
Felix Hiller - 18 days ago
@Shelmer75 the thing with the rule is that they dont want to take away nasty posters
Shelmer75 - 19 days ago
Chip yard jumped into the comments to find if anyone else was thinking the same thing.
danny abreu
danny abreu - 21 day ago
14:32 "ewww"
Romain M
Romain M - 21 day ago
This video of the Charlotte Hornets was cool
abdi abdul
abdi abdul - 21 day ago
Better Than kyrie "dribble till im gone" irving
cheyanne Andrews
cheyanne Andrews - 21 day ago
Imagine trae and James harden on teams
Darrion Freeman
Darrion Freeman - 21 day ago
Why bogdonovic run over to ingels like ingels made it😂
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore - 22 days ago
銀さん金さん - 22 days ago
Silkysmooth420 - 22 days ago
8:43 look at that D from Pat Beverley. Best defensive guard in the league and has been for years now.
:D - 22 days ago
I swear charlotte has 90s camera quality
72vince27 - 22 days ago
Ayo that step back Harden does is at 3:50 is a travel... I don't care what anyone says.
It's not even a gather-step towards a step-back. It's a step-back to a step-back. They need to deduct 5000 points before they discuss his H.O.F ballot.
John Liles
John Liles - 22 days ago
@13:14..."GET THAT GARBAGE OUTTA HERE"!!!! I'm dead..
Jade Haughton
Jade Haughton - 22 days ago
17:44 Siakam blocks LeBron then transition lay up by Davis 2:58 Siakam break away dunk on Kuzma 4:39 Siakam crossover breaks AD ankles 6:47 Siakam to Ibaka for the dunk *bonus 13:05 Boucher blocks Bald Mamba to VanVleet back to Boucher for the fast break alley oop #WeTheNorth
Edward CK
Edward CK - 22 days ago
2:15 that is obviously a travel lol
かちかちらぼ - 22 days ago
Kent Kristoffer Gemilga
Kent Kristoffer Gemilga - 22 days ago
Trae's pass was filthy
Γιώργος Μέντζος
they really have one Phoenix Suns play and like 3 Caruso plays the disrespect to the Valley Boyz
Edward R
Edward R - 22 days ago
fuck you.
EduSanjuan777 - 22 days ago
Does Michael Jordan choose this higlights?
Josh Sandler
Josh Sandler - 22 days ago
I know who the best basketball player is Kendrick Perkins. Lets go 🥵
Famous bigshaq
Famous bigshaq - 22 days ago
4:40 slow the video down that's a travel
Luis Santiago Sanchez Iniguez
omg Trae Young
Blue Bonnet
Blue Bonnet - 22 days ago
NBA is so good
Ippang Galak
Ippang Galak - 22 days ago
PorjectKristali - 22 days ago
This is why I'm a Tomboy. I love doing things like Basketball and Videogames, but i love NBA 😃😃😎😎😎😎
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