Young Thug - Hot ft. Gunna (Official Audio)

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Quinton Knight
Quinton Knight - 7 hours ago
The Sonic Boom of the South brought me here.. 😏
Isaac Escobedo
Isaac Escobedo - 8 hours ago
Listening to this for the first time feels great
Lee - 9 hours ago
Gunna Gunna Gunna Gunna .......Thugga Thugga Thugga Thugga .......... Hot Hot Hot Hot.

I killed it 😁
specialblennd - 9 hours ago
This song is the fucking best, perfect being fucked on shrooms, IM OUT
King Kardashian
King Kardashian - 9 hours ago
Played this song to my sheep 🐑 now it’s a goat 🐐
Ramses Chamu
Ramses Chamu - 10 hours ago
Dis song makes me want to fight a bear
SleezDaGod 94
SleezDaGod 94 - 10 hours ago
The beat was fire asf
Lavon Barnes
Lavon Barnes - 11 hours ago
Thug went bonkers♥️
billy mandeka
billy mandeka - 12 hours ago
Dream child
Trey Jackson
Trey Jackson - 12 hours ago
I hope no band play this
miyah - 7 hours ago
Trey Jackson Jackson state did
Khi 2Turnt
Khi 2Turnt - 13 hours ago
00:05 When ya add too much Texas Pete
Aime M.
Aime M. - 13 hours ago
I bet y’all neva noticed them ants movin
Anastasia Alexander
Anastasia Alexander - 15 hours ago
I thought I was tripping when I saw that airplane 😂😂😂.
Chandler Bell
Chandler Bell - 16 hours ago
When you get done beating your meat
Bcool503 Ps
Bcool503 Ps - 16 hours ago
Pranav - 17 hours ago
The two different feelings within in u change in the first 5 seconds of the song 🔥
Pranav - 17 hours ago
Every time I listen to this song it feels like it’s the first time I listen to it the replay value is insane only thug and gunna r able to do this 🔥🔥
Denarie Rawlins
Denarie Rawlins - 17 hours ago
1.25 speed, thank me later
kk ashari
kk ashari - 18 hours ago
kk ashari
kk ashari - 18 hours ago
no bu
Bambino - 21 hour ago
Kelan Brewster
Kelan Brewster - 21 hour ago
This is the best song ever 🐍🐍🔥🔥🔥
Malachi Probst
Malachi Probst - 21 hour ago
That beat deadly ASF tho🔥🔥🔥
antwanknows - 22 hours ago
Beat go hard don't know bout the rappers
Zephaniah Nez
Zephaniah Nez - 23 hours ago
Pickle Man26
Pickle Man26 - 23 hours ago
What you tell em thugga nobody caught that when he diss 21 savage cause he gets his drip from his guys👌🔥
YungTrey Wavy
YungTrey Wavy - 23 hours ago
803 youngthugs
Youhavenolife - Day ago
That feel good music
Baddest man on the planet
lol i feel sorry for u guys, thanks god i listen to eminem.
itzz chris
itzz chris - Day ago
Mann i got this shitt from desik💯
itzz chris
itzz chris - Day ago
Desii banks^*
komfortable - Day ago
at first i thought this is a clash of clans base😂
FatNutVEVO - Day ago
Not gonna lie the thumbnail looks like what I would turn my base into on Clash Of Clans
Prénom Quelconque
Prénom Quelconque - Day ago
this song make me say the N world safely
A K 43
A K 43 - Day ago
Gunna is everywhere these days🙌🏿
Delquan Deane
Delquan Deane - Day ago
I have to see a music video to this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Delquan Deane
Delquan Deane - Day ago
holy sh!t💯🔥🔥🔥👌
Jeremiah  Thomas
Jeremiah Thomas - Day ago
Dead Sound Like a J. Cole Beat Buh Shyt Still Fiyah
Ray Harin
Ray Harin - 8 hours ago
Jeremiah Thomas the album was produced by j Cole lol
iiLovelyXOXO - Day ago
Why does this kinda sound like Middle Child by J Cole💀
kisek 28
kisek 28 - Day ago
This sounds kinda like middle child
messygenerics - Day ago
shit slaps MEAT
Corey Campion
Corey Campion - Day ago
MilliCoup - Day ago
Do I sound like playboi carti
PurpleHeys - Day ago
Gunna rode this beat. 🔥
NsT Ghost
NsT Ghost - Day ago
I need a remix
Zaki Yare
Zaki Yare - Day ago
This bit HIT
Maaleel Cole
Maaleel Cole - Day ago
1:50 when you stub your pinkie toe
AVI 07
AVI 07 - Day ago
'Im a boss with a suit not with a tie '
hunnedmillion - Day ago
that flute is crazy
TTVDEATH 1 - Day ago
sound very fimilar
Cecil Bibbs
Cecil Bibbs - Day ago
We really fly , we like pelican glides🥴🥴
Dekeisha Williams
Dekeisha Williams - Day ago
I'm here because of Mr. Hot Spot
John Sherman
John Sherman - Day ago
To bad ion got headphones
Bruno Kings
Bruno Kings - Day ago
Dat Flute Haunting me in my Dreams😂😂
Chaivas Armstrong
Chaivas Armstrong - Day ago
“I’m the boss man I in a suit with no tie, I can’t be sober I got to be high@
Yo-Yo Hart
Yo-Yo Hart - Day ago
Robert Bereal Jr.
Robert Bereal Jr. - Day ago
Danileigh Would kill this song if she was on it
liquidfists1 - Day ago
Maann I love Real hip hop, but songs like these make me love the new stuff too
Martin Beltran
Martin Beltran - Day ago
Dis go hard mayne
Mon Mon
Mon Mon - Day ago
“Cartier Spread, Buffalo On The Side”. Only the real ones know.
joshua manley
joshua manley - Day ago
Were chris smoove at !!
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